VCRMM: Chapter 30 Part 1

The blond man in a snow-white military uniform stood quietly by the window. The sunlight refracted in through the glass and spilled on him, adding a touch of divine color to him. He was obviously standing in the corner but he was the first thing Xu Sili saw when he walked in.

This person was always so dazzling, as if people couldn’t ignore his existence wherever he went.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. Actually… he felt quite a sense of accomplishment.

The miserable, little slave who was like a vicious dog had grown into such an excellent and powerful man. There were no traces of the past on his body. Perhaps he wasn’t the person he used to be. After all, it wasn’t the same game anymore.

Xu Sili thought about this and felt a bit curious. What type of life had the game developers of Starry Sky Age given to Si Sheng?

It was just like Li Zhecheng, the guard captain. He was originally from the card game but his current background had nothing related to the original one.

In the original game, Li Zhecheng was a nobleman and the childhood friend of the princess. Since he was young, he aspired to become a knight protecting the princess.

He was loyal, heroic and saved the princess in distress many times. He was a very reliable man who could give people a sense of security. As for this Li Zhecheng…

Xu Sili glanced sideways at the guard around him.

On this side, Li Zhecheng was also a nobleman. The family had fallen because there were no elementalists for many years. It was only after Li Zhecheng’s rise that their situation became better. Naturally, there wasn’t the romantic setting of growing up as the princess’ childhood friend.

Loyal was loyal, but reliable? Forget it!

Xu Sili would never forget the scene on the night he crossed here where Li Zhecheng rushed into the hall with the guards only to quickly withdraw.

Next to him, Li Zhecheng perceived the gaze of the little emperor. He felt under a lot of pressure.

Your Majesty, don’t look at me anymore! Haven’t you found that Lord Marshal is angry? If looks could kill, I would probably be dead several times!

“Your Majesty.” Si Sheng’s low voice rang through the open palace. It seemed no different from usual.

However, Li Zhecheng instinctively glanced over and his eyes widened with disbelief. The marshal was smiling!

Am I going to die?

Li Zhecheng silently moved to one side, opening a safe distance with the little emperor.

Xu Sili also looked at Si Sheng.

The man had his lips curved slightly, revealing a faint smile that was even more dazzling in the sunlight.

However, Xu Sili just felt awkward. He nodded to Si Sheng and walked slowly to the dining table. A maid pulled out a chair for him and waited for him to sit down.

Si Sheng also came over. He put his hand on the back of a chair and gently pulled the chair out.

Xu Sili raised his eyes and saw this person was wearing white gloves. They were very beautiful hands wrapped in white silk. They were pleasing to the eyes but they weren’t a slender and delicate beauty. Rather, they were full of masculine power.

The man sat down in the chair. Under Xu Sili’s gaze, he slowly took off the gloves, revealing the original cold white complexion and a series of… faint scars.

Xu Sili was slightly startled. This was the first time he noticed Si Sheng’s hands. Were Si Sheng’s hands in the past the same? Or was it a new setting added by the game developers?

Si Sheng placed the two gloves over each other and put them aside. Then he seemed to notice the young man’s gaze and glanced sideways, meeting the young man’s eyes.

He lowered his eyes and his gaze fell on his hands. There were many scars on the back of the hands, such as those left by whipping. They were shallow enough to tell they were old. At the very least, they weren’t caused in recent years. Moreover, it was very difficult for anyone to hurt him now.

Si Sheng was in a bit of a daze when the young man’s voice was heard.

“Did it hurt?”

It was soft and gentle, as mild as the morning light.

Did it hurt?

Si Sheng raised his eyes and smiled softly at the young man. “I forgot.”

Did you really forget?

Xu Sili saw this smile and didn’t know what to say. After thinking about it, he added, “Don’t smile if you don’t want to smile.”

Si Sheng didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he reached out to grab the milk jug. He poured milk into a glass and gently placed it in front of the young man.

“You said I should smile more,” he whispered.

Xu Sili sniffed the strong milky smell. He couldn’t help taking a sip and nodded when he heard the words.

“Yes, you look good when you smile. It is better than a cold face.” He casually spoke his mind without feeling that anything was wrong. Thus, he didn’t notice—

Si Sheng’s eyes darkened slightly and a sharp light flashed in them.

Xu Sili was completely unaware of the anomaly. He ate breakfast with Si Sheng while thinking about today’s plan.

He would first go to the Elementalist Academy to ask about the training of the elementalists before going to see Su Lin… he could also go to Mercenary Town for an inspection if he had time.

Xu Sili thought of this and opened the territory panel, casually scanning it.

[Mercenary Town Lv 1]

[Status: Under construction and upgrade.

People in charge: Justin, Wen Jishan (100% increase in revenue)

Completed: Wooden house x 3.

Under construction: Wooden house (80%), brick house (54%), wooden house (11%), wooden house (1%), brick house (1%).

Financial expenditure: 0

New population: None.

Special status bonus: Resident’s injury rate 2% (construction speed -10%), resident’s hunger and cold rate 30% (construction speed -30%)]

He saw the progress of the completion and construction and nodded. It seemed that Dean Justin was working hard and building houses non-stop since early in the morning.

Then he soon frowned. It had been one night. How could the injury rate of the residents in the mercenary town still be so much? Didn’t he send a water healer yesterday afternoon?

“Li Zhecheng.” He looked at the guard.

Li Zhecheng was a bit full after eating dog food. Now his name was called and he quickly stood up straight. “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Xu Sili didn’t immediately become angry but instead asked, “I requested for the water healer to go to Mercenary Town yesterday and treat the victims. What happened?”

Li Zhecheng heard this and his expression showed a bit of difficulty.

“What is it?” Xu Sili put down the milk and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Your Majesty, Master Niya is still in the palace…” Li Zhecheng thought carefully. “I will urge her to depart as soon as possible today!”

“Urge her to depart as soon as possible?” Xu Sili smiled, making Li Zhecheng feel numb. This was how His Majesty had smiled outside the dean’s office that day…

He stood quietly, afraid to say anything.

“Jenna, go call her,” Xu Sili ordered lightly.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Jenna answered respectfully. Then she exited the dining room and went to summon the water healer in person.

There might be a communicator but the other person was a doctor. In order to uphold respect for the angel in white, Xu Sili had sent a maid to invite her.

The thing he didn’t expect was for the other party to turn him down.

“Your Majesty, Master Niya said… she can’t leave now. Can she meet Your Majesty another time?” Jenna’s voice became smaller as the smile on the little emperor’s face grew.

“She can’t leave?”

Xu Sili recalled the cold temperament of the water healer. “What is she doing that she can’t leave?”

Jenna answered truthfully, “She seems to be… practicing medicine?”

“Oh, how interesting.” Xu Sili nodded and drank the milk. This time, he didn’t forget to wipe his mouth with a napkin before standing up. “Shall we go and see what amazing medical skills this powerful royal water healer is practicing?”

The little emperor was resolute as he walked straight out.

He was heading toward the door when Si Sheng called out from behind him. “Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili looked back and raised an eyebrow.

He suddenly remembered a small detail. On the day when he sent Janice to the water healer’s palace for healing, he seemed to see a picture of Si Sheng on the wall of her residence.

At that time, he had been anxious to go to the Elementalist Academy and hadn’t taken it to heart. Now he thought of it.

What was this? Was Dr Niya Si Sheng’s lover? Now that he was going to find fault, did the marshal want to stop it?

Xu Sili looked at Si Sheng, eyes gradually becoming a bit bad. Si Sheng didn’t seem to realize it. He moved to the little emperor and asked, “Is Your Majesty going to walk?”

“Is this a problem?” The corners of Xu Sili’s mouth went down and his tone became less friendly.

Li Zhecheng glanced at Janice in a puzzled manner. Wasn’t it fine just now? Why did the emperor feel dislike again?

Janice ignored him and watched Si Sheng with some caution. His Majesty didn’t like Marshal Si Sheng. As the most trusted person by His Majesty’s side, Janice naturally aligned herself with His Majesty.

Si Sheng’s lips curved, a shallow smile on his face. “It is better to let this servant send you over.”

Xu Sili’s expression softened but he didn’t agree. “No need.”

How inappropriate was it to hold him and teleport him instantly in front of the maids and guards?

Si Sheng shook his head and frowned. “It is just a water healer. How can you personally walk over to see her?”

It was a light tone with a touch of overbearing arrogance.

Xu Sili looked at him and was persuaded. “Then what do you think?”

Si Sheng smiled, raised his hand and made a gesture. Suddenly, the air cracked open like there was a pocket.


Along with a mighty and domineering roar, there was a mountain-like pressure from the crack. Then a shadow flashed.

The shadow leopard’s vigorous figure jumped out from the gap, landing firmly on the ground as green beast eyes scrutinized everyone.

Xu Sili was a bit dazed. Fu*k, this shadow leopard… was too handsome!

The black leopard glanced at him, beast eyes shining with wisdom. He paced slowly toward Si Sheng, squatting down beside his master.

Si Sheng was very tall but even with the shadow leopard squatting down, it was still a head taller than him. The body was full of a violent air and the shadow leopard obviously wasn’t easy to provoke. Yet he was very well behaved when with Si Sheng.

Si Sheng reached out and patted the black leopard on the forehead. The leopard squinted and rubbed against the palm with enjoyment, like a big cat.

At Xu Sili’s envious gaze, Si Sheng glanced sideways and suggested softly, “How about we let him give us a ride?”

Xu Sili blinked, glancing between this person and the shadow leopard. It was like this. What else was there to say?

“Okay! Let’s go!”

He had long wanted to ride the big cat!

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