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VCRMM: Chapter 3

The cold muzzle of the g*n reached his forehead and Xu Sili’s pupils shrank. He might not understand what was happening but he definitely didn’t want to die again.

He stared at the man in front of him. There was no time to study why this person was so familiar. Countless strategies to escape flashed in his heart. Just then, a light screen appeared in front of his eyes. This time, it wasn’t the Starry Sky forum but—

[Your ‘Singing’ talent has been activated successfully!]


[Category: Sound System Talent

Role: Singing specific words and songs can activate special skills.

Learned skills are as follows:


[Description: Your only skill. Ignores the level gap.

Release conditions: Quiet, focused.

Chant the following spell: ……]

In just one second, Xu Sili received all the information on the light screen. His heart was still at a loss but at such a critical moment, he could only desperately try everything.

Seeing that he was in a daze, the blond man tilted his head slightly. A trace of ridicule flashed in his gray-blue eyes. He opened his thin lips slightly and declared softly, “Go to hell, new emperor.”

“Wait—!” An unfamiliar language flowed out. Xu Sili had no time to think about it. He endured the pain in his chest and stared at the man who gave him a familiar feeling in front of him. Then he suddenly understood something. “Si Sheng!”

He stared with disbelief.

The blond man paused his hand. The muzzle that was held against Xu Sili’s forehead was moved away slightly.

“Do you have any last words?” he asked coldly.

It was really him! Xu Sili’s heart shook from the terrible shock. The cold and handsome blond man in front of him was really his paper man! The icy g*n touched his forehead again, causing Xu Sili to wake up abruptly. He stared at Si Sheng and slightly narrowed his eyes. Now wasn’t the time to indulge in flights of fancy. He forced himself to be calm. “I do have something to say.”

The blond man looked down at him. The gray-blue eyes showed no trace of warmth but gave him time to speak.

[The quiet and focused condition is met.]

[It is possible to release the singing skill: Capture.]

Xu Sili took a deep breath. He once again confirmed the spell to be sung on the panel and endured the discomfort to whisper. “I wish you to be my person in heart and soul, to never be separated.”

The man looked at the young man with silver hair who fell on the throne and his brow furrowed slightly. Then he listened to the young man declare, “Si Sheng, I want you.”

It was a gentle, light voice that was like a lover’s whisper in his ear. Si Sheng deeply frowned to form the character ‘川’ on his forehead and the strength at which he stepped on the young man’s chest unknowingly increased.

He felt offended and didn’t want to waste any more time. He pulled the trigger and started to accumulate energy in the barrel of the g*n. It took only one breath and then this new emperor who spoke rudely would die in front of him. However, the moment the laser g*n exuded a fierce light, a sense of extreme danger rose and his fighting instincts made Si Sheng’s wrist move.


The laser hit a jewel on the golden throne and powder rose with a slight sound.

Xu Sili glared at Si Sheng, his heart beating rapidly due to his new lease on life. A line of text appeared in the empty air in front of him. [The skill Capture was successfully launched. The captured target: Si Sheng.]

Si Sheng stepped back vigilantly until he was a safe distance away. The foot on the young man’s chest was naturally retracted. Nevertheless, the feeling of danger followed like a shadow and became more intense. At this time, a sudden change occurred.

He saw a golden rope of light emerge from the ground at his feet. It moved up his legs at lightning speed and tied him up in the blink of an eye.


The laser g*n in Si Sheng’s hand fell to the ground. His hands were tied around his back. Then the light rope glowed with a golden light again and a powerful pressure acted on him. Si Sheng was forced to kneel on one knee. His face showed an expression of forbearance and resistance and the veins on his forehead were bulging.

Crack, crack.

Cracks appeared in the floor tiles pressed by his knees. They finally couldn’t bear it and sank. The cracking sound of the floor tiles in the empty palace was particularly clear and even a bit scary. Si Sheng gritted his teeth. Then he soon started to change his strategy and he gradually relaxed his struggle. Obviously, his response was correct. The moment he relaxed, the light from the rope gradually faded and returned to inside the rope, flowing around the light rope binding him.

Si Sheng slowly let out a breath. Then he looked down at the rope firmly binding him and his brow furrowed. This was a mysterious trick that couldn’t be solved. He couldn’t help raising his eyes to look at the young emperor on the throne, his eyes dark. He had underestimated the Roland royal family. He hadn’t expected that this uneducated little emperor would hide such a powerful killing move…

On the golden chair, Xu Sili covered his chest and sat up, coughing violently a few times. Just now, he almost died. He stared at Si Sheng angrily only to notice…

A health bar appeared above this person’s head? A thick and long health bar was suspended above the head of the man in uniform. It was eye-catching and abrupt, with a trace of funniness.

Xu Sili, “……”

So he really did cross into the game? The moment he had this thought, memories belonging to another person suddenly appeared in his mind, causing Xu Sili to have a splitting headache for an instant.

He gritted his teeth and grasped the key point in the flow of information that almost broke his brain. The flow of information was still washing through his mind and the bits and pieces of the memories of 18 years gathered into a huge torrent that constantly impacted the nerves of his brain. He was on the verge of dying…

In desperation, Xu Sili closed his eyes and chose to let go of his thoughts. The headache eased. Xu Sili let out a sigh of relief. Once the pain was reduced to a tolerable level, he opened his eyes. He saw the silver hair that fell against his chest and couldn’t help feeling a bit lost.

Snow Roland. He received this person’s memories. The young man with long silver hair was driven to become the new emperor of the Roland Empire after the old emperor died of illness. Today, it had been a month since he ascended to the throne. He couldn’t sleep at night so he secretly avoided the guards and came to this hall in his nightgown. He didn’t expect to meet Si Sheng.

Si Sheng, the dark duke and the grand marshal. He not only had a high position but he also had a heavy army behind him. He was the lone support for the dying old emperor…

Xu Sili pursed his lips as he looked at the palace that was still luxurious and majestic at night and then at the man who was half kneeling in the distance with the rope binding him. He… really entered the game and became Snow Roland, the new emperor of the Roland Empire.

Then wasn’t the case solved? Snow Roland, the NPC who was created based on him and who was supposed to continue living on in his place was… killed by Si Sheng before the official release of the game.

Xu Sili felt like his mood was indescribably complicated. It was kind of weird… he personally ruined his own plan.

Xu Sili felt the faint pain from his chest, the feeling of weakness brought about by using his singing skills and…

He touched the armrest of the throne. It was cold, hard and terribly real when touching. Was this world really just data? Why did everything look so real? If it wasn’t a data world then…

What about the blood bar above Si Sheng’s head? He was looking at Si Sheng when the accident happened suddenly. The man kneeling on the ground abruptly raised his head. The gray-blue eyes turned dark gold in an instant. Mysterious runes lit up on his face and the blue veins bulged in a terrible manner due to the force. At the same time, a powerful and invisible wind pressure cut through the air and swept toward Xu Sili!

Before Xu Sili could react, the attack was already near. His pupils shrank but pain didn’t come. Just as the powerful wind pressure was about to touch him, it suddenly shot backward at a more violent speed!

Si Sheng was startled. His hands were tied and he was kneeling on the ground, so he couldn’t dodge at all. Facing the attack coming back toward him, he could only grit his teeth and bear it.


A bloody critical strike value appeared above his head and his health bar instantly went down to half. Si Sheng snorted, blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth and dripping onto the floor tiles, creating several bright red blood flowers.

[The derivative skill of Capture, ‘Backlash’ has been successfully triggered.]


[Description: The captured target won’t be able to attack you. When the captured target attacks you, they will suffer double the damage of the attack and the rate of a critical strike is doubled.]

Xu Sili stared at the light screen in the air for a long time. He had once again nearly died and it made it difficult for his mood to calm down for a while. A while later, he stared at the man who was half kneeling on the ground.

His military hat had fallen to the ground and his head was drooping low, blood stains at the corners of his mouth. His appearance might be described as embarrassing but his gray-blue eyes were staring at Xu Sili firmly.

This fierce look reminded Xu Sili of the first time he saw this person. The small, poverty-stricken slave locked up in a dirty and messy cage was in an even more embarrassing state than his current self.

At that time, he rescued the child from the slave owner’s hands according to the plot. Yet when the slave owner stepped forward to unshackle the child, the child seized this gap and rushed forward. He bit the slave owner’s neck.

This plot was too bloody. Combined with Si Sheng’s attributes being terrible due to his status as a slave and few players trained him up as a main card. However, Xu Sili took an instant liking to him. Facts proved that his judgment was correct. In the middle and late stages, Si Sheng became his most powerful card. He liked this character so much that he asked the doctor to import his game data into Starry Sky Age…

“You want to kill me?” The silver-haired young man sat on the throne and looked down at Si Sheng from above with beautiful violet eyes. The purple eyes refracted the moonlight and shimmered with a cold gleam. “Why?”

Xu Sili didn’t understand why Si Sheng wanted to kill him. No matter whether it was Snow Roland’s memories or the setting of the game itself, Si Sheng should be loyal and faithful to him as the emperor. What went wrong?

Si Sheng didn’t answer. The serious injury finally made him unable to maintain the half kneeling posture. He tried his best to support it but he still fell down softly. Si Sheng lay on the ground, secretly mobilizing the energy in his body to repair his injury. He had used a killer move but he didn’t expect it to act on his own body…

He half-squinted while staring at the silver-haired young man on the throne. The young man was also looking at him with a cold expression that was unlike his usual cowardly and easy to bully appearance. The corners of Si Sheng’s mouth twitched slightly.

He made an error in judgment… he really made an error in judgment. The situation at the moment was obviously very unfavorable to him but there was no fear on his face.

There was a rustling sound and the young man on the throne slowly stood up. Bare feet stepped lightly on the floor tiles. The snow-white feet and the pure black floor tiles created a strong visual contrast. Step by step, he was like an elegant cat as he silently came to his prey. He lowered his eyebrows and looked down condescendingly.

Xu Sili narrowed his lilac eyes. This person had obviously been so powerful just now. Then the situation reversed and he was crawling at Xu Sili’s feet. However, Xu Sili wasn’t happy at all.


The clear electronic sound was heard in the hall, appearing very abruptly. Xu Sili frowned. He thought it was the game system but after looking carefully, he found that the sound came from his wrist. It was something like a wrist watch. It was made of silver metal and the style was very technological. The memory related to the watch emerged. It wasn’t a watch. It was a communicator from the Interstellar Alliance Aid.

Interstellar Alliance…

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow. He listened to the perseverance of the communication device and finally followed his memories to click on a button to pick up. A light blue light curtain emerged from the communicator and hovered above his wrist.

On the light curtain, a mini figure appeared. There were red eyes, dense green scales, an oval head and a pointed mouth. A lizardman? Xu Sili was stunned for a moment before a memory emerged. This lizardman was called Arnauton, the leader of the Bewatt Empire. He came from the planet closest to Escher Star where the Roland Empire was located.

“Good evening, Snow.” Before Xu Sili could sort out these memories, the lizardman on the light curtain had already spoken. Due to the instant translation of the communication, Xu Sili easily understood the words. “It seems you can’t fall asleep as I expected.”

Xu Sili stared at Arnauton and his eyes filled with unkindness when he sorted out his memories and figured out the reason for this leader coming to him.

The lizardman leader obviously didn’t read his eyes and continued, “The spaceship has been arranged and will arrive at Escher Star tomorrow.”

“When you and your relatives leave the ship, Bewatt’s military will take full control of Escher Star.”

Xu Sili pressed his lips tightly together. That’s right. Snow Roland had made a deal with the Bewatt Empire. He would offer Escher Star over and in return, Arnauton would provide him with a green card to the Flanders Interstellar Federation. He would no longer be the emperor but he could enjoy a smooth and prosperous life.

Escher Star was the territory of the Roland Empire but it was remote and the environment harsh. After the disaster a hundred years ago, the level of civilization had plummeted. Combined with the fact that 99% of the planet’s territory had been occupied by interstellar beasts and the difficulty of its development could be imagined. Thus, one month after rising to the throne, Snow Roland resolutely decided to abandon his subjects and fly away.

Xu Sili’s eyelashes lowered slightly but he ended up inadvertently meeting a pair of sneering and cold eyes. After staring at Si Sheng for two seconds, Xu Sili raised his eyes and looked at the ugly lizardman leader.

“You don’t have to come anymore.” The silver-haired young man spoke coldly, startling the two people present at the same time.

“Snow, do you know what you are talking about?” Arnauton suppressed his anger and whispered.

“I know that. I know very well.” Xu Sili’s face was gloomy. “I won’t hand over Escher Star’s authority to you.”

He didn’t quite understand the current situation or if he really became an NPC in the game or not, but…

This planet and this empire was bought with billions of yuan of his own money! He hadn’t even warmed the seat yet. Now this person wanted him to give it up? Arnauton should dream. He could get everything in his dreams.

No expressions could be seen on Arnauton’s lizard face as he said, “Roland, figure it out clearly!”

“One month from now is the day when you need to pay the alliance fee to the Interstellar Alliance. If Escher Star can’t pay then it will go out from the shelter of the Interstellar Alliance. At that time, my Bewatt Empire will no longer have to abide by the rules of the league. I will lead the millions in my star fleet…”


The light curtain suddenly disappeared and the ugly lizardman was gone from before his eyes. Xu Sili turned off the communication device and let out a sigh of relief. It was so noisy…

In addition, really ugly. It really burned his eyes.

He lowered his head and looked at Si Sheng. Si Sheng lay on the ground in a snow-white military uniform. The buttons of his neckline were open and his hands were tied behind his back by a golden light rope. His short gold hair was slightly messy and the corners of his mouth still showed traces of blood. The gray-blue eyes flashed with a complicated light. Without his sword, he gave the aesthetic feeling of a beauty that was bullied and abused.

Xu Sili clicked his tongue but didn’t relax his vigilance. It had only been a short time but Si Sheng’s health bar had already recovered by a quarter.

He glanced at the golden light rope tied around this person’s body. According to the Capture skill, the moment the light rope merged into Si Sheng’s body, this person would completely become his puppet. Si Sheng would be unable to hurt him as long as the effect of the skill was still there.

The purple eyes narrowed slightly as Xu Sili raised his wrist and tapped on the communication device. “Did you want to kill me because of this?”

His face was cold. The clear teenage voice was now wrapped in frost and snow.

Si Sheng restrained his expression. He stared back at the silver-haired young man. Even though he was bound, no panic could be seen at all. He seemed sure that the young man couldn’t hurt him.

Xu Sili was angry. He had nearly died twice tonight and the person who started it was like this? He raised his foot angrily and stepped on Si Sheng’s chest, just as Si Sheng had stepped on himself. This forced Si Sheng to lie down completely on the ground. The blond man didn’t show the pained expression that Xu Sili expected. Rather, he fell to the ground in a relaxed and comfortable manner as if he was cooperating with Xu Sili.

Xu Sili’s lips pressed into a thin line and clusters of small flames seemed to ignite in the depths of the purple eyes, burning and smoking. Suddenly, Xu Sili raised his foot and stepped heavily on Si Sheng’s neck with a fierce desire to make him feel pain! However…

[The attack isn’t valid.]

A big ‘miss’ appeared on top of Si Sheng’s head. He couldn’t even break Si Sheng’s defense?! Xu Sili was stunned by his own combat power.

“Heh.” The lips of the man tied on the ground moved and a faint smile appeared on his handsome and heroic face. In Xu Sili’s eyes, he was full of mockery.

Xu Sili stared at him coldly.

Two people, one standing and one lying down. They faced each other for a long time, neither giving way.

Si Sheng stared at this little emperor who had his hackles raised and frowned imperceptibly. As he was a bit distracted, a snow-white foot suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. The young man’s soft and cold feet solemnly stepped on his cheek. A bit of dust and blood entered his nasal cavity.

Xu Sili stepped on the man’s right cheek and pressed down hard. Then he pressed the other cheek to the ground and repeatedly crushed it with his foot.

“Liar.” He gave a low scolding.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Cub Si: My wife stepped on my face (≧▽≦)

Xu Bao: Bah!

Bao = Treasure

Warm reminder from the author: There will be a small theater in the chapters. This is pure entertainment and has nothing to do with the main text.

Proofreader: Purichan


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