VCRMM: Chapter 29 Part 2

First, he ‘looked’ at himself. To be precise, it was himself who was held by Si Sheng. This was actually a very good image.

Under the bright starlight, the silver-haired young man stood on the clock tower while being hugged by a man in military uniform from behind. The wind blew his hair and caused the man’s white cloak to fly up. Under their feet was a city of lights that formed a romantic picture.

If this was reality and the person being held wasn’t himself, Xu Sili felt he might take a screenshot of this scene to make a computer desktop background.

Now, his heart really couldn’t say how strange it was.

Xu Sili was frowning slightly and almost exited from this mysterious state when a light screen suddenly appeared in front of his ‘eyes.’

[Ding~ The ‘shooting’ system has been activated. Do you want to start shooting?]

Xu Sili’s attention was diverted.

What? There was a shooting system? Then he thought about it…

Yes, this was a game after all and it should have built-in photo shooting capabilities. It didn’t seem unusual? He had the player leveling up panel. The shooting system didn’t seem that strange in comparison.

Xu Sili focused his attention on the shooting system and heard a slight ‘click’. Then a new notification appeared.

[Successfully shot the photo.]

[The photo has been saved in the album. Please go to the album to rename it.]

Xu Sili wanted to go to the album when he felt a golden energy invading and gently touching his purple mental power. It was Si Sheng. He had started to guide Xu Sili. Well, the photo album could wait until he went back. Now he would watch the circus performance!

Xu Sili restrained his thoughts and under the guidance of the powerful golden energy, he slowly spread out his mental power to the square below.

The circus performance clearly appeared in his mind. He had seen circus performances before but he had never ‘watched’ it in such a special way.

Xu Sili carefully felt his state at this moment. It was cool. There was a feeling of mastering the world and that nothing could escape his observations.

In this state, Xu Sili’s nerves that had been tight since he transmigrated here relaxed slightly. Pleasure and peace of mind enveloped him. He enjoyed this state and his body relaxed. He lazily leaned back in the arms of the person behind him.

Si Sheng was slightly startled before the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He held the young man in his arms as if he was holding the entire world.

Just then, Xu Sili had a strange discovery.

He had been controlling his mental power to explore the square. Finally, he pulled up his perspective and ‘looked’ below, only to discover with surprise…

There was actually a large magic circle engraved on the square!

The place where the circus was performing happened to be the center of the circle. After discovering this, he used Insight out of curiosity.

A light screen emerged.

[Imperial City Summoning Circle]


The Roland Empire has an old legend. It is said that once certain conditions are met, the ancient giant summoning magic circle will automatically unseal.

Brave people from another world will be summoned to rescue the people from dire straits, leading the Roland Empire back to its peak.

Status: Sealed.

Time to the unsealing: 29 days, 11 hours, 56 minutes.]

Xu Sili saw the description of the magic circle and was shocked.

Brave people from another world…

Weren’t they the players? So the Imperial City Summoning Circle… fu*k, this was actually the players’ birth point! The distance to be unsealed…

Was it the first internal test? He glanced at the clock tower and found it was 10:04 p.m. So at 10 a.m. in a month, the first internal test would be opened? Then… he would see his second brother!

Xu Sili was excited after finally knowing the exact time when the first closed beta would be opened.

Great! One month. Just one month.

Xu Sili laughed and instantly felt full of motivation. There might be only 24 days until the 10 million alliance fee had to be paid but he wasn’t discouraged at all. In a few days, he would be reunited with his family!

The spiritual powers of the two people were intertwined and Si Sheng could clearly sense the young man’s suddenly excited mood.

He was a bit puzzled. What happened?

“Si Sheng, let’s go back.” Xu Sili opened his eyes and said. He wanted to go back to practice! To increase his strength! No matter whether it was meditation or singing, he still had a lot of work to do. This small moment of relaxation was enough. He couldn’t relax just because he found a way to level up quickly.

Si Sheng didn’t want to but he still nodded. “Yes, this servant will take you down.”

“Teleport me directly,” Xu Sili ordered. “I don’t want to walk. It will waste my time.”

Si Sheng was surprised. Waste of time…

It was a waste of time to be with him?

“Si Sheng?”

Perhaps he had been silent for too long but the young man called out to him again with some doubts.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and replied in a deep voice, “Yes.”

Then Xu Sili was hugged in his arms and moved through the Imperial City. They had walked for hours to get to this square but now they just teleported a few times and returned to the palace gate.

Xu Sili stared at the towering palace gates not far away and felt some shock.

Fu*k, this skill… was really awesome!

He couldn’t help feeling Si Sheng’s abnormality again. At the same time, he was glad that he had turned Si Sheng into his puppet. He couldn’t match such a boss-level powerhouse at all.

Yet after waiting for a while, Xu Sili noticed Si Sheng standing still and glanced back strangely. They were currently standing under a big tree. The shadows obscured them so he couldn’t see Si Sheng’s state at all. Why didn’t this person move?

“Are you running out of magic power and want to recover?” Xu Sili wondered.

He didn’t get an immediate answer.

Due to turning his head, his cheek touched the man’s chin.

He heard the breathing of the man behind him, as if it had become heavier. He blinked and wanted to continue to inquire, only to hear the man softly respond, “Yes.”

Xu Sili turned his head back and nodded. It seemed this skill consumed a lot and wasn’t very sustainable.

“Then should we walk in?”

It wasn’t good to be held like this all the time. If the guards saw it… too embarrassing!

Si Sheng didn’t move.

Just as Xu Sili was going to break free, the arms around him tightened again. His vision blurred and he found himself in the corridor in front of his bedroom.

The guards protecting the palace were in the distance and the man behind him had already let go and retreated in an orderly manner.

The warm, stove-like source disappeared and the cold wind at night made Xu Sili feel a bit chilly. Was the magic restored so teleportation could be used again?

He looked back at Si Sheng. The man had no expression. He was still cold but the gray-blue eyes seemed much brighter than usual. Right now, he was watching Xu Sili quietly.

Xu Sili was a bit uncomfortable being watched by this person and couldn’t help looking away. “Then I’m going in. You should also go back and rest.”

“Your Majesty.”

As a result, he had just stepped forward when the man’s voice suddenly rang out, calling him.

Xu Sili looked back again.

Under the moonlight, the man’s blond hair was slightly blown by the night wind. His deep eyes were like a whirlpool in the deep sea, full of a heart-shaking force.

His heart throbbed.

Xu Sili frowned slightly. He restrained the strange mood in his heart and asked, “What is it?”

Si Sheng held up the blue stone on his chest and stared at the young man with gray-blue eyes. He was unwilling to let go of the slightest change in expression on the young man’s face.

“You, why… did you want to give me a present?” Si Sheng asked softly.

Huh? What type of question was this?

Xu Sili had some doubts. Why give a gift… he just bought it because he wanted to. Didn’t he recharge money every day to buy Si Sheng things?

Wait, f*ck!

Xu Sili finally understood the question. This Si Sheng wasn’t the miserable slave of his family! Why did he give Si Sheng something again? In addition, he placed it around Si Sheng’s neck personally…

How could he do this?

Xu Sili’s eyes flickered before his face became cold.

“You don’t want it? Then give it back to me.” He reached out to snatch the necklace back.

Si Sheng didn’t move. The blue pendant was held in his hand. Since he didn’t dodge, Xu Sili easily grabbed the pendant.

A cold touch came and Xu Sili froze in place, speechless. Why wasn’t this guy hiding?

Xu Sili stared at Si Sheng while Si Sheng maintained his original action. Since Xu Sili had grabbed the necklace and pulled, he was forced to lean over slightly. The two people were close and their breathing was entangled together.

The man stared down at him…

It was a bit pitiful.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. This guy… what was going on?

The young man’s eyes flickered before he finally let out a light tsk.

He returned the blue pendant to Si Sheng and coldly snorted. “I promise… the things I sent out have no reason to come back! As for why… This emperor wanted to give it. Do I still need a reason?”

He finished speaking and stopped looking at Si Sheng. He turned and strode toward the bedroom.

Fu*k, he almost let it slip!

Xu Sili didn’t look back until he heard the sound of the door closing behind him. Then he stood still, glancing back at the closed door before letting out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he slipped away quickly…

That Si Sheng was so smart that he was able to easily see through Xu Sili. But… what was with his eyes just now? It was just a necklace. Why did he have to show that puppy-like look?

Si Sheng stood in place. It wasn’t until the young man’s figure disappeared into the bedroom and could no longer be seen that he silently retracted his gaze.

His eyes fell on the blue stone on his chest. He held up the blue stone and held it tightly in his hand.

There was no mistake, he was Lord God…

There was… no mistake. Absolutely not.

Si Sheng had such faith as his figure flashed away and disappeared into the moonlight.

The night calmed down again.


As the first ray of sunlight entered through the window, Xu Sili slowly opened his eyes. He had meditated all night and his magic was fully restored.

This meditation was different from what he previously sensed. Perhaps it was due to the increase in mental power but his absorption of the sound elements seemed to increase.

In addition, the experience value of one night of meditation changed from 34 to 109. Two wooden houses were also built in Mercenary Town last night and his experience bar moved again.

[Distance to level up: 476/800]

There wasn’t the previous coolness of leapfrogging levels by killing monsters but there was a type of stable happiness.

Xu Sili thought of this and started to get up to wash. He would go to the Elementalist Academy today to see how well Su Lin’s Black Valley had grown.

He had just come to the dining room when he saw a familiar figure had arrived first and he couldn’t help pausing.

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