VCRMM: Chapter 29 Part 1

In the alleys, the neon lights intertwined with the night and there were noisy crowds of people. Yet in this moment, in Si Sheng’s world, there was nothing but silence and the young man in front of him.

He stared at the other person in a daze. Then his right hand lifted slightly to hold the blue stone hanging around his neck, staring down at it. It was very ordinary but…

It was more beautiful than all the gems he had seen.

Lord God had given him so many treasures but it was always in an understated manner, as if he had given the whole world and there was nothing to worry about…

Yes, this was his god.

His hands clenched as he raised his eyes to look at the young man with silver hair in front of him. He was smiling slightly, his good-looking eyes bent in the shape of a crescent moon.

Si Sheng opened his mouth but didn’t find his voice. He had been waiting so long that once the moment came, he was a bit overwhelmed. It was really Him… right?

“Boss, how much are you selling this chain for?” Xu Sili didn’t discover Si Sheng’s abnormality. He just looked at the stall owner and asked loudly.

The stall owner had been soliciting customers and looked over at the sound. Then he stared with surprise at the two people standing in front of the stall.

Soon, the surprise in his eyes turned to doubts and then dawning realization and excitement.

It was the patron… patron saint…

In addition, there was…

His Majesty?!

“Boss, how much are you selling this necklace for?”

Xu Sili looked at him and patiently asked again with a gentle smile on his lips.

The stall owner was an elderly man. He gulped and looked nervously to the left and right. He was a bit confused. Why hadn’t the others noticed the two bigshots in front of him?

He didn’t dare to speak up. He only hurriedly waved his hand. “N… nothing.”

The old man stammered as his face turned red. It took him a moment before he finally completed his words. “For the lord, this is a small token of appreciation.”

“That won’t work.” Xu Sili shook his head. “Boss, you are a small business…”

“No! There is really no need!” The stall owner’s volume instinctively rose when he saw that the young man was going to pay. The stunned Si Sheng recovered. He couldn’t help frowning as he glared at the stall owner with blazing eyes.

The stall owner suddenly froze as he felt an immense pressure. It was so immensely heavy that he almost fell down. Nevertheless, he still looked at Si Sheng with eyes full of worship and excitement.

“Lord, I… I really can’t accept your money…” The old man’s voice shook and his eyes were wet.

“Three… three years ago, thank you… thank you for saving my little grandson…” The old man’s voice was full of trembling. “You and this… young master, it is a blessing for you to look at my necklace. Please accept it!”

Xu Sili heard the words and couldn’t help looking at Si Sheng. It seemed that this patron saint had a really high reputation in the Roland Empire.

However, some people gradually paid attention to this side due to the excitement in the old man’s voice. Si Sheng’s Passerby Halo could only reduce the attention of others. It wasn’t complete invisibility. It was just like the stall owner. Once Xu Sili made a sound, he discovered them and recognized them.

Xu Sili had been enjoying the low-key state just now and didn’t want to be surrounded again.

He didn’t take advantage of the old man. He casually threw down 100 Escher coins before taking Si Sheng’s hand and dragging him to the end of the alley, regardless of the stall owner’s request. Soon, they mixed into the crowd.

The stall owner took the money and chased a few steps, only to find that the two people had disappeared. He was stunned. Then he sighed and walked back to the stall.

He looked down at the Escher coins in his hand and carefully placed them inside an iron box. This was what His Majesty gave him!

He didn’t think much of the little emperor before but since the patron saint supported His Majesty in this way, what reasons did he have to oppose?

The old man smiled. He decided that after he went back, he would frame the 100 coins as a family heirloom!


[Ding~ Popular support rate +1%. Current popular support rate: 54%.]

[Note: There is the possibility of a civil commotion when the popular support rate is less than 50%.]

Xu Sili pulled Si Sheng through the crowd and was stunned by the panel that suddenly popped up.

Why did he get the support of nearly a million people when he did nothing?

Then Xu Sili soon understood.

It should be the live broadcast of the reconstruction of Mercenary Town with the beast fighting arena that attracted public attention and boosted his popularity.

This was simply a divine pen stroke! 1% might not be a lot but it was only one day.

Once more people saw the situation of Mercenary Town and saw it becoming prosperous while basic infrastructure was on the plan for other places, he believed there would be more people to support him. It was impossible for a civil commotion to happen!

Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling refreshed thinking about this. So who decided to broadcast the rebuilding of the town? What a genius! Wait, there was the familiar reporter called Yu Lin.

Xu Sili had also watched the last broadcast with the three star beast. This reporter really spared no effort in praising him and it was also a live broadcast.

Xu Sili was from the era of traffic and he understood the importance of marketing.

As long as it was good, people would always know about it even in a remote location. If he wanted to improve the popular support rate, he couldn’t hide these things. In any case, he wasn’t exaggerating. He was just showing what he had done. He hadn’t considered this before and hadn’t expected someone to do it for him in advance.

Xu Sili smiled. He felt that this wasn’t bad.

He was thinking to himself without knowing at all…

He was still holding someone’s hand.

Si Sheng walked behind the young man, a bit absent-minded. It was because at this moment, almost all of his attention fell on the hands of the two people.

The young man’s hand was much smaller than his. Unlike his rough hand, the pampered young emperor had very fine, smooth skin and his fingers were long and slender, but there was the strength that belonged to a man. It held him so tightly, slowly passing over body temperature to him and letting him… hear his own heartbeat.

They moved forward along with the crowd. They were surrounded by noise but Si Sheng felt it was very quiet, so quiet that it was just the two of them. He even had some hope… that this road would never stop.

However, this was doomed to be impossible.

Xu Sili followed the crowd to a square where people from the circus were performing. The audience seemed to see the highlights. They were clapping, shouting and cheering.

Xu Sili couldn’t help standing on his toes. In order to maintain his balance, he released the hand of the man behind him.

Si Sheng stared at his released hand and a bit of loss appeared in his gray-blue eyes like he was an abandoned dog.

However, the young man standing in front of him didn’t notice this. He was looking over but they were too far away from the center of the square and it was packed. He couldn’t see the circus performance at all.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. Just as he was thinking about it, a powerful arm suddenly wrapped around his waist from behind, pulling him backward and into this person’s embrace.

He blinked. Was there any danger?

There had been such a situation several times today. For the sake of his life, Xu Sili didn’t move even though he felt a bit uncomfortable.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion but he felt that Si Sheng’s body was trembling slightly. Yet this idea passed quickly and was soon denied. It was because Si Sheng was so strong. It was hard to imagine anything that would make him tremble with fear.

They stood quietly in the crowd. No one paid attention to them.

Si Sheng lowered his head slightly, the bangs on his forehead falling down and casting a shadow over his eyes.

No one saw his expression at this moment and no one discovered… how the hesitation and uneasiness hidden in his eyes turned into suppressed joy and madness.

This state didn’t last long. Before the puzzled Xu Sili questioned it, Si Sheng suppressed the trembling in his body, lowered his head carefully and whispered in a restrained manner in this person’s ear, “I… will take you to a high place.”

The man’s voice was low and hoarse. It suddenly entered his ears and hit his eardrums.

Xu Sili frowned slightly, feeling a bit strange.

It was just that he didn’t have time to study it carefully. He felt a blur in front of his eyes and a feeling of vertigo flooded his brain.

Once the vertigo disappeared, Xu Sili found that he was no longer in the square but…

He was held by Si Sheng on the clock tower of Imperial City! He stood at the top of the clock tower and had a wide field of view. He could see the illuminated houses below and the bright starry sky above his head without any shadows.

Xu Sili was attracted by the scenery and didn’t break free of Si Sheng’s arms.

Behind him, Si Sheng carefully held the young man’s waist as he slightly closed his eyes and greedily sniffed the smell on this body.

Lord God…

It is really you, right?

Gift… only you will give me a gift.

My skills are invalid against you. I was easily captured by you and became a puppet. You sang that song…

So how could it not be you? It must be…

Si Sheng suppressed the last of his doubts deep in his heart. How could it not be him? There were so many details, so many conversations that made him feel familiar… how could it not be him? The young man in front of him was the one he had longed for over so many years.

Yes, it wasn’t wrong.

He tried to control the trembling of his body so that he didn’t show any abnormalities.

Xu Sili didn’t notice. He stared at the starry sky above his head before smiling and watching the circus performance below.

It was still a bit far away but he could see it clearly. Away from the crowd, he was able to use his spiritual power smoothly.

“Hey, Si Sheng.”

He looked down while shouting at the man behind him, “I want to see the show. Help me like you did before.”


Si Sheng responded. Apart from it being somewhat hoarse, it was no different from usual.

Xu Sili smiled softly. Then he thought about something and asked, “Is holding me the only way for your mental strength to guide me?”

Just now, they had been in the alley when Si Sheng came over and hugged him. At that time, he had been startled.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and the ears hidden by the golden hair slightly reddened. “Yes.”

His eyes flicked as he responded in a low voice.

Xu Sili nodded. He thought it was like this. It might feel strange but who told him to have such low strength? It was only for the time being. He thought about what he had seen in novels and asked again, “If I often use spiritual strength, can I improve it faster?”


Si Sheng cherished words like they were gold and Xu Sili was used to it.

He heard the positive answer and nodded. He no longer continued to delay but closed his eyes, spread out his mental power and entered that mysterious state again.

The scene within five meters was once again clearly displayed in his mind.

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Qiu Qiu Jiu Ball
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