VCRMM: Chapter 28 Part 2

Xu Sili looked around and then slowly walked into a quiet, lively alley.

The alley was lined with small stalls. The stall owners enthusiastically solicited customers and kept shouting. There were also customers full of vitality who were bargaining with the stall owners.

Even in reality, Xu Sili hadn’t been to such a lively and grounded place for a long time.

After he became famous, he gained and lost many things at the same time. For example, he had to do a good job disguising himself every time he went out. Even so, it was impossible to go shopping without being disturbed.

This was the first time he walked on a road and no one paid attention to him. He seemed to have become the most ordinary passerby, walking and shopping with his friends.

There was no need to worry about being secretly photographed or to worry about paparazzi and obsessive fans. He didn’t have to worry about doing anything strange that caused him to be criticized on the hot search.

No one paid attention to him. It was so comfortable!

Xu Sili’s eyes lit up as he looked here and there. He thought about how this was due to Si Sheng’s skill and couldn’t help muttering in a low voice, “Why do you have so many abnormal abilities?”

He was really envious and jealous… The key reason was—

These skills were basically what he gathered for Si Sheng in Game of the Gods. There was no special reason for it at the time. He just found it fun. It was the fun of collecting stamps and he basically got all these skills for his cub.

Xu Sili hadn’t expected these strange skills to be so useful in reality! Why didn’t he let the game developers give Snow Roland a copy? He felt pain in his heart thinking about it.

Si Sheng had been spreading his mental strength to observe the crowd for any possible dangers. Now he heard the young man’s mutters. Xu Sili’s voice might be very small in the hustle and bustle of the crowd but he heard it.

He was silent. His skills… many of them had something to do with Lord God. Some were directly rewarded by Lord God and some were rewarded after completing tasks under his instructions. Only a small part of them were gained from the epiphanies he had in this strange world over the past three years.

The little emperor…

Wouldn’t he know if he was the Lord God?

Si Sheng pressed his lips together tightly and said nothing.

Xu Sili was just complaining casually. It was noisy here and he didn’t expect Si Sheng to hear it. Just then, he abruptly stood still and glanced sideways at a place in the alley that was lively.

It was a pub in the alley.

Two or three old chairs were placed at the door of the pub. Next to the door was a large window inlaid with wooden boards that was opened. It was used as a table for the customers to set their glasses. In addition to drinking, there were many people looking at something in the pub.

Xu Sili was a bit curious but he didn’t want to squeeze in. He meditated slightly and entered the mysterious state. His pupils might’ve lost their focus but all the scenery within five meters was clearly reflected in his mind. But…

Five meters wasn’t enough. He could barely pass through the crowd blocking the front of the pub while the scene further away became blurred.

Xu Sili felt a bit depressed. He was just about to leave this state when he felt a man’s powerful arm holding his waist. Immediately afterward, a powerful and soft spiritual force ‘touched’ him.

After encountering that power, Xu Sili had some strange images in his mind. If his power was light purple then the power that suddenly appeared was shiny and light gold. This power guided him and pushed away the fog in front of his ‘eyes’. Xu Sili ‘saw’ the scene in the pub.

He was a bit nervous but the thought of Si Sheng next to him caused him to relax. Xu Sili didn’t think much of it because he was attracted by the scene inside the pub. It turned out that everyone gathered at the pub door to… watch TV!

An old LCD screen was inlaid on the wall and a TV show was playing. It showed…

It turned out to be Mercenary Town.

The female reporter he saw on that day appeared on the screen again. She explained matters to the audience in a very excited voice. Xu Sili could also hear the people discussing it in the crowd.

“It’s strange. They aren’t broadcasting the live fighting of the beast fighting arena but building houses?”

“Yes, what’s so good about building houses? I want to watch football…”

“You can watch football every day. The elementalists are building houses… have you ever seen it before?”

“Bullshit! I haven’t even seen elementalists fighting.”

“That’s not all.”

“An elementalist is amazing. Look, a seed is dropped and it grows into a big tree!”

“Tsk, this stone house is even more powerful! The foundation just rose out of the ground. It is cool to watch.”

“No? How can they be called elementalists if they aren’t awesome?”

“It is evening. Aren’t the elementalists going to rest? Why are they still building houses?”

“I heard…” Someone lowered his voice and spoke in a gossipy tone, “His Majesty only gave the elementalists half a month to complete the construction or they will be punished!”


The crowd was in an uproar.

“Is this true or false? His Majesty will punish the elementalists? Isn’t it said that His Majesty doesn’t have enough authority and no one listens to his words?”

“Yes, His Majesty is still young and timid. I watched the broadcast on the day of his ascension to the throne and he almost cried in fright. His voice was shaking when he told the army generals to get up.

Someone stepped on him and someone else refuted it.

“Why don’t you try facing 100,000 troops? A group of murderous veterans rushed back from the front lines. Wouldn’t you be afraid?”

“I’m not the emperor!”

The man was righteous when a young voice suddenly said, “How do you know he was scared? I think he was excited!”

“Did you see the fight against a three star beast in Mercenary Town a few days ago?”

“The three star beast broke free from their control. If it wasn’t for His Majesty being present and asking the elementalist guards to stop it, as well as him acting himself, I’m afraid that Mercenary Town would now be a river of blood!”

“Then after killing the three star beast, His Majesty asked the elementalist masters to rebuild the town!”

“Who would’ve thought of such a thing before?”

“Yes, His Majesty might be young and not very mature but at least he cares about us civilians.”

There were many civilians even in the inner city, especially in the alleys and pubs. They lived a rich life but it was only in comparison to the outer city. They weren’t really comparable to the nobles and elementalists.

“Yes, so I’m going to visit the mercenary town tomorrow.” Just then, a young man with red hair spoke. He stared at the TV screen, his eyes full of longing. “I heard that they are hiring people. Such a large rebuilding project will definitely require a lot of manpower.”

“Chi Yu, don’t make trouble!” The pub owner frowned upon hearing this. “Mercenary Town seems to have many elementalists going there but they will be forced to leave sooner or later. I know you have a longing for the elementalists but it is the outer city after all. The environment isn’t comparable to the inner city. In addition, didn’t you just get a good job? Why are you going there?”

“I’m studying architecture. If I go…” The red-haired young man trailed off.

“You should talk to your parents first.” The pub owner waved his hand and continued with his business.

The red-haired youth fell silent and drank in a depressed manner.

Xu Sili watched the broadcast of Mercenary Town while listening to their conversation. He also heard the customers’ comments about him but he didn’t care much. However, the red-haired youth who wanted to go to Mercenary Town caught his attention.

Chi Yu…

It was another familiar name! Ever since knowing there were special NPCs like Wen Jishan, Xu Sili had carefully recalled the cards in Game of the Gods.

It was just that there were too many cards in the game, especially in the support category. Many of them were eating dust in the corner and he hadn’t spent much time raising them. He naturally couldn’t remember their names. Still, he remembered Chi Yu. It was because the name was like eating fish.

Xu Sili wanted to use Insight to see if this person was a card character. As a result…

The arm holding his waist suddenly tightened. Then it took him and retreated to the side. Xu Sili was disturbed and withdrew from that mysterious state. His eyes became clear again.

Just then, a turbulent group of people passed by them. This group seemed to be going to the square to see a performance.

Si Sheng took him to the side to avoid it and the tall figure completely separated from the crowd, not letting anyone hit him.

Xu Sili couldn’t help looking up.

The man stood in front of him, glancing sideways at the crowd. From Xu Sili’s perspective, he could only see the cold, hard side profile and slightly wrinkled brow. The cold, thin lips were pursed slightly with some displeasure.

Xu Sili watched him and wasn’t angry at being interrupted just now. Once Si Sheng glanced back at him, he hurriedly looked away. Soon, the crowd gradually decreased and the crowded alley became more spacious.

Si Sheng stepped back again.

Xu Sili couldn’t help sighing with relief. Then he remembered how his Insight had been interrupted and quickly ‘looked’ at the pub. Unfortunately, the young man called Chi Yu was gone.

It was a bit regrettable but Xu Sili wasn’t in a hurry. Once he returned to the palace, he would have people look for this red-haired youth.

The young emperor lost interest in the pub and continued walking again. He thought about what happened just now and couldn’t help asking Si Sheng, “It was you, right?”

Si Sheng looked down at him and raised an eyebrow.

“That golden power, wasn’t it you? Then what is that power? Mine seems to be purple?” Xu Sili wondered.

Looking at the eyes glowing with curiosity, Si Sheng pursed his lips slightly. “Spiritual power.”

He cherished words like gold but it was explained.

Xu Sili was stunned. It turned out this was spiritual power! He had read many fantasy and magic novels and was able to understand the concept of spiritual power. 

At the same time, he once again realized how powerful Si Sheng was. If it wasn’t for this person’s help, he wouldn’t have been able to see the scene in the pub.

Xu Sili recalled the feeling at that time. Then he abruptly stopped at a small stall. This was a jewelry stall. The stall displayed rough-looking jewelry including bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. They seemed to be handmade.

The young man’s eyes were attracted to a chain necklace. It was a dark blue stone. The surface was polished smooth and there was a hole in it for the braided straw rope to go through.

It was ordinary and there was nothing special. Yet it caught Xu Sili’s eye instantly.

Si Sheng noticed the gaze and glanced at the handmade necklace. Did the little emperor want it?

He was about to reach for it but the young man was one step ahead of him. The little emperor lifted the necklace up and held the blue stone in his hand, examining it.

Si Sheng saw it and silently put down his raised hand. To his surprise, the young man tied a knot in the necklace and turned to look at him. Then the little emperor stood on tiptoe and hung the blue stone necklace around his neck.

Si Sheng stared in a daze, a bit of confusion in his blue-gray eyes. Once Xu Sili put it on the other person, he carefully looked at it and nodded with satisfaction.

He was about to pay the stall owner when he heard the man’s slightly hoarse voice. “This… what is it?”

Xu Sili didn’t raise his head as he instinctively answered, “A gift.”

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