VCRMM: Chapter 27 Part 2

Once Xu Sili left, Li Zhecheng retracted his gaze and saluted Si Sheng. “My Lord, please take care of His Majesty’s safety.”

Si Sheng glanced at him and nodded lightly. After obtaining his approval, Li Zhecheng smiled. He ignored Wen Jishan and left. Don’t look at the gentle appearance of this person surnamed Wen. He was actually very dark-hearted. Li Zhecheng had to go to the Elementalist Academy first to warn the old dean.

“Tsk, this kid…” Wen Jishan wanted to complain. Then he saw Si Sheng about to step away and hurriedly stopped talking, reaching out to grab this person’s arm.

Si Sheng didn’t move. He just lowered his eyes slightly and his cold gaze fell on his arm.

Wen Jishan abruptly released his hand like he was scalded and placed his hands behind his back. The green eyes behind the glasses smiled. “Si Sheng, don’t rush to leave. I have something to say.”

Si Sheng was silent. He reached his hand into his pocket as if he wanted to grab something, only to pause. The handkerchief… was with the little emperor.

He pursed his lips. Then the next moment, there was a pair of hands handing him a handkerchief. Si Sheng raised his eyes and looked at Wen Jishan carefully.

Wen Jishan still had a smile on his face. “Use it. It is clean.”

Si Sheng frowned but eventually took the handkerchief. He placed it on the sleeve that was grabbed and wiped it carefully.

Wen Jishan was still smiling but he couldn’t help complaining deep in his heart.

This should be Si Sheng’s most precious military uniform. Based on what he knew, Si Sheng had many sets of military uniforms.

The color and style were similar to this marshal uniform. They were snow-white with gold thread but some details were different.

Si Sheng especially cherished this marshal uniform and he rarely wore it except on special days. This little secret was probably only known to the people around Si Sheng. But…

He didn’t remember what special day it was today. Why did Si Sheng wear this military uniform?

Si Sheng meticulously wiped the dust off his sleeve and Wen Jishan could barely maintain his smile.

You are too much. Are my hands so dirty?

Yet given Si Sheng’s strength, Wen Jishan didn’t dare comment too much on this habit. Instead, he talked about something else.

“Lord Si Sheng, are you going back to the front lines in the near future?”

If Si Sheng left at this moment, the elementalist mercenary plan might not proceed. He was worried that Si Sheng would leave.

“I’m not going.” Si Sheng returned the handkerchief to Wen Jishan, adjusted his cuffs and answered coldly.

This promise made Wen Jishan smile. He put the handkerchief back in his pocket and nodded. “It’s good if you don’t go, it’s good.”

Then he thought of something and couldn’t help adding, “In fact, based on your strength, it shouldn’t be difficult to sweep up the interstellar beasts between the major main cities, right? Just…”

Wen Jishan’s voice became a bit hesitant. “Why haven’t you done this?”

Was it really to train the army and make people more aware of the dangers?

Si Sheng glanced at him and looked at the door.

“My mission is to protect Roland.” He whispered before heading straight outside.

The white cloak fluttered behind him and his short, light blond hair was messed up by the wind. Si Sheng ignored these things. His eyes were fixed in the direction of the emperor’s palace and emotions surged deep in his eyes.

Guarding Roland was God’s mission to him. He just always felt it was guarding, not building or territory expansion. It was enough as long as Roland wasn’t destroyed. However, was he wrong?

Si Sheng recalled all the plans the little emperor had in the hall. Was this the reason why Lord God no longer looked at him and no longer appeared? The new little emperor…

Was his mission to make Roland strong? Lord God was disappointed in him and sent the new favorite here.

The little emperor’s spoiled and willful appearance appeared before him. This type of unscrupulous and courageous character seemed like he hadn’t been subjected to severe beatings.

Si Sheng’s thin lips pressed into a straight line and complicated thoughts he never had before lingered in his mind. Even at this moment, he was anticipating that…

The little emperor was Lord God. Yet was this the case? He was weak. If he was really Lord God, why was he so weak? Did he get hurt? In fact, the probability of being a new favorite was greater.

Si Sheng walked toward the palace step by step. He could clearly teleport over directly with his ability but he chose the most primitive method. He still hadn’t sorted out his thoughts by the time he walked to the door of the emperor’s palace.

“I greet My Lord!” The neat and loud voices of the palace guards recalled Si Sheng from his thoughts. He glanced at them indifferently and was just about to speak when vague singing was heard from the direction of the garden.

Based on the voice… it was the little emperor.

Si Sheng frowned.

At this time, the maid Jenna came from the end of the promenade with a book in her hand. She saw Si Sheng and quickly saluted. “Lord Si Sheng.”

“Yes.” Si Sheng responded before looking in the direction of the garden and asking, “What is His Majesty doing?”

Jenna glanced at him. She was still puzzled as she whispered, “His Majesty… His Majesty is learning to sing…”

In any case, it could also be heard from here.

She just didn’t understand why His Majesty suddenly came to sing?

Si Sheng remembered last night. The little emperor lay on the edge of the bath and softly sang that song. He could sing. Moreover, he sang very well. The Lord God… could also sing.

Si Sheng lowered his gaze and looked at the book in Jenna’s arms that had the words: Roland’s Children Songs.


“Lord Si Sheng, His Majesty is still waiting for me,” Jenna said. “I have to go first.”

Si Sheng nodded and watched her go to the garden. He stood in place and was speechless for a long time.

Lord God…

Did he like to sing children’s songs?

Of course not.

Xu Sili saw the book that Jenna had brought back like she was offering a treasure and looked forward to it. Then he saw the few big words on it and felt speechless.

“Jenna, is this the only… songbook in the palace?” He asked, undeterred.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Jenna nodded. “If you want to learn folk songs, I can sing them for you. It is just that I only know the climax part and might not remember all the lyrics…”

Xu Sili looked to Janice for help.

Jance looked at him with a lot of regret. “I’m sorry Your Majesty, I can’t sing.”

She could fight! But singing… she shouldn’t come out and scare people.

Xu Sili was helpless and had to pick up the book of children’s songs. He thought about how these children’s songs would help him level up and endured it. No matter what, let’s talk about it after learning!

It was only after Xu Sili spent three whole days learning the entire book of children’s songs that he found…

He didn’t get an epiphany or new skills!

Xu Sili’s entire body was numb. He really didn’t know what went wrong. After learning Roland’s Good Night Song that day, he easily got an epiphany. Yet for the past three days, he worked hard to learn this entire book of children’s songs and got nothing.

Seeing the sunset glow reddening the sky, Xu Sili put down the book in his hand. He had no time to waste here.

In fact, in addition to the children’s songs, he also had the maids good at singing teach him some songs. However, it was still useless to learn them.

Perhaps he had been thinking too simply before. It wasn’t feasible to learn songs to level up. He still had to fight monsters obediently.

Xu Sili got up and walked out of the garden. If this didn’t work then he would let go of it temporarily. It was time to focus on the plans that were delayed from learning songs.

Xu Sili thought about it as he walked. Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a pair of military boots.

His heart jumped. The moment he looked up, he saw Si Sheng’s handsome face. This person was standing at the exit of the garden, looking at him with a complicated expression.

Xu Sili blinked. What was this guy doing here? In fact, he had thought about things related to Si Sheng during his spare time in the last few days. He hesitated before calling out, “Si Sheng.”

Si Sheng stood in place and stared at him before bowing slowly. “Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili wasn’t polite and spoke bluntly, “Si Sheng, I am going out of the palace now.”

Si Sheng paused.

Then he heard the silver-haired young man say, “You will protect me, won’t you?”

Si Sheng looked up and stared into the young man’s purple eyes. He had very beautiful eyes. They were light and clean, as elegant as violets. Right now, they were staring at him without the usual coldness or indifference.

Si Sheng saw such a young man and nodded, his thin lips opening slightly. “Yes.”

“However, I don’t trust you.” Xu Sili continued. “You have changed so much. You tried to kill me one night and completely changed your attitude the next day. I can’t trust you.”

Si Sheng looked down and thought for a moment. “You aren’t the person I want to kill.”

“We are the same.” Xu Sili stared at the other person, face stained with the strong colors of the sunset. “Snow Roland is me and I am Snow Roland.”

Si Sheng was slightly startled and looked into this young man’s eyes with a bit of confusion.

“Forget it.” Xu Sili shook his head. “You won’t understand.”

He looked outside the palace. “Let’s go. Accompany me out. I am going to stroll around Imperial City. I came to… it has been so long and I’ve never visited Imperial City.”

The young man took two steps before glancing at him. “What are you doing? Didn’t you say that you would protect me? You are my puppet now. If I die, you can’t live either.”

Si Sheng looked at him. His feelings told him that it shouldn’t be as the young man said but…

“Okay,” he whispered.

Xu Sili was satisfied and withdrew his gaze. Then after two steps, he stopped again. A light screen had suddenly popped up in front of him. It said:

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has a newly built wooden house +1, experience value +100.]

Xu Sili’s eyes widened. Fu*k, he could still gain experience from building houses?

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Well if you watch macross or anything related, the song and lyrics must have meanings that will convey their purpose. And yes, his mindset was also important as he must understand the essence of the song. In game terms, there must be battle songs when facing the boss ahahaha


the “new favorite” theory explains why the si sheng in the last life’s version of the game was so hostile to player characters. if just one player character makes him feel lonely and abandoned by xu sili, millions would make him want to destroy this universe. my heart aches for that si sheng bc there’s no way for his god to contact him and tell him he’s proud of him. ;_; thanks for the chapter! sorry to make it angsty


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thanks for the chapter <3

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