VCRMM: Chapter 27 Part 1

Xu Sili’s blood was boiling with enthusiasm as he said these words to Wen Jishan. Then he soon regained his composure.

The young man’s eyes looked around and finally landed on Si Sheng. Facing this man’s gray-blue eyes, the scene from breakfast resurfaced in his head.

Xu Sili was uneasy and looked away uncomfortably.

Si Sheng didn’t shy away and still stared at him firmly. This strong gaze made it difficult for Xu Sili to ignore. What was he looking at…


He cursed in his heart but on the surface, he just pursed his lips and spoke in a light voice, “I need the marshal’s cooperation to handle the elementalists in the local division.”

Wen Jishan heard the words and nodded quickly.

Yes, how many people’s interests would be touched if this matter went ahead?

The elementalists were mostly nobles. Nobles had an inherent advantage over commoners in their upbringing and they were more likely to give birth to elementalists. In addition, the elementalists who came from civilian backgrounds were transformed from sparrows into phoenixes.

Would these people give in easily? He was afraid it would be hard. Such a drastic reform was bound to set off a bloody storm.

Wen Jishan felt numb thinking about it. He even had to admire the little emperor’s superior judgment and courage. Nevertheless, Wen Jishan didn’t have much fear. After all, in the past two years, he had offended many people for Roland’s development.

He thought up to here and glanced at Si Sheng. Currently, Wen Jishan didn’t want Si Sheng to fight against the little emperor. This little emperor seemed more reliable than his brother and sister! He could continue to observe.

Wen Jishan might’ve previously had some intention of encouraging Si Sheng to rebel but as long as it made the nation better, he didn’t actually care who would be the emperor. Now it seemed he could look forward to the little emperor whom he hadn’t been optimistic about.

As for the little emperor saying he was useless, this had been selectively forgotten by Wen Jishan. Now his mind was full of the reform of the elementalists and he was even impatient to get started.

At this critical time, Marshal Si Sheng, you must not drop the chain!

Si Sheng glanced sideways and met Wen Jishan’s gaze. The cold ice in the man’s eyes caused the chief administrator to instinctively lower his head.

Huh? Did Marshal Si Sheng want to fight?

There was sweat on Wen Jishan’s forehead and he vaguely regretted what he had encouraged earlier. As a result, he heard the man’s deep voice ringing solemnly from beside him. “I am at Your Majesty’s command.”

? A big question mark appeared in Wen Jishan’s heart.

‘If you are going to agree, why stare at me just now? You are a strong person with over five stars in strength. It is frightening when you stare at me, an ordinary person, okay?’

Li Zhecheng stood next to the throne and looked at Wen Jishan with some gloating in his eyes.

‘Che, you deserve it! The couple’s feelings are so good. His Majesty took the initiative to make a request. Will the marshal refuse? Do they need you to step in?’

Li Zhecheng secretly appreciated the defeated expression of the chief administrator and inexplicably felt happy.

Meanwhile, Xu Sili was relieved. It was good that Si Sheng agreed. His plan would be a bit difficult without the cooperation of the patron saint.

“Okay. Then Chief Wen and Marshal Si Sheng should discuss and come up with a plan as soon as possible. I don’t have any requirements but it must be specific and feasible.”

Xu Sili wasn’t prepared to do everything himself. He was very busy right now. For the development of the empire, he could only make decisions about the direction. As for the extent to which it could be achieved, it was left to the people below him.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Wen Jishan bowed and his tone was much more sincere this time. “This servant will go to the Elementalist Academy later and get to know the current situation with Dean Justin.”

At the mention of the Elementalist Academy, Xu Sili couldn’t help thinking about Su Lin. He opened his mouth in order to say something but when he saw that the label above Wen Jishan’s head had become ‘Friendly’, he still closed his mouth uneasily.

He turned to Li Zhecheng beside him. “Guard Li, go to the warehouse right now and fetch the seeds of Black Valley.”

“Black Valley?”

Li Zhecheng blinked. He wanted to ask more questions but then he heard Wen Jishan say, “Your Majesty, are you talking about the assistance material from the Interstellar Alliance?”

“Yes.” Xu Sili nodded.

Wen Jishan was the chief administrator and it wasn’t surprising for him to know this.

“Guard Li, go and get them all.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Li Zhecheng left and the great hall suddenly fell quiet. A needle could be heard if dropped.

Xu Sili didn’t care about the atmosphere. He was thinking about today’s plan. There was currently no good way to make money and he could only put it on hold for now.

According to the three main goals set yesterday, today he would continue to focus on leveling up and increasing his strength.

Level 7 wasn’t particularly weak among elementalists but his main problem was that he had no offensive skills. There was no need to talk about Insight while Roland’s Good Night Song was a control skill. As for Si Sheng’s skills…

They were strong but could only be used as a must-kill attack.

For his current self, the only conventional attack method was the Glorious Radium 4000. This wasn’t enough.

The sound elements… he didn’t know if there were any relevant skills that could be learned at the Elementalist Academy? However, it seemed he could gain epiphanies on his own. For example, Roland’s Good Night Song. Learning one song gave him 500 experience points.

He could level up and learn new skills. This was much more cost-effective than killing monsters.

Xu Sili thought about it and decided to learn a few folk songs of the Roland Empire. He would also find some time to go and visit the Elementalist Academy.

He talked about getting others to do the work while he did nothing but he still attached great importance to the matter of elementalists. After all, this was related to his future and was the foundation of the development of the Roland Empire.

Xu Sili was thinking about today’s itinerary when Li Zhecheng happened to come back. He had a small cloth bag in his hand. The bag wasn’t big and there were probably only a hundred Black Valley seeds in it.

Xu Sili used Insight and determined that they were the Black Valley seeds. Then he instructed, “Guard Li, go to the academy with Chief Wen and give these seeds to the student called Su Lin from yesterday. Tell him that this is a test from the emperor for him. If he can use these Black Valley seeds to grow a variant plant called Snow valley within a month, the emperor will reward him.”

If Su Lin could really grow the Snow Valley and earn 10 million cosmic coins then he would definitely be a great hero of the empire! Xu Sili wouldn’t be stingy when it came to great merits. In addition, Su Lin was his die-hard fan and was one of his people.

After this, Xu Sili sent the information he just found in the Star Network to Li Zhecheng using the communication device.

“In addition to the Black Valley planting essentials, there are some architectural drawings in here. Hand them over to Dean Justin. As for the specific reconstruction plan…”

Xu Sili leaned back on the throne and thought about it for a moment. Then he looked at Wen Jishan. “Chief Wen, this will be left to you. You heard what I said just now. After the reconstruction of the mercenary town, this will become the settlement of the low level elementalists and also the focus of national attention. The rebuilding of the mercenary town means a new starting point. In my vision, it will be used as the center of the entire outer city for a new transportation network that extends in all directions.”

Xu Sili spoke while thinking.

“Convenient transportation means the population can flow and resources can be effectively integrated. Chief Wen, don’t rely too much on the construction team of elementalists. Elementalists are precious resources at all times. In addition to elementalists, you can hire local residents to participate in the reconstruction of this mercenary town. Moreover, according to the current scale of the town, it isn’t enough to accommodate the upcoming elementalist mercenaries in the future. It is necessary to expand. If there is an expansion, it is difficult to say if the Elementalist Academy can complete the task on time. Let them pay and hire the residents to help.”

Wen Jishan had frowned when hearing that residents were to be hired. Then he heard that the Elementalist Academy would pay for it and he relaxed again.

As for how to get Justin to pay? This was actually very easy to handle. If the task wasn’t completed, all the elementalists would have their subsidies cut in half. Then how could Justin choose?

“Residents can go shopping when they have money. Then once some small towns and villages in the area hear the news about the expansion and recruitment, some people will definitely come. These people would be in need of food, clothing, housing and transportation. There is demand so there is consumption. There is consumption and the economy will come alive.”

Xu Sili analyzed it and smiled slowly.

“Perhaps this expansion plan can be continued. As long as the traffic is well established, there is no need to fear that no one will come. Some people might travel over land and water to earn money.”

As long as there were people, there would be labor. Labor was productivity and the basis for promoting social development.

Wen Jishan’s mouth dropped open slightly.

As for Si Sheng, his gray-blue eyes stared at the young man on the throne and a bit of thoughtfulness appeared in his eyes.

“Your Majesty… what about the money? Will you keep letting the Elementalist Academy pay for it?” Wen Jishan had to admit that the little emperor’s plan was very tempting. If it could be carried out all the time, the effect would be huge. 

However, he felt the Elementalist Academy wouldn’t be so cooperative. After all, the elementalist mercenaries plan would be launched soon.

Elementalists who couldn’t complete the fixed amount of tasks would have their subsidies reduced. If they had to pay for the empire’s construction as well, he felt the elementalists might directly oppose it.

Xu Sili rolled his eyes and didn’t bother to reply. If there wasn’t enough money then couldn’t he print it? Escher Coins weren’t Cosmic Coins. Wasn’t he in charge of how much he wanted to print?

He just needed to control it to within a reasonable range and not cause too many price fluctuations and there would be no problems.

As for the influence on prices, it was nothing more than the relationship between supply and demand. If people had a lot of money and the quantity of goods didn’t change, supply would fall short of demand and prices would rise.

In reality, this might be more difficult but this was the game world!

There was the supernatural existence of elementalists and it should be no problem to stabilize the basic supplies needed for life.

Still, no matter how he spoke, they were only theories on paper. The most important low level spiritual elementalists were still nowhere to be seen.

Xu Sili shook his head and no longer thought about long-term things. He looked at Wen Jishan. “In any case, these are just ideas. I’m telling you in order to let you have some thoughts in your heart. You must take these things into account when making the reconstruction plan, understood?”

“This servant understands.” Wen Jishan spoke respectfully again.

“Okay, things are finished.” Xu Sili stood up and waved his hand. “You go and do it.”

He also had to work on his plans.

Janice was the only one who followed Xu Sili to leave. The other three didn’t leave and just watched him disappear outside the door.

TL; Sulin has been changed to Su Lin.

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Reply to  floofy

I think the princess game was more of raising cards(people) that will assist the princess rather than the player making decisions. Sure, there might be quests that are related to kingdom building, like taking your cards to war to lead (why he might dislike Wen Jisha for being a fighting scum) as these will elevate their status in kingdom as well as their political power (they have to be able to put the princess on the throne). Also, the MC mentioned that the game was more directed to females so there are love lines. MC was part of the minority that played it as a leveling game.

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I Guess
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