VCRMM: Chapter 26 Part 2

Li Zhecheng, who was guarding by Xu Sili’s side, couldn’t help staring.

Was that said yesterday? Did Dean Justin take the initiative to issue a military order? Didn’t you force the old man?

Having personally experienced the scene in the office yesterday, Li Zhecheng was also an elementalist and couldn’t help silently mourning for Dean Justin.

As for the possibility that his monthly subsidy of 30,000 Escher Coins will be cut? A 50% cut was still 15,000. This salary as a guard wasn’t low and he didn’t feel much. He just thought…

His Majesty’s heart is too dark! The old dean is too pitiful.

As for Wen Jishan, he asked with pleasant surprise, “Your Majesty, are your words true?”

He had just been full of complaints but now his eyes were full of excitement.

“If Dean Justin fails to complete the reconstruction plan in half a month, he will ask to cut the subsidies of all elementalists by 50%?”

Xu Sili saw this person’s shining eyes and felt strange. He thought for a moment before reminding in a low voice, “Rebuilding the mercenary town is a very important first step in my next plan. Chief Wen, I don’t want anyone to get in the way!”

Wen Jishan’s mouth twitched and he nodded to show his understanding, but his expression revealed his regret.

Of course he felt regret! He had been eyeing the elementalists for a long time. This bunch of people got paid to do nothing. He would’ve cut their subsidies by 70% if it wasn’t for his lack of strength!

Now there was such a good opportunity and that old guy Justin was willing to take the blame. If he didn’t do something, wouldn’t he feel too sorry for the kindness of the old dean?

Wen Jishan’s eyes shone and it seemed he hadn’t given up on his intention to make trouble.

Xu Sili saw it and inexplicably got a headache while Li Zhecheng shuddered.

Damn, too dark!

He just wondered if the old dean could complete the task on time. He didn’t expect that Wen Jishan even wanted to destroy it? No, he must go back to remind the old dean to be on guard and to not be fooled by Wen Jishan!

Xu Sili opened his mouth and wanted to say something. He hesitated for a moment before finally stopping. If it was destroyed then it was due to Dean Justin’s insufficient ability.

He was the dean of the Elementalist Academy and a two star elementalist. If he was afraid of an ordinary person like Wen Jishan, what else was there to say?

Xu Sili thought of this and continued to talk about the mercenary town. He had some ideas about this experimental base.

“It is like I said. Rebuilding the mercenary town will be the responsibility of the Elementalist Academy.”

Wen Jishan controlled his expression and looked at the little emperor with some confusion. He didn’t know why the emperor had to emphasize it again. Was the emperor really so worried about him engaging in small moves?

Then he heard the little emperor say, “What I mean by being responsible isn’t to let them pay to rebuild it. I mean to let the elementalists rebuild it themselves.”

Wen Jishan was taken aback. The words were a bit roundabout but he soon understood.

Was it what he understood? It wasn’t letting the ElementalIst Academy pay for it but to have the elementalIsts build the town directly? How could that be?

“Your Majesty…” Wen Jishan’s mouth was a bit dry. “Isn’t it a bit overkill to use elementalists to build a small town?”

“What is overkill? What isn’t overkill?” Xu Sili chuckled and the young man gave off the feeling of a strategist in this moment. “Chief Wen, do you know the elementalists?”

Wen Jishan pursed his lips.

He was an ordinary person and had no elemental ability. He might’ve learned some things about elementalists due to his convenient position but it was all superficial. Still, if he remembered correctly, the emperor was also an ordinary person right?

“Oh, I forgot to tell Chief Wen.” Xu Sili adjusted his robe and spoke softly. “This emperor went to the Elementalist Academy yesterday and tested my talent. I didn’t expect that I would have the talent of a spiritual elementalist and it is also the rare sound element.”

Wen Jishan’s expression was filled with momentary confusion. No, wasn’t the emperor 18 years old? How could his talent still be measured?

“Your Majesty means…”

“The Elementalist Academy has made a major mistake not just in terms of education but also in terms of testing methods.”

Xu Sili didn’t hide it. There was nothing difficult about saying this.

“This has led to some children who had tested their talent being assigned to the wrong department. Yesterday, a warrior student participated in the test with me and it turned out that he was also in the spiritual department. In other words, we might add a number of spiritual elementalists.”

Wen Jishan was a smart person. Once Xu Sili made it clear, he understood why Justin made such a military order. If it was true, the mistake was too big!

The next moment, he thought of something else.

“Does this mean… are there some ordinary people who were judged as having no affinity for elements but are actually talented? They were just wrongly judged?”

It was just like His Majesty! It could actually be measured after so many years!

Xu Sili looked at Wen Jishan and wanted to tell him, ‘Don’t think about it. You really don’t have an elemental affinity. You are just an ordinary person.’

But… he saw the hot expectations in this person’s eyes and hesitated. He thought better of it. Today’s shock was already enough. It was best to take it slowly. There was no need to collapse the other person’s mentality all at once.

Xu Sili nodded. “Yes, but for those people, it might not be measured if they don’t persist in practicing the basic training methods and don’t make progress.”

Having said this, he didn’t continue the topic.

“This is a matter for the future. It isn’t the current focus. The focus right now should be: we will add a group of spiritual elementalists who have practiced martial arts. The young students are okay but those who are between 15 and 18 years old are basically wasted.”

Wen Jishan frowned and his expression became a bit heavy.

Yes, only one star elementalists could go to the front line. Obviously, the spiritual elementalists who practiced the wrong method couldn’t reach the one star level in such a short period of time.

They would be assigned to the local guards but in that case, wouldn’t their talent be wasted?

Should graduation be postponed?

Yet even after the postponement, could they become one star elementalists? This was an unknown variable.

In fact, it wasn’t impossible for them to go to the local forces but they are all seedlings of spiritual elementalists! How strong were spiritual elementalists? They could often affect the situation of the war!

Crucially, he felt that this might not be a small number There was probably more than one hundred. Hundreds of spiritual elementalists…

Wen Jishan couldn’t help gulping. At the same time, he hated the Elementalist Academy even more. Sure enough, they were all useless! How many children had been delayed after so many years? How many fighters had been delayed? Cutting their financial subsidies by 50% wasn’t enough!

Xu Sili saw Wen Jishan’s slightly crazy expression and couldn’t help sympathizing with Dean Justin. He coughed and pulled the administrator’s attention back.

“So for those children, I plan to let them participate in the construction. The five main elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth are actually very suitable for infrastructure construction.”

“The warrior path focuses on itself but spiritual elementalists are able to directly manipulate the elements.”

“Metal can make weapons and build fortresses.”

“There is no need to talk much about wood and water. They are very powerful in planting and healing.”

“Fire can work with metal to forge more powerful weapons and equipment. Earth is definitely good for building bridges, roads and houses.”

“They are elementalists and they can do this much faster than ordinary people.”

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow while speaking lazily, “Do you think Dean Justin is stupid? How can he agree to the half a month deadline without any certainty? He is a top two star elementalist of the earth system. It might be a bit hard for him to rebuild a town in half a month but he isn’t the only elementalist at the academy.”

There weren’t just the teachers, there were also the students.

The students of the elementalist department were all gifted students with powerful teachers and he didn’t believe there were no civil engineering talents among them. So in half a month, the Elementalist Academy could do it!

“Rebuilding and renovating a small town in half a month doesn’t require much human, financial and material resources. It might just consume a bit of the magic restoring treasures. Wen Jishan, don’t you think this is a good deal?”

The people in the hall listened to Xu Sili and couldn’t help falling into deep thought.

As Wen Jishan listened to the description, his expression became more serious and his eyes became brighter.

Once he was named, he nodded hurriedly.

Was it a good deal? Didn’t he want to engage in construction? Didn’t he want to use those resources? Didn’t he know the gap between the rich and poor in the inner and outer cities?

However, what could he do when he had no money or strength? Now it was different. There was free labor! It was also very high quality labor!

Let those elementalists who were usually haughty or even spiritual elementalists do construction. Wasn’t it cool to think about? He had been greedy for these people who could control water, earth and wood for a long time!

He had actually thought about it before but he didn’t dare go deep into planning because he was just an ordinary person.

Meanwhile, the position of elementalists in the Roland Empire was very high! Even if he was the chief administrator, he wasn’t able to command them.

Letting these noble and powerful elementalists do civilian work would definitely cause a huge backlash. Now…

On the throne, the young emperor he had looked down on smiled at him and continued, “For these wasted elementalists, I don’t expect them to go to the front lines. Rather than letting them waste resources locally, it is better to use them to build the empire!”

“Yes, Your Majesty is right!”

Wen Jishan nodded in a very excited manner.

All the previous dissatisfaction he felt toward the emperor had been forgotten because the feasibility of this plan was too high! He hadn’t expected the little emperor to think further than him and to have a crueler heart than him.

He listened as the young man’s voice continued to ring through the great hall.

“Once the mercenary town is rebuilt, I plan to gather all the elementalists in the local area and let them form elementalist mercenary groups or join some regular mercenary groups. All the elementalists below one star must become mercenaries!”

Mercenaries also had a mercenary association.

They had to complete one mission every year in order to maintain their status as a mercenary. Upgrading, obtaining resources and receiving the corresponding level task was also done with the mercenary association!

“All elementalist mercenaries must complete a large number of mercenary missions every year. If they fail to complete it, their elementalist subsidy will be cancelled! Of course, there will be rewards for those who over-complete the requirements. They are elementalists and this means they are stronger than ordinary mercenaries. If ordinary mercenaries can do it, they must also be able to do it!”

The young man’s words rang out loudly!

There was a moment of silence in the great hall. After a long time, Wen Jishan pushed up his glasses that were falling down. He raised his head, his green eyes staring deeply at the young emperor on the throne as he replied firmly and feverishly, “Yes, Your Majesty is right! They must be able to do so!”

The author has something to say:

Wen Jishan: Si Sheng, His Majesty will step on your face in the future!

Si Sheng: Huh? Yes, yes! (^O^) /

Wen Jishan: ???

Xu Sili: = =

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