VCRMM: Chapter 25 Part 2

“Brother, are you sad?” Xiao Wu’s soft voice was heard.

Xu Sili smiled and shook his head. “I had expected it so I’m not sad. Xiao Wu, continue to help me pay attention to see if there is any information about earning a lot of cosmic coins in a short period of time. The amount isn’t limited to 10 million. It can be hundreds of thousands or several million. There can’t be any wanted rewards and I can’t leave Escher Star…”

Xu Sili listed several conditions.

In fact, the restrictions were so severe that it was really difficult to find one that met his requirements. He thought about it before adding, “Xiao Wu, also help me pay attention to welfare lottery activities.”

“I am in the process of filtering it for you. Please wait a moment.”

“The search results are as follows. The optimal solution has been filtered for you.”

“The Flanders Interstellar Federation’s welfare lottery. The lowest purchase amount is only 2 cosmic coins to purchase one ticket. The draw is every Monday and the current first place prize pool has accumulated 42.8 million cosmic coins.”

Xu Sili blinked before smiling bitterly again. His current account balance couldn’t even afford a lottery ticket.

“Let’s do this, Xiao Wu. If there is enough balance in my account, help me buy a lottery ticket every time. The numbers are random.”

“Yes, Brother.”

It wasn’t very hopeful but if he didn’t buy it, there would be no hope at all. So, he would buy it to try his luck.

“Okay, let me think about what I’m going to do next.”

Xu Sili collapsed back on the sofa.

“Someone has to send the seeds of Black Valley to Su Lin to see if he can grow the Snow Valley…”

Xu Sili thought of something and sat up again.

“Xiao Wu, help me check the information of Black Valley and Snow Valley. The Snow Valley information should be difficult to find but Black Valley is a common field crop. The planting methods and required environment should have ready-made information. In addition, some drawings of house construction. There is no need to be too fancy. Regular log cabins and brick houses are fine.”

“Okay, Brother.” Xiao Wu collected the information for him again.

“Can you transfer the data to my communication device?”

“Based on Brother’s communication device model, data can only be exported through external devices, not directly.”

“Yes, I will trouble you, Xiao Wu.”

“It is no trouble, Brother.”

Perhaps it was because Xiao Wu’s positive tone was too soft and cute but Xu Sili always felt very happy listening to it. It made him feel a lot lighter. Take it slowly step by step. He could always think of a way.

Xu Sili sat in the virtual room for a while as Xiao Wu helped him check information. Then he exited the immersion mode. According to the instructions, the information was sent from the game cabin to his communication device.

The transmission speed was very fast. It took 10 seconds to complete.


Just then, there was a message notification. Someone had sent him a message. Xu Sili glanced at it. It was a message from Janice to remind him that Chief Administrator Wen Jishan had come to see him. Wen Jishan?

Xu Sili frowned at this name. He felt it was familiar. It wasn’t due to Snow Roland’s memory. He seemed to have seen it elsewhere. He replied to Janice and left the dark room.

Outside the palace, Janice was waiting for him. She had had a night of recuperation and completely recovered. Her eyes were slightly strange when she saw Xu Sili coming out. The emperor… he seemed to be getting taller? His aura was also much stronger.

She observed Xu Sili and was sure it wasn’t an illusion. Therefore, she couldn’t help showing a bit of joy. Yesterday on the way to the mercenary town, she had seen His Majesty getting an epiphany. Now when she hadn’t seen him last night, His Majesty had an epiphany again! Was there anything more pleasing than this?

“Your Majesty, good day.” Janice concealed her joy and saluted respectfully.

“Janice, it looks like your body has recovered.” Xu Sili used Insight on her and saw that her data was full. He nodded with satisfaction.

“Yes, thank you for your concern.” Janice laughed, her red eyes full of kindness and relief.

This made Xu Sili very uncomfortable. He quickly said, “Let’s go and see Wen Jishan.”

Xu Sili headed toward the hall and Janice followed him. Li Zhecheng, the guard captain who was acting as the background board, also followed.


In the great hall, Si Sheng stood there quietly. He watched the throne on the steps and no one could tell what he was thinking. Beside him was a tall and slender figure. The man had gray hair and green eyes. He wore a pair of round-framed glasses. His complexion was as pale as paper and the color of his lips was also very light.

At this moment, he was looking at the sunken floor tiles, observing them with interest. He glanced sideways and saw Si Sheng staring at the throne with unblinking eyes. This made him smile.

“It seems Lord Si Sheng has finally figured it out?” Wen Jishan spoke quietly. “I think that with your strength, you… deserve to sit in that position.”

Si Sheng retracted his gaze, his voice indifferent. “Wen Jishan, be careful with your words.”

Wen Jishan shrugged. He was just about to say something else when he heard the sound of footsteps outside. He restrained his smile in an instant and stepped aside in a proper manner, watching as the little emperor came in surrounded by a maid and guard.

The little emperor sat on the throne and he greeted the emperor respectfully. To Wen Jishan’s surprise, Si Sheng also bowed in a proper manner. There seemed to be no reluctance in it.

His eyes flashed and he didn’t say anything.

Xu Sili glanced indifferently at Si Sheng before no longer caring about this person. His purple eyes looked down at Wen Jishan. He was stunned when he saw this person. The reason he felt that Wen Jishan was familiar was because—he was also a card in Game of the Gods!

Wen Jishan could be considered a popular character. After all, a black-bellied scum who liked to wear glasses was very marketable. There were many female players who liked this type.

Yet as far as Xu Sili was concerned, putting aside Si Sheng, his main considerations for other cards were practical. For example, Wen Jishan was a very useful card in the early stages of the game. It was because he was good at—


As long as he was in the team, the battlefield settlement rewards would be doubled. This card could also be used for business. The income from opening a dessert shop was very good. In terms of accumulating funds in the early stages, he was very important. If the princess wanted to be the ruler, wealth was also one of the standards of measurement.

However, Wen Jishan was a combat scumbag. He easily died in some mid and late stage battlefields. One time, he dragged Xu Sili’s team down and almost broke the winning streak record. Xu Sili was furious and threw him into a corner. In any case, he wasn’t short of money. He could just charge money directly. Now…

He was missing it! He really needed talents who could make money!

Xu Sili stared sharply at Wen Jishan and used Insight.

[Wen Jishan]

[Identity: Special talent NPC

Personal level: Lv 5

Health: 8000/8000

Elemental Affinity: None.

Special talent: Financial management (When participating in business activities, revenue will increase by 100%. Among them, opening a dessert shop will increase revenue by 150%).]

Special talent NPC? Xu Sili blinked. He never thought there could be such a surprise. This chief administrator was really a talent!

He couldn’t help searching for information about Wen Jishan in his mind. In Snow Roland’s memories, this chief administrator was very young. He was 28 years old and was appointed two years ago. He might be young but he did a very good job.

Due to the beast wave three years ago, the vitality of the Roland Empire was greatly damaged. The chief administrator was absolutely instrumental behind the quick recovery. Perhaps it was due to this that the old emperor was able to succumb to his illness, throwing this mess to his third son whom he had never paid attention to before.

Xu Sili was deep in thought. The more he looked at Wen Jishan, the more satisfied he became. In comparison, Li Zhecheng, who was also a card, was too ordinary. He might have a two star combat power but once contrasted to Si Sheng, he instantly became useless. He also had no special talent. Perhaps he had no advantage except for his loyalty.

Thinking of this, Xu Sili looked at Li Zhecheng with disgust. The guard captain found it strange. What was wrong? He always felt that His Majesty disliked him…

Li Zhecheng couldn’t help standing upright. At the same time, he wondered if he had offended the emperor in any way.

Meanwhile, Xu Sili had once again looked at Wen Jishan. This guy’s presence had opened up new thoughts for him. Apart from Wen Jishan, were there any other special NPCs? It would definitely be a great help to dig them all out!

Xu Sili thought of this and his eyes lit up. His gaze toward Wen Jishan became gentler and he even curved his lips slightly, revealing a faint smile.

The young emperor was as beautiful as an elf. He originally had a cold face but now he suddenly smiled and it was like ice and snow melting. People who saw it couldn’t help their hearts trembling.

By Wen Jishan’s side, Si Sheng had always been cold and silent. Now he raised his gaze and his thin lips pursed slightly when he saw the smile on the young emperor’s face. As for Wen Jishan, he was also shaken by the sudden change in the emperor’s appearance but he quickly recovered. He bowed slightly. It was a respectful gesture but it gave people an inexplicable sense of arrogance.

“This servant asked to see Your Majesty for the sake of the incident that happened in the mercenary town yesterday.” Wen Jishan spoke. “This servant watched the broadcast and I heard that Your Majesty promised the town mayor to allocate funds to rebuild the town?”

The smile on Xu Sili’s face faded as he watched this person.

“Yes,” he answered softly.

Wen Jishan frowned slightly. His attitude was still respectful but his words weren’t polite. “This servant thinks that the matter of allocating funds for reconstruction should be put off for a while. The mercenary town isn’t an important place. We just need to resettle the victims, renovate and rebuild…”

“Your thoughts are unnecessary.” Xu Sili stared at him, patiently waiting for him to finish with a cold face again.

The emperor and his minister confronted each other. In the great hall, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Meanwhile, Si Sheng to the side was looking away. His originally tightly pursed lips had relaxed slightly. There was even a tendency to curve up…

The author has something to say:

Si Sheng: Hmph, he deserves it! My wife never smiled at me.

Xu Sili: = =

Proofreader: Purichan

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I Guess
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