VCRMM: Chapter 25 Part 1

Xu Sili was a bit dazed. At this moment, he was too close to Si Sheng. The moment he looked up, he stared into gray-blue eyes that were like the deep sea. They were charming and deep, with a small gentle light. This person held a handkerchief in his hand and helped wipe off the milk stains on Xu Sili’s mouth. His movements were gentle and overly intimate. That’s right. It was too intimate.

Xu Sili blinked and abruptly grabbed Si Sheng’s hand. He took the handkerchief while the man was pausing and stood up. Si Sheng slightly looked up at him. This time, Xu Sili didn’t dare look directly into this person’s eyes. “T… This emperor will do it by himself!”

He finished wiping his mouth with the handkerchief and strode out of the dining room. His hurried back gave the feeling of fleeing.

Jenna stood to the side with the milk jug. She saw this and her eyes were shining.

Si Sheng stared in the direction of the door, the expression in his eyes indistinct. It took him a long time to withdraw his gaze. He lowered his head. It wasn’t known what he was thinking. He just stared at his hands.

“Lord Si Sheng, do you need more milk?” Jenna asked loudly.

“No need.” Si Sheng looked up again. His expression had returned to indifference. “Go and take care of His Majesty.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Jenna put down the milk jug. “Lord Si Sheng, please enjoy your meal.”

She showed the proper courtesy and turned around with a smile, as if she had seen something interesting.


Xu Sili ignored the salute of the guards and strode back to his bedroom. It was only after the door closed behind him that he realized he still had the handkerchief in his hand. The white silk fabric with gold thread was very similar to someone’s unique uniform style.

Xu Sili felt like his hands had been burned and he abruptly threw the handkerchief away. The white handkerchief with gold trim fell lightly to the ground.

Xu Sili stared at the handkerchief for a few seconds before pursing his lips and looking away decisively.

This wasn’t right. This was too wrong! Since yesterday at the Elementalist Academy, he felt that Si Sheng was very wrong. It wasn’t ingratiating himself or trying to steal. Si Sheng must be planning some conspiracy!

Xu Sili’s eyes narrowed. He started to think. If he was Si Sheng, what would make him change so much? What would make him act so good to a man who he originally wanted to kill but ended up accidentally controlling him, turning him into a puppet and gaining benefits from him in the long-term? Not only did he cooperate with Xu Sili’s actions but he also accompanied Xu Sili for the meal today and made such an intimate move?

Xu Sili walked around in circles. Two laps later, he had a flash of realization. That’s right, it was freedom! If he were turned into a puppet, he would definitely try to break the secret technique and regain his freedom. As a puppet, Si Sheng couldn’t hurt him due to the restriction of the rules. He could only work secretly, first pleasing Xu Sili before finding a way to break the secret technique!

The more Xu Sili thought about it, the more it made sense. He finally found a reasonable explanation for Si Sheng’s unusual behavior.

He stood still, his purple eyes flickering slightly. To be honest, his relationship with Si Sheng was very complicated. After all, he had raised this virtual person using his own hands. If there were no feelings then he wouldn’t have the game team transplant Si Sheng’s data.

Now this Si Sheng wasn’t his virtual character. He wasn’t the little slave Xu Sili raised or the loyal believer who only saw him. Si Sheng had been given a new world and storyline by the game team. He was reborn in Starry Sky Age. Now he was a living person.

The time Xu Sili had been in this world was very short but he couldn’t treat all the people he made contact with as NPCs with no feelings. Regardless of whether it was Si Sheng, Li Zhecheng, Janice, Little Joan, Dean Justin, Deputy Dean Chris, Su Lin or even the Ali mother and son he met on the way to the mercenary town.

They were all too real, with their own joys, angers, sorrows and lives. It was the same for Si Sheng. He was no longer a two dimensional character in Game of the Gods, designed and created to cater to all the players. He had his own emotions and thoughts, which made him no longer under control. Perhaps this was the reason why Snow Roland was killed early and went offline when he was actually supposed to inherit the throne.

Xu Sili’s eyes narrowed. Still, this wasn’t a reason to forgive Si Sheng. At the very least, he wouldn’t remove the puppet technique on Si Sheng because of this. Of course, he also didn’t know how to remove it at all currently.

Si Sheng wanted to fight for his destiny but Xu Sili also wanted to work hard to live and reunite with his family as soon as possible. A powerful and unstable factor like Si Sheng should be controlled to within a safe range. Perhaps once he was stronger and his displeasure with Si Sheng had subsided, he would set this person free.

Xu Sili thought this way and his eyes fell on the wall leading to the dark room. Now wasn’t the time to care about this. There were 28 days until he needed to pay the alliance fee. He had to continue to work hard to earn 10 million cosmic coins.

He raised his foot to head into the dark room but stopped as he passed by the handkerchief. The young man frowned deeply. After some psychological struggle, he gave an impatient click of his tongue. Then he bent down to pick up the handkerchief and placed it in his pocket. After that, he went straight to the wall, opened the door of the dark room and entered.

“The Star Alliance Network welcomes you, Brother.” The moment he lay in the game cabin, Xiao Wu’s cute and positive voice rang out. This made Xu Sili smile.

“Good morning, Xiao Wu,” he greeted in a light voice.

“Good morning, Brother.” Xiao Wu followed the pattern to the letter and replied.

Xu Sili opened his eyes and found himself in the virtual room again. He walked to the sofa in a familiar manner. The moment he sat down, Xiao Wu’s voice was heard again. “Do you want to play…”

“I won’t play games.” Xu Sili interrupted out of fear that those games would be released again and pollute his eyes. He thought about it and still wasn’t at ease, so he ordered, “Xiao Wu, put all those holographic games in one folder and name it ‘garbage’. Don’t let anything out of that folder unless I give my consent.”

It was a shame to delete them directly. After all, the old emperor had bought them for a lot of money. He would keep them and see if there was any use in this trash. “Okay.”

Two seconds later, Xiao Wu said obediently, “It is sorted, Brother.”

“Very good. Thank you, Xiao Wu.”

The young voice was so cute that Xu Sili couldn’t help treating Xiao Wu as a child. He was relaxed and happy talking to Xiao Wu.

“Xiao Wu, open StarTune. I want to see the backend.”

“Yes, please wait a moment.”

Soon, a transparent light screen appeared in front of Xu Sili and Xiao Wu’s voice was heard again.

“The StarTune platform has been opened for you, Brother.”

Xu Sili nodded and started to operate the light screen. In the virtual room, he could touch it directly. He opened the album uploaded yesterday and checked it. To be honest, Xu Sili was nervous but had a bit of expectation. In this era of big data, it was estimated that his album wouldn’t even be able to stimulate a splash when thrown into the Star Network but he couldn’t help having wishful thoughts.

What if? He had even encountered something like transmigrating into a game. What if he became popular?

It was only when he saw the backend data that he couldn’t help smiling. There was disappointment and some relief.

Total playbacks: 10

Backlight: 2

Starry Sky: 2

Ignite: 2

Blossom: 2

Roland’s Good Night Song: 2

Overnight, the entire album only had 10 plays. The five songs were very even and each had two plays. This meant that it was likely two people had clicked in and tried each song once.

However, to Xu Sili’s surprise, his number of subscribers actually reached 2. Originally, he had a zero balance and now it had become 1.10. Every song on StarTune had a chance to listen to it for free but if they wanted to continue listening, they had to pay.

The more popular the song, the higher the fee. It was very cheap for new songs that weren’t very popular. Three or four songs could be bought for one cosmic coin.

Of course, most of these were only valid for one month. Once the time was up, they could choose to renew but the price would increase. In this way, there would always be people who liked to listen to songs but were greedy for the cheap ones. Rather than choosing popular songs, they would search for songs in the new song library.

Once new songs stood out and the prices rose, they moved onto new songs. There were special lists on StarTune that allowed such listeners to explore around. Such a system provided opportunities for newcomers to make a name for themselves. It was also one of the reasons why StarTune had become bigger and stronger.

Xu Sili recalled the lesson that Xiao Wu had given him and he opened the subscription details to take a closer look. He had a whole album of five songs that cost only one cosmic coin, where an individual song was 0.25.

However, Roland’s Good Night Song wasn’t an original song so it could only charge 0.10 cosmic coins. Someone bought his entire album and someone else only bought one song which was Roland’s Good Night Song.

This was a bit of a surprise to Xu Sili. Moreover, he also saw a comment that had been left after just 11 o’clock last night.

[Tao Brother Who Loves Cleansing Songs]

[There is no need to talk about the singing. The first four songs are very much the classical style of Xu Sili but I feel the composition of lyrics and music is still a bit lacking. Meanwhile, the last song is a surprise. There is a peaceful and serene feeling. It is very suitable to listen to in the dead of night. It is a great album. I will continue to follow you. P.S His Majesty Roland. This stage name is really too chuuni.]

Xu Sili was stunned. He hadn’t paid attention to the stage name and directly used the old emperor’s ID on the Star Network. He hurriedly said, “Xiao Wu, I want to change my name.”

“The Star Network ID is non-repeatable and requires 100 cosmic coins to modify it once. The balance is insufficient to modify it.”

Xu Sili was a bit depressed. “What about the stage name of StarTune?”

“The interstellar music library ID is the same as the Star Network by default. You need 1,000 cosmic coins to modify it, Brother.”

“Why is StarTune more expensive than the Star Network?”

“Brother, that is the rule.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help sighing. He was baffled by one coin, let alone 1,000.

Forget it. Chuuni was chuuni.

He closed the backend. There wasn’t much to look at after a quick glance.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

thanks for the chapter <3

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Tao brother who loves cleansing songs……. is quite an interesting fan…haha!

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I Guess
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Dang, I sorta hoped the music industry would help him a bit. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Umm he’s releasing songs inside the game? So real people outside the game don’t have access to his songs, right?
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