VCRMM: Chapter 23 Part 1

Tonight, the air was clear and the sky was cloudless. There was only a bright moon hanging high in the school. Xu Sili put on a robe and walked slowly on the promenade toward the big bath in his memory. He had sent a message to Janice, asking her to order people to prepare everything for the bath. She might have been injured but she didn’t have to go out. She could let the maids do it.

He walked slowly, leaving enough time for the maids to prepare. As a ruler, he was still very considerate.

A refreshing breeze blew toward his face and blew his silvery hair into the air. Xu Sili walked slowly along the promenade. He stared up at the bright moon in the night sky and his purple eyes dimmed slightly. His entire body became shrouded in a melancholy air.

Perhaps it was because the moonlight was too intoxicating. The emotions he neglected during the day inexplicably poured into his heart. He suddenly… thought of his parents and his brothers…

Starry Sky Age finished development nearly 10 years after his death. In other words, it had probably been 8 or 9 years in reality now. His parents, big brothers and grandparents, were they okay? Xu Sili’s lips pressed together tightly. He stood in the moonlight and his atmosphere became cold.

In a shadowy corner that the young man couldn’t perceive, quiet communication was taking place.

“What’s wrong with His Majesty?”

“Maybe he is thinking of the second princess? I heard that His Majesty and Her Highness had a good relationship.”

“It is really pitiful. He is still a child…”

“Eleven, be careful. Don’t be found!”

“Discovered? Shadow Nine, you are too cautious. How can His Majesty find us?”

“His Majesty has become a spiritual elementalist.”

“So what? Even Justin isn’t able to find us, let alone His Majesty.”

“Still, don’t you think His Majesty has become stronger?”

The other voice didn’t speak. It took a long time to say, “It seems… he is better than during the day.”

Xu Sili had no idea about the conversation between the two shadows. He stood under the moonlight for a while before raising his feet, ready to head to the bath again. The result…

“He! Ha!” There was a small sound in the wind. It was very light and came from very far away. If it was before then he wouldn’t be able to hear it. Now it was different. The sound elements had become his microphone and he could hear movement from more distant places.

Xu Sili was vigilant and listened attentively. There was no danger? It seemed like a child’s voice. How could there be a child at the palace? He must’ve heard wrong…

Suddenly, Xu Sili paused and he thought of a certain name. Was it him? Xu Sili hesitated for a moment before walking in the direction of the sound. As for safety, shouldn’t it be okay in the palace? Didn’t Li Zhecheng say there were shadow guards protecting him?

Xu Sili had this thought and looked around while walking. He had the favorability system. As long as it was a person, don’t think about wanting to hide around him. After all, there was a label above their heads that was almost like a target. It wasn’t difficult for him to find people. Of course, if he was too far away then he probably wouldn’t be able to see it clearly.

Somewhere in the shadows, the silent figures started communicating again.

“Where is His Majesty going?”

“I don’t know. In any case, just follow.”

“He is looking around. What is he looking for? Huh? Why do I feel like… His Majesty is looking at me?”

“Don’t be too nervous. His Majesty has become stronger but it isn’t to the extent of finding us.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“I’m really certain.”

“But… but… I really think His Majesty is looking at us!”

Xu Sili looked around. Not far away, around 20 meters from him, there were two labels floating under a large stone.

[Respect] and [Respect].

One was darker and the other was slightly lighter. He frowned and secretly used Insight on the two.

[Shadow Nine]

[Identity: NPC

Personal level: Lv 19

Health: 71500/71500

Magic: 1100/1100

Elemental Affinity: Dark

Occupation: Warrior]

[Shadow Eleven]

[Identity: NPC

Personal level: Lv 18

Health: 68000/68000

Magic: 1000/1000

Elemental Affinity: Dark

Occupation: Warrior]

Xu Sili saw the new panels and nodded. He retracted his gaze with ease. They were a bit worse than Li Zhecheng but they were much stronger than Janice. These two shadow guards also had a very high concealment ability.

If an enemy really appeared, he could control them with his song while the two shadow guards dealt damage. The lethality must be very high. Of course, this was as long as he didn’t meet anyone abnormal like Si Sheng.

Xu Sili continued to move forward toward the direction of the sound. There was someone around to protect him so he felt much more at ease. Moreover, he was only level 7 right now. His health was half of Shadow 11 and he was about to surpass Janice. One’s own strength could always make a person more confident.

Soon, Xu Sili left the promenade and walked around a high wall. He finally arrived at a certain place. There was a cut-out window. He stood outside and could see inside the wall. It was an open-air courtyard.

A small figure stood in the open space. The short black hair shook gently as he kept swinging and slashing with the wooden sword in his hand, slightly glowing in the silvery-white moonlight. It was a boy around 10 years old. His facial features weren’t really visible. Based on the side profile, his face value wasn’t low. He should be a young, handsome guy.

He was holding a wooden sword in hand and slashing at the wooden man in front of him. He was young but his face was full of perseverance. His training should’ve been going on for quite a while. On this cold night, he was actually sweating profusely and the back of his clothes was wet.

“He! Ha!” He slashed and slashed with his sword in a tireless manner.

“Your Highness, it is time to rest.” Just then, a gentle female voice was heard.

“Natasha, go to bed first. I will practice a bit more.” The little boy didn’t look back and continued to slash with his sword, making a clattering sound.

“Your Highness, you are a spiritual talent…” The maid named Natasha tried to persuade him again.

“So what?” The little boy told her coldly, “My oldest brother was also a powerful spiritual elementalist. As a result, his magic value ran out and he could only rely on his body!”

Natasha watched him in a worried manner, brow slowly furrowed. “Your Highness, you won’t fall into that situation.”

“Who knows?” The little boy said as he stabbed at the wooden man’s heart with his sword.

Natasha hesitated before trying to persuade him, “Your Highness, you have to go to the academy tomorrow.”

“I’ll get up on time.”

Natasha saw he was so insistent and sighed. “Okay, I’ll prepare some food for you. Eat it when you’re done with training.”

“Yes. In addition, get some ready for Snowball as well.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

There was the sound of footsteps and the maid called Natasha left the yard. The boy wasn’t affected. He was still staring at the wooden man in front of him like it was a life or death enemy. He kept stabbing and slashing at it with his wooden sword. Every move was used in a different way. He might be an elementalist of the spiritual department but his physical strength was comparable to some of the warriors around the same age.

In the distance, the two shadow guards protecting Xu Sili started to exchange words again.

“Isn’t that His Highness?”

“He is practicing so hard at a young age and his talent is good. He is more than His Majes… cough, more than a lot of people.”

“Yes. Still, what is His Majesty doing here? I heard… When His Majesty was a prince, there was a small gap between him and His Highness. Yet he actually came here.”

“Shadow Nine, how do you seem to know everything?”

“Isn’t it something that a lot of people know? In any case, stop talking and keep looking.”

In front of the window, Xu Sili watched the young man in the yard and recalled the memories of Snow Roland. In his memories, Snow and Joan’s relationship wasn’t good. In this generation of the Roland imperial family, there were four princes and princesses. Among the four people, only Prince Snow was an ordinary person and didn’t have the talent of an elementalist.

Meanwhile, Joan was the one with the best talent. He was currently only 10 years old but he had reached level 5, which was the strength of half a star. Once he was 18 years old, he would have no problem being one star. Perhaps he could even be one and a half stars.

Snow Roland respected his older brother and sister but for his youngest brother, his feelings were very complicated. Before Joan turned five years old, he really liked this younger brother. Even though he wasn’t living well himself, he would get good things to enjoy with Joan. No matter how scared, he would step forward to protect the young one from being bullied by the servants.

At that time, Joan was an emotional support for Snow.

Then it changed when the five year old Joan was tested as a powerful elementalist. Snow was happy for his younger brother but at the same time, he couldn’t restrain the loss and jealousy in his heart. It was obviously the same blood flowing through their bodies but he was just an ordinary person. He was clearly a prince but in the palace, he was ignored like he was an invisible person. No one seemed to remember him except for his second sister.

Therefore, once his little brother was allowed to leave the palace to report to the academy, the two brothers gradually became estranged. Later, they quarreled over a small matter and the two of them hadn’t spoken since.

Once Snow took the throne, he didn’t think of his younger brother again. Even when deciding to abandon the throne and escape Escher Star, he never considered bringing his younger brother with him.

Xu Sili recalled this with a sigh. If it hadn’t been for the favorability system, he never would’ve known that Joan Roland, who Snow felt jealousy and disgust toward, was actually his die-hard fan. He believed the system wouldn’t make a mistake.

At the same time, he was a bit speechless. If the game planners stood in front of him at this moment, Xu Sili would definitely blow them up. What about a domineering ruler of a kingdom? Why arrange such a bloody growth experience for him?

Fortunately, he was here now. Nothing from the forum in the future would happen. The matter of fighting among themselves was even more impossible.

Xu Sili took one final glance at the young boy in the yard and turned around. He was prepared to leave here and not disturb the boy’s training. It was just that…


The sound of his soles rubbing against the ground wasn’t particularly loud but it was still heard.

“Who’s there?” The boy yelled out in an immature voice.

Xu Sili only had time to look back as he saw a short figure quickly rushing forward, jumping cleanly over the wall and landing in front of him. It happened in the blink of an eye. Joan Roland was truly worthy of his hard work and talent.

Proofreader: Purichan

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I Guess
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