VCRMM: Chapter 22 Part 1

Xu Sili returned to his bedroom. He ordered the maid to bring tea and snacks over. Then he sent everyone away and started to review today’s results. First, he called up the notifications. Previously at the Elementalist Academy, he only briefly glanced at it. He didn’t have time for a closer look.

[Ding~ Determined the occupation direction: Spiritual elementalist. Elemental affinity: Sound.]

[Ding~ Your experience value is full. Please level up as soon as possible.]

He could continue to level up! Xu Sili moved his mind and the upgrade button behind the experience bar was instantly lit up. The previous 1,367 accumulated experience points filled the experience bar. The empty slots filled up quickly and the numbers after it started to increase.

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 5 to Lv 6, all attributes +1, free points +10]

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 6 to Lv 7, all attributes +1, free points +10]

It took 1300 experience points to gain two levels. In the end, only 67 points were left.

Xu Sili looked at it and expertly added 10 free points to his physique.

[Personal level: Lv 7

Distance to level up: 67/800

Health: 33000/33000

Magic: 510/1650

Attributes: Physique (33), Intelligence (33), Strength (8), Spirit (17), Agility (7), Defense (7)

Elemental Affinity: Sound]

After his physique broke through 30 points, Xu Sili clearly felt a warm current flowing quietly through his blood vessels, improving his physique. He got up and went to the mirror to take a look. The young man in the mirror had silver long hair that scattered over his shoulders. The face was handsome but looked a bit childish due to the baby fat. His skin was originally ivory white and looked sickly. Now his complexion was healthy.

Xu Sili slightly cocked his head. He felt the changes in his body. It seemed that after his physique value accumulated to a certain amount, he…

Grew up a little bit? Was it his illusion?

Xu Sili turned sideways and looked at the young man in the mirror. This body was created according to his data. He was already very thin at the time due to his illness. The game team seemed to retain this. His height…

Xu Sili was only 179 centimeters. This wasn’t short but it wasn’t particularly tall in the entertainment industry. His ideal height was 183 centimeters. It was a pity that he stopped growing as he got older and he could only regret it. Unexpectedly…

Could this body grow? Xu Sili felt some surprise. He was sure that he did grow a bit taller. It wasn’t very obvious but his trousers were indeed shorter.

He touched his chin and looked at the remaining 10 free points. Did he want to add them all to physique? He hesitated a moment but still didn’t do it. It was too obvious. He was only 18 right now and it was normal to grow taller. Then what if he grew 2-3 centimeters in one night?

Xu Sili shook his head and set his sights on other attributes. If he improved his strength attribute, would he grow muscles? He was too skinny right now and it didn’t look good at all. Purple eyes flickered and the young man became a bit distracted.

Speaking of a good body…

A tall figure unknowingly appeared before his eyes. Wide shoulders, a narrow waist and long legs wrapped in a tailored military uniform. He was tall and upright, with a shiver-inducing sense of power.

Xu Sili licked his lower lip. He couldn’t help being attracted to this man. This guy Si Sheng really grew to perfectly fit his aesthetics. It was a pity…

Xu Sili thought of the scene where he was shot on the throne and squinted. It wasn’t over yet! Hmph, sooner or later, he would let this guy kneel in front of him and kowtow to him.

The young man thought quietly while adding the remaining 10 free points to his spirit attribute. He only had 8 points in strength and adding 10 points probably wouldn’t cause a quantitative change. Therefore, he decided to upgrade another attribute related to spiritual talent first. Just after this addition, he felt his brain becoming clearer. At the same time, there was a rush of enlightenment in his heart.

Xu Sili closed his eyes and found that…

He could ‘see’ everything around him! It was a type of magic sense. He could see clearly within five meters but it was completely dim when it was beyond five meters. Xu Sili opened his eyes again. Was it his illusion?

He thought about it before opening a drawer and finding a few gems of the same size in red, blue and green. He mixed the stones together. Then he closed his eyes, took one gem and placed it in his palm, entering the mysterious state just now.


Xu Sili muttered silently in his heart. Then he opened his eyes to confirm it and found that it was indeed the color he had ‘seen’! He tried it a few more times and he was right every time!

Wow, what was this? Xu Sili was a bit surprised but unfortunately, no one was around. Besides, both Li Zhecheng and Janice were elementalists of the warrior type. Asking them might be useless. Forget it. He would ask when he saw Dean Justin next time.

This old guy knew he had a spiritual talent but didn’t invite him to train in the academy or send him any notes. He might not have time to go to the academy but he could read and study himself. Xu Sili secretly thought about it. He would find an opportunity to summon the old dean. Even if Dean Justin was busy, he could let Deputy Dean Chris come.

Just then, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. Apart from Si Sheng, why were none of the powerful people he met so far above level 20? Li Zhecheng, Dean Justin, Deputy Dean Chris… all three were level 20. It felt a bit too much to be a coincidence.

Xu Sili touched his chin. What were the other people like? He took note of this strange point and thought that the next time he met someone strong, he would have to check their level. Then as his brain became clearer, another enlightenment came to mind.

Xu Sili hesitated. Then he tapped at the table with his fingers and sang softly. The gentle and peaceful melody was like a warm spring breeze blowing across the earth or a mother’s embrace. It gave people the most reassuring touch.

It was Roland’s Good Night Song.

During the incident at the mercenary town during the day, the situation was tense and he couldn’t understand it carefully. Now it was different. After singing this ballad again and adding magic, he felt things more deeply.

He didn’t need to sing at too loud a volume. As long as the sound element existed, his singing voice could be directly transmitted thanks to his magic. It even acted directly on the brain of the people who heard it. It was because there were sounds in the human body.

He had been singing indiscriminately during the day and now it was completely different thanks to the state he had just realized. He could perceive that the most powerful range of his singing was within 10 meters. Further outward, the power would weaken until it was almost nothing. As for within 5 meters…

Xu Sili closed his eyes. He ‘looked’ at everything around him and finally focused on the two ants on the ground. They seemed to be affected by his singing. They lay motionless on the ground, only their antennae shaking.

Xu Sili focused his thoughts and one of the ants suddenly woke up. It shook its head and approached its companion. It pushed its companion and found that its companion wasn’t moving. Then it directly lifted the ant and moved into the cracks in the floor tiles, disappearing from Xu Sili’s ‘vision’.

Xu Sili opened his eyes again, a small smile in them. If his intelligence attribute affected his magic value then his spirit attribute had other effects apart from increasing elemental damage! For example, just now, he could freely remove the skill from any target within his mental range.

In this way, he could prevent the situation where his own people were affected by his singing and everyone in range stopped moving without distinction, just like today in the mercenary town. This ability was so practical!

Xu Sili was a bit happy. He just tried it out and he didn’t expect to gain an unexpected harvest. After finishing the song and gaining +1 proficiency, he stopped singing.

Xu Sili got up and came to a wall. After the iris verification, a square door moved silently across the wall, revealing a dark room. There was a game cabin in the dark room. This was purchased by the old emperor through the Interstellar Alliance and was passed onto Snow Roland after his death. He could use this game cabin to connect to the Star Network. It was also the only device that could connect to the Star Network on Escher Star. The communicator on his wrist could connect with Arnauton on another planet but he couldn’t get on the Star Network.

According to Snow Roland’s memories, Xu Sili sat in the game cabin and followed the instructions. It felt a bit weird. Was he playing a holographic game inside a holographic game? What type of strange setting was this?

Xu Sili complained in his heart while putting on the helmet and laying down. It was activated and the door of the game cabin closed automatically. Xu Sili felt the darkness in front of his eyes before it soon became bright again.

“The Star Alliance Network welcomes you, His Majesty Roland.”

A pleasant female voice was heard in his ears. Xu Sili blinked. Okay, this was the screen name taken by the old emperor and was very real. Then Snow Roland would continue to use this name.

He looked around and found himself in a strange room. There was a bed and sofa and it was equipped with modern equipment. There was even a sense of technology. Was this the virtual space on the Star Network?

Xu Sili looked in the mirror and found that his avatar had the same appearance as Snow Roland. He shrugged and went to the sofa to sit down.

“Based on your purchase record, your holographic games list is as follows. Please make a choice.”

The electronic female voice was heard again and the cover images of several games appeared in front of Xu Sili’s eyes.

He glanced at them and a faint blush appeared on his face. They were all…

Um, less suitable games for children. They were also holographic! Fu*k, how could the old emperor play?

Proofreader: Purichan

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