VCRMM: Chapter 21

Dean Justin’s question caused Xu Sili to be stunned. How could he see it with one glance? Of course, it was because he had a cheat. Still, this couldn’t be said.

He didn’t answer immediately and Dean Justin continued, “Your Majesty, I have said that the spirit is mysterious and illusory. It can’t be measured by non-human resources. If Your Majesty can tell us how you judged it, we might gain some ideas for the improvement of the testing method.”

Dean Justin was really ready to make reforms. His Majesty might be young but his words today brought the dean great shock and inspiration. He wasn’t the dean for no reason. His biggest vision in this life was to watch the Roland Empire grow stronger and to see all the interstellar beasts driven out of their homeland.

Now the words of the young emperor gave him hope. He felt that if it was true, the strength of the Roland Empire would increase by at least 20%! Don’t look down on 20%. Even a small improvement in strength could ensure that more people lived. They were all lives!

Facing Dean Justin’s scorching eyes, Xu Sili was a bit silent. He thought for a moment before saying, “I’m not very clear about the specifics. I seem to have acquired a skill.”

He frowned and deliberately said, “I can barely tell if a person leans toward being a warrior or a spiritualist. The skill consumes my magic every time, although it naturally isn’t a very high amount.”

Dean Justin asked cautiously, “This skill… how did you get it?”

Xu Sili shook his head. “I don’t know. I inexplicably got it.”

He rose to level 5 and got this leadership skill, Insight. Perhaps this was the talent of the ruler!

Dean Justin heard his words and frowned deeply at first. Then he seemed to think of something and became relieved. “It seems that this new skill is Your Majesty’s epiphany.”

Epiphanies weren’t uncommon for elementalists. Most powerful elementalists had their own skills. It wasn’t known why but these skills generally couldn’t be passed on. It was a bit regretful but Dean Justin quickly cheered up again. “Your Majesty, this old man has an unpleasant request. I wonder if you can accept it?”

He knelt down again on the ground with a very correct attitude.

Xu Sili probably guessed what he wanted and sighed. “You say it.”

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to effectively improve the method of testing talent in a short time. Meanwhile, Your Majesty got such a skill from an epiphany…”

“It is just as Your Majesty said. We can’t continue to allow the students to go the wrong way. This delay isn’t only their lives but also the future of the Roland Empire!”

Dean Justin pressed his forehead to the ground and shouted, “This old man implores Your Majesty to use your skill to identify every student in the university! This old man is terrified about letting Your Majesty suffer but this is the most effective and fastest method. I can only be cheeky and plead with Your Majesty in the hope that this request will be fulfilled!”

Xu Sili saw the old man who was almost lying on the ground and sighed in his heart. Using the skill was also very tiring! Not to mention, there were over 10,000 students at the academy while he only had a bit over 1,000 magic.

The skill consumed 10 magic points at a time. In other words, he could test up to 100 people a day. 10,000 people was nearly 100 days! Of course, there were some treasures in the palace that could quickly restore magic but did he have to spend every day helping students measure their talent?

Xu Sili felt numb thinking about it. Still, he also understood the old man’s heart. It was indeed urgent to lead the students onto the right path.

He pondered on it for a moment before getting up from his seat. Today, Xu Sili had initially established his authority. Now when he moved, all the people present held their breaths and waited for his next instructions.

Dean Justin was also aware of the young man’s movements. He lay on the ground, not daring to move out of fear he would anger the little emperor again. Meeting force with force definitely wouldn’t work. He couldn’t touch the emperor with Si Sheng present. He could also see that His Majesty wasn’t as weak and cowardly as rumored. On the contrary, he was very hard.

Thus, Dean Justin could only use his head and give up on his reputation. Maybe he could do something for the academy and the children.

Dean Justin held his breath as he listened to the young man’s footsteps. They were very light. The soles of the shoes rubbed against the ground, making a sound that seemed to crush his heart. He felt very uncomfortable.

In fact, there was a bit of sadness and embarrassment. Then he thought about how he was doing the right thing and felt relieved again. After a wait that was both long and short, the young man finally stopped by his side. Then he heard the youthful voice laugh. “This isn’t a big deal. Dean, you don’t need to be like this.”

Dean Justin looked up. He saw the young emperor bend over slightly and reach for his arm. He hesitantly stood up. Dean Justin saw this young emperor’s kind face and was a bit flattered. He was also uncertain. “Your Majesty… what does Your Majesty mean?”

“I will say it first. It is impossible if you want me to appraise everyone.”

Xu Sili informed them.

“You should screen them a few times first. Like Su Lin, there are a few who can be identified with the crystal ball. The new children enrolled in school probably won’t be able to use the crystal ball but you can let them practice meditation and physical strength at the same time. The children who really have a talent for the spiritual department, or their talent in the spiritual department is better than the warrior department will definitely show a gap when practicing these two basic methods. Moreover, this can also be used as an example and the first step to promote practicing to ordinary people.”

Xu Sili patted him on the shoulder.

“These methods are what people came up with. The two of you have been teaching for so many years. Now that you know the crux of the problem, is it difficult to prescribe the right medicine? It isn’t difficult.”

He directly said, “Don’t always think about taking shortcuts. Wait until it really doesn’t work and then you can come find me again.”

The purpose of coming to the Elementalist Academy today had been achieved and there were some unexpected gains. Now Xu Sili was ready to withdraw. Identify all the students? Forget it. The important thing was to figure out how to get 10 million cosmic coins!

To Xu Sili’s surprise, the favorability rating above Dean Justin’s head changed from Friendly to Respect. Now it became Revere in a short period of time. This old man was quite knowledgeable about current affairs!

Xu Sili nodded with satisfaction and glanced at Su Lin again. Su Lin hadn’t expected His Majesty to suddenly look at him and he stood up nervously.

“Your… Your Majesty…” He stammered, unable to complete a word.

Xu Sili saw his dark hair and eyes and smiled. “Su Lin, I am very optimistic about you. You have to develop your talent. I will ask someone to send you something later. If you can meet my request, I’ll definitely hire you in the future.”

Su Lin was flattered. His Majesty would keep an eye on him. He might be a spiritual talent but he had wasted so many years and was unable to keep up. But His Majesty…

He couldn’t help bowing down deeply, almost close to his thighs. “Your Majesty, rest assured. I will work hard not to let you down!”

Xu Sili gently nodded. In his heart, he started to wonder. The fruits and vegetables of the Roland Empire were close to his original world.

Maybe in addition to farming, this Su Lin might have a talent for food? If he gave this child a bit of inspiration, could the food be improved?

Xu Sili thought about what he ate at the palace today and was a bit depressed. It was barely palatable but it always lacked a bit of flavor. This was already considered to be the highest level of cuisine in the Roland Empire. After all, he was the emperor. Who could eat better than him?

“Let’s go back.”

Xu Sili dropped the dean’s feathered pen, gave an order to Li Zhecheng and went straight out.

“Dean, you don’t need to send me off.” He stopped at the door. “Think about the later plans and arrangements. Apart from the academy, don’t forget about the rebuilding of the mercenary town.”

Having said that, he didn’t stay any longer. The silver-haired young man walked forward slowly while being followed by two powerful guardians. No one dared to stop them and no one dared to ignore them. The scene where the young emperor left leisurely was deeply imprinted in the hearts of many people and left a strong mark in the history books.

Xu Sili didn’t know any of this. He got on the shuttle and just wanted to quickly return to the palace to level up. In addition, he wanted to learn Roland’s songs to see if he could comprehend new singing skills.

A song only gave 500 experience points. This was much less than killing a monster but it wasn’t easy to find an injured three star beast and it was also dangerous. In contrast, learning to sing was easy. This was his old profession!

However, Xu Sili was a bit upset when he saw Si Sheng get on the shuttle and follow him all the way back to the palace.

“Si Sheng, why have you been following me?”

Finally, once they arrived at the door of the palace, Xu Sili stared at the man who was close to him and spoke in a bad tone.

Si Sheng looked down at him with a cold and indifferent handsome face. Then suddenly, the ice melted. His lips curved and he answered, “Your Majesty has misunderstood. This servant said that in order to protect Your Majesty’s safety, I will stay in the palace for a while. I live next door to Your Majesty’s room.”

Xu Sili would’ve forgotten about this if he hadn’t mentioned it. The thing that really made him hesitate was…

Seeing the shallow smile on this man’s face, Xu Sili pursed his lips and finally gave a cold snort. “Do what you want. Just don’t follow me!”

After speaking indifferently, the young man walked into his bedroom under the salute of the guards. Then the door of his bedroom closed with a bang. The blond-haired man was still standing on the promenade. He raised his eyes and looked at the closed door of the emperor’s palace. His thoughts floated away and he remembered a long time ago.

“Si Sheng, you should smile more. You look good when you smile.” A voice rang in his ears with a bit of lazy teasing.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and the smile on his face faded. He retracted his gaze and flashed away, disappearing under the watchful eyes of the guards.

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