VCRMM: Chapter 16

“Who let you come up?” Hearing this voice, Si Sheng slowly opened his eyes and saw the appearance of Xu Sili at the door hatch. A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. He got up slowly and made an elegant salute to the little emperor. He answered softly, “Your Majesty, this is a military shuttle.”

Xu Sili stared at him coldly. “However, now it is acquisitioned by me.”

Si Sheng was stunned for a moment before raising his eyes to look at Xu Sili, his eyes a bit deep. Then he quickly smiled. It was a shallow smile but it eased his cold expression a lot. He asked, “I don’t know where Your Majesty is going?”

Xu Sili saw this smile and pursed his lips. “The Elementalist Academy.”

“How about letting this servant escort Your Majesty?” Si Sheng bent over slightly. The smile on his face never disappeared and it made him look gentler.

Xu Sili stared at this smile. A few seconds later, he frowned slightly and stopped looking at this person first. “Follow if you want.”

He wasn’t familiar with the Elementalist Academy. Si Sheng’s presence meant another layer of protection, even though he didn’t know what happened to cause such a drastic change in attitude. He walked slowly to the window, sat down and pointed to a seat near the door. “You sit there.”

Si Sheng glanced over but didn’t say much. He obediently sat down on the seat designated by the little emperor.

Li Zhecheng followed closely and didn’t say a word at all. He very wisely sat down in the co-pilot’s seat and gave the entire cabin to them. As for the other guards, they secretly followed outside. Still, there was Si Sheng present and His Majesty didn’t seem to be in danger anymore. The shuttle started slowly. There was a burst of air before it flew into the clouds.

Si Sheng didn’t close his eyes to rest. He looked sideways at the little emperor who was sitting not far from him. The young man was leaning back against the chair lazily, his head cocked as he casually stared at the window. From this angle, Si Sheng could see the young and not sharp facial lines and the long and curly light colored eyelashes that shimmered in the sunlight, almost transparent.

Si Sheng stared for a moment before pursing his thin lips and slowly retracting his gaze. Xu Sili was a bit irritable at first about being in the same space as Si Sheng. Then he slowly calmed down and started to think about the next thing. He glanced at the attributes panel and added the 20 free points he just received to his physique and intelligence.

There was a wave of energy in his body and his attributes panel changed.

[Personal level: Lv 5

Distance to level up: 1367/600

Health: 21000/21000

Magic: 480/1550

Attributes: Physique (21), Intelligence (31), Strength (6), Spirit (15), Agility (5), Defense (5)

Elemental Affinity: Sound]

Xu Sili looked at his upgraded data and it was easy to find the wrong place. He could see Janice’s data because she was his die-hard fan. He did a simple calculation and found that when he reached level 15, his data would definitely exceed her by a lot.

The reason for this gap should be his free points. He got 10 freely assignable points for every level. NPCs like Janice shouldn’t have this. There was a 100 points level gap at level 10. Later on, this gap would grow bigger and it would become his advantage.

Xu Sili nodded to himself. He saw that the magic value wasn’t filled up after the level up and frowned again. Then he slowly closed his eyes and quietly entered the state of meditation. This time, it felt different from last night. The shining small spots seemed to have increased and the rejection of him didn’t seem to be as great as last night.

He didn’t pay attention to them as usual and concentrated on meditation. After a while, the lavender light spots rushed to between his eyebrows one by one.

Xu Sili was very happy but soon, the shock from the flying shuttle made him recover from this mysterious state. The shuttle was descending. It seemed they had arrived at the Elementalist Academy. The Elementalist Academy was within the inner city and the flying shuttle’s speed was so fast that it didn’t even take a few minutes.

Xu Sili glanced at the attributes panel.

[Magic: 550/1550]

In just this short amount of time, his magic value had recovered by 70 points. He felt that this was very fast. The experience value gained by meditation to absorb the sound elements had also increased.

Xu Sili felt the growth in his strength and his eyes curved in a smile. He was in a good mood and felt that Si Sheng next to him was a lot more pleasing to the eye. Li Zhecheng told him, “Your Majesty, we’ve arrived at the academy.”


Xu Sili nodded and stood up slowly. He got off the shuttle and Si Sheng followed him down. This time, Xu Sili didn’t care about him. Let this person follow if he wanted. Xu Sili had figured out by now that Si Sheng was superior in force. There was no need to fight against him at this stage.

Xu Sili was growing fast. One day, he would catch up or surpass Si Sheng. Once that time came, wasn’t it up to him to squeeze this guy and flatten him? Xu Sili thought about this while slowly following Li Zhecheng to the dean’s office. He met a lot of academy students along the way.

Few people had seen Snow Roland and today’s broadcast from the mercenary town was only seen by some people. These students obviously weren’t included in those people. No one recognized Xu Sili but Si Sheng was a walking sign—in the Roland Empire, there was no one who didn’t know him.

“Ahhh. Look, isn’t that Lord Si Sheng?”

“Si Sheng? Where?”

“Fu*k, it’s really him!”

“Be quiet. Do you want to be heard by him?”

“If he hears it then he hears it. I wanted to go and ask him for an autograph but… which big shot is walking in front of him?”

“Wow, that person is so handsome. He looks good with Lord Si Sheng.”

Xu Sili ignored the whispers around him. He was accustomed to this type of star chasing scene. He automatically shielded the interference as his purple eyes looked around the Elementalist Academy.

Ostentatious. This was the first adjective he thought about. The castle-like academy covered a large area and was luxurious and exquisite. It showed a classical and noble beauty. Xu Sili even had the feeling that the Elementalist Academy was more elegant than the palace.

He frowned slightly as a deep thought surfaced in his mind.

After climbing up the long stairs and passing through complicated corridors under the leadership of Li Zhecheng, Xu Sili finally came to the door of the dean’s office. Li Zhecheng was just about to knock on the door when he heard the young man behind him wonder, “Guard Captain, you seem very familiar with this Elementalist Academy?”

“Your Majesty, this servant came from the Elementalist Academy and I’m naturally familiar with this place.”

He respectfully replied to the young man.

“I see…” The young man’s clear voice seemed somewhat meaningful. He nodded and didn’t speak any more.

Li Zhecheng reached out and knocked on the door of the dean’s office.

“Come in.” A slightly old voice was heard.

Li Zhecheng opened the door and turned sideways, wanting Xu Sili to go in first. However, Xu Sili didn’t enter. He stood there for a while, glancing sideways at Li Zhecheng’s puzzled eyes with a playful smile on his face.

“You said for me to go in?”

Li Zhecheng saw the young man’s face suddenly become cold, his purple eyes like frost and snow. Then he turned around and left. Li Zhecheng was frozen in place but Si Sheng didn’t say anything. He followed Xu Sili to leave.  Just as Li Zhecheng reacted and wanted to catch up, the old man’s voice that had been somewhat indifferent was heard again from the office.

“Your Majesty, please stay.” This time, there was a hint of anxiety.

Xu Sili heard it but he kept moving forward with a cold face. This lasted until he was about to walk around the corner and a figure flashed in front of him. Then—

There was a clanging sound as a long sword stained with blood was placed at the neck of the person who suddenly appeared. It was an old man with gray hair and wrinkles. He also hadn’t expected the long sword to be held against his neck. His eyes and his entire body froze.

Nevertheless, his face remained calm.

“Lord Si Sheng, this can’t… this old man isn’t an assassin.”

The old man wanted to push the blade away but Si Sheng didn’t move. The old man had no choice but to be held by the sword like this. Behind them, Li Zhecheng sucked in a breath. He hurried over but he didn’t dare to make a plea. In fact, he had been really frightened by His Majesty’s abrupt anger.

This… was this like the saying, ‘being close to the king was as perilous as lying with a tiger’? His Majesty really went crazy without warning!

Xu Sili glanced sideways at Si Sheng with surprise. This guy was so cooperative that it saved him a lot of trouble. Then his eyes fell on the old man.

“Are you the dean of the Elementalist Academy?” He asked softly, his attitude gentle.

The old man didn’t dare to deny it. After all, the sword of Roland’s number one powerhouse was resting against his neck.

“Yes.” The old man said respectfully, “I am Justin Edwards, the dean of the Elementalist Academy. I am honored to meet your Majesty.”

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow and lightly smiled. “It seems that Dean Justin isn’t deaf. Honored? Why didn’t I see it?”

Dean Justin’s expression changed as he realized why the little emperor was making trouble. In fact, he hadn’t feared the young emperor before. So even though he heard the emperor outside, he pretended not to know. Now…

Feeling the cold blade against his neck, Dean Justin was shocked. Si Sheng, the patron saint of Roland, actually supported the new emperor so much?

“It is my sin for not coming out and greeting you.” Dean Justin confessed in a straightforward manner. “I am willing to do anything to make up for it as long as I can calm down your Majesty! I am asking Your Majesty to not remember the offenses committed by this lowly servant and to come into the room for a talk.”

Xu Sili watched him quietly. Just as the old man was sweating and thought His Majesty would still refuse, he saw the young man suddenly make a smile that was slightly cunning. He reached out and patted the old man on the shoulder. “This is what you said.”

Then under Dean Justin’s dumbfounded gaze, he turned and walked back. Looking at the young man’s back, Dean Justin suddenly felt… did he just say the wrong thing?

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