VCRMM: Chapter 150 Part 1

The wind howled and a bonfire burned in an underground cave. The flickering flames and shadows brought a gentle warmth to the cold underground in the cold winter months.

Once Silin woke up, she found herself lying on a hay-covered stone bed. She could see the orange flames and deep, dim shadows in the corners.

It was just after waking up and there was still a trace of confusion in her eyes. At this time, there was a rumbling sound from outside the stone room. She looked in that direction in a confused manner and instinctively touched her waist, but there was nothing there.

“Are you looking for this?”

A cold and gentle male voice was heard. Silin looked over and saw Brady, who had three hideous scars on his face. He was pushing a wheelchair and walking in from outside.

The one who spoke was Xenos in the wheelchair.

The wheelchair made with rough workmanship and rudimentary materials wasn’t so smooth when moving.

Silin saw her brother come to the side of the stone bed.

Xenos held a hilt in his hand. It was her Full Moon Sword. At this moment, even the last half of the blade was shattered and left only the hilt.

This sword had been given to her by her father on her 15th birthday and it was now like her once beloved Roland. It had fallen apart and could never be complete.

Silin suddenly felt her nose become sour. She instinctively raised her head and blinked hard, trying to suppress all the sadness and pain in her heart.

Seeing her like this, how could Xenos bear to blame her?

He took his sister’s hand, controlled the flow of water and gently put the hilt back into her hand. He gently closed her five fingers around it and held her other palm tightly.

He didn’t say a word but Silin could feel a strength that supported her.

Obviously, the person who should be protected more right now was her older brother…

Silin bit her lip and couldn’t hold back her tears as she recalled everything that happened before she fell unconscious.

“Brother, I’m sorry…”

“I didn’t catch up with the spaceship… and I broke Full Moon…”

Xenos paused. Then he raised his left hand, gently wiped the tears dripping from her eyes with the tip of his finger. He said softly, “I don’t know what happened, but it is good that you came back safely.”

“Anything else doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, it was really thrilling back then!”

Brady said, “If I hadn’t heard the movement and rushed over to see, I wouldn’t have seen you falling from the sky and rushed over to catch you. Then I’m afraid it wouldn’t be as simple as being unconscious for two days…”

Speaking of which, he saw Silin lower her head and quickly stopped talking.

“Haha, I just want to say that it is okay…”

He laughed stiffly and quickly changed the topic. “Your Highness, what happened? What about the spaceship you just mentioned?”

After being interrupted by him like this, Silin’s mood had improved.

She wiped away her tears and cheered herself up. “I was planning to go to the base today. Then I heard the movement of the sky beasts halfway there and quickly hid. As a result…”

Rather than continuing, she raised her wrist and operated the communicator. She brought up the video she had recorded with a high definition camera.

In the video, the camera focused high in the air. Then it quickly zoomed in until the outline of a spaceship could be seen.

Immediately afterward, the camera shook and there was a sharp whistling sound. Silin quickly shut off the rest of the video.

“Brother, I found a spaceship!”

“They should’ve passed through here to use the safe passage.”

This area wasn’t far from Roland’s original border. The entrance and exit of the original safe passage were opened nearby.

“Brother, the empire is still here! Now there is a new spaceship!” Silin excitedly shared the good news with them.

Roland originally had a spaceship, which was donated by the elementalists who went out into the stars. However, it was destroyed by the flying interstellar beasts in the beast wave three years ago.

To this day, Silin remembered that scene.

Even at the last moment, the people on the spaceship didn’t choose to be deserters. They activated the self-destruct device and died with the interstellar beasts that besieged them…

“Your Highness, can you play that video again?” After listening to Silin’s description, Brady didn’t show much excitement. He just frowned and said this.

Silin looked confused as she played the video again. Then at Brady’s request, she played it another time. It wasn’t until three or four replays later that he looked at Xenos.

“Your Highness, what do you think?”

Xenos also had a solemn expression. His brow was furrowed as he looked at the freeze-frame of the video. “There is no mark on this spaceship.”

Brady nodded.

At this time, Silin also noticed something and she muttered, “You mean…”

Brady glanced at her. He couldn’t bear it but he finally said, “This is most likely not Roland’s spaceship, but…”

He paused and didn’t continue.

However, Silin had already guessed it. “You mean, the Bewatt Empire? How is this possible?”

Her voice slowly lowered because she knew there was a high probability that this spaceship belonged to the Bewatt Empire.

The most hated thing in Silin’s life, besides the interstellar beasts, were the lizardmen who clearly coveted Roland.

Even if Roland hadn’t been destroyed three years ago, it would’ve suffered serious damage and experienced a crisis.

Under such circumstances, how could the lizardmen making small movements miss such a good opportunity?

Could it be that this spaceship was… Bewatt’s?

“Your Highness, you can see that the painting style of this spaceship is completely different from the color scheme that our Roland is used to. The pure black heavy metal style is more like the lizardmen of Bewatt…”


Before Brady’s words finished, an angry child’s voice rang out in the stone room, directly interrupting him.


Brady and Silin looked at each other.

The next moment, one of the two people opened the wind shield to envelop the three of them while the other pulled out a heavy sword from the shadows. One stood in front and one in the rear, protecting Xenos in the middle.

“Who is it? Who was talking?”

Silin looked warily around the stone room.

This was her room that was built by the surviving earth elementalists. There was almost no furniture in the room except the stone bed, stone table and cabinet.

Her spiritual power swept out but no enemy was found.

Their questions didn’t get a reply, as if it was an auditory hallucination just now. However, one person could hallucinate but how could three people hallucinate at the same time?

Brady looked at Silin and then Xenos. He hesitated a bit before continuing to look at the video projected by Silin’s communicator.

He deliberately said, “This spaceship must belong to the Bewatt lizardmen. Only those ugly lizardmen could make such an ugly design.”

“You are talking nonsense! You are a Bewatt lizardman, your entire family are Bewatt lizardmen!”

The child’s angry voice rang out in the stone room again. On the frozen video projected by Silin, a small robot also appeared. He pointed to the spaceship and said.

“It is obviously super cool! My brother also said that he likes it.”

In the stone room, the three people looked at each other.

What was this little robot? How did it appear in the projection?

Brady opened his mouth. Just as he was about to question it, his sleeve was pulled by Xenos. He had to close his mouth as he looked at the oldest prince who was protected by him and Her Highness Silin.

Xenos shook his head at Brady and stopped Silin from moving. He controlled his wheelchair to approach the projection.

The purple eyes looked at the little robot and he said softly, “Hello.”

The little robot who had just exploded quieted down. He tilted his head to look at them and actually responded. “Hello.”

Seeing that he could communicate, Xenos sighed with relief. He looked at it and asked, “You just said that your brother likes it very much… who is your brother?”

No matter in tone or behavior, the little robot was like a child. He tried to open the topic in this way.

However, the little robot didn’t answer immediately. His electronic eyes flashed and he looked at Xenos with some curiosity.

“You really look like my brother,” the little robot suddenly said.

Xenos’ mind moved. “Oh? Is that so?”


“How am I like your brother?”

“Your hair and eyes. He also has long silver hair and purple eyes. I want to look like this in the future.”

The tone of the little robot was naive and simple. In particular, the last sentence was even more confusing.

However, Xenos and Silin still heard something strange.

Silin glanced at Xenos and suppressed the excitement in her heart. She listened to him ask, “Your brother… is he called Snow?”

“Hey, how do you know?”

Xiao Wu looked at the three unfamiliar humans in front of him and asked with some curiosity.


At the same time, Roland’s ‘Starry Sky’ slowly sailed out of the channel. Under the guidance of the guidance aircraft sent by Kechibal Star, it successfully docked at the designated position in the port.

The sightseeing spacecraft that had been booked in advance was already waiting for them.

As a tourist star, Kechibal’s service was in place. For the safety of travelers, there were also some rules that needed to be followed.

For example, the means of transportation for passengers, no matter whether it was a large spacecraft or a small shuttle, could only stop at a designated location. Then they had to land on the ground with the spacecraft sent by Kechibal Star.

Generally speaking, this type of sightseeing spacecraft was free. It was only during the peak passenger flow that a certain fee had to be paid if a person wanted to cut the queue.

During the landing process, the route could be changed temporarily but it would be charged.

The people Xu Sili brought with him this time were 500 players and 50 imperial guards. Li Zhecheng didn’t follow.

As the third strongest of the Roland Empire, he needed to stay in Imperial City and protect Joan.

For less than 600 people, a small spaceship was enough.

Small spacecrafts generally carried less than 800 people, medium spacecrafts were 2,000 people and large spacecrafts carried up to 5,000 people.

Xu Sili driving a large spacecraft for such a small number of people was actually a bit of an overkill.

However, the range of activities of a small spacecraft was much smaller. It was basically each person had a fixed seat and they shouldn’t even think of having a room to live in.

It was suitable to be used as a sightseeing spacecraft.

He disguised himself. It was mainly wearing colored contact lenses to cover his distinctive eyes, tying up his long hair and putting on a short-hair wig. Then Xu Sili led everyone to the sightseeing spacecraft.

Players were naturally very eager about his new image, but they had already learned how to behave due to the favorability system. They only dared to discuss it in the voice channel.

Xu Sili didn’t know about it. He walked forward in front, sharing the first row exclusively with Si Sheng.

The sightseeing spacecraft had been modified. After passing through the atmosphere and entering a stable channel, the metal on both sides of the hull was slowly removed and revealed special transparent glass walls. This allowed them to clearly see the outside scenery.

Even the ground under their feet could become transparent, but Xu Sili didn’t choose this service.

After all, there were some players with a fear of heights. Even now, there were people who were afraid to move. If they were allowed to sit on the glass, it was estimated that they would be so frightened that they would run directly offline.

In this regard, Xu Sili was still very considerate.

This was his first trip to an alien planet and he was also full of expectations for this trip to Kechibal Star.

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