VCRMM: Chapter 15

Si Sheng’s footsteps paused slightly. At the entrance of the small town, the warm sunshine lightly fell on him. The man’s hair flew slightly and shone with a bright golden light.

He looked sideways at the silver-haired young man who questioned him. The young emperor glanced at him without expression. He was cold and noble but the boyish, young face diluted much of the sense of majesty. It was a type of cute fierceness.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and deep thoughts flashed in his eyes again.

“Si Sheng, I asked you something.” Xu Sili frowned and his voice cooled down.

Si Sheng restrained his thoughts, bowed his head slightly and spoke lightly, “I said that I would protect Your Majesty’s safety before I catch all the traitors.”

“So you followed me?” Xu Sili narrowed his eyes.

Si Sheng looked at him, voice calm. “Please understand, Your Majesty.”

“Your Majesty, the shuttle is ready.” Just then, Li Zhecheng came down from the shuttle and told Xu Sili. Just now, he sent Janice up first. She was injured a lot but fortunately, her life wasn’t in danger.

“Will Your Majesty return to the palace?”

Xu Sili pursed his lips. Yes, there was still Janice. He sent Si Sheng a gloomy look. “I will forget it this time. Next time…”

Due to Li Zhecheng and the others, he didn’t finish his words but the threat was obvious.

Si Sheng nodded.

Xu Sili didn’t care about him any longer and looked at Li Zhecheng. “Let’s go and send Janice back for treatment.”

There were water type healers stationed at the palace. This was a branch of the spiritualist water system known for their water-type healing arts.

Xu Sili stepped into the shuttle, followed by Li Zhecheng. Li Zhecheng went up but didn’t hear any movement behind him, so he couldn’t help turning back. “Lord Si Sheng…”

“Li Zhecheng.” Before he had finished speaking, the cold voice of the little emperor was heard.

Li Zhecheng was stunned. Did these two people have a falling out? He didn’t dare to disobey. He looked at Si Sheng apologetically and bowed slightly. Then he closed the door and ordered the driver to leave.

Xu Sili sat in his seat, his face indifferent. Just as the shuttle took off and was about to set off, he couldn’t hold back and looked through the window.

Si Sheng stood in place while talking to the leader of the guards. A man with narrow shoulders and long legs outlined by military trousers and boots stood upright and strong in front of a group of guards in the small town. He stood out from the crowd and people couldn’t ignore his existence.

Xu Sili curled his lips and retracted his gaze. Soon, he looked out the window with slightly wide eyes. He saw a black shadow appear next to the shuttle. It turned out to be a dark interstellar beast with two black wings growing on its back. It flapped gently and soared gracefully in the sky. The thing that truly surprised Xu Sili was that there was a man sitting on the back of the interstellar beast?

“It is Lord Marshal and his shadow leopard!” Li Zhecheng also noticed the situation outside. He was on alert but relaxed when he saw the blond-haired man on the back of a panther. He looked at the vigorous figure of the shadow leopard with eyes full of admiration. Si Sheng was really too powerful. Even a powerful beast like the shadow leopard could serve him. It was really worthy of the patron saint of the Roland Empire…

Xu Sili was depressed. This black panther—

Wasn’t it the pet he bought for Si Sheng? What were the game planners up to? Why was there a contract between a person and interstellar beast in a world where the humans and interstellar beasts were at odds?

Xu Sili used the Insight skill on the panther and understood the reason.


[Race: Shadow Leopard (Escher Star Ancient Beast)

Level: Lv 39

Health: 171000/171000

Magic: 63000/64000

Elemental Affinity: Dark]

The black panther wasn’t an interstellar beast but an ancient race native to Escher Star. Xu Sili’s mood distorted when he saw September’s values. This was obviously the pet bought using his gold and the name he gave, but it now belonged to Si Sheng!

At the same time, his dislike of Li Zhecheng grew. The chief royal guard couldn’t even compare with Si Sheng’s pet.

Xu Sili looked at Li Zhecheng and strangely found that the label above his head had darkened at some point. The favorability had changed from ‘Respect’ to ‘Revere.’

Xu Sili was a bit speechless. Forget it. At least Li Zhecheng wasn’t someone without one good point. Thinking this, he turned his gaze to Si Sheng outside. Si Sheng’s favorability label turned out to be—


Xu Sili was very surprised. He thought it would be Disgust or Hatred. Yet it was Friendly? It was Friendly despite stepping on his face and turning him into a puppet?

In the sky, Si Sheng was riding on the black panther’s back and violent gusts of wind blew toward him, making shrill screaming noises. Suddenly, he shifted his gaze toward the flying shuttle parallel to him like he noticed something. He vaguely saw the figure of the young man through the glass window of the shuttle.

After watching him silently for a moment, Si Sheng looked away. The gray-blue eyes lost their focus due to his thoughts. Around four years ago, he woke up in this completely unfamiliar world with only one sentence in his mind—

Guard Roland.

This was the only instruction he received from Lord God after seeing the light again. At that time, he was ecstatic. He was tired of being abandoned by the Lord God and had been sleeping in the darkness for an unknown period of time. Finally, he got the favor of the Lord God again. Lord God…finally remembered him.

Since then, he dutifully guarded the Roland Empire. He fought with interstellar beasts on the front lines, protected Roland’s people in the rear and supported Roland’s imperial family…

He hoped that one day, he would be rewarded for his hard work and hear the voice of the Lord God again. He looked forward to that clear and moving voice once again saying gently into his ears, “Si Sheng, I came to see you.”

Yet it didn’t happen. He only had the endless waiting and a heart that steadily became colder every day. In the blink of an eye, almost four years had passed. Just when he thought he couldn’t wait any longer, the Lord God finally appeared again.

Snow Roland was too similar to his situation. He could be sure—

The little emperor… had changed souls. There was one reason why he was convinced that the little emperor had something to do with the Lord God. His skill failed him. It didn’t work. This skill was bestowed upon him by the Lord God.

Si Sheng’s eyes slightly narrowed. He still wasn’t sure if the little emperor was the new favorite of the Lord God or… his incarnation.

In fact, the probability of being a new favorite was greater. After all, the little emperor was very weak but possessed incredible skills. Wasn’t this very similar to Si Sheng at the beginning?

Si Sheng’s mouth twitched and a bloodthirsty violence flashed in his eyes before he quickly suppressed it. Maybe the little emperor wasn’t the new favorite? This young man… should know him. This was the conclusion he came to after carefully recalling everything that happened last night and the micro expressions of the young man.

Wasn’t this interesting? This person should know him.

So what about being turned into a puppet? As long as he could get the attention of the Lord God again, he was willing to do anything, even lay down his life.

Si Sheng looked in front of him, lips curled up slightly. There was madness hidden in the gray-blue eyes that no one had ever experienced…

Xu Sili didn’t know any of this. He returned to the palace and ordered Janice to be sent to the water healer’s quarters. Then he went there himself.

Janice was one of the few people he could trust. He didn’t want to see anything happen to her because of his order. Fortunately, she was also an elementalist of the water type. She absorbed the water system healing techniques well and her injuries were stabilized within a short time.

“Your Majesty, the maid is okay. She will be fine after two days of recuperation.”

The master water healer was a beautiful woman with long blue hair that fell over her shoulders. She had a cold temperament and showed no softness even facing the emperor. Xu Sili didn’t take it to heart. He saw that Janice’s injuries had improved and left her with the water healer. He left with Li Zhecheng and the other guards. After going back to his bedroom and changing his clothes, he turned to go outside the palace.

“Your Majesty, where are you going?” Li Zhecheng was a bit speechless. Why did His Majesty go out again after just coming back?

“The Elementalist Academy.”

“Your Majesty, what are you going there to do?”

Xu Sili paused and turned his head, watching Li Zhecheng quietly with purple eyes. It was a very plain look but it made Li Zhecheng tense up.

“This subordinate spoke too much.” He bowed his head and didn’t dare say anything else. However, when Xu Sili moved forward again, he secretly sent some guards over.

Xu Sili got on the shuttle in a familiar manner but looked around before going up. No traces of Si Sheng were found. He continued to walk onto the shuttle. Then he saw the tall figure sitting next to his seat and couldn’t help but stop.

Proofreader: Purichan

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