VCRMM: Chapter 14

The wind blew the cloak behind the blond-haired man. He stood on the ruins with his long sword in hand, as handsome as a god of heaven descending in his snow-white military uniform. It was only when the giant beast’s corpse landed with a thud that its blood was finally released. It gurgled and surged out, instantly spreading around. Finally, it soaked the bottom of the black army boots.

The scene was silent except for the wind. It had all happened so fast, from the giant beast falling into a trance to suddenly rushing violently at the young man. Then it was split into two halves by a sword and blood flowed like a river…

It was all too fast! It was so fast that some ordinary people couldn’t understand what was going on. The only thing they knew was…

All of this was due to the silver-haired young man standing on the other side of the giant beast corpse and the uniformed man who ended the giant beast’s life with a single move. As for Li Zhecheng… he was ignored by everyone.

Xu Sili stared at the scene in front of him. He didn’t know if it was due to the crisis but he felt like his heart was beating very hard at the moment. Then a burst of invisible white light enveloped him. The notifications that swept up on the screen in front of him left him no time to think about anything else.

[Ding~ Successfully launched the ranged skill ‘Roland’s Good Night Song’, magic value -100, proficiency +1.]

[Ding~ Assisted in killing ‘Frozen Beast Lv 30’, experience +2000]

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 3 to Lv 4, all attributes +1, free points +10]

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 4 to Lv 5, all attributes +1, free points +10]

[Ding~ Your personal level has reached Lv 5. Please go to the Elementalist Academy for a talent test to determine your future career direction.]

[Accumulated experience value: 1367. After the career direction is determined, this experience can continue to be used for upgrading.]

[Ding~ Your personal level is Lv 5. Unlocked the leadership skill—Insight.]


[Description: No one can escape from your insight. Any disguise will be invisible in front of you.

Special effect: Ignore the level gap.

Magic consumed: 10]

Fu*k! He just fired a shot and assisted in the kill, but he could get 2,000 experience points?

Xu Sili blinked. Huh? In addition, a leadership skill? How to use this? He raised his eyes and his gaze fell on Li Zhecheng, who was still in front of him. He used his mind and activated the Insight skill. The next moment, Li Zhecheng’s basic information was in front of him.

[Li Zhecheng]

[Identity: NPC

Personal level: Lv 20

Health: 95000/95800

Magic: 1000/1000

Elemental Affinity: Metal

Occupation: Warrior]

This Insight skill allowed him to actually see other people’s basic information. Information was the key to a battle. For example, the three star beast just now. If he didn’t know that its health was only 20,000 to 30,000 then he definitely wouldn’t dare to be so reckless.

Xu Sili was a bit happy. He got Insight, all attributes +2 and 20 free points to be allocated. This was a great increase in strength!

At this time, Li Zhecheng standing in front of him suddenly took a step sideways and gave way. Xu Sili instinctively raised his head and met Si Sheng’s cold gray-blue eyes. He couldn’t help his heart jumping as his mind returned. By the way, how did Si Sheng show up here? He really wanted to summon Si Sheng just now but he hadn’t used it yet?

Xu Sili was thinking about this with a frown when Si Sheng abruptly flashed and appeared beside him. Xu Sili watched him with vigilance. To his surprise, the next moment, Si Sheng faced him and slowly went down on one knee, his long sword on the ground. “Your Majesty, please forgive me for being late!”

His powerful voice caused the scene that had slightly calmed down to stiffen again. Your… Your Majesty? Everyone was shocked. This beautiful elf-like silver-haired young man was actually their emperor?! In addition, this powerful man in a military uniform, could he be…

Bang bang bang—

Neat and powerful footsteps quickly approached. They were the guards of the mercenary town who had come late. Seeing Si Sheng on one knee, the guard captain instantly recognized the uniform. There was no way he could be wrong. This was definitely the patron saint of the Roland Empire, Lord Si Sheng!

The guard captain’s expression changed again and again. Finally, he didn’t dare be slow and led the group of guards behind Si Sheng. Under Xu Sili’s gaze, the guard captain learned from Si Sheng and went down on one knee. The other soldiers didn’t hesitate and knelt down in unison as well. “Your Majesty, please forgive us for coming late to your rescue!”

It didn’t matter whether it was true or not or if they felt doubtful. At this moment, they all shouted in unison. Thousands of people screamed and it broke through the sky.

This scene was too shocking. No matter whether it was the mercenaries who stayed to fight or the ordinary people who didn’t have time to flee, everyone trembled and worshipped Xu Sili, who was in the center of the crowd. Even the guards and patron saint Si Sheng were kneeling. How could they not kneel?

The audience sitting in front of the TV and watching Pei Lin’s live broadcast felt shock and awe. Simultaneously, people couldn’t help wondering. Was this really the new emperor who was rumored to be cowardly, incompetent and weak?

Of course, he did look soft and weak. Yet just now, the giant beasts and mercenaries paused slightly and everyone saw the shot that the young man had fired at the giant beast’s eyes. He didn’t run away and also saved the elementalist who went to fight. This young new emperor wasn’t as bad as the rumors!

At this moment, Xu Sili became the focus of everyone. Of course, he only saw the soldiers kneeling down in front of him. He wanted to maintain his composure but he couldn’t stop the turmoil in his heart. The hands that were very stable when they first fired were trembling slightly at this moment.

[Ding~ Popular support rate +1%. Current popular support rate: 53%.]

How did the popular support rate suddenly increase by 1%? The Roland Empire had a population of over 90 million. In other words, he just… won the support of nearly one million people? What was this situation?

Xu Sili was puzzled but now wasn’t the time to explore this. It was because there were people kneeling in front of him and he felt he had made them kneel for a while. He calmly said, “Get up.”

Under Xu Sili’s order, everyone stood up one after another. They were respectful. It was only after Xu Sili gave another order that the guards started to direct people to clean up the mess at the scene.

The scope of the fighting just now was very large. This was a small town with houses densely packed together. Many houses had been completely destroyed. Fortunately, the statistics showed that many people might be injured but no one had died. This was probably the best news.

Xu Sili glanced at Janice who had blood at the corners of her mouth and he couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty. At the time, he thought that Janice and Li Zhecheng should be able to deal with a severely injured three star beast together. Who knew that Li Zhecheng wouldn’t make a move while Janice rushed out like a cannonball?!

He thought of this and glanced at Li Zhecheng coldly. Then Janice pulled at his sleeve. Xu Sili snorted slightly. Still, Janice’s plea meant that he just ignored Li Zhecheng.

Sweat dripped down Li Zhecheng’s forehead but if he had to do it again, he would make the same choice. It was because… guarding the imperial family was the mission of the royal guards!

Xu Sili’s gaze fell on the destroyed houses. The ordinary people who fled had come back and were cleaning up their homes that had become ruins. There were old people standing aside and watching with helpless faces. There were also young children sitting on the collapsed debris and weeping quietly. Their dirty little faces were helpless and pitiful.

“Woo… it is all gone.”

Xu Sili was sad. He remembered the knowledge he gained after coming out of the palace. The huge gap in living standards between the inner and outer cities, the large areas of undeveloped land, the mercenaries who lived on the edge of a knife and risked their lives against interstellar beasts…

All of this made him feel very moved. It was hard to say that the ordinary people of Roland were living in dire straits but it was definitely hard. All of a sudden, he… wanted to do something for them.

Xu Sili thought about it. Then he ordered the town’s guard captain to find the mayor of the mercenary town. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to rebuild the mercenary town. The treasury might’ve been emptied by the previous emperor and there wasn’t much money left, but it was no problem to renovate a town. He had only been here one day and didn’t have anything yet. He could only take it one step at a time.

After exchanging a few words with the mayor, Xu Sili didn’t continue to stay. He turned around and walked through the crowd toward the outside of the town. He was going to the Elementalist Academy to determine his future career direction. Then he would continue to upgrade and improve his strength!

Once Xu Sili left, the mayor stretched his somewhat rickety waist and raised his eyes, shouting at the disaster-stricken residents who were crying in the ruins. “Everyone, stop. Come and listen to this old man! Just now, His Majesty has given instructions. Allocate funds to rebuild the town, making it more beautiful and safer than before! At the same time, His Majesty highly praised the mercenaries who were at the scene and said that everyone is good!”

“Of course, the Fire Mercenary Group’s mistake this time caused too much damage and they must be punished. So don’t be discouraged! Our good day will be coming soon! Someone will soon be sent to us to help us rebuild our homes. So please cheer up and organize the injured. His Majesty said that money is just an external thing. As long as people are still here, everything will be fine!”

The mayor was red-faced when he finished. The residents of the town heard his words and hesitantly asked, “Mayor, is this true? Did His Majesty really say that?”

“Nonsense! Does this old man need to lie? In addition, there is Reporter Pei Lin and this scene might still be live. Can it be fake?”

Everyone looked at the female reporter and then the mayor. After a while, enthusiastic cheers rang through the town and the sound shook the sky.

By this time, Xu Sili had already reached the entrance of the town. He heard the cheers coming from behind him and smiled slightly. Then he caught a glimpse of someone who was still next to him and his expression became cold again. “How come you are here?”

Xu Sili asked Si Sheng. He really didn’t have time to summon this person just now? How could Si Sheng appear in such a timely manner? In addition, it was… pretty handsome.

Proofreader: Purichan

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