VCRMM: Chapter 136 Part 2

Xu Sili wasn’t a person who would wrong himself.

After becoming rich, he expanded the virtual room that was only 50 square meters into a two-storey villa. There was a virtual view outside and he wouldn’t feel depressed when watching it.

The music room was on the second floor.

After entering the room, Si Sheng stayed quietly on the side. He gently watched Xu Sili fiddle with each instrument.

At this time, the laziness on the young man’s face was swept away. He was always extra focused and serious when facing music. He exuded a charm that made Si Sheng unable to take his eyes off him.

Xu Sili was already familiar with the virtual space to arrange and record songs. Based on his current mental power, he wouldn’t be overdrawn like the first time.

Once the final work was completed, he shared it with Si Sheng as soon as possible.

However, Si Sheng’s eyes became a bit strange as he listened to the song. This made Xu Sili, who was paying attention to his reaction, feel a bit apprehensive.

“Is there a problem somewhere?”

It was impossible. The system had added proficiency when he finished singing. This meant he completed it very well.

Seeing his nervous eyes, Si Sheng knew he misunderstood and couldn’t help his lips curving up.

“Nothing, I just…”

He paused, “It is the Toast Song, right?”

Xu Sili nodded.

“I just remembered what happened… the night we listened to this song together.”

After listening to Si Sheng’s words and understanding what he meant, Xu Sili glared while his ears turned red.

Of course, he remembered what had happened that night.

That night, he drank wine and wasn’t convinced that Si Sheng was so determined. He had to prove himself before lifting the level limit, so he soared in the hot spring and in front of the hot spring…

“What are you thinking about?”

Xu Sili glared at him angrily.

Si Sheng immediately showed an innocent expression. In the Star Network, he still looked like he was 18 or 19 years old. Once he pretended to be innocent and pitiful, it really poked people.

Half of Xu Sili’s anger disappeared, leaving only a bit of embarrassment.

At this time, Si Sheng said, “I accidentally thought about it.”

Xu Sili snorted, ignored him and went to StarTune to work on the new single.

Si Sheng smiled and didn’t bother him. He casually opened the panel of Xu Sili’s virtual space and wandered around, thinking about what else could be added to this house.

He had already become one of the masters and Xu Sili opened all permissions to him. Even Xiao Wu had to listen to him.

—Although Xiao Wu was originally afraid of him.

Xu Sili uploaded the new single and released it as a separate album.

The monthly subscription price was very different from his original folk songs.

He had risen to the title of a singer. His singing fee for non-original songs was still lower than that of original songs, but the price had been raised to 2 cosmic coins.

Xu Sili didn’t think that this price was low. A song for 2 yuan could only be listened to for a month. In reality, it was impossible. Most music software set a membership so that members could listen to the entire site.

But even at this price, the sales of Sprouting and Roland’s Good Night Song were still unabated.

This was where the special effect of the song came in.

Xu Sili didn’t know what effect the recorded version of the Toast Song would have. He was looking forward to the specific effect and would pay attention to it later.

The moment the new song was released, it caused quite a stir.

In the past six months, many people had witnessed the rise of His Majesty Roland, who had become popular on the Internet with only one album and one single. He was still popular after half a year and was like a rising star.

It had to be known that when Xu Sili first released a song, there was a newcomer singer who had become popular with one song. Now many people had forgotten his name.

His popular song had become rotten and the song sales plummeted. The newly released album became slightly popular due to traffic, but it soon fell silent.

This was the fate of most new singers. Many of them needed to go through some more years before creating a trendsetting song again.

For this comparison, His Majesty Roland’s persistence was very interesting.

In particular, these two special songs attracted the attention of many scientific research institutions. The fact that music could affect human beings so significantly aroused the interest of many scientists.

Of course, the reason hadn’t been researched yet.

Countless people were waiting for His Majesty Roland to release another song, but this music master didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. He didn’t take advantage of the previous songs to rashly launch a new song.

This had won the recognition of many fans. Naturally, good songs had to be polished slowly. This was what a music master should look like.

Now after half a year, they finally saw the notification of the master’s new song. The fans arrived at the scene in almost a second.

[Look at the good thing I found!]

[Another folk song? Great, I love Roland’s folk songs!]

[After listening to the song, I am so excited now. I want to drink and sing along.]

[Ahhhhh, I was very sad today but listening to this song, I suddenly feel like there seems to be no difficulties in life. Drinking wine and eating meat is the most important thing!]

[To be happy in life, don’t let the golden bottle raised toward the moon be empty!]

The Toast Song that made the listener’s blood boil!

On a distant planet, a young man opened StarTune and saw the words ‘His Majesty Roland’s latest single’ floating on the home page. He shouted while clicking into it.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, His Majesty Roland has released a new single!”

In the midst of his shouts, a figure ran out of the room in an excited manner. “New single? Quickly show it to me!”

Huo Ji still felt a bit uncomfortable when seeing his grandfather’s appearance.

The old man was 190 years old this year. He originally looked old and like he could die at any time.

The old man’s age didn’t seem old in the interstellar era with a life expectancy of 300 years, but there were always races below the average.

Huo Ji and his family were like this.

According to records, their lifespan was around 200 years old.

Then two or three months ago, something particularly magical happened.

The old man rejuvenated overnight!

Well, it wasn’t as exaggerated as being rejuvenated but his hair was obviously darker, his skin had become smoother and even his lost teeth had grown back. This made him look hundreds of years younger all of a sudden.

The whole family was shocked and felt that they had encountered some type of supernatural event.

For the past two or three months, they had been hiding the old man at home, not daring to let others see him out of fear that the old man would be arrested, dissected and studied.

Once the old man finished being stunned by his own changes, he locked himself in his room every day and rarely came outside.

Today, in order to listen to the song, he ran out quickly. It could be said that he really liked His Majesty Roland.

Huo Ji withdrew his uncomfortable gaze. He clicked on the song and looked at the introduction. He was just about to say the name of the song when he heard the old man choke out, “Toast Song… it is the Toast Song…”

Tears actually fell down as he spoke, frightening Huo Ji.

He remembered his grandfather said before that he came from the Roland Empire. The planet where the Roland Empire was located seemed to have encountered a huge disaster.

From then on, his grandfather never went back…

“Grandpa, you… you… that…”

It was the first time Huo Ji encountered such a thing and he was at a loss. The old man was immersed in his emotions and ignored him.

At this time, his parents came back and saw this scene. They panicked and thought that he had done something outrageous, so they grabbed his ears and cursed him.

There was chaos in the living room but the old man didn’t care. He turned and walked back to his room. The back that was originally straight due to becoming younger looked a bit bent again.

He locked himself in the room. Then as his grandson had taught him earlier, he ordered a song on the music program and the melody of the Toast Song played again.

Tears appeared in his eyes which had no longer shed tears.

It had really been too long since he heard the folk songs of his homeland…

Back then, his qualifications might’ve been mediocre but he reached the four star level at the age of 80 and he had the qualification to travel to outer space.

He excitedly followed his elder away from his home planet. He was fascinated by the colorful world outside and had the idea of settling down outside.

Unexpectedly, bad news came within a few years. A disaster occurred on Escher Star and almost all the countries were destroyed. Only the Roland Empire remained.

The even more incredible thing was—

For the elementalists who left Escher, their level fell to two stars. Due to the great reduction in lifespan, many people died directly, including the elder who led him out.

Due to their strength collapsing, the elementalists had no way to return to Escher because it was too dangerous.

They could only wander around outside while traveling around various planets in the Interstellar Alliance, using their small force to make their last contributions to their parent star.

The Interstellar Alliance later opened a safe passage but they didn’t go back. It wasn’t because they didn’t want to. They didn’t dare go back and cause trouble for those back home.

They were indeed two star elementalists but a hundred years had passed. They were already so old and had long lost their combat effectiveness.

He didn’t expect that just a few months ago, he felt the loosening of the shackles on his body. The layer that originally restricted his level suddenly disappeared.

He directly recovered to the top of the three star strength and his lifespan also returned.

Since that day, he had been thinking about it day and night. Had Roland’s situation changed? Could he go back and take a look?

In addition, this ‘His Majesty Roland’ who sang the old folk songs, was it really… their emperor?

Just then, the sound of the communicator was heard and woke up Old Huo. He answered the call and heard the other person’s trembling voice.

“Old Huo, shall we… go back and take a look?”


Xu Sili didn’t know that his new song touched many people’s hearts and souls. Once he finished it, he closed StarTune and looked at Si Sheng.

He was just about to say something when he saw what was displayed on Si Sheng’s virtual light screen and suddenly froze.

Wasn’t this in the ‘junk’ folder? How did Si Sheng find it?

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