VCRMM: Chapter 136 Part 1

“A message asking for help?”

Xu Sili frowned when hearing Xiao Wu’s report. It came from outer space. Apart from his connection to Adrian, he only had…

“Is it that Dr Ding?”

“Yes, Brother.” Xiao Wu nodded. “It is the person with the Mu ID who betrayed the Flanders Interstellar Federation. He has been identified as a traitor and is on the wanted list.”

“According to the location he said, it is speculated that he is in a star field not far from Escher Star.”

“Huh? He is already on the wanted list?”

Previously, he replied to Adrian and stopped paying attention to his matter. He didn’t know how the Flanders Interstellar Federation would handle it in the end.

He nodded and said, “Xiao Wu, show me the content of his call for help.”


Xiao Wu answered positively. Then he went back to the communicator and a voice was heard. At the same time, text was projected. The words were in the universal language and this was translated into the Roland language by Xiao Wu.

“Your Majesty Roland, I am Mu… we were hijacked by the star thieves… I can’t contact my country… help me pass the message back… please…”

The voice was intermittent and the speed was very fast. It could be heard that the sender was very anxious and this was perhaps a distress signal sent secretly.

Hijacked by star thieves?

Xu Sili touched his chin. Speaking of star thieves, he remembered the star thief leader Mu Xingzhou, the guy who ‘coveted’ Si Sheng many times in the future timeline.

Ever since he established a relationship with Si Sheng, his feelings for the future timeline were inevitably a bit complicated.

It was true that the two Si Shengs were different. He clearly distinguishes this, but it was inevitable that he would feel a bit awkward.

In the future, Si Sheng killed Snow Roland, which was actually understandable based on his logic. Si Sheng had the order ‘protect Roland’ written into him and Snow Roland had cooperated with the Bewatt…

Xu Sili shook his head and didn’t continue to worry about these things. He looked at the distress information displayed on the communicator and pondered on it.

Hijacked by star thieves…

Was this real or fake? The Flanders Interstellar Federation had already identified this Dr Ding Mingyu as a traitor and had issued a wanted warrant.

If it was fake, this doctor was likely to trap people but… what if it was real?

Was it possible that he was hijacked by star thieves and wasn’t able to defend himself? He was eventually unlucky enough to be identified as a traitor and couldn’t even contact the people of his homeland to save him.

It was too miserable.

Out of respect for the researcher, Xu Sili still sent this distress message to Adrian and told him the approximate star field that Xiao Wu had traced it to.

Of course, he didn’t reveal Xiao Wu’s existence. He just vaguely said he received such information from this area.

Adrian quickly replied to him.

[Your Majesty Roland, good day.] 

[I have received your message and immediately conveyed it to the liaison officer of the Flanders Interstellar Federation. Thank you for your trust in me.]

It wasn’t that Xu Sili trusted him. It was just that Adrian was the only one he knew from an alien planet.

He thought about it. Since Dr Ding Mingyu was his fan and gave him millions of cosmic coins, he still asked what the Flanders Interstellar Federation would do.

Adrian: [It is hard to say. This person’s identity is somewhat special and the technology he knows belongs to the secrets of the Flanders Interstellar Federation. So any betrayal would cause a big reaction.]

Adrian: [If he was really kidnapped by the star thieves, I think Flanders will rescue him.]

Adrian: [If you are interested, I will let you know as soon as there is news.]

Xu Sili couldn’t help nodding. This liaison officer was quite good and their exchanges were pleasant.

His Majesty Roland: [Then I will trouble you.]

Adrian: [You’re welcome. It is just… Your Majesty, your new song?]

Xu Sili smiled. This was the first time he was urged to update in person and the experience was quite novel.

He replied to Adrian. Then the two of them said nothing else. They bid farewell to each other and broke off the communication.

The Interstellar Alliance’s Liaison Department.

In the office, Yaheng looked up his team leader. He could clearly feel that this person was in a happy mood.

He couldn’t help asking, “Team leader, what good thing happened? Did Roland place another order recently?”

The order volume of the liaison country was related to their performance evaluation. Due to last month’s large order, Yaheng had received a high bonus this month and now his eyes shone when he heard about Roland.

Adrian glanced at him.

“Based on Roland’s situation, the large order last month must take some time to be handled. How could it be possible for them to place another order in such a short period of time?”

“That isn’t necessarily the case…” Yaheng muttered. “It hasn’t been long since last time…”

Adrian simply ignored him.

“Did you pass on the message to Flanders?”

“I have, but there has been no reply yet.”

“Follow up on it and pay attention to how Flanders handles it. Report to me at that time.”


On the other side, Xu Sili got up and walked to the dark room. He was ready to fulfill his promise to his fans. As for buying…

He really was a bit eager to buy something recently.

His family had a big business. There were so many people and the equipment he bought last time wasn’t enough. At that time, he mainly felt that he didn’t have much money and had to take it easy. Who knew that the business of the milk tea store was so good?

He had now accumulated hundreds of billions of cosmic coins. Why not spend the money?

The problem was… how should he explain the source of the money?

He chose to be anonymous when running the milk tea store. Combine this with the strict defense of Xiao Wu and no one currently knew who opened the ‘Fox’s House’ milk tea.

He wasn’t prepared to be known by others. Given Roland’s current situation, it was better not to have a sense of presence.

Singing was public and StarTune even had a sales chart. The data was open and transparent. Each song and album’s earnings were completely exposed to the public.

But no matter how well the songs sold, it couldn’t be comparable to consumables like milk tea. His results were very good but it wasn’t enough to attract the eyes of the counties with a bit of a background, let alone the superpowers.

They were a small country at the bottom of the list and had to worry about the annual alliance fee of 10 million cosmic coins. There was no need to be afraid of this small country.

The moment Si Sheng entered through the door, he saw Xu Sili standing in front of the door of the dark room. He was frowning and thinking, as if he had encountered some troubling problem.

“What is going on?”

He approached Xu Sili and bent down slightly to get closer.

Xu Sili was engrossed in his thoughts. He suddenly heard a voice but wasn’t very frightened. He consciously snuggled into Si Sheng’s arms like his bones were soft and he was embraced by Si Sheng.

“What are you thinking about?”

Si Sheng gently rubbed his hair.

“It is nothing…” Xu Sili told him about his troubles.

“Then find other channels.”

Xu Sili also thought this but…

“I’m afraid that other channels don’t have fixed point teleportation technology. If they drive spaceships to transport the items, I’m worried that Escher’s safe passage will leak out.”

Right now, the sky around Escher wasn’t safe. Not only were there a large number of flying interstellar beasts, but there were also strange magnetic fields and undetectable curses. This could be regarded as Escher’s natural barrier.

There was only one passage that allowed people to safely enter and exit Escher. It was the elementalists who left back then, they exerted their energy and paid a lot to let the Interstellar Alliance open the safe passage.

Bewatt wasn’t attacking Escher right now but they weren’t completely following the principle that allied countries couldn’t invade each other.

If the two countries really insisted on fighting, the Interstellar Alliance couldn’t do much except help mediate, unless a superpower intervened.

What made those lizardmen afraid was Escher’s natural barrier.

Originally, the lizardmen tried to let Snow Roland take the initiative to hand over his authority or to wait for the Roland Empire to withdraw from the Interstellar Alliance because they couldn’t pay the alliance fee. Then they could buy the information of Escher Star’s safe passage from the alliance to achieve their wish of rapid invasion.

It was just that everything fell through and it wasn’t known what plans they were making behind the scenes.

It could be said that this barrier restricted the people of Escher from going out into the universe, but it also prevented invaders.

In any case, Xu Sili wouldn’t give out information about the safe passage casually.

As for why he nodded and agreed to let Mu Mu come at the beginning… wasn’t it in order to keep this person behind? Who would want a talent who could build spaceships and design weapons to come and go?

It was also clearly stipulated that only he and his sister could enter.

They disappeared later so the specific information of the safe passage wasn’t given. It wouldn’t be given out until they arrived at the designated place, so Xu Sili wasn’t worried.

Now, it was even more impossible for him to leak it to an unfamiliar supplier.

Si Sheng thought for a moment. “If you are really worried, we can go out and buy it ourselves.”

“Go out by ourselves?”

“Yes, didn’t you just buy two spaceships?”

It wasn’t that Roland didn’t have a spaceship before. It was tattered but it wasn’t a problem for it to fly to outer space. However, it was destroyed in the beast wave three years ago.

Now Xu Sili’s newly bought two large civilian spaceships had been delivered together with the second batch of goods.

There was no need to worry about piloting them with Xiao Wu here.

Xu Sili had really wanted to fly a spaceship for a long time. Then when he thought about Roland’s situation, he felt it was better to settle down for the time being. He naturally postponed setting foot in outer space.

Now that he thought about it, Si Sheng’s words seemed quite reasonable?

If they went out to buy it, there was no need to worry about the leakage of the source of funds and he wouldn’t have to go through the interstellar alliance for everything.

The Interstellar Alliance had given Roland a lot of help and the purchase price was more affordable, but his heart full of defense was necessary. He couldn’t expose all his cards in front of the opponent.

“Yes, you are right.”

Xu Sili added, “The money from the album sales can be used to trade with the Interstellar Alliance, while the income from the Fox’s House will be kept in the darkness.”

Then he thought about the plan after the construction of the teleportation circle a week later and held off the mood of wanting to go into the universe.

“Let’s plan it well. There is no rush in this short period of time,” he said in a restrained manner.

Si Sheng naturally didn’t have any objections. Then he was dragged into the dark room by Xu Sili.

“Go, accompany me to record a new song.”

Speaking of which, Si Sheng’s cabin had been moved there and placed side by side. It was the same model and the style was exactly the same. It was just that Xu Sili’s one was a bit old.

The two of them lay down in the game cabins and came to Xu Sili’s virtual room together.

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