VCRMM: Chapter 135

Xu Fengqing saw the fan art on the secretary’s phone.

The secretary didn’t notice him as he was approaching the desk. She was holding a phone and looking at it with relish. Then he inadvertently glanced at the screen.

Yes, just by glancing at it, the picture had a huge impact on him.

Perhaps his aura was too strong. The secretary quickly noticed something. The moment she looked up, she saw the big boss standing behind her, scaring her into quickly standing up.

“Chairman Xu!”

She held her phone behind her. The muscles on her face still showed the traces of her excessive laughter.

Xu Fengqing frowned and his gaze fell on her arm behind her.

“What were you just looking at?” He asked.

The secretary was completely dumbfounded. During work, she shipped a CP and was caught by the boss. It was also a picture on a slightly larger scale. There was nothing worse than this!

“Nothing… I just accidentally saw it when I was scrolling through Weibo…” She tried to make a final struggle.

Xu Fengqing stared at her before holding out his hand to her.

The secretary, “???”

It wasn’t until Xu Fengqing frowned again and signaled with his eyes that she understood what he meant. She suddenly made a bitter face.

“Xu… Chairman Xu…”

“Take it out.”

No way? Did he want to confiscate her phone? The secretary wanted to cry but she carefully put her darkened phone on Xu Fengqing’s hand.

Xu Fengqing pressed the button and the screensaver lit up. He pointed the phone screen at the secretary “Unlock it.”

The secretary was completely stunned.

No, no! She hadn’t exited out of the picture just now!

However, under the intimidation of Xu Fengqing’s eyes, she still gave in. She obediently entered the password and watched the fan art appear in front of her again. Before she could exit the picture, Xu Fengqing had taken her phone again.

He looked down and stared at the picture.

After all, it was a picture that had passed the review so the scale wasn’t too large. The person in the picture wasn’t even exposed, but it was full of tension.

He saw a silver-haired young man with his back against the wall. The man in front of him had one hand against the silver-haired man’s ear and the other hand was lowered. What it was doing wasn’t drawn.

The young man had both hands on the man’s chest in refusal. His red face was turned sideways and his lowered eyelashes had crystal tears hanging from them. It was as if he was being bullied.

This face…

Xu Fengqing gritted his teeth.

It was just a drawing but the painter was skillful. The young man’s face was at least 70% like his younger brother, Xu Sili. He could recognize it instantly.

What type of mess was this?

His eyes fell on the man who was bullying his ‘younger brother.’ He had light blond hair and he was staring at the young man, the corners of his mouth curved in a smile that contained a bit of teasing.

Xu Fengqing’s brother con attribute almost couldn’t be suppressed.

He took a deep breath, looked at the picture again and finally realized that something was wrong.

“Starry Sky Age? Snow and Si Sheng?”

He glanced at the small print of the painter’s note and looked at the secretary. “What is this?”

The secretary felt really embarrassed.

However, she was being questioned by the big boss so she still answered truthfully. “It is a fan art of Starry Sky Age. Recently, Starry Sky Age has become popular due to them. I just accidentally saw this topic on the hot search…”

Xu Fengqing stared deeply at her but didn’t embarrass her in the end. He put the phone back on her desk and said in a low voice, “Pay attention in the future.”

Then under the secretary’s relieved gaze, he turned and walked into his office.

He sat at the desk and started working as usual. However, he couldn’t calm down as he looked at the documents and materials sent from the Yin side.

Finally, Xu Fengqing took out his phone and clicked on Weibo.

He was usually very busy, especially recently, and he had all types of things on his mind. He naturally had no time to pay attention to these things.

In fact, the popularity had dropped a lot in this period of time. There was only one related entry on the tail of the hot search.

Xu Fengqing clicked in and took a look.

The topic was full of a lot of fan art that was very beautifully drawn. There were relatively few large-scale ones like just now, but these exquisite pictures were undoubtedly very attractive and the comment section was active.

His face gradually became gloomy.

He saved a few pictures casually. Then he opened a chat software and sent them to Xu Yuheng.

He needed an explanation.

Xu Yuheng had just finished dealing with the hot search when he received Xu Fengqing’s message and was feeling relieved that the popularity had almost died down.

Fortunately, those in the Xu family didn’t really know how to use Weibo… Then he received a bombardment of pictures from his brother.

Looking at these exquisite fan art, Xu Yuheng was about to explode with fright. What was this situation? Wasn’t his older brother usually so busy every day that his feet didn’t touch the ground? How could he see these pictures?

He also didn’t say anything after sending the pictures, which was more annoying than asking directly. He could imagine his brother’s dark face.

Xu Yuheng was depressed. The relationship between the two of them had eased now. After meeting Xiao Li, his temper was much better but… he still became angry when he thought of Si Sheng!

He thought about it and edited his reply.

Xu Yuheng: [What about it? I didn’t do it.]

Big Brother: [Who did it?]

Xu Yuheng was very depressed when he thought of this. He obviously hadn’t done anything! He had been working hard to make people withdraw the popularity. As a result, this CP still exploded. It was as if someone was fighting against him.

Xu Yuheng: [I don’t know. In any case, it wasn’t me. I wouldn’t stir up the popularity of this type of thing. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the publicity department.]

Big Brother: [That had better be the case [smile].]

Seeing his mocking expression, Xu Yuheng almost wanted to hit someone.

It had been ten years. How could this emoji still be used?

It was simply too gaudy!

On the other side, Xu Fengqing turned off his communication software, his expression still ugly.

He knew that even though Ah Heng didn’t have a sense of measure, he wouldn’t joke about Xiao Li’s reputation, even if it was just a substitute.

This thing was very strange.

He looked at the fan art that only appeared for a week. Could it really be the spontaneous behavior of these artists? He didn’t believe it.

Xu Fengqing searched before finally finding the earliest video.

This video had obviously been on the hot search. The data for the likes, comments and forwards was quite considerable.

He turned down the volume and clicked to play the video.

Xu Fengqing’s heart trembled slightly when he saw the young man standing on the interview stage. A suffocating pain enveloped him but he just pursed his lips and continued to look.

No matter what, the young man’s facial features, demeanor and movements were similar to his deceased brother.

It was as if Xiao Li hadn’t gotten on that da*n plane and hadn’t become sick. He was just acting in a play, dressing up as a character in a magical story.

Xu Fengqing closed his eyes but he could still hear the young man’s voice. It was so similar and was almost the same as in his memory.

He clenched his fists but he couldn’t vent the pain in his heart.

It had been ten years so he wasn’t even sure if his memory had gone wrong.

He had always disagreed with Ah Heng’s approach but he sometimes couldn’t help feeling envious.

Why couldn’t he be like Ah Heng and find a sustenance for these bitter emotions? But if he did this, what about the real Xiao Li?

After a long time, would his younger brother blur from his memory and even disappear, to be replaced by another figure?

Xu Fengqing slowly opened his eyes. His fists loosened and his eyes regained clarity.

He calmly watched the video from beginning to end.

It was a very serious live broadcast. Apart from the hands that touched when lifting the man up, the silver-haired young man didn’t show any intimate behavior with the NPC at all.

He really couldn’t see why so many fan works could be derived from such a video.

Xu Fengqing determined it wasn’t a problem with the game and turned off the video. He decided to let people check it to find out who was behind it!

Snow Roland’s face belonged to his family’s Xiao Li!


Just then, his phone rang again.

Ah Heng: [Brother, when are you going to play the game? After waiting almost 10 years, don’t you want to experience its charm? Aren’t you curious about what can make Xiao Li care about it so much?]

Xu Fengqing looked at his information and originally wanted to refuse. Yet this time, his heart was unexpectedly a bit moved.

He glanced at the documents piled up on his desk and thought about it. He just planned to reply that he would wait another two months since it was almost the open beta anyway. Then he saw Xu Yuheng’s next text message.

Ah Heng: [They are real.]


Xu Sili didn’t know about what happened in reality. After the live broadcast they did, Si Sheng took him directly back to the palace and he didn’t go out.

In the following week, he had been preparing the follow-up plan.

Once all the teleportation circles were built and they could contact each other, he was ready to take the players to the front line to clear the monsters.

At that time, it would be a month and a half since the second closed beta started. Most of the players should be able to reach level 16 or above. The level of the players of the first closed beta would be even higher and they already had a certain self-preservation ability.

Through the teleportation circles, people could be gathered together. The number of people online could reach at least four or five thousand at the same time.

He would lead such an undead army. Combine this with his support, his ability to control the field and his ability to restore health and he didn’t believe that they couldn’t exert their power.

In any case, it didn’t matter if he failed. Players could be resurrected after death and it only took 30 minutes. If it wasn’t possible, he would ask Si Sheng to take him to withdraw.

It would be more efficient if Si Sheng made a move but he had now attracted the attention of the game developers. Xu Sili didn’t dare let him act casually.

He hoped that before the beast wave came, he could sweep away the interstellar beasts between the five main cities and establish a defensive front line again.

If possible, he even hoped to push the border back to where it originally collapsed. He didn’t want to see the place where Silin and Xenos was buried to be trampled on by the interstellar beasts again.

It took only a week for Xu Sili to make the general arrangements. He just had to wait for the construction of the teleportation circles.

During the process of waiting, he took the time to pay attention to the greenhouse planting that the Yin family was engaged in.

There were already more than a dozen farmers following her. The scale seemed to be growing larger.

Xu Sili knew that letting the wood elementalists engage in growing was just an emergency means.

It was possible to barely solve the problem of food and clothing and reach the level of not starving to death in a short period of time. However, for long term development, he still needed ordinary players to do planting.

After all, there was a population of more than 90 million. How many wood elementalists were there in comparison?

In addition, the crops ripened by wood type elementalists were obviously inferior in taste to those grown intensively. The production of food was okay but fruits and vegetables still had to be planted through manpower.

After all, Starry Sky Age had the banner of food. Once the open beta started, the number of players who came for food would greatly increase and the quality of the raw ingredients was very important.

Now there was a farming master like Yin Xuemei and Xu Sili was quite happy. He even wanted his second brother to recruit a few good farmers in reality to teach planting skills to NPCs in the game.

In addition to farmers, there were also five star chefs. There was no need for them to open a store in the game. They just needed to research recipes according to Roland’s special ingredients and teach them to NPCs.

As for the industrial aspect, it wasn’t necessary at the moment. It was because among the things he bought from the Interstellar Alliance, there were some functional robots and processing equipment. Then… they were all taken by Xiao Wu to play with.

The little guy asked him for a piece of land. Then he controlled the robots and equipment himself to build a factory.

The factory was made of all metal and the metal was also smelted by Xiao Wu’s robots. He said that the Roland Empire had too few vehicles and he was ready to use his own parts to make them.

Floating cars, floating buses and even floating trains were within the scope of his plans.

The production process for these things was very easy for him to obtain.

Xu Sili hadn’t expected that Xiao Wu would be obsessed with building vehicles. He was happy to see it. If Xiao Wu succeeded and could really build them, there would be no need for him to buy them from the Interstellar Alliance in the future.

Xu Sili continued to wait for the teleportation circles to be completed. But before they were completed, he received a distress message from outer space.

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