VCRMM: Chapter 134 Part 2

A big shot was a big shot. The picture had smooth lines and a comfortable composition. The use of color was also very brilliant, making the whole picture full of tension.

The moment this high-quality fan art was published, it instantly killed all the previous fan works and soon accumulated a super high popularity.

It also successfully put this CP on the hot search.

It wasn’t at the very top of the hot search rankings, but it was quite difficult for a game CP, and a game that hadn’t even been officially released, to squeeze onto the hot search through natural popularity.

This also attracted a lot of melon-eating girls.

The high-quality fanart released by the big shot instantly won the recognition of passersby. At the same time, under the promotion of the sisters, they touched the fandom area of Starry Sky Age and opened the door to a new world.

Due to the preconceived idea they got from the big painter, the camp of Si Sheng X Snow Roland grew rapidly.

This CP pair successfully exploded out of the circle and attracted countless people who previously didn’t know about the holographic game or missed the publicity.

They started to have strong interest in the game and the search volume increased dramatically. This brought another wave of popularity to Starry Sky Age.

The live videos of the game were also edited and put on the Internet. Due to this topic, the popularity was rising.

Unlike the CP-loving girls, the game lovers were stunned by the quality of the game graphics.

“F*k, is this game screen real? Isn’t it a promotional video deliberately shot?”

“Watching a streamer live stream in the game. Can it still be like this?”

“I’m very interested in the worldview of the game. How do I play?”

Such a development was never expected by the game team. The publicity department even asked Xu Yuheng if he wanted to take this opportunity to stir up a wave of heat.

Stir, stir what?

Xu Yuheng’s face turned blue. He had already chosen to be blind to this. Why did these people come to remind him of this sad thing?

The publicity department was severely reprimanded and ran away in despair. They didn’t dare to use Snow Roland as a hot spot in the future and racked their brains to think of other publicity strategies.

However, the fact that the Xu Group didn’t make a move didn’t mean their partners would just watch.

What a publicity opportunity!

Even if they didn’t hype up the CP, they could take this opportunity to promote the graphics and texture of the game. The realism was close to 99%!

In addition, the biggest partner Yin Hong also fell in love with this CP pair.

She didn’t notify the Xu side.

She had the publicity increase the weight and heat up the popularity of Starry Sky Age, directly defining Starry Sky Age as an epoch-making holographic game on the market. Its technology was more than ten years ahead of the world.

Yin Hong had personally played Starry Sky Age so she dared to define Starry Sky Age as this.

Food that tasted and smelled 100% realistic, barbecue and milk tea that wouldn’t make a person fat no matter how much they ate, various professions that could fly freely through the air, control plants or land or control nature in their hands…

In addition—

Those with bad vision could take off their glasses, the blind could see again, those with disabled legs could throw away their wheelchairs… in the game, they would have a completely healthy body!

This type of publicity direction was undoubtedly full of attraction. It was also the plan that Yin Hong had discussed with Xu Yuheng before. Now it was still the second closed beta and she took advantage of the CP popularity to warm up the game in advance.

She also privately spent a lot of money to invite a group of big shot artists to draw countless fan pictures. Then she released them in one go.

There were solo and pairs in the fanart but they were basically all Si Sheng and Snow Roland.

This move satisfied her own CP while pushing this wave of release warm-up to the climax.

Xu Sili didn’t know that his interaction with Si Sheng in front of the live broadcast camera allowed him to achieve the goal he had set before.

In this timeline, it was necessary to let the ‘SiSi’ CP win first place in the CP popularity rankings, suppressing everyone else!

Finally, under everyone’s eyes, he and Si Sheng disappeared together in the white light of the teleportation circle. The ministers waited nervously for five minutes before seeing them successfully appear on the teleportation circle in Orchid Moon City.

Once the people around the Orchid Moon City teleportation circle saw their figures appear, they all fell to their knees.

After receiving the news early in the morning, Dean Edith of the elementalist branch had been waiting there since the early hours of the morning. She knelt down with soft legs and her eyes filled with tears of excitement.

More than four months ago, she had been sent to Orchid Moon City to establish an elementalist branch. She and her teacher, Professor Belen, thought they might never be able to see each other again in their lifetime.

Unexpectedly, in less than half a year, His Majesty ordered people to build the two-way teleportation circle and personally presided over the trial.

The surprise came too quickly and suddenly. It wasn’t until His Majesty came to her that her mind returned.

“I greet Your Majesty!”

She prostrated herself on the ground, expressing her highest respect.

Xu Sili asked her to get up and asked about the situation of the Orchid Moon City elementalist branch.

Prior to this, the establishment of the elementalist branch wasn’t made public. It was only reported on some news programs. Now there was the discussion between Xu Sili and Edith and the whole empire knew about it.

No one expected that His Majesty would do such a big thing silently!

They were originally attracted by the teleportation circle. Now focusing on the conversation, many people learned that each main city had established an elementalist branch.

In the future, children who were detected with talent would no longer have to cross the mountains and rivers, going through many dangers to enroll in Imperial City.

Before the child was 10 years old, they would stay at the elementalist branch to study.

In this way, it not only ensured the safety of the children but also gave them the opportunity to spend the holidays with their families. This was definitely the best of both worlds.

The Orchid Moon City branch had been built and the talent testing of all five year old children had been completed. It was worth mentioning that the number of elementalist seedlings detected this year had doubled compared to previous years.

Xu Sili knew that this was due to the upgrade in the level of the main city, so he wasn’t too surprised.

Originally, the elementalist branch had just been established and various resources were scarce. Now with the teleportation circle, it might consume energy but they could at least communicate with each other.

It would be very convenient to send additional personnel or supplies.

Xu Sili was quite satisfied with Edith’s response. He looked at the child next to Edith, who wasn’t even as high as his thighs, and couldn’t help walking over to crouch down in front of the child.

Among the five main cities, the conditions of Orchid Moon City were the most difficult. The child in front of him was thin and small, not much better than skin and bones.

“Child, what is your name?”

The child looked at him timidly. “Lily.”

Xu Sili was slightly stunned. He hadn’t expected the child to be a girl.

He glanced at the milk tea in the girl’s hand and asked, “Is the milk tea delicious?”

Lily nodded her little head. “It is delicious. Sweet~”

Xu Sili smiled. He reached out and touched the top of her somewhat messy hair. Then he stood up and looked at Edith.

“Winter is here. You must ensure that the children’s heating and food are in place.”

He glanced at the elderly people, the weak women and the children around him. He had told them to get up but they were still trembling. This was a natural fear of the powerful.

“You should also take care of the elderly more.”

Edith nodded repeatedly. Then an old lady knelt in front of him again. “Thank you, Your Majesty, for summoning the braves. Thanks to the help and care of the braves, our lives are much better than they were in the past. Many people have survived this winter.”

Once she finished speaking, this was repeated by the people in the town.

There were also the onlooker players nearby. One or two proudly puffed up their chests and even their calm personalities showed a smile.

The daily task of ‘Respecting the Old and Caring for the Young’ was really trivial but it was gratifying to be praised and rewarded for their efforts.

Xu Sili was naturally happy to see this scene.

He followed up with a few words of praise. Then once the time was almost up, he and Si Sheng returned to the center of the teleportation circle again.

If they didn’t go back, the ministers would probably make trouble.

Once the two of them returned to Imperial City through the teleportation circle and people all over the empire saw, then this trial would be considered a complete success!

Xu Sili also announced that the teleportation circles of the other three main cities were already under construction. The teleportation circle of Imperial City-Orchid Moon City would officially be put into use in a week.

The administrator would work out the rules for using the teleportation circle within the next week.

At this time, the live broadcast finally came to an end.

The CP topic about the two of them was still fermenting. With the large amount of fan art released by Yin Hong, the popularity didn’t decrease. Instead, it continued vigorously for almost a week before gradually subsiding.

Xu Fengqing, Xu Sili’s oldest brother, also saw their CP fanart at this time.

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