VCRMM: Chapter 134 Part 1

Hearing the young man’s words and seeing the smile on his face, Si Sheng couldn’t hold back. The corners of his lips curved up in a shallow arc and his gray-blue eyes were like a galaxy shining with stars.

They stared at each other and smiled. The sunlight shone through the glass of the dome and rendered this whole scene beautiful and sacred.

Through the live broadcast camera flying in the air, this scene was completely presented to the people of the empire and the players in the server.

“Ahhhh, look, the marshal smiled! In addition, His Majesty. His Majesty also smiled!”

In everyone’s impression, the two noblest figures of the Roland Empire were unsmiling people.

Every time the marshal appeared in front of people, he always had a ruthless and solemn expression. In the few video materials of the young emperor, he was cold and noble. This made people unable to desecrate him.

Now they were smiling at each other! It was also clearly captured by the camera!

The entire nation was boiling over.

It was because this was a very special scene. The two people they respected and loved the most also respected and trusted each other.

They were willing to take risks together and face the unknown at such a moment. This allowed everyone to witness the greatest friendship in the world.

“Lord Marshal is still so loyal to the imperial family!”

“It is so touching to see it.”

“Yes, as long as His Majesty and Lord Marshal are present, we can overcome difficulties, eliminate all interstellar beasts and restore the former glory of the empire!”

Almost all the Roland citizens who watched this scene were moved by the sincere friendship between monarch and minister.

Some young children even imitated Si Sheng’s action of kneeling on one knee with his right hand on his chest, swearing allegiance to the emperor.

The emperor and the marshal had long been the spiritual pillars of the people. Today, this love and respect was deeply rooted in their hearts.

With such a wise, kind, brave and fearless emperor and such a powerful and loyal patron saint, the Roland Empire could rise again and create greater glory!

Unlike NPCs, the players who saw this scene reacted more fiercely.

At the current stage, among the fans of Starry Sky Age, the proportion of otome players was very heavy due to the linkage with Game of the Gods. It was just like Xu Yuheng’s survey. The proportion of women among the second closed beta players was higher than that of men.

Male players were impressed by the charisma displayed in the emperor’s speech but female players were different.

For example, Ah Caizi’s live broadcast room.

The barrage was unprecedentedly active from the moment Xu Sili appeared on the live broadcast screen. Then once he stepped off the interview platform and walked to the center of the teleportation circle, it reached the level of filling the screen.

[Ahhh, His Majesty is absolutely beautiful!]

[His Majesty is so good-looking. I love silver hair! I really want to enter this game wu wu wu. I heard there are only 100,000 places in the first batch of the open beta. I don’t know if I can grab one QAQ.]

[It is worthy of being a character based on our Brother Li. He is really beautiful and A. Even his voice is so similar. I want to hear Brother Li sing again.]

Xu Sili’s ten year long fan vented her thoughts and blessings for her idol on the barrage. Ah Caizi was also a fan and her nose became sore.

“Our Brother Li is definitely living a good life in another world, just like His Majesty. And… I heard that His Majesty is a sound elementalist!”

Ah Caizi comforted the fans.

“I heard the song that His Majesty sang in the game. I will play it for you.”

Previously, Xu Sili had recorded Sprouting and had Wen Jishan broadcast it nationwide to stimulate people’s elemental affinity.

Ah Caizi had fallen in love with this song the first time she heard it. It was only recently that she discovered this was actually sung by Emperor Snow himself!

Before she could play the song for the fans, there was a dramatic, no, explosive scene on the live broadcast screen!

The silver-haired emperor, who wore a crown on his head and had a cold and noble temperament, didn’t receive applause from everyone present after making this heartwarming declaration.

The ministers’ surprise and disapproval could be seen from their expressions.

He didn’t speak but judging from the young man’s slightly pursed lips and the change in his eyes, faint disappointment and depression could be seen.

Ah Caizi’s heart tensed and the barrage also turned into an ocean of maternal love. Then!

There was the sound of footsteps.

The live broadcast camera rotated just in time to capture the man in the military uniform walking toward the emperor step by step.

The camera just happened to be filming him from the front.

He was a tall and strong man in a tailored military uniform, with a calm and solemn expression on his handsome face. After seeing him, people would immediately think of words such as ‘powerful’ and ‘majestic.’

He wasn’t looking at the camera but Ah Caizi couldn’t help holding her breath as she felt a great pressure.

He walked steadily past the camera and came to the silver-haired young man standing in the middle of the circle. Then in full view of everyone, he got down on one knee.

This scene happened too suddenly.

There was even a second with no comments on Ah Caizi’s live broadcast screen. In the camera, they could only see the man’s brilliant blond hair and the back of the military uniform that was taut due to the kneeling action.

The young, silver-haired emperor was obviously stunned.

Immediately afterward, the man’s deep and magnetic voice rang out and a slight smile slowly appeared on the emperor’s cold and indifferent face.

The barrage was revived again.

The whole screen was directly drowned out by a series of ‘ahhhhhhhhhh’.

Ah Caizi was also stunned stupid.

She didn’t bother watching the barrage any longer. Her eyes were fixed on the live TV in front of her. She watched as the emperor retracted his smile and held out his hand toward the blond-haired man.

Si Sheng stood up with his support. At this moment, the flying camera finally switched the angle of view and gave a close-up face shot of the two people.


A smile appeared on the emperor’s face again, as if he couldn’t hold it back. The cold alienation in his eyes was swept away.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see his closeness to the man in front of him.

The even more amazing thing was that… Si Sheng also smiled!

He smiled while looking at His Majesty!

After they stood up, neither one of them let go of their hands!

F*k, hurry up and zoom in! Cameraman, do you know how to do it?

Ah Caizi also recovered from her stupor.

Ahhhh, was this something she deserved to see?

At this moment, she and the game fans watching her live broadcast room turned into screaming chickens. Fortunately, the surrounding NPCs were also cheering enthusiastically, so she wasn’t regarded as a lunatic.

Simultaneously, Starry Sky Age’s forum was flooded with a large number of posts about Snow Roland and Si Sheng.

In just one minute, hundreds of posts appeared simultaneously.

[Emperor and marshal, they are locked!]

[Wu wu, I fell in love with my husband the day before yesterday and the house collapsed today. Still, I am so happy ahhhh!]

[They are a couple, right? I really ship it!]

[I took a screenshot. Anyone who wants it, private message me.]

[F*k, why is Si Sheng so A in Starry Sky? Why is His Majesty so beautiful? I entered the pit. The 10,000 word story is starting.]

[Sisters, take a look at the good thing I found. There is a fandom area in the Starry Sky Forum! There are many materials from Game of the Gods and Starry Sky Age.]

The fandom area was discovered at this time, which was too timely.

Many sisters who were about to produce food poured into this special area. Before the game even officially launched, the first pair of popular CPs was determined- Si Sheng x Snow Roland.

Of course, everyone was arguing about who was the gong and who was the shou. Due to the video of Si Sheng exploding the interstellar beasts outside Orchid Moon City, many people supported him as the gong.

However, they couldn’t forget that Snow Roland was the emperor. He was so beautiful and when he made his declaration, the dominance and responsibility of being a ruler was also A.

In short, wasn’t an emperor gong beauty also sweet?

Both sides had their own opinions and no one could convince the other. They enclosed their territory while secretly competing with each other.

In addition, many of them couldn’t play the game so they had a lot of leisure time. This led to a competition of mutual food production in a short period of time. In less than two days, a large number of fan works about Snow Roland and Si Sheng emerged.

The Starry Sky fandom area was so active, unlike a new area that had just been developed.

The happiest thing was probably for the readers who entered the fandom area. It was just like a festival.

However, even if the popularity in the forum was very high, it hadn’t reached the point of going out of the circle. For some reason, the game developers didn’t mean to hype up this popularity despite now being rich.

It was just that sometimes things developed in an unexpected manner.

It all started when an artist with millions of followers on China’s largest social media platform released fan art.

@Yugu #Starry Sky Age# #SiSi is real# Wu wu wu, SiSi is so good! Happily sending this picture~

Wu Wu, an unlucky person is begging for a place to buy the game cabin. The price can be doubled. I want to enter the game to see these two people @Starry Sky Age Official Game Team.


The artist had obviously watched the live broadcast or a video of it. The background of the fan art was the interior of the teleportation hall and the pattern of the teleportation circle could be seen on the floor.

The people in the picture were Si Sheng and Xu Sili but their postures had changed.

The blond-haired man was down on one knee in front of His Majesty the Emperor. One hand was on his chest while the other hand was holding the emperor’s hand and he piously pressed a kiss on the back of the hand.

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