VCRMM: Chapter 133 Part 2

As early as 10-20 years ago, there was the abolition of slavery and this gave some welfare benefits to the nobility, such as territories.

The current nobles still owned their own lands but it was concentrated in the inner city of Imperial City. After building exquisite and beautiful houses, they could only have land around the size of a small garden.

The noble who was currently enjoying the greatest treatment in the empire was probably their patron saint, Lord Marshal Si Sheng.

He owned a castle on the outskirts of the inner city that covered a large area. It was second only to the imperial palace.

All other lands belonged to the imperial family.

Now a brave from another world had actually received land personally rewarded by His Majesty the Emperor!

Such a reward would cause even the nobles to feel envious.

Nevertheless, they had no objections. This brave had built a teleportation circle! If the trial was successful then the benefits it would generate would go far beyond a piece of land.

If travel between the five main cities could really be unimpeded without having to clear away all the interstellar beasts, it was indeed worthy of such a reward.

As for the players—they had long gone crazy.

Wow, a piece of land! In addition, a noble title!

Think about the base of a mercenary group. They had to work hard to get the construction order and they couldn’t build it directly after gathering all the fragments. They had to spend 100,000 yuan to buy the right to build it.

Yes, many players suddenly realized that the base didn’t really belong to them. They only had the right to build it and this was likely to expire.

Su Mo! Who was he? How did he do it?

For a while, the number of posts on the Starry Sky Forum increased sharply. Almost all of them were discussing Su Mo. The professional gaming clubs who entered Starry Sky Age were also using various contacts to find him.

They could get a piece of land as long as they got Su Mo! There was also the teleportation circle! Thinking about it made people’s blood boil.

Su Mo was an old player of the first closed beta and knew many people. After Xu Sili announced the reward, his private messages exploded.

As for Su Mo, who was discussed by everyone…

He was currently in Glass Sea City. After working overtime to build the two transportation circles in Imperial City and Orchid Moon City, he was sent to Glass Sea City to start construction of the teleportation circle there.

He had already received the rewards. Since he brought Chi Yu and Su Lin along with him from the beginning, they had also become magic circle mages.

They were only at the apprentice level but since they had built it twice with him, they had a lot of experience with the teleportation circle and could complete it independently. Therefore…

His Majesty asked them to be in charge of the teleportation circles of the other three main cities and to strive to complete the construction within half a month!

In other words…

He wouldn’t be able to see his Xiao Chi for another half a month QAQ.

Su Mo was very unhappy about this. Of course, after seeing the live broadcast, he still made a video call to Chi Yu to brag.

Due to the teaching and guidance when making the magic circle, the relationship between the two of them had become much closer. This made it so Su Mo couldn’t wait to stay in the game for 24 hours a day.

As for the two construction gods who were abducted into the game by him…

They were poached by Wen Jishan very early and were now participating in the expansion of Doha Town. They played happily every day.

Of course, the moment His Majesty announced the start of the trial of the magic circle, he became serious without Chi Yu’s reminder and even felt a bit nervous.

This magic circle had only been tried out once and it was done in private. Unexpectedly, after they reported about it, the emperor announced that a live broadcast inspection would be carried out. It was… very reckless.

The live screen was split in half.

One half was still on the emperor while the other half was on the teleportation circle located in the central town of Orchid Moon City.

The location of Orchid Moon City’s teleportation circle wasn’t widely publicized. Since Orchid Moon City’s developed area was the border, there weren’t too many onlookers.

Of course, due to reasons such as population and resources, the teleportation circle in Orchid Moon City didn’t have a hall to enclose it. They simply built a roof to prevent sun and rain.

This meant the people of Orchid Moon City could directly watch it from a close distance.

Xu Sili felt a bit uncomfortable when he examined the onlookers and saw that they were the elderly, the weak women and the children who remained in the central town of Orchid Moon City.

He stared at the camera and said.

“To celebrate the first trial of the teleportation circle, I have prepared some delicious food for the people of Orchid Moon City.”

At his signal, the guards moved a long table while the maids placed various food carefully prepared on it.

There was bread made from Black Valley, special milk tea from various small shops in Imperial City, the savory crepes that had recently become popular and other steaming hot food.

The maids retreated and Xu Sili declared, “Next, I will activate the teleportation circle and send this food to Orchid Moon City. I will invite the people of Orchid Moon City to taste them.”

The first trial was to transfer things between cities.

The newly appointed operator of the teleportation circle had long been waiting nervously on standby. After hearing the emperor’s order, he quickly connected the two teleportation circles and pressed the activation command.

In the midst of everyone’s attention, the pattern of the teleportation circle gradually lit up until it converged in the center of the circle. Then it emitted a dazzling light.

The light lasted for over a minute. Once the light faded, the long table placed in the center of the teleportation circle had disappeared.

There was an uproar and everyone instinctively looked at the half of the screen showing Orchid Moon City.

In the simultaneous live broadcast, the teleportation circle of Orchid Moon City didn’t change. Everyone waited with bated breath as time passed minute by minute. It felt like even the air had become anxious.

Xu Sili was also a bit nervous.

However, he knew the information in advance so he remained calm. His calm performance eased some people who had been showing doubts.

In the midst of such a torturous wait, a full five minutes passed. Then under everyone’s expectant, hesitant or distressed gazes, the teleportation circle of Orchid Moon City finally changed.

It lit up with a white light and it took around a minute for the light to disappear.

Once the light dissipated, a long table full of food appeared on the originally empty magic circle!

Everyone in the empire who saw this scene was in turmoil! This might all be carried out silently but everyone felt extremely passionate. Some people even burst out into tears as they wept with joy.

What did it mean for the transfer to be successful?

It meant that the five cities scattered among the sea of beasts finally had the hope of being connected again! It meant the family members separated by the beast wave three years ago could finally be reunited! It means that the fighters on the front lines could finally… go home.

The NPCs cheered and it was the same for the players.

Could they go to other main cities?

No, it seemed that only the connection between Imperial City-Orchid Moon City had been built at present. Then what about the other three main cities? When would they be activated?

Why was this game updated piece by piece? It should be updated together!

After the first of the large-scale complaints of the players, the officials had to come out to explain. “The construction of the teleportation circle is a spontaneous act by NPCs, not a game version update.”

They were basically saying ‘It is none of my business.’

Some players believed it while others didn’t. In any case, it didn’t affect the continuation of the live broadcast in the game.

The long table on the teleportation circle of Orchid Moon City was moved away and the warm milk tea was distributed to the elderly and the children. In such a winter, drinking a cup of warm milk tea and chewing on the soft and sticky round taro boba was simply a human enjoyment.

Many game fans watching had to order a cup of warm tea.

The success of teleportation was naturally something to be happy about. However, everyone undoubtedly had greater expectations for teleporting real people.

Under everyone’s eyes, the young emperor standing on the interview platform actually walked down the stairs step by step. He passed the marshal guarding him and walked to the center of the teleportation circle.

Both nobles and commoners were shocked by the sight.

His Majesty the Emperor actually wanted to test it himself?!

What about the soldiers? What about the imperial guards? Why weren’t they stopping him?

Not only had Xu Sili’s current support rate increased to nearly 90% but he was the only blood of the Roland Imperial family. No one could watch him take risks!

Xu Sili was extremely calm.

“Next, I’ll teleport myself.”

The microphone pinned to his collar clearly conveyed his words.

“I know that many people don’t want me to do this. You want me to find a guard or prisoner to test it out, but… I don’t intend to do that.”

“As the emperor of the Roland Empire, I have an obligation and responsibility to lead the way and fight on the front line, just like my father and imperial brother and sister once did.”

“No one in the Roland imperial family is a coward who huddles in the rear and enjoys other people’s success!”

Xu Sili faced the live broadcast camera and made his declaration to everyone. This was paving the way for his next plan.

He didn’t want to hide in Imperial City any longer.

He would go to the front lines!

At this moment, his voice among the people undoubtedly reached the peak. However, the ministers at the scene, even Li Zhecheng and Janice, all showed a look of disapproval after recovering from their shock.

Even the oldest Grand Duke Felton was about to interrupt the live broadcast and admonish the young emperor who was carried away by enthusiasm.

The imperial family of Roland couldn’t afford to lose anymore people!

However, his movements were a step slow. There was one person who walked out ahead of him.

Step, step, step.

Military boots struck the stone slabs of the teleportation circle and sounded extremely loud in the silent hall.

Grand Duke Felton paused when he saw the tall and majestic figure, regarded as the patron saint of the empire, approach the emperor in the center of the magic circle step by step.

If this person came out to persuade him, His Majesty should listen, right?

As he was eagerly praying, Si Sheng came to the silver-haired young man. He got down on one knee, placed his right hand over his heart and looked up, gray-blue eyes full of affection.

“Your Majesty, please allow this servant to follow in your footsteps. Your servant is willing to overcome thorns for you and I swear to protect you until death!”

Xu Sili looked down at him. Despite the serious occasion, he couldn’t help curling the corners of his lips up sweetly, showing a slight smile.

This smile made him look even brighter.

Then he soon remembered that it was a live broadcast and he restrained his smile. He asked in a low voice, “Marshal, are you willing to accompany this emperor for a walk?”


Si Sheng replied firmly.

Xu Sili couldn’t hold back his smile again. He felt that he couldn’t hold it back, so he didn’t hide it any longer. He smiled wantonly and stretched out his hand toward Si Sheng.

Si Sheng looked up and finally placed his hand on the slender, white palm. He stood up with Xu Sili’s weak support.


He saw the young man smiling at him and responding happily.

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