VCRMM: Chapter 133 Part 1

“I just received the latest news. His Majesty Roland will hold the opening and trial operation of the two-way teleportation circle in Imperial City at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. It is right next to the birth point!”

8 o’clock in the evening was the time when the Starry Sky Age players were most active. Such a post appeared on the Starry Sky Forum and immediately attracted the attention and discussions of a large wave of people.

[This title is too informative]

[A two-way teleportation circle? Ahh, is this game finally going to have a teleportation circle? When will it be updated? Or is it updated at night?]

[F*k, a teleportation circle is finally here! The map is so big and it is really unbearable without a teleportation circle. It has been almost two months since I started and I still haven’t finished exploring all of Imperial City.]

[I’ve also seen the report. NPCs are now discussing this matter. It is quite amazing to see their various expressions of amazement and incredulity, hahaha.]

[Next to the birth point of Imperial City? Is it the palace that is around the size of the summoning hall?]

[Wow, birth point? I haven’t been back since I entered the game.]

The map of Starry Sky Age was really too big and it took a long time to travel if they went back to the resurrection point. After players died, most of them waited 30 minutes before resurrecting on the spot.

It was a month since the second closed beta started and most of the players were active in Doha Town and Mercenary Town. It was because these places had so many more missions than the inner city.

In addition, there were the players who mastered the flying technique. After the relief mission was completed, they mostly chose to explore around that location.

It was because they were remote maps and almost no one competed with them for missions. It was more efficient to complete missions and there were occasionally unexpected surprises.

Now due to the opening ceremony of the teleportation circle reported by the entire nation, all the braves outside Imperial City chose to commit suicide and return to the city before going offline.

In this way, once they went online the next time, the resurrection time would arrive and they would make it in time to watch the opening ceremony.

The completion of the teleportation circle caused quite a stir in all the main cities of the Roland Empire.

The one hundred years of natural disasters that they experienced caused many inheritances to be lost, but some legends and stories were still spread among the people through oral transmission.

The teleportation circle belonged to a distant legend.

It could greatly shorten the time it took to travel between two places and they could travel thousands of kilometers a day. The teleportation circle was as mysterious and desirable as the guardian circle.

On the streets, almost everyone in Roland was discussing this matter.

Unlike the ignorant and low level poor people, some people who paid attention to national affairs already realized what type of changes would be brought to the development of the empire if the trial of the teleportation circle was really successful.

On the second day, apart from some lucky people in the inner city who could go to the scene, everyone chose to stay in front of the TV or various electronic devices to watch the live broadcast.

Taverns that were supposed to be bleak during the day were crowded with people as long as there was a television present.

The only one who felt no expectations for this matter and was even a bit worried was probably the game developers.

This was only the second closed beta!

The speed of the development was almost like riding a rocket.

The planners and technicians were about to lose their hair. They couldn’t figure it out. The blueprint for the teleportation circle had only been found after upgrading Imperial City to level three. It had only been two or three months. How could this magic circle be built so quickly?

Did these NPCs all eat accelerants?

The players currently didn’t have any bad feedback on the speed of the game development but the game team was still worried. They were afraid that during the public beta, new players would be dissatisfied and quit due to imbalance problems.

Even if there weren’t many players who quit due to the high price of the game cabin, it would still destroy their reputation and affect the follow-up.

Fortunately, the crisis on the Xu Group’s side seemed to have eased recently. Chairman Xu wasn’t as focused on the benefits of the game and hadn’t put too much pressure on them.

In short, on this day, the game team also watched nervously while praying for the failure of the teleportation circle.

Xu Sili had asked his second brother about choosing to test the effect of the magic circle through a live broadcast.

The pace of development couldn’t slow down in order to cope with the beast wave. It was better to simply let go while paying attention to the experience of players during this process.

In addition, this was all led by ‘Snow Roland’. Due to the scruples of the Xu family, the game developers didn’t dare do anything to him.

At around 9 o’clock, the front of the teleportation hall next to the summoning hall was full of people watching the excitement.

Some people couldn’t help feeling that ever since His Majesty ascended to the throne, there had been a lot of exciting scenes to watch. This was the third time they had come here to watch something.

The difference from the past was that after the completion of the teleportation hall, Xu Sili had a giant LCD screen set up in front of these two halls.

In this way, it would be in place if he wanted to announce something in the future. Then during usual times, it could be rented to merchants to place advertisements.

In the beginning, the merchants didn’t know about advertisements. The people of the Roland Empire had a rather poor entertainment life and there weren’t any movies or television shows.

Most of the broadcasts on TV were competitive live broadcasts and news, such as the previous beast fighting.

Xu Sili’s proposal simply opened up a new world for these people. In particular, a big wave occurred after the first military promotional video was filmed and released according to his request.

There were quite a few good short stories these days and some players with flexible brains had made a lot of money by selling scripts.

However, at this moment, the people standing in front of the LCD screen were waiting for the live broadcast to start.

The teleportation hall was surrounded by guards and players couldn’t get in. Only a few people were qualified to watch the scene in person.

Mercenary Town, the weapons store.

Yin Xing didn’t go to watch with the crowd. He didn’t even know about the teleportation circle.

In the past few months, apart from doing the daily tasks of ‘Respecting the Old and Caring for the Young’, he had been staying in the weapons store and striking iron for five hours a day, never stopping.

Now his blacksmithing proficiency had reached level eight and each level of improvement brought him a lot of benefits.

In the beginning, it rewarded him with physique and strength stats. Then from Lv 6 onwards, each level increase gave him a passive skill or buff bonus.

For example, the weapon he was currently making had a 10% of obtaining a critical damage bonus. For example, when striking iron, his mind would passively enter a highly concentrated state, so as to calm his mind and not be distracted by foreign objects.

His motivation for blacksmithing was undoubtedly much higher after receiving these rewards.

Just two days ago, he finally worked hard for a full month and was accepted as an apprentice by Master Abel.

During this month, Yin Xing was the only one who persevered. The other players either retreated due to the difficulties or they couldn’t bear it and gave up halfway.

After becoming an apprentice, his daily routine was still blacksmithing.

Even so, he wasn’t dissatisfied about this. He also wanted to train his proficiency to the full level to see what achievements would be rewarded.

The result—

“Take a day off today and get ready. Tomorrow, I’ll teach you something new.”

Yin Xing was obviously stunned when he heard Master Abel’s words, but he didn’t refuse. He agreed obediently. Then he saw his master sitting in front of the TV and beckoning for him to sit.

“A teleportation circle…”

Master Abel sighed slightly.

He was considered an old man in the empire who had survived the one hundred years of natural disasters. He was only around 10 years old at the time and now he was over 100 years old. As a two star elementalist, he still had decades of his life remaining.

“I didn’t expect that in my lifetime, I would see the teleportation circle appear again…”

The corners of the old man’s eyes were a bit moist. They were filled with nostalgia for his childhood and remembrance of the deceased.

“The teleportation circle is good… if it really works, I want to try it as well.”

Yin Xing silently accompanied him and his eyes fell on the TV.

The live broadcast had already begun.

Following the on-site reporter’s explanation, the scene that was originally filming outside was moved into the hall as the screen turned. Then the camera rose up and the giant magic circle in the center of the hall was shown to the people.

Before Yin Xing could see the specific pattern of the magic circle, a handsome young man with silver hair, purple eyes and a crown on his head appeared in the middle of the TV.

Even Yin Xing couldn’t help holding his breath for a moment at the young man’s beauty.

Warm cheers rang out outside the teleportation hall.

The usually serious Master Abel applauded beside him. This young emperor had high prestige in the empire.

Master Abel sensed that Yin Xing was looking at him and smiled. “His Majesty is a great ruler.”

He had no complaints despite being sent to Mercenary Town. After all, he had seen the series of changes in the empire after the new emperor ascended to the throne.

Even the well-informed Abel had to sigh emotionally. The new emperor might be young and sometimes didn’t restrain himself, but after implementing things, it was found that he was basically right.

On the TV, the silver-haired young man spoke softly and delivered a speech before the ceremony.

There was a brief exchange of pleasantries before he got down to business.

“Today, this emperor will carry out the opening and trial of the two-way teleportation circle. Before that, I must first thank a brave. He is Master Su Mo.”

Su Mo? Yin Xing couldn’t help being stunned.

Was it the Su Mo he knew?

Previously, he was pulled into a group for simulated city games by his friends. In it, he could often see Su Mo chatting and trying to pull people into Starry Sky Age.

Players could also participate in construction in the game…

His heart skipped a beat.

In reality, he was originally an architect. Then after being paralyzed…

Yin Xing glanced at Master Abel next to him and hesitated a bit when recalling how Master Abel said he would teach something new tomorrow. Then Yin Xing suppressed the thought that came to his heart.

Let’s first wait to become a weapons master.

Xu Sili’s words undoubtedly caused an uproar, especially among players.

F*k, being personally thanked by the emperor in front of all the NPCs and players on the server. This was too amazing!

It wasn’t just the NPCs in the game. The game fans outside were also watching it on the live broadcast room in the forum and became curious about this Su Mo.

On the TV screen, the young emperor continued.

“If it wasn’t for Master Su Mo, this teleportation circle might still be a blueprint. It is due to the efforts of him and the elementalist builders that the transportation circle became a reality!”

“I hope my people can remember this moment and the help of the braves to the Roland Empire! The selfless generosity of the braves, as well as their enthusiasm and sincerity, has allowed the closed off main cities to have the opportunity to communicate with each other after so many years!”

Xu Sili didn’t hesitate to raise the players to a very high position. Promoting the harmonious coexistence of players and NPCs was a long-term theme for him after all.

“The braves came here in response to the call. In this short period of one month, they have brought gratifying changes to the empire.”

“The imperial family won’t treat any talent who has made outstanding contributions to the empire and the people badly!”

“Today, before the launch ceremony of the teleportation circle, I will grant Master Su Mo the status of a nobleman. At the same time, he will also get a piece of land that belongs to him.”

Everyone watching the live broadcast was boiling at this moment.

A nobleman!

A piece of land that belonged to him!

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