VCRMM: Chapter 132 Part 2

Deng Jianan frowned and looked at the other person.

His current level was Lv 5, which was the same as Aude’s level. The two of them were equal, so he could check Aude’s information.

He hadn’t expected this NPC to be an elementalist.

Looking at the countdown of the mission, he had to deliver the food within three days. There was still 30 minutes left until the mission ended. If the time passed while arguing with this person, his mission would be in vain.

“Don’t you know? I am a brave.”

Deng Jian put his hands on his waist and spoke nonsense. “Space magic is an innate skill of every brave. You are too ignorant if you don’t know this!”

Aude looked at the other person with a livid face. Deng Jianan’s arrogant attitude made him angry but… a brave?

“You really aren’t a liar?”

“Oh, I won’t discuss it with you first.”

Deng Jianan waved his hands and looked at Hams. “I originally wanted to put it in the warehouse but I have no time now. Let’s do it here.”

Everyone watched as he walked to an open space not far from the village gate. It had just been cleaned and the snow wasn’t that deep.

“Lexi Village, one ton of Black Valley…”

Deng Jianan opened the faction warehouse as he spoke. Then he entered the quantity in the column of Black Valley and clicked to confirm it.

In the faction warehouse, 1 Escher coin could be exchanged for 1 kilogram of Black Valley. 1 ton=1,000 kg=2,000 catty. If it hadn’t been free of charge, this 1 ton of Black Valley would’ve cost him 2,000 Escher coins.

Deng Jianan was currently very poor. He had been running for three days without earning even a single Escher coin.

According to the guide, he could only get 500 Escher coins from doing the weekly missions. Once he completed this mission, he could get 1,000 Escher coins. This was equivalent to two weeks of weekly missions so it was simply beautiful.

There was the confirmation of Deng Jianan’s mission success and 1 ton of black grains appeared in front of everyone out of thin air. It was exactly 1 ton, not more or less.

Black Valley could fill their hunger. A young adult could eat half a catty a day and children and old people could eat half of that. In other words, the 2,000 catty of Black Valley was enough for 500 people to eat for half a month!

Deng Jianan couldn’t help puffing up his chest when he saw the eager eyes of the watching villagers.

It was obviously just a trivial matter to him…

Well, it wasn’t trivial. He rushed for three days. As soon as he went online in these three days, he looked for the path and it took him a lot of effort to find this place.

Now these NPCs were all happy and looked at him like he was a savior, regardless of whether they were old or young. This inexplicably gave him a sense of accomplishment.

This sense of accomplishment couldn’t be felt through simple material rewards.

“Lord Brave, thank you!” Hams was about to kneel down to thank him. Fortunately, Deng Jianan was fast and supported him.

“Don’t be like this. I’m just finishing the mission that His Majesty entrusted to me!”

Deng Jianan was happy and couldn’t stop smiling.

1,000 Escher coins had arrived in his account! In addition to the Escher coins, there was a communicator that could be claimed for free at any time in the faction warehouse. There were also 800 experience points and 50 faction reputation points.

In addition, look at how grateful the villagers were to him. This task was too rewarding!

Perhaps he was smiling in such a cheap manner. The many players who didn’t receive the mission and followed his live broadcast couldn’t help hating on him in the barrage.

Deng Jianan didn’t mind at all. He looked at the dull-looking Aude and declared proudly, “Look, who is the liar?”

Aude pursed his lips and finally turned away silently.

He was obviously the one who ran away angrily but Hams came over to appease Deng Jianan. “Master Changan, don’t be surprised. Lord Aude might just be tired and wants to go back to rest. He is very good. He taught us the meditation and body tempering techniques very carefully.”

Deng Jianan nodded. He wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He had run to such a far place so he naturally had to see if there were any hidden missions.

“Village chief, do you need me to help with anything?” He patted his chest. “If there is anything, just mention it! I will help as long as it is possible!”

Hams was genuinely shocked but he did have something to ask for.

“Master Changan, can you come again in a month?” He rubbed his hands while looking a bit embarrassed.

Deng Jianan was pleasantly surprised. He had just asked casually but a mission really arrived! He suppressed his excitement and asked quietly, “Is something wrong?”

“The severe cold might last for three or four months. We need to wait for the ice and snow to melt before we can go hunt in the mountains. However, the harvest this year wasn’t very good. Based on the food in reserve and the Black Valley you just gave, we can probably only last for one or two months. So…”

Hams looked embarrassed. “Can you make another trip in a month and transport Black Valley to us?”

“Of course, we won’t let you run here for nothing. We can pay for it and give you something for your hard work. But it might not be much…”

[Ding~ Successfully triggered the ordinary mission – Hams’ Entrustment.]

[Mission Content: Please transport a sufficient amount of Black valley to Lexi Village within one month. Rewards: Experience points, Roland Empire’s faction reputation points, Escher coins.]

Deng Jianan hurriedly glanced at the system notification and blinked. He looked at Hams and at the faction warehouse panel that hadn’t been closed. Then his mind became active.

He thought about it before organizing his words. “Village Chief Hams, you don’t need to wait a month. I can give you Black Valley now. How many Escher coins can you give?”

Hams’ eyes widened. “You mean…”

“I still have Black Valley in my space. It is something that I hoarded myself and spent money on.” Deng Jianan continued to talk nonsense. “I can sell you some of it.”

“Lord Brave, how much do you have?”

“I have as much as you want.”

“At what price?”

“I won’t cheat you. We will each report a number to each other. If we think it is reasonable, this transaction will be done.”

Deng Jianan didn’t know the market price of Black Valley so he didn’t want to quote directly.

Hams glanced at him and couldn’t help thinking about Aude’s words about a scammer. He hesitated before finally deciding to fight for it.

After all, that 1 ton of Black Valley was real!

This brave had food in his hands!

Originally, Deng Jianan thought it would be reported directly. Then he saw the old village chief sending people to ask door to door, finally scraping together a sum of money.

It was only at this time that he really felt Aude’s words ‘poor and remote, life is hard.’

The fans of the game who were watching were also quite sad. They even forgot for a while that they were watching a game.

[Brother An, they are so pitiful. Help them.]

[Yes yes, don’t charge money!]

[This is too pitiful. I saw several children who were too thin.]

Deng Jianan was also very sad to see it but he remained sober as he switched to the voice channel. “Nonsense. I am now very poor. How can I make money without any start-up capital?”

The village chief and villagers got together to count the money. After counting a long time, it was found that a total of 14,805 Escher coins had been collected by the whole village.

Hams came and asked Deng Jianan how much Black Valley could be bought for 14,000 coins.

Deng Jianan could exchange 7 tons for 14,000, but he wouldn’t make any money in this way.

He gritted his teeth and spoke against his conscience. “6 tons.”

It was an average of 1.17 coins per catty.

To his surprise, Hams almost wept with joy after confirming it with him several times. The villagers almost knelt down and called him a good man.

It was only then that Deng Jianan discovered the market price for 1 catty of Black Valley was 2 Escher coins. If a caravan was transporting it, this price would rise to 2.5 per catty.

Deng Jianan, “……”

His heart was dripping blood but he soon became happy again when he saw the villagers happily pulling the Black Valley to the warehouse after the transaction was completed.

Forget it, this was a simple wave of reselling. He still made a net profit of 2,000 Escher coins, plus the 1,000 coins from the mission rewards…

It would be 45,000 if he took it to the forum to sell it!

The key was that he directly increased the favorability of the villagers of Lexi Village to ‘Friendly!’

[Ding~ There are 100 Roland Empire NPCs with a favorability of ‘Friendly’ toward you. Faction reputation points +1,000.]

[Ding~ There are 500 Roland Empire NPCs with a favorability of ‘Friendly’ toward you. Faction reputation points +5,000.]

It was 6,000 reputation points, which was six pieces of copper equipment!

If he saved up then he might be able to exchange it for a floating car!

“Hahaha, I’m such a genius!” Deng Jianan proudly put his hands on his hips.



[F*k, it has been less than a week and he has almost made back the money spent on the game cabin. Why didn’t I make a reservation?!]

[Even if you make a reservation, those who aren’t lucky won’t be able to obtain a spot QAQ.]

Due to Deng Jianan’s showy operation, someone soon followed suit. A strategy guide was posted on the forum. This led to more people following the strategy to make a small profit.

In order to gain reputation, many people adopted the same preferential model as Deng Jianan.

After all, they weren’t short of money. They lacked reputation points to exchange for good things!

In the next week, Qiu Zheng and the other ministers received feedback from various places.

They never expected that the brave would actually possess mysterious space magic! Moreover, they were very generous. They sold food to the poor at prices far below the market price, which greatly relieved the pressure on the empire.

They finally realized what a wise decision His Majesty had made!

Thanks to the good reputation established by this mission, more and more braves joined the Mercenary Association and more and more delivery orders were assigned to the braves.

Even after the public beta, the braves who often ran deliveries established an express mercenary group to undertake various transportation tasks and their business was very prosperous.

Of course, even Xu Sili hadn’t expected this.

The thing he didn’t expect even more was that there would be a non-wood type player who engaged in greenhouse planting in the game and successfully promoted it to people who were forced to stop production during winter.

He inquired about it and found that the player was a girl called Yin Xuemei.

That’s right, it was the aunt of the Yin family who had been in a coma for 20 years.

He heard that this girl was a graduate of an agricultural university before the accident and farming was her hobby.

Xu Sili thought it was very good. The crops of the Roland Empire were still too few. Even if the wood elementalists engaged in production, he couldn’t waste the original farmers.

It was good to let the players teach them how to farm, develop more new varieties and increase the yield per acre.

Then a month after the second closed beta began, there was good news.

The two-way teleportation circle between Imperial City and Orchid Moon City had been successfully built!

After determining that the two-way teleportation circle had been completed and the connection between the five main cities was just around the corner, Xu Sili felt that he could finally do something.

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