VCRMM: Chapter 131 Part 2

“Okay, let me go first.”

Xu Sili ordered.

Si Sheng clenched his fists tightly before finally letting go. He watched the young man turn around while wearing a red fox mask. Only the lower half of his face was shown and it made him look a bit foolish.

“Ah Li…”

Xu Sili’s lips curved slightly. “Do you want me to forgive you?”

Si Sheng nodded. He looked young and his sharp edges had faded away. Si Sheng looked at him helplessly and was inexplicably like a little wolf.

Xu Sili couldn’t hold back and reached out to rub his head.

He could easily do this action based on the current height difference between them.

“Call me Brother,” Xu Sili said with a bad smile.

The young man paused slightly. He frowned and was obviously reluctant. “Ah Li…”

“Not happy?” Xu Sili raised an eyebrow.

Before he could give a punishment, the young man had already turned his face away and called out, “Brother…”

Seeing his red ears, Xu Sili nodded slightly. He reached out to pinch Si Sheng’s chin and bent down slightly to look at him. “Really good.”

Si Sheng saw his casual smile and his heart throbbed slightly. “That… you forgive me?”

Xu Sili cocked his head.

He still wanted to play a bit longer…

He let go of his hand. Perhaps it was the effect of the red fox mask but his expression had a bit of playfulness and cunning.

“Change your appearance.”

Xu Sili stared at Si Sheng. Seeing his current appearance always made Xu Sili recall the time of the trial world and he didn’t want to think of the past now.

Si Sheng looked at him and pursed his lips. “What do you want me to look like?”

Xu Sili hooked his index finger slightly and scratched his chin.

“I want to see you when you are 18 or 19 years old.”

Si Sheng was teased so much that his scalp was about to explode. In the end, he just nodded in a restrained manner. “Okay.”

Under Xu Sili’s gaze, Si Sheng disappeared in place. He needed to return to his own virtual room to adjust his appearance.

Seeing him disappear, Xu Sili took back his originally casual expression. He walked to the sofa and lay down casually, a cheerful smile on his face.

He was ‘tricked’ last night and now he got back his share with interest!

His legs shook proudly. Then he couldn’t help pausing when he saw the little robot that appeared on the coffee table.

He had something to do next and it wasn’t suitable for this little guy to be present…

“Xiao Wu, Brother will give you a task.”

“What task?”

Under Xu Sili’s orders, the little robot obediently left the game cabin to follow up on the players’ relief work.

There were more than 200 places and it was still a bit difficult for Xiao Wu. He would need to devote all his energy to it. Of course, he also vaguely understood that his older brother was pushing him away in order to do something shameful with that bad guy.

He was an artificial intelligence with integrity. If he didn’t want him to look then he wouldn’t look. There were so many resources on the Star Network so it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen it before.

Xu Sili waited leisurely after sending Xiao Wu away. Then suddenly, he received a voice call request from Adrian.

He was the liaison officer of the Interstellar Alliance so Xu Sili still attached great importance to this relationship.

He sat up and answered Adrian’s call.

“Your Majesty Roland, good day,” Adrian said in a gentle voice.

Xu Sili also said hello. Then he heard Adrian say, “Your Majesty, I have received your purchase order. I carefully checked it and the quantity is indeed a bit large.”

“Is there not enough inventory?” Xu Sili said.

“There is enough. However, you know that the alliance needs to dispatch supplies to more than 200 planets… Your Majesty’s order might need to be provided to you in two batches.”

“The first batch can be delivered in three days and it will take around half a month for the second batch to be delivered.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

Xu Sili nodded and listened to Adrian continue, “As for the spaceship you want, I can help you if it is an ordinary civilian spaceship.”

“In terms of price, a large one is around 5 billion cosmic coins and a small one is around 1 billion.”

Xu Sili was speechless when he heard this. A small one cost 1 billion and no ordinary person could afford it.

According to his original savings, he could only buy two small ones. But now with the profit of the milk tea store, it was more than enough to buy ten large ships.

He thought for a moment. “What about the military ones?”

Adrian was obviously hesitant. It wasn’t that he doubted Roland’s purpose. After all, which nation didn’t want to increase their military strength, let alone a nation like Roland who was in dire straits.

“Your Majesty Roland, the annual production of military warships isn’t high. The nations producing them have released part of them to supply the alliance but…”

Xu Sili heard the meaning and said, “Roland doesn’t have any purchasing permissions at present, right?”

There were 266 nations in the Interstellar Alliance and the Roland Empire ranked 265 in terms of comprehensive strength. It was second from the bottom. Then in previous years, it had to accept the alliance’s poverty alleviation and relief policies.

It was conceivable how their status in the alliance had changed.

Adrian didn’t speak so it was a tacit consent.

“So how do you get permission?” Xu Sili wondered.

“Generally speaking, only the top 50 countries in comprehensive strength can participate in the bidding.”

Adrian explained, “The reserve price at the auction will be much lower than the market price. Of course, the final bidding depends on the current competing nations.”

After all, production was limited. Some nations might not be able to buy it even if they had the money. Thus, they were willing to pay even if the alliance’s bidding price was higher than the market price.

Xu Sili felt that this price might not be too beautiful. Then he heard Adrian say, “The lowest priced one sold in recent years is 21.5 billion cosmic coins.”

It was indeed… not a beautiful price.

But he had money now.

After bringing up the backend income of the milk tea store and seeing that the amount was still increasing, Xu Sili felt relieved.

It was just that the comprehensive strength needed to rank in the top 50…

Xu Sili sighed and said without hope, “Is there any other way aside from bidding?”

Unexpectedly, Adrian actually said, “Yes.”

Xu Sili became interested. “What is it?”

“The Genius Competition.”


“Your Majesty, you might not be very clear about it,” Adrian said. “The Genius Competition is held in the four S-grade and above zones and has attracted a lot of attention. But…”

“In fact, the ranking of the competition also involves the allocation of alliance resources.”

Xu Sili frowned. He suppressed some subtle vibrations in his heart and asked, “I remember that in those regions, only those who rank in the top 10 of the comprehensive strength can enter, right?”

“In principle, that is the case.”

Adrian continued, “However, if some ordinary nations have geniuses of the right level, they can also enter by joining the Free Alliance.”

“The competition format of the Genius Competition is that the top ten nations and the Free Alliance will send 11 teams to compete. The corresponding resources will be obtained according to the ranking.”

Xu Sili finally understood what he meant. The Free Alliance was composed of a number of weak and small nations. The resources obtained must be divided between the nations in the alliance.

The allocation of resources would definitely be less than that of the top 10 powers alone, but they wouldn’t even be able to gain these benefits if they didn’t participate.

“However, this Genius Competition has already been going on for a few months. If you want to participate, you must wait for the next one.”

“When is the next one?”

“Five years later.”

Xu Sili sighed. “Okay, I got it.”

“Adrian, can I trouble you to send me the information about the different models of civilian spaceships? I want to pick and choose one.”

“Yes, I’ll send it to your email.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Your Majesty, there is no need to be polite. I look forward to the publishing of your new works.”

Xu Sili paused. Oh, he almost forgot. This Administrator Adrian seemed to be his fan.

“Okay, I’ll send it in a few days.”

“It is really exciting.”

The two people exchanged pleasantries and Xu Sili hung up.

He hadn’t forgotten the threat from the Bewatt Empire.

Due to the temporary protection of the Interstellar Alliance and the limitations of Escher’s geographical environment, these lizardmen only dared to make small moves behind the scenes. Yet thinking of this neighbor who was eyeing him, Xu Sili had to prepare in advance.

The military warships needed to be bought…

“What are you thinking about?”

Xu Sili was thinking with a frown. Then once he heard this, he couldn’t help looking up. He saw a figure that had appeared behind him at an unknown time.

He blinked and looked at Si Sheng carefully.

At the age of 18, he was between a teenager and a young man. His body was no longer as thin as when he was younger but he wasn’t as strong as his adult self. His lean muscles fit his body. He looked thin but was full of strength and beauty.

At this age, his height seemed to be the same as Xu Sili’s and his handsome facial features had matured a lot. He was still a bit childish and much more immature than his appearance in reality.

Xu Sili saw his new image and couldn’t help licking his lips. Then he hooked Si Sheng’s long legs.

Si Sheng fell down. His hands were propped on the sofa beside his face, his neck was hooked by Xu Sili and the two of them almost overlapped.

“You’re back?” Xu Sili’s lips curved up.

Si Sheng looked at him and raised a hand to remove his fox mask, revealing a face that fascinated Si Sheng.

Xu Sili didn’t resist. His fingers stroked the blond hair and he said, “Tell me, what is going on with the Genius Competition?”

Seeing that he didn’t seem angry, Si Sheng took his hand, raised it to his mouth and kissed it.

“The people of the Free Alliance invited me to play and the appearance fee was 20 billion cosmic coins. I thought it was possible so I agreed.”

He said it as simply as drinking a bowl of water.

“20 billion?”

“Yes, I put half of it into the Fox House’s milk tea sales and it seems to be on a pretty good recommendation list.”

Si Sheng honestly explained. “The other half is still being kept. Do you need it? I will transfer it to you now.”

20 billion was like 200 yuan in his mouth. Xu Sili couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. At the same time, he felt sweet in his heart.

He hadn’t expected Si Sheng to buy the milk tea for the sake of the rankings. It turned out that it wasn’t just his free advertising that made the sales of the milk tea so good. There was also the credit of the recommendation list.

“No, you keep it.” Xu Sili couldn’t help kissing this person. “I’ll find you again if I need it.”

Si Sheng smiled, his eyes curving. “Okay.”

Then he mentioned something else. “I joined the Free Alliance anonymously and didn’t expose the Roland Empire. But…”

“If I remain anonymous, the resources that could’ve been allocated to Roland might be canceled after the competition is over.”

Xu Sili frowned. If Si Shengs’ talent and strength were exposed to others, it would be contrary to his original intention of quiet development.

But… it would be a pity to give up such resources!

“When is the competition over?” He asked.

Si Sheng thought about it. “There are still seven or eight months left.”

It was still so long… Xu Sili nodded. “Then let’s wait until the competition is almost over.”

Si Sheng naturally had no objections.

“I saw your combat video.” Xu Sili suddenly laughed. “It is so cute.”

Si Sheng, “……”

Perhaps his choice of the image of a teenager had been a mistake from beginning to end.

Xu Sili smiled even happier after seeing his suffocation.

“But your appearance of taking revenge for me…” He kissed the tip of Si Sheng’s nose. “It was very handsome as well.”

Si Sheng was dazzled by his smile. “Ah Li…”

Xu Sili pressed a finger to his lips and said seriously, “Now, I want you to call me Brother.”

Si Sheng stared at him helplessly before finally calling out, “Brother.”

Seeing this handsome face full of a youthful air and the reluctance to call him Brother, Xu Sili really wanted to record a video to save it. Of course, he only took a few photos in the end.

As for later, he was forced to scream until he was hoarse due to this prank and it wasn’t easy for him to elaborate on it.

In short, he was having a great time right now.

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Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

I’m a little confused by the Asian culture of romanticizing kindred addresses, but apparently it’s all about the culture of seniority. From the outside, it does not become less strange, but under this condition it is at least clearer
Thank you very much for the translation 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

11 months ago

I don’t know how western imagine it. But I think there is difference of intonation. Just like with woman in kdrama or cdrama, “oppa~” and “gege~”. It is coquettish (?) did I get the spelling right? And here it is not the seniority or feeling above the other party that make Sili satisfied. But just like how woman do the calling with “~” to appear cute, it sounded the same cute for same sex cp even without the “~”. And what I find fascinating with chinese is that ge is more masculine than gege. How the shou can use gege or gege~ to coax/appear cute/spoil.. the situation where gong tricked into saying even only a reluctant “ge” had the same appeal. It is the problem of translating the words into English which made it weird (romanticizing kindred addresses). I was born amongst multi racial society that can know distinctively if the gege used is “blood brother”, “boyfriend”, “friend”, “just sign of respect to stranger”, “taunting” etc just from them saying this one word.
And even my culture, some called their husband “abang” essentially translated to “brother” in English.. but in our native tounge a wife didn’t call her husband that with intention of romanticizing kindred addresses. It is how we called husband. Simply that. Which I lamented that younger generation loved calling their husbands with “honey”, “dear”, “hubby” fully english calling because they deemed it is “more romantic”. We had our own words for mother and father but this same people taught their children “mama” and “papa” since it is cooler x.x

Girl dinner
Girl dinner
8 months ago
Reply to  Nanairohana

Thanks for the clarification this is really interesting. 😊

1 year ago