VCRMM: Chapter 131 Part 1

Xu Sili never expected that Si Sheng would go outside to fight someone and make a wave of advertisements for his milk tea store.

The Genius Competition…

This name sounded too chuuni but the prize money seemed to be a lot? Otherwise, where else would Si Sheng get so much money to support his milk tea store?

He touched his chin, turned his head and continued his plan.

First, he released Roland’s Guardian from the blacklist and sent a message.

Then he ordered a cup of milk tea and waited patiently.

At this moment, Si Sheng happened to return to his castle on the outskirts. Ever since living in the palace, he rarely came here. He only occasionally came back when he wanted to go to the Star Network.

He went back to the castle today to deal with some things. Just as he was about to leave, he received a message.

His Majesty Roland: Are you there?

Si Sheng was stunned. He used the communicator to connect to the Star Network. Even if he didn’t use the game cabin, he could receive information from the Star network, but…

Didn’t Ah Li block him already? Why was it now…?

He pursed his lips while inexplicably feeling guilty.

Did Ah Li finally guess that it was him?

Then a message popped up again.

His Majesty Roland: I’m sorry, I misunderstood you before. Are you free now? I want to apologize to you in person.

Si Sheng looked at the message and frowned slightly.

This… he hadn’t figured it out yet? He thought about it and replied to the message.

Roland’s Guardian: Okay.

His Majesty Roland: Then see you at the food street in the E zone. I will be waiting for you here [coordinates].

Si Sheng saw this reply and rubbed his eyebrows. Then he turned around and returned to his room.

Regardless of whether Xu Sili guessed it or not, the matter of this identity still needed to be resolved.

He just hoped Ah Li wouldn’t be angry.

Zone E.

In the crowded food street, a blond-haired boy wearing a white fox mask appeared in the most crowded place.

The moment he appeared, he attracted the attention of many people.

“Is that the guardian?”

“Ahhh, it seems to be really him! The mysterious boy from the Genius Competition!”

“Didn’t many people speculate that his actual age shouldn’t be that young?”

“In any case, he must not be more than 40 years old.”

In the jurisdiction of the Interstellar Alliance, the average life expectancy of human beings had reached over 300 years. They became adults at 35 years old and 40 years old was just the fledgling age.

One of the conditions for participation in the Genius Competition was to be under 40 years old.

“Am I the only one wondering what he is doing in Zone E?”

“Yes, he is a super genius with an SSS mental power rating. What is he doing in Zone E?”

“Haven’t you seen the video? He once dismantled a mecha here with his bare hands. Then he forcibly handed out milk tea. I was here to watch and received a cup.”

“Is it the Fox House’s milk tea? He loves to drink the milk tea from there. He drinks it every time he participates in a match.”

The gazes and whispers of the people around him made Si Sheng frown. He just wanted to release his coercion when he glanced over and paused slightly when he saw a certain figure.

Xu Sili had seen him a long time ago but didn’t rush over. Then once he heard the discussion of the people around him, he searched for the video they mentioned and watched it.

At that time, the video had burst in popularity and it was easily found on the Star Network, not to mention that Xiao Wu was one of the parties involved.

Watching the video, the boy wearing the white fox mask cleanly dismantled a mecha dozens of times larger than him. Xu Sili had to sigh with emotion.

Then he saw the boy forcing the onlookers to receive a cup of milk tea and couldn’t help laughing.

It turned out that this was how he originally served milk tea?

In addition…

Looking at the scrapped mecha and rewinding the video back to the beginning, Xu Sili had a vague impression of the appearance of this big mecha rampaging through the busy city.

Wasn’t this the mecha that stepped on him when he first entered the Star Network community? Si Sheng… was this helping to get revenge for him?

Xu Sili felt a bit strange. Then he glanced sideways and saw the white fox boy walking to his side. The gray-blue eyes were looking at him quietly.

Everyone’s eyes fell on them.

The silver-haired man was wearing a full red fox mask. His appearance couldn’t be seen clearly apart from a pair of beautiful eyes. He was tall and the height of the boy only reached his chin.

The picture of the two of them standing together was simply beautiful.

“Brother, many people have turned on their cameras to take photos of you. Do you want to stop it?”

Xiao Wu’s voice rang in Xu Sili’s ears.

Xu Sili naturally also noticed the eyes of others. He thought about it before reaching out and grabbing the young man’s wrist. Then in the next second, the figures of the two people disappeared in place.

Once they reappeared, they were in Xu Sili’s virtual room. Friends could naturally be allowed to enter the virtual room.

Si Sheng looked at this room that was less than 50 square meters and his heart moved slightly. He was just about to speak when he saw the red-fox masked young man let go of his wrist and say with a smile, “Sorry, I didn’t expect you to be so famous now.”

He suddenly became a bit uncertain…

So did this person guess or not?

Xu Sili walked to the bar and said politely, “Sit down casually. This is the first time someone has come here as a guest and the layout is a bit rough. Would you like something to drink?”

He opened the cabinet. No matter whether it was his tone or gestures, he seemed to be entertaining a friend.

Si Sheng’s thin lips pursed slightly.

Ah Li must’ve guessed it right? Why else bring him to the virtual room? But what if… he didn’t guess it?

The first time someone was coming as a guest…

He looked at this room. Yes, even ‘Si Sheng’ hadn’t been here. His thoughts were a bit sour.

“Do you want to drink milk tea?”

At this time, he heard the young man say, “I know you like the milk tea of Fox House very much.”

Si Sheng hummed with no interest.

Then he saw the young man take out various utensils and raw materials from the cabinet. He cleaned them and actually made the milk tea himself.

His eyes widened slightly, a bit flattered.

This was the first time Ah Li was cooking for him… but on second thought, Ah Li might not have guessed and it was actually for ‘someone else.’

He felt uncomfortable in his heart.

So did Ah Li guess or not? He felt troubled in his heart.

Si Sheng knew it was ridiculous to be jealous of himself but he couldn’t help it. This person in front of him was too important to him… he had no way to control himself.


As he was thinking wildly, the young man had already prepared the milk tea and gently placed it in front of him.

It had a very beautiful color. Small bubbles were bubbling in the purple liquid and there was crystal clear pulp floating in it. The top was covered with a sweet, snow-white milk layer and it exuded a faintly creamy, sweet fragrance.

It was succulent grape, one of the most popular varieties of the Fox House’s milk tea.

“You can drink it,” the young man said with a smile.

Si Sheng looked at him and finally approached the bar. Then at this time, he saw the young man raise his hand to hold the mask. He removed the lower half of the mask and then…

He raised the fingertips of his right hand that were accidentally stained with the cream and licked it off with his tongue.

Si Sheng suddenly stopped moving and stared with slightly sharp eyes.

The young man kept sucking his fingers, white-jade fingers against rosy lips. He was full of temptation but his eyes were still looking at Si Sheng innocently, as if he didn’t understand what he was doing right now.

Si Sheng took a deep breath. He grabbed the young man’s wrist and pulled this person to his side.

Xu Sili deliberately teased him. Xu Sili had been prepared but he was still caught off guard and his upper body lay against the bar.

Seeing that the boy was about to kiss him, he hurriedly reached out his hand and pressed the finger stained with crystal liquid against the boy’s lips.

Si Sheng stopped. He saw the young man wearing the half red fox mask smile slightly. Then he opened his red lips. “You are still underage now.”


Si Sheng was stubborn.

Xu Sili wanted to retract his finger but his wrist was tightly held by the young man. Then Si Sheng opened his mouth slightly and bit the finger as if he was angry.

He didn’t use much force so it didn’t hurt. It was just a bit itchy. This made Xu Sili sigh that the tactile system of the Star Network was too good.

“Okay, how long are you going to gnaw on me?” Xu Sili finally said with a red face.

The boy looked too young. Even if he was wearing a mask, Xu Sili could tell that he definitely wasn’t over 15 years old.

He really couldn’t figure out why Si Sheng would use this image to go to the Star Network with his personality. It was no wonder why Xu Sili didn’t believe him before.

Si Sheng finally let go of him and said in a somewhat depressed manner, “You already guessed it was me, right?”

“What are you talking about? Why don’t I understand?”

Xu Sili continued to pretend to be stupid. He took out a handkerchief from under the bar and wiped his fingers.

Hmph, this brat gnawed his finger until it was red.

“Ah Li!”

Si Sheng took off the white fox mask sullenly. He saw the young man blink before saying in a confused manner, “How do you know…?”

It was the first time he knew his acting skills were so good.

Si Sheng looked at him and walked behind the bar. Then he put his arms around the young man’s waist from behind, hugged him tightly and said in a muffled voice.

“Ah Li, I know I was wrong. So don’t be like this…”

Xu Sili stopped playing and raised his eyebrow slightly. “What is wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have hid it from you from the beginning and I should’ve confessed it to you later.” Si Sheng’s attitude of admitting his mistake was very sincere and he seemed to be really reflecting on it.

Xu Sili wasn’t really angry with this person. Even if he was angry, it had all disappeared after seeing Si Sheng help him get revenge and secretly run to participate in the competition to make money.

He asked, “Why set your age so low?”

If Si Sheng didn’t want Xu Sili to recognize him, Si Sheng could completely change his appearance. The Star Network’s face customization system could do this.

Most of his original features were preserved in this way. What was the purpose? There was an awkward feeling of wanting Xu Sili to not recognize him but also recognize him at the same time.

Si Sheng buried his face in Xu Sili’s shoulder and said in a somewhat pitiful voice, “It is just… I wanted to please you…”

No matter whether it was Joan Roland or Su Lin and those students, Ah Li always had an inexplicable tolerance for children. At that time, he chose this appearance on a whim.

Originally, he hadn’t wanted to confess his love to Ah Li. He just wanted to change his identity and stay by Ah Li’s side. However, after being questioned by him, Si Sheng unintentionally expressed his intention.

Then it scared Ah Li away.

Xu Sili was a bit speechless. To please him? It wasn’t like he was a shotacon… well, kind of.

It was easy for his heart to soften when it came to a cute and loving child. After all, they were the future flowers of the empire. However, he wasn’t a pervert. Could he be moved by such a young man?

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