VCRMM: Chapter 130 Part 2

Oh my god!

Deng Jianan’s eyes lit up and a bunch of 66 floated past in the barrage.

“But… a ton of Black Valley? How can I transport this? I don’t have such a big backpack!”

[Streamer, you are stupid. You just need to get to the place and then exchange it from the faction warehouse.]

[I saw that there is a strategy post on the forum!]

[Yes, now the wind elementalists in the five major cities have accepted this task. After arriving at the designated place, they can exchange the corresponding amount of food for free from the faction warehouse.]

[Hahaha, so the streamer is going to be a delivery courier now?]

[Am I the only one who sees the 1,000 Escher coins? That is 15,000 yuan in reality. I admire it.]

In fact, Xu Sili felt that 1,000 Escher coins wasn’t that much. After all, it was such an important task. If Qiu Zheng arranged manpower to do it, it would definitely cost more manpower and material resources.

Nevertheless, considering that it was now the second closed beta and the game hadn’t opened a recharge channel, Escher coins should be quite valuable to players. This was why he wrote one less zero, so as to not affect the balance of the game.

After all, players could get 700 or 800 Escher coins from doing the daily tasks.

At this time, the role of the players finally came out.

They might not be strong and weren’t useful in battle temporarily, but their enthusiasm that burst out when doing missions was still very different from the local people.

In addition, there was the game system to assist, which was cheap and easy to use. This mission could also enhance the emotional bonds between players and NPCs. It was simply killing three birds with one stone.

After finally editing the last mission and confirming the delivery, Xu Sili immediately collapsed on the sofa from exhaustion.

There were more than 200 villages in the five main cities in the country, large and small. Each place was different. He needed to edit them one by one and was busy from morning to afternoon.

His magic power was gradually draining as the players continued to accept missions. However, each elite mission only needed 10 points of magic power. This was more than enough with his current total magic power.

Xu Sili lay down for a while before cheering up again. He confirmed that each village was arranged and he didn’t repeat or omit any places. Then he sent a message to Qiu Zheng.

Qiu Zheng was a bit confused when he received the information.

More than 200 villages, including those from the other four main cities, were arranged in less than a day?

The ministers who heard this were clearly skeptical.

They felt it wasn’t reliable to leave this matter to the braves.

The braves seemed to have the talent of elementalists, but they also received news in the past few days that the Elementalist Academy and various branches would receive hundreds of braves who came to test their talents every day.

However, did being measured for the talent make them elementalists?

Even if they were elementalists, could they still transport so much food in one go?

They counted that the number of braves summoned this time was only a few thousand. They were scattered around the five main cities.

Could they really solve the problem of grain transportation in more than 200 places across the country by relying on them alone?

Qiu Zheng also had such worries.

He stayed in the palace every day to deal with government affairs. Apart from knowing about the braves from the report, he had never actually come into contact with them and he didn’t understand why His Majesty trusted the braves so much.

Then he thought about Wen Jishan’s suggestion and simply said, “Let’s take a look at the situation first. Everyone, pay attention to the feedback from various places and solve any problems in time.”

“Yes, that is the only way to go.”

“Let’s discuss the possible problems that might arise first and formulate countermeasures. We shouldn’t waste time.”


Everyone nodded in agreement. They didn’t say anything else because there would be results in a few days.

On the other side, the young man slowly got up and lazily walked to the dark room in his bedroom.

He was tossed so hard last night and would get his ‘revenge’ today. He thought about how Si Sheng didn’t know he had been exposed and couldn’t help smiling. It seemed that the exhaustion in his body had dissipated a lot.

He lay down in the game cabin and came to the virtual room. He saw the little robot happily appear in front of him and opened his mouth to speak, only to lower his head a bit nervously.

Xu Sili ignored it and walked to the entrance of the Star Network community.

He looked back to see that Xiao Wu still had a lowered head. His fingers were twisted together and he looked sad and depressed. Finally, Xu Sili couldn’t help smiling.

“Aren’t you coming?”

Xiao Wu raised his head in a daze. He disappeared in place and appeared on Xu Sili’s shoulder the next moment.

“Brother, are you calling me?”

“Who else is there besides you and me?”

The little robot was happy. “Brother, you aren’t angry with me?”

“Yes, I’ll forgive you this time.” Xu Sili nodded. “But not next time.”

“Yes! I won’t dare do it again!”

The little robot was so happy that he couldn’t find north. He said enthusiastically, “Brother, are you going into the community? Your current spiritual level should be enough to go to Area C to play.”

He was now level 25 and could go to Area C.

Xu Sili sighed when he thought that he could only go around Area E before.

Then he thought about the purpose of this trip and said, “Let’s go to Area E and see how my milk tea store is doing by the way.”

He was previously frightened by Roland’s Guardian and thought some alien force was targeting him. Then considering the situation of the Roland Empire, he decided to retreat back and even ignored the milk tea store.

He didn’t know how it was doing now. The program was set. It would be automatically produced as long as someone bought it, but there was no publicity…


The moment the backend of the store in the Star Network community appeared in front of him and he saw the number in the revenue column, Xu Sili couldn’t help being stunned.

105.7… billion?

Was this serious?

He sold a cup of milk tea for one yuan. No matter what flavor it was, this was 105.7 billion? In other words, he actually sold 105.7 billion cups of milk tea?

Xu Sili was a bit confused.

According to the cost of 10 coins per cup, the actual profit was more than 900 billion!

He thought of something and looked at the little robot on the side, his expression a bit serious.

“Xiao Wu.”

“Brother, is something wrong?”

“Did you change my backend data?”

“No, Xiao Wu can’t touch the Star Network now or I will be discovered.”

Xu Sili thought about it and it seemed to be the case.

Xiao Wu was only level 10. No matter how powerful he was, he can’t do something on the Star Network without anyone noticing.

“What’s going on? How can my milk tea store make so much money?”

The little robot scratched his head and said, “Brother, you wait. I’ll check it.”

Then he quieted down and his electronic eyes flashed, as if he was retrieving data.

Xu Sili held it and strolled around the street.

He previously went offline in the food street and he also went online here.

Unlike the last time he went offline, almost everyone in the food street had a cup of milk tea. Wasn’t that the familiar packaging and logo from the Fox House that he personally designed?

Of course, there were other brands in addition to the Fox milk tea, but in terms of quantity, the Fox milk tea accounted for the majority.

Xu Sili also saw the newly opened milk tea store on the food street. They weren’t from the Fox House but should be new flavors based on his milk tea. The business was quite good.

He walked over and looked at the price. One cup cost five or six cosmic coins. Several varieties were obviously imitations of the Fox House and even the names were very close.

“It is so expensive but it isn’t as good as the one from the Fox House.” At this time, he heard a girl next to him complaining.

“It is already cheaper compared to reality.”

Her companion said, “Why doesn’t this Fox House have a physical store? This store is a bit expensive but the decorations are very special. A new flavor has been released recently so let’s try it.”

“Yes, let’s go.” The girl said, “I can’t wait until the Fox House releases a new product…”

Xu Sili watched them enter the store and silently withdrew his gaze.

A new product…

Maybe he could find his second brother and get a recipe from reality? But at present, he still wanted to know how the Fox House became popular!

Could it be… Si Sheng? Apart from him, Xu Sili couldn’t think of anyone else. It was just… how did he do it?

“Brother, I’m back.”

At this time, the electronic eyes of the little robot stabilized again and he spoke in a childish voice.

Xu Sili nodded and looked around. Finally, he retreated to the virtual room before asking, “Tell me, what is going on?”

“According to the account situation, out of the 105.7 billion revenue, 10 billion comes from Roland’s Guardian. The rest comes from the Star Network users in the ten areas. In addition to Roland’s Guardian, Da Meng Meow is the second largest customer in terms of purchases.”

Xu Sili was startled. 10 billion?

“Where did he get so much money? In addition, he used it to buy milk tea?”

The little robot’s eyes flashed slightly. Then a screen appeared in mid-air and a video started playing.

“This is a video from the Genius Competition in the SP area.”

In the video, a blond-haired boy wore a white fox mask and held a cup of milk tea with the fox’s logo on it. He seriously sipped the milk tea and his cheeks were slightly bulging. He looked pure and harmless.

On the opposite side, an octopus-like giant monster was wriggling toward him and hissing, as if it wanted to tear him apart.

The scene looked so scary but the caption was: High Energy Warning Ahead!

The boy raised his eyes and glanced at the large octopus. His gray-blue eyes turned gold and then…

There was a huge roar. The octopus, which had just flaunted its might, didn’t even have time to scream and just exploded. The remains of the severed limbs splashed everywhere on the ground.

There seemed to be a shield of light in front of the white fox boy, blocking the octopus legs and internal organs that splashed over. Then he indifferently withdrew his gaze and continued sipping the milk tea.

The camera gave him a close-up and the logo of the Fox House was clearly captured.

Xu Sili, “……”

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