VCRMM: Chapter 130 Part 1

Abel had been very annoyed these days.

He was the only weapons master in the Roland Empire and he originally lived in the inner city. He was transferred to Mercenary Town by His Majesty half a year ago and he had no complaints.

After all, this was now a gathering place for elementalists and he lived comfortably.

Then for some unknown reason, His Majesty suddenly had a whim and asked him to take a designated brave as an apprentice.

Abel wasn’t a person who stayed in the past. Based on the empire’s current situation, it was natural that it was better for more people to become weapon masters.

In addition, the front-line soldiers were wearing armor and weapons purchased from the alien alliance and he was ashamed of himself as a weapons master. It was best if he could increase the production of local weapons.

However, the quality of these braves was too poor!

The weapon master title he inherited was called an elemental blacksmith a hundred years ago. However, he was only good at making weapons and didn’t dare to call himself an elemental blacksmith.

But as the name suggested, the prerequisite for becoming a weapons master was to be an elementalist. A metal spiritualist was the most suitable.

It wasn’t impossible for other elemental systems to do so, but compared to metal spiritualists who could naturally control metal, the cultivation of other systems would be more arduous and require more energy.

These braves sent by the emperor were indeed metal spiritualists. They could learn the skills as soon as they learned, which made him very happy at the beginning.

However, perhaps it was because their talent was too high. They were so arrogant that they wanted to fly before learning to walk. They were very perfunctory when it came to the practice homework assigned, but they were also unwilling to endure hardships.

How could anyone learn art from a teacher and then leave after less than two hours a day? When he was an apprentice, he couldn’t wait to stay by his teacher’s side all day long.

Even the simplest blacksmithing started with working for five or six hours a day before resting.

It hadn’t been long since the braves became elementalists. They might’ve mastered elemental manipulation but it was messy. Now they didn’t even bother to practice the basic skills. Their talent might be high but what could they do?

It was just that for the sake of His Majesty, Abel taught them patiently. He also chose to watch coldly those who were perfunctory and sneered at the basic skills.

However, the two new people who reported to him today made him really angry and he blasted them out in one go.

Hmph, you want to forge a complete weapon as soon as you pick up a hammer and you don’t listen to people. Then don’t try to learn anything from me!

Not far away, Deng Jianan and Yin Xing saw this scene. They looked at each other and didn’t rush over.

“Is Starry Sky Age so awesome? Can NPC mentors still refuse to accept apprentices?”

Deng Jianan looked confused.

At this time, he saw someone in the barrage mention a guide. He quickly spoke to Yin Xing before opening the Starry Sky Forum.

The Starry Sky Forum was very active. In particular, once the second closed beta started, the number of players increased and various new topics were springing up.

The relatively high topic in the past two days was undoubtedly the life occupation task of the weapons master.

There was also an elemental pharmacist task in the previous closed beta, but that task didn’t arouse a high degree of discussion. It was because the difficulty of the two wasn’t at the same level.

Deng Jianan casually clicked on a post related to the topic.

[I have been blacksmithing for two hours and there are still four hours left.] [Is this old man Abel the devil?]

[I slipped away after doing it for 30 minutes. Time is life. I came to play games, not to be played by the game.]

[Why is it so troublesome? I have already learned the skills but I have to strike iron for five or six hours a day? The task says I need to do it continuously for one month? This design is sick!]

[Yes, if this task isn’t completed, you won’t be able to become the apprentice of the weapons master. This means that you can only get started after striking iron for a month. I don’t know how long you will have to continue to do it later!]

[I strongly request to modify this setting! Isn’t it too discouraging to still do it like this in the open beta?]

Deng Jianan finished reading the post and couldn’t help looking at Yin Xing. “Brother, are you still going to learn it? It seems that you have to do five or six hours of blacksmithing work every day for a month in order to become the apprentice of the weapons master.”

He couldn’t help complaining. “Isn’t this introductory task too much of a pit? Who can be online for so long in a day with nothing else to do?”

Now it was the end of September. University students had gone back to school after summer vacation while workers had to go to work during the day and played the game at night to relax. How could it be possible to spend their precious time on blacksmithing?

Perhaps only those who worked freelance or made a living through games could have this leisure time.

Yin Xing had also read this post. He thought about it and said, “I’ll try it.”

Ever since entering Starry Sky Age, he had stayed in the game almost 24 hours a day apart from basic living needs and cooperating with doctors for examinations.

He could walk, run and live like a normal person again. Every moment he returned to that sick body was like torment and pain to him.

For him, Starry Sky Age wasn’t a game but a second life. It was a place that gave him a new life.

Everything here gave him a sense of realism. It didn’t matter if he was paralyzed or addicted to decadence. He just wanted to treat this place as a real world.

As a visitor from ‘another world’, he hoped to take root in the Roland Empire and create his own value here.

He already knew the background of the Roland Empire. Perhaps becoming a weapons master was a good choice for him.

As for the need to invest a lot of time? The last thing he lacked right now was probably time.

Seeing Yin Xing’s serious appearance, Deng Jianan scratched his head. Then he saw the young man look sideways at him with a smile. “Besides, didn’t you say that you wanted a weapon?”

“I will make it for you when I become a weapons master.”

Deng Jianan was stunned for a moment before laughing. “That’s good! Then I will go with you to meet that old man.”

The two of them walked toward Abel’s weapons store.

Halfway through, Yin Xing paused before telling Deng Jianan, “Changan, wait here. I’m going to buy something.”

Deng Jianan’s game ID was ‘Changan One Moon’ and Yin Xing called him Changan.

After speaking, Yin Xing turned and left.

Deng Jianan looked at him strangely and then at the live barrage.

[What is the handsome guy going to do?]

[Buying something? What is he buying?]

[Did you see the NPCs on the road? What are they holding in their hands… is it milk tea?]

Milk tea? Deng Jianan looked left and right and found that it was true!

Was there milk tea for sale in this game? He didn’t know how it tasted but he had to buy it and taste it later!

Not long after, Yin Xing came back with a fruit basket in hand.

“Why are you buying a fruit basket?”

Deng Jianan looked at the fruits in the basket. He hadn’t seen any of them except for the apples and bananas. The moment he reached out to taste them, his hand was slapped by Yin Xing.

The two of them had formed a team so Yin Xing’s attack on Deng Jianan was ineffective.

However, this scene still made the audience with no concept of holographic games feel very novel.

[This interactive system is amazing.]

[Ahhh, I want to play the game. I want to play Starry Sky Age!]

[Is he buying fruits for the NPC?]

[Is this useful?]

[It isn’t strange since there are many people who aren’t polite. He should be able to gain some favorability.]

[Am I the only one who thinks this streamer and the little brother are a bit gay? is this the friendship of straight men?]

Deng Jianan wasn’t looking at the barrage. He thought about it and asked, “These fruits are for Abel?”

Yin Xing nodded.

“It is the first time I am coming to the door and I want to learn from the teacher. Shouldn’t I bring a gift?”

Deng Jianan couldn’t help being startled. There were naturally such rules in reality but wasn’t this a game?

It was just that…

Looking at the NPCs around him, feeling the extremely realistic environment and thinking about the appearance of Abel driving two players away in a fit of rage, as well as Li Lei and the bartender…

Deng Jianan suddenly couldn’t treat this as a game.

Perhaps this was the so-called sense of substitution.

“Yes, you are right. We should bring a gift.” Deng Jianan nodded. “Then shall we go in?”


Yin Xing straightened his clothes again while looking very solemn.

“Where did you get the money to buy a fruit basket?”

“My sister gave it to me.”

“Oh, your sister in Glass Sea City?”


The two of them entered the weapons store as they talked.

By relying on the identity of the braves and the order of the emperor, they managed to smoothly meet Master Abel.

It was just that Abel didn’t have a good attitude toward them.

Yin Xing didn’t mind. He put the fruit basket on the tablet and his attitude wasn’t humble nor overbearing. This made Master Abel not lose his temper.

“Okay. In any case, if you want to be my apprentice then strike iron for a month for at least five hours a day. If you can’t do it then get lost!”

Yin Xing still had a smile on his face. “I understand. Thank you, Master.”

Abel originally thought this brave would be the same as the previous ones. He hadn’t expected the attitude to not be that bad. Abel pursed his lips and his expression was slightly better.

However, the impression that the braves gave him was so bad that he still didn’t say anything good.

He just had someone take him to the tempering room and left.

Deng Jianan wanted to follow and see. This was also the request of the audience. As a result, he saw a system notification that emerged.

[Ding~ Congratulations on triggering the elite mission – Disaster Relief.]

[Description: During winter, all parts of the Roland Empire are deeply affected by snowstorms and the roads blocked by heavy snow. Impoverished mountain villages in various places are in desperate need of food relief.]

[Mission content: Please arrive at Lexi Village within three days and give a ton of Black Valley to the village chief ‘Hams.’ Reward: A large amount of experience points and the Roland Empire’s faction reputation points, one communicator and 1,000 Escher coins.]

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