VCRMM: Chapter 13

“Welcome to today’s live broadcast. I am the reporter Pei Lin. I am currently in the famous mercenary town to do a live coverage for all of you.”

“I believe that you won’t be unfamiliar with the mercenary town. Even if you don’t know it, you should’ve heard about the beast fighting arena.”

“That’s right, after a month, the beast fighting arena has welcomed back the return of the mercenary groups. This means the beast fighting event is about to begin again!”

“I am currently at the scene. I understand that the Fire Mercenary Group has transported back a three star beast this time. Everyone, please look behind me.”

The female reporter dressed in small casual clothes and wearing light makeup stood in front of the camera and explained while smiling very well. She didn’t notice that something terrible was happening behind her. Rather, it was the cameraman who couldn’t stand it and his hand trembled as he stood in front of the giant beast. In addition, the number of people watching the live broadcast on TV was skyrocketing at the moment.

“From tomorrow on, this three star beast will be thrown into the beast fighting arena to bring a wonderful performance to the audience.” The female reporter spoke with some excitement. “Now please follow our camera and see the true face of this three star giant beast ahead of time!”

Just as she finished speaking, a deafening roar spread through the town and the microphone in the female reporter’s hands made a harsh sound. Pei Lin’s face paled. She didn’t care about her eardrums that were about to rupture and looked back in horror. She saw the giant beast, which was originally lying on the iron plate and bound by the iron chains, stand up. Its body was like a hill that blocked the sunlight above her head.

In fact, the first time the iron chains started to break, the people who were close had already noticed the anomaly. They lived in a mercenary town and everyone had a good sense of crisis. Ordinary people had already turned and fled when they saw it. The mercenaries might look solemn but they didn’t escape. Even those who weren’t members of the Fire Mercenary Group basically stayed.

“Quickly! Notify the guards! The star beast is rioting!”

“Fu*k, what are the Fire people doing? Don’t they know how to use drugs? Why did the three star beast wake up at this juncture?”

“What the hell is going on? This is a three star beast. Even if it is seriously injured, how could you be so careless?”

The mercenaries scolded. They were flustered but they weren’t in disorder. Some evacuated the crowd and others drew their weapons to prepare for a hard fight.

“If I die then those people from Fire will be responsible!”

“Fu*k, I haven’t killed a three star beast yet. Fu*k him!”

Xu Sili retreated under the protection of Li Zhecheng. He was very surprised that when encountering such a powerful interstellar beast, these mercenaries didn’t try to escape and also showed a very good combat awareness. Nevertheless, he could see that these people…

They were too weak!

In fact, it could be understood. The elementalists were basically called to the army and most of these mercenaries were ordinary warriors with stronger physical qualities. They mostly fought with interstellar beasts by relying on tools, experience and the ruthlessness that came from trading lives for lives.

Mercenaries sounded amazing but in fact, life wasn’t easy. There was a high mortality rate and it was one of the most dangerous occupations.

“Your… Master, let’s go! It is too dangerous here!” Janice chose to take Xu Sili to evacuate first.

However, Xu Sili didn’t choose to escape. There seemed to be a fire in his heart as he saw the mercenaries who chose to stay and fight the three star beast, watching them freeze due to the ice emitted by the beast and watching the houses being trampled on. He was the emperor of this empire and these were his people in front of him. They didn’t flee and were instead fighting desperately against the interstellar beasts. How could he be a deserter at this time?!

“Janice, Li Zhecheng!” Xu Sili whispered. “Help them!”

Li Zhecheng frowned and Janice was stunned. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to help but their duty was to protect His Majesty. How could they…

The silver-haired young man was cold-faced. “This is my order! Go!”

Li Zhecheng was still hesitating but Janice responded. “Master, I’ll go. Guard Li must stay to protect you!”

Then Janice disappeared into a mist of water. She appeared in front of the giant beast the next moment and fought it head on. Janice was a warrior elementalist. Her level might not be as high as the three star beast but it was injured. She was also of the water system and could hold on for a time.

“An elementalist is here!” The mercenaries saw Janice and couldn’t help being ecstatic. An elementalist was definitely an existence that could influence the battle situation! The mercenaries became excited and fought harder.

The frightened female reporter Pei Lin cheered up at this moment. She didn’t choose to escape but stayed with the cameraman to record this unexpected battle. “Have you seen it? An elementalist has arrived. She is a powerful woman and she is fighting against a three star beast!”

Her voice trembled but her words were complete.

“Look! She has resolved the attack. The three star beasts’ footsteps are blocked by her!”

“Is this a powerful elementalist?”

“In my lifetime, I can actually witness an elementalist and interstellar beast fighting with my own eyes. This is how they guard us on the front lines so that we can have peace and stability in the rear!”

“There is an elementalist. We must…”

Pei Lin just wanted to say ‘we must win’ when the next moment, Janice’s figure fell from mid-air like a flying stone. As she was dodging, she had been grazed by the giant beast’s paws. The tremendous impact slammed her hard toward the ground.

Everyone was frightened by this incident because the next moment, the giant beast raised its paw again and stepped toward Janice on the ground! She would die if she was trampled on!

Pei Lin covered her mouth, afraid she would scream. Surprisingly, the giant beast’s big foot didn’t fall. The pillar-like giant leg actually stopped in the air. At the same time, Pei Lin seemed to faintly hear a beautiful and moving song. If she wasn’t wrong, this should be the famous Roland’s Good Night Song. It was a song that almost every mother from Roland would sing to her children!

Who was singing it? Why sing it at this occasion? And… why did her mood suddenly settle down?

Pei Lin looked around in a daze and she saw Xu Sili. The silver-haired young man was so conspicuous. Even in such a tense moment, everyone could see him with one glance. The camera followed her gaze and turned in that direction.

Just now, everyone heard the singing and they all stopped! Everyone was motionless as they listened to the moving song with a quiet and pleased expression on their faces.

Xu Sili was going crazy! He was forced to sing as a last resort. He had asked Janice to fight but he hadn’t thought she would die. Fortunately, the skill he just learned worked and slightly affected the mind of the three star beast.

Unfortunately, the duration of this effect was very short because… there was a countdown above the three star beast’s head! Even more unfortunately—

Influenced by his singing, the people who had just been fighting turned quiet!

Move! He needed to sing and couldn’t give a reminder. Once he stopped, the giant beast would instantly regain consciousness…

Xu Sili looked at the health bar above the giant beast’s head. There were around 20,000 or 30,000 left. The young man narrowed his purple eyes and didn’t hesitate to take out the Glorious Radium 4000 that he was carrying. If he was lucky, he could kill this beast with five shots!

This was his first time facing such a scene but Xu Sili was calm. He had no time to think about anyone else. He had only one thought in his mind. He wanted to win!

The young man was singing a moving song. His voice was very small and light. In such a scene, it was heard by everyone present. Everyone was immersed in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. It was a very strange scene that was recorded on camera.

Then the young man with long, flying silver hair sang as he raised the laser g*n in his hand. The only person present who wasn’t affected was probably Li Zhecheng. He couldn’t see the health bar so he didn’t know that this three star beast only had residual health. Once he saw it stop while Janice rapidly escaped, he didn’t rush forward.

He protected Xu Sili, which was his duty. Once he saw Xu Sili raise his g*n, he didn’t stop it and secretly went on guard. The laser g*n was quickly charged and once Xu Sili pulled the trigger, the laser fired out. Under the watchful eye of the crowd, it precisely shot the three star beast in the eye!



The main point was that it actually dealt a critical hit! Xu Sili was happy but due to this shot, the three star beast woke up instantly. The pain and violent flow of blood caused it to rage!


The three star beast threw everyone else behind and rushed to Xu Sili with lightning speed! Even if it died, it had to eat this little bug first!

The three star beast’s outbreak before death was just like the fury of a residual health boss. It contained amazing power. Xu Sili moved to avoid the charge. Li Zhecheng only had time to step forward and set up a defensive posture. He wasn’t sure if he could stop this move at all.

The distance between them and this three star beast was too close. Less than a second later, the furious three star beast rushed to the two of them. Then…

It stopped suddenly. Xu Sili saw this scene with surprise. The change from extreme movement to extreme stillness was dizzying. Then a flat line suddenly appeared at the head of the three star beast. There was a loud bang and the powerful three star beast was divided into two parts from the middle. It fell to the ground, revealing the blond-haired man standing behind it.

The man stood there with a long sword, his gray-blue eyes calm and indifferent. Only the blood flowing down from the blade of his sword let people know what he had just done.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Lot’s of love to you guys! ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶♥

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Imagine someone with a fairy like face with a moving voice singing and then, suddenly whipping out a mini cannon ahaha

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Sing to thy death

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