VCRMM: Chapter 129

Warmth spread from the burning fireplace and drove away all the coldness in the room. The sun had completely set and night had fallen.

In this small courtyard of the imperial palace, there was an atmosphere of warmth and gradual ambiguity.

Si Sheng gave a low laugh. The pain and sorrow in his chest seemed to dissipate with this laughter.

“You haven’t taken a shower yet,” he said.

Xu Sili, who had just finished teasing this person and was waiting for him to respond. “……”

Then he heard Si Sheng saying, “It is snowing. It will be freezing when you take a bath here.”

Xu Sili glanced at this simple room. Suddenly, he remembered the time in the trial world.

During the few nights when it was snowing, it had been too cold to take a bath. However, he loved to be clean. Finally, at his insistence…

“I’ll wipe your body for you, okay?”


Xu Sili straightened up and looked at him with lowered eyes.

The man’s soft blond hair shone in the light of the fire and looked very beautiful. These eyes, like the starry sky, looked at him tenderly and attentively, full of affection.

Xu Sili coughed lightly. ‘Don’t start.’

“Yes,” he responded in a mosquito-like voice.

Si Sheng’s lips slightly curved. He let go of his hand, got up and took the washbasin from the shelf. He filled it with water and heated it with the fire elements.

Then he took out a handkerchief and soaked it in the hot water.

Xu Sili looked at him, noticed something and couldn’t help saying, “Is this the handkerchief from before?”

“It is new.”

Si Sheng wrung out the water. Then he returned to Xu Sili, bent down slightly and approached him.

“The previous one was put away.”

Xu Sili’s heart beat inexplicably fast as he looked at the man’s handsome face that was suddenly enlarged in front of his eyes and felt the familiar breath as he spoke.

Then the man’s slightly wet hand caressed his cheek, followed by a warm and moist cloth.

The soft and moist satin brushed over his skin, just like a passionate kiss.

Xu Sili’s cheeks were slightly hot when he thought of this metaphor. Then he closed his eyes a bit uncomfortably, quietly enjoying the service.

His face was wiped quickly.

He heard the sound of the handkerchief being thrown back into the water, picked up again and wrung.

Xu Sili opened his eyes again and looked at Si Sheng’s left hand, which was wrapped in the wet handkerchief and wiped him meticulously and gently, inch by inch.

The man’s slightly rough fingertips rubbed against his palm. It wasn’t so much helping him wipe his hands as it was him playing with them. This made Xu Sili feel itchy in his heart and his body became hotter.

Si Sheng wiped it carefully. Once the other hand was finished, he kept holding Xu Sili’s hand. He stared as he lightly kissed the nail of Xu Sili’s index finger in an ambiguous manner.

Then he noticed something and looked down with a chuckle.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. He slightly turned sideways to block it with the cloak, preventing this person from seeing it.

He absolutely refused to admit it. He was just kissed on his fingertip like this and his little brother… stood up helplessly.

Si Sheng still served him conscientiously.

He stretched out his hand, pinched the knot on his collar and pulled the tightly tied thin rope away. He moved slowly, without any urgency. Yet in the current atmosphere, there was a magic that made his face blush and his heart thump.

Finally, the knot was completely untied.


The heavy cloak fell down and landed on the wooden bed, making a muffled sound. The sound was obviously very light but it fell on Xu Sili’s heart like a heavy hammer.

The man stretched out his hands and his fingers deftly unbuttoned the first button of Xu Sili’s coat. It could obviously be faster but his movements were very slow. This made Xu Sili feel itchier.

Finally, there was only the shirt left. The young man bit his lip. He looked at Si Sheng with some confusion and reached out to grab the hem of Si Sheng’s clothes.

“How about… you just come directly? Don’t wipe it…”

Si Sheng lowered his eyes. He looked at the young man’s purple eyes that had become watery and actually asked in an innocent manner, “What is it?”

Xu Sili reached out to hug him. His face was tightly buried in Si Sheng’s lower abdomen and his voice was soft, with a bit of coquettishness. “I want you…”

Si Sheng looked at the top of his head and gently stroked the soft, long hair. However, he surprisingly didn’t follow Xu Sili’s will.

“Wait a minute.”

Xu Sili still wanted to say something but the man suddenly pressed down. He was forced to fall backwards on the wooden bed that was only covered by a thin mattress. He couldn’t help letting out a sound.

The young man’s long hair spread out. His fair cheeks were stained crimson and he turned his head slightly. The corners of his eyes shone like sparkling water under fireworks and he looked seductive.

Si Sheng’s Adam’s apple rolled but he didn’t move further. He continued to unbutton the shirt without hurry. He wiped every inch of the young man’s smooth and snow-white skin with a moist warm handkerchief with great care.

Xu Sili bit his lower lip tightly and the corners of his eyes became redder.

Wiping his body for him was obviously flirting… this prelude was more excruciating than ever.

However, the man still looked pious and serious.

In the end, only the white shirt was left and the buttons had all been undone.

Xu Sili lay on the bed and raised a hand. He covered his face with the back of his hand, but he couldn’t stop the redness that covered his neck.

But at this moment, Si Sheng hadn’t come over yet.

He reheated the water and seemed to want to wash Xu Sili’s feet.

Xu Sili was completely impatient. He sat up and kicked over the basin.

The sleeves of his shirt fluttered.

Si Sheng, who finally provoked this person, was pressed against the wall by the young man and kissed fiercely.

The young man stood on tiptoe slightly and his hands didn’t rest while kissing.

There was the sound of the metal of the belt hitting the floor and the strange noise echoed throughout the small room.

Si Sheng held down Xu Sili’s hands, causing the young man to stare at him. Xu Sili was obviously annoyed by his teasing.

“Don’t be angry.”

Si Sheng finally relented and gently kissed Xu Sili on the lips. “You should let me do this type of thing.”

Listening to this hoarse, coaxing voice, Xu Sili slowly let go of his hand. Then he held Si Sheng’s cheeks and kissed him in a gentle and delicate manner.

He became so dizzy from the kiss that his mind only gained a trace of clarity when his posture was reversed and he was forced against the cold wall.

The cold wall in front of him and a hot body like a stove behind him. This extreme contrast brought great excitement.

Soon, he had no time to think of anything. He opened his mouth slightly and hummed.

The firelight reflected the figures of the two people and firewood crackled.

Outside the window, snowflakes scattered again. The howling north wind concealed their shameful movements.

Winter nights seemed extraordinarily long…

The morning sun rose into the sky again and sunlight pierced through the thin glass in the room.

Xu Sili opened his eyes slightly. Then he saw the unfamiliar environment around him. His eyes were confused for a moment. Then he saw the man next to him and the memory of last night slowly rose.

He yawned and rolled over on the bed, curling up in Si Sheng’s arms.

It didn’t hurt but he was still tired.

They accidentally did it so many times last night…

He was so lazy that he didn’t want to move. The wooden bed was a bit small but it was just right for two people. It was even more intimate when they squeezed together.

However, it wasn’t long before the communicator on the bedside table rang.

Xu Sili frowned irritably. He covered his ears and pretended to be dead. Then Si Sheng woke up, reached out and picked up the communicator to look at it.

“Second Brother.”

It was just after waking up so the man’s voice was hoarse and magnetic. It was inexplicably sexy.

Xu Sili picked at his ears and muttered in a low voice, “You pick up. Just say that I’m sleeping.”

Si Sheng rubbed the top of his head and clicked to answer.

“Xiao Li, I want to tell you about the commercial street again.” Xu Yuheng’s voice came from the communicator.

Si Sheng paused but he still spoke. “Second Brother.”

On the other side, Xu Yuheng seemed startled. “Who are you? Si Sheng?”

Si Sheng paused again before replying, “It’s me.”

“Why are you using Xiao Li’s communicator?” Xu Yuheng’s voice was full of anger.

Si Sheng pursed his lips slightly, his voice still respectful. “He is still sleeping and let me talk to you.”

“You guys, last night… were together?” Xu Yuheng continued to ask.

Si Sheng wanted to speak when a hand reached out from under the quilt and took away the communicator. Then the young man’s muffled voice came from the quilt.

“Second Brother, I’m sleeping!”

The slightly angry voice made Xu Yuheng fall quiet.

After only a few seconds, Xu Yuheng compromised. “Okay okay, I’ll find you again in the afternoon. You continue to sleep.”

Xu Sili snorted and hung up.

At this time, the communicator rang again. New information had apparently been received.

Xu Sili had to open his eyes and look over it.

It was the information he asked Qiu Zheng and Wen Jishan to sort out yesterday.

Hey, not letting him sleep…

Then he thought of the poor people who were still waiting for relief and got up irritably while scratching his head.

He saw Si Sheng’s radiant and energetic face and couldn’t help rushing over. He groaned and bit Si Sheng on the shoulder.

“It is all your fault!”

Si Sheng didn’t feel any pain. He stroked Xu Sili’s long hair in a reassuring manner and coaxed him with a smile.

Xu Sili wasn’t too angry when getting up and he was quickly coaxed. He saw the bite mark on Si Sheng’s shoulder that he had created and licked it with some distress.

“Does it hurt?”


Si Sheng’s look of indulgence made Xu Sili feel even more embarrassed.

Si Sheng was actually very measured. If Xu Sili hadn’t pestered him last night then what happened later wouldn’t have…

He pursed his lips and sat up again. “You continue sleeping. I’m going to deal with something.”

“I’m not sleepy.” Si Sheng took his hand and kissed it. “I want to accompany you.”

Xu Sili looked at Si Sheng, who was full of energy. He was full of jealousy but he was also a bit moved. Finally, he leaned over and gently bit Si Sheng’s lower lip.

“Okay, let’s go eat.”

They hadn’t returned to the bedroom last night so he didn’t know if Janice would be in a hurry.

Si Sheng waited for him to get dressed and the two of them returned to the usual dining place where Janice was already waiting.

She saw them appear and just smiled slightly without pointing it out. Her gentle and normal attitude made Xu Sili less embarrassed.

After winter started, little Joan and Ah Sheng lived at the academy. Yes, not only did the Elementalist Academy not have winter and summer vacations, but the special weather meant all students stayed at school to train and avoid slacking off.

Chamo also took little Sea Song to the academy.

In the academy, the special talents of Ah Sheng and Sea Song combined to play a great role.

He had personally experienced that Sea Song’s singing could cover the entire academy and promote the absorption of elements by the students. Meanwhile, Ah Sheng could increase the concentration of elements.

The optimal range of action was only 10 meters but the elements that increased in concentration didn’t appear out of a vacuum.

These elements were attracted from all directions. On the way to Ah Sheng, they would indirectly increase the elemental richness of the academy. This made training twice as effective with half the effort.

According to Dean Justin’s report, the students’ improvement rate was much faster during the most recent test. This was attributed to the lifting of the level limit.

Only Xu Sili knew that it was due to these two little ones.

Chamo had mentioned the matter of assisting the sea elves, but so far, the Roland Empire had no way to spare extra strength to venture into the sea.

What’s more, he didn’t even know what happened to the sea elf clan or where they were now. How could Xu Sili help them?

In short, the palace was much quieter during this time. There were only two people during the meal, him and Si Sheng.

After the meal, Xu Sili started to arrange for the players to do missions.

In addition to Imperial City, Qiu Zheng also collected all the information of the other four main cities. Therefore, Xu Sili didn’t need to give him an order again.

Of course, it was best to leave tasks like delivering food to wind elementalists. The Light Body Technique and Flying technique could bring great conveniences to them.

Xu Yuheng’s video became popular during the first closed beta so many players in the second closed beta chose the wind system. After three days, many players had reached level 5 and transferred to an elementalist at the Elementalist Academy.

Xu Sili started to issue missions to the players. He asked them to go to the mountain towns and villages shown in the information. Then exchange food in the faction warehouse and hand it over to the local person in charge.

He planned to go to the Star Network to take a look after distributing the missions. He would enter the Star Network community and meet ‘Roland’s Guardian.’

He thought of the expression Si Sheng might have and couldn’t help showing a bad smile.

On the other side, the Elementalist Academy.

“Hahaha, Yin Xing, take a look. I can fly!” Deng Jianan controlled his body. His feet were suspended in mid-air off the ground and he looked excited as he shouted.

He had just successfully changed jobs. Due to his sweet mouth, he also coaxed the wind elementalist who gave him the transfer to teach him the Flying skill.

Now he was flying in the sky, his face full of excitement.

Yin Xing looked up at him, envy in his eyes.

He didn’t know about the game beforehand. When he entered the game to choose a system, he accepted the metal spiritualist recommended by the game system. It seemed to say that this profession was the best match for him.

Deng Jianan flew down quickly and said to him with a smile, “Come, I will take you to fly!”

He still had the live broadcast turned on. There were a bunch of people who were saying he was shameless in the barrage. Of course, they were mostly jealous.

The game cabin was really expensive and there were too few places available!

The second closed beta had been launched for three days and some people had already earned their first bit of profit by selling Escher coins.

The second closed beta had added 5,000 people but as Deng Jianan analyzed before, most of the people who could take out 50,000 in one go to buy a game cabin weren’t short of money.

For them, the game experience was more important. If they earned Escher coins, they naturally wouldn’t sell them. Rather, they wanted to buy the coins.

Currently for Escher coins, 1 coin rose from 10 yuan to 15 yuan. Even so, it was still difficult to receive it.


Qing Yan finally rushed ahead of all the teams and took the lead in completing the mercenary group registration mission. She went to exchange the construction order but once she arrived at the place, she was told that it would cost 100,000 Escher coins to build the base!

The Magic Box mercenary group established by Qing Yan had absorbed 50 elite members as well as 20 normal members. However, it was 100,000 Escher coins. On average, each person had to take out over 1,000 coins.

They had saved a bit of coin from the first closed beta, but it wasn’t enough to make up 100,000.

There was the support of the team and the Magic Box mercenary group naturally had a lot of money. This caused the price of the Escher coins to soar up again. Finally, they scraped together enough money to build the base.

Now there were many fans who hadn’t played the game who were active on the forums. They looked at the price difference of 1:15 and tears flowed.

What was 50,000 yuan?

They could see more than 3,000 Escher coins and earn it all back!

Only a very small number of insightful gold buying and selling players participated in the booking and were fortunate enough to be selected and enter the game.

Now they didn’t have to do anything every day. They just fiddled with how to make money and earn Escher coins in the game.

In order to earn Escher coins from NPCs, these players could be said to do everything possible. In the end, one of them really found the right way.

This player used to sell savory crepes at a small stall in reality. He saw the milk tea store in Mercenary Town and on a whim, he bought raw materials with the money he saved from running around for a day.

He went to the smithy and bought some tools on credit using the identity of a brave. Then he spread out the savory crepes in front of the milk tea store.

Mercenary Town was full of elementalists. In other words, there were many rich people. The player’s savory crepes were indeed delicious. After only one day, there was a long queue in front of the stall.

Not only did he repay the money to the blacksmith but he also made a lot of money. He didn’t even have time to change to an elementalist.

Of course, these were still things in the future.

Deng Jianan performed the Flying technique and while doing the live broadcast, he flew to Mercenary Town with Yin Xing.

Fortunately, Mercenary Town wasn’t too far away from the inner city and his magic power was barely sufficient.

After arriving in town, he didn’t rush to find Li Lei. Instead, he made some inquiries and took Yin Xing to find the location of the weapons store.

Yin Xing had received the mission before and could find the weapons master Abel to learn a life profession.

“Haha, there is Yin Xing, a future weapons master. I, Brother An, will soon have a weapon in my hand!”

Deng Jianan laughed wickedly and caused a flurry of dislike from the barrage.

Yin Xing had just recovered from the high-altitude flight and he couldn’t help smiling when he heard these words.

Weapons master… it seemed like fun.

They had just arrived at the door of the weapons store. Before they could walk in, they saw two players being kicked out.

“Go away, I won’t accept apprentices any longer!”

An old male NPC with the title of ‘Weapons Master Mentor’ written above his head was cursing at the door.

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