VCRMM: Chapter 127

Xu Sili recalled the teenager.

The teenager had brilliant light blond hair, a white fox mask on his face that only covered the lower half of his face and…

Those very special gray-blue eyes.

The blond hair, blue eyes and ID of ‘Roland’s Guardian’ had caused Xu Sili to be suspicious at the time.

However, he didn’t know back then that he could adjust his body size on the Star Network and…

Wasn’t there only one game cabin on Escher Star?

He pursed his lips and looked at the little robot. He was sitting next to him and shaking a pair of mechanical legs, innocent and full of pleasure.

Xu Sili narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Xiao Wu,” he called out softly.

Xiao Wu didn’t know that he and someone else had already revealed their secrets and looked up at him, asking in a childish voice, “Huh? Brother, what’s the matter?”

“I have something to ask you and you have to answer truthfully.”


Doha Town.

Thanks to the guidance of the NPCs, some of the second closed beta players who had just entered the game came to this town, which hadn’t been built at the time of the first closed beta. They wanted to enjoy the new map while doing the daily missions.

Due to the relocation of the poor people near the inner city, the population of the town had surged to nearly 100,000. The spacious streets were full of people and the design and exotic buildings made players dizzy.

“This town is so beautiful!”

The game streamer Deng Jianan led Yin Xing to walk on the stone road of the town. He looked around and felt that everything was very fresh.

Starry Sky Age was awesome and amazing!

“I heard that this town didn’t exist during the first closed beta. It is a new map added when the server was closed. There must be many missions that people haven’t discovered yet. We should explore it today!”

Deng Jianan was speaking not only to Yin Xing but also to the audience of his live broadcast.

He might be a game streamer but he didn’t like to fight and kill monsters very much. He usually played horror mystery games.

Now that he was playing a holographic game, he didn’t have much interest in changing jobs and leveling up. He just wanted to see if the NPCs in the game really had such great AI as the posts in the forum mentioned.

He was looking forward to it.

Yin Xing nodded. He didn’t have any special needs for the game. He was satisfied as long as he could walk and run again like a normal person.

As for the audience watching the live broadcast, they were immersed in the freshness of the game and naturally agreed to it.

Deng Jianan smiled and turned his steps slightly. He took Yin Xing into the alleys, looking forward to finding something different.

The streets of Doha Town were exceptionally clean and even the corners were brand new. It was as if they had just been built.

They turned a corner and found a hidden tavern in a remote corner.

The decorations of the tavern were very distinctive and Deng Jianan was immediately attracted. Such a place with all types of people mixed in was most likely to trigger hidden missions or clues. This was a common setting in other games.

They pushed open the door of the tavern.

It was late afternoon and people were already coming to the tavern. There was a small stage in the middle where people were singing.

The song was moving but the melody was very strange.

[Wow, is this an original song in the game? I haven’t heard it before?]

[It is so good. I want to ask for the sound source!]

Deng Jianan also felt it was good. He thought he could edit out this part later on. Then he pulled Yin Xing to sit down at the bar counter.

The decorations of the tavern were new but the bar, tables and chairs seemed to be old. The moment they sat down, the bartender asked them what they wanted to drink.

Deng Jianan ordered two cocktails.

The bartender was obviously stunned for a moment. Then he shook his head. “Guests, we only have beer and fruit wine here. You probably have to go to the inner city for the type of drink you want.”

Deng Jianan looked at the other person’s expression and felt that this NPC was really too vivid. He pursed his lips and wondered, “You have too few varieties of alcohol here, right?”

“Guest, your words are too funny. Under His Majesty’s wise leadership, everyone’s life is improving but food is still scarce. How can we make wine on a large scale?”

The bartender added seriously, “Our town has only recently been built and it isn’t as good as the inner city. The type of wine you ordered probably isn’t easy to find in the inner city as well.”

Deng Jianan saw that the bartender was speaking very seriously and couldn’t help saying, “Is Doha Town really newly built? I said that everywhere looks clean like it has just been built.”

The bartender looked at him strangely before quickly realizing. “Huh? You are a brave.”

Deng Jianan raised his head and straightened his chest. “That’s right, we are the braves from another world!”

The bartender smiled softly.

“Then you have to work hard and strive to change to an elementalist as soon as possible. I heard that the talents of the brave are very good and everyone has the talent to become an elementalist.”

Deng Jianan wanted to answer but a mercenary uncle next to him came over with a glass of alcohol.

He looked Deng Jianan and Yin Xing up and down and nodded. “You are a brave. It is indeed very similar to the rumors.”

Deng Jianan couldn’t help being happy. “What is our image?”

The mercenary uncle took a sip of beer and answered bluntly, “You are all weak and it feels like you will die if I touch you.”

Deng Jianan’s expression instantly froze while the barrage in his live broadcast room was bursting with laughter. Some people instigated him.

[Brother An, let him touch you and see if you will die.]

[Hahaha, don’t be afraid, streamer. Hurry up.]

Deng Jianan had a bit of a headache and looked at his health. He had risen to level 3 yesterday but he only had 1,100 health.

Meanwhile, the NPC in front of him was unfathomable in the system display

Could it be that his first death would happen here?

He glanced at the screen of the live broadcast. The barrage was full of those who were afraid that the world wouldn’t be chaotic. Finally, he decided to ignore the barrage like it wasn’t happening.

After all, a 30 minute death penalty was still very heavy in the early stages.

“Uncle, you must be joking. I will become stronger when I change my class to an elementalist.”

“Haha, I’m also an elementalist.”

Deng Jianan was stunned and looked at the mercenary uncle in front of him in a slightly suspicious manner.

Was this real or fake? Was an elementalist so rotten?

“Hey, why are you looking at me like that? I might only be half a star but I am still a real elementalist, okay?”

The mercenary uncle said unhappily.

He saw that Deng Jianan was still suspicious so he put down his beer and was ready to show it. “I will show you!”

He clasped his hands together and made a complex gesture, causing a faint golden light to appear around his body. Deng Jianan and the audience had some expectations. Even Yin Xing looked over.

The next second, the tall and strong man turned into—

A small dagger.

“Do you see it?” The small dagger floated in the air and shouted at Deng Jianan.

Deng Jianan, “……”

It was amazing but it wasn’t cool at all!

[F*k, it is awesome.]

[Hahaha, watch me change!]

The barrage laughed like crazy and was filled with ‘hahahaha’ and ‘2333.’ (Tl: 2333 means loud laughter)

In less than a minute, the little dagger changed back to the mercenary uncle just now. He said proudly, “I am a warrior of the metal system. Just now, it was one of my martial arts skills that allows me to transform into a weapon.”

“It is a pity that my level is too low and I can’t maintain it for long.”

“However, ever since the seal of Imperial City has been lifted, I feel that I am going to break through. I will definitely be able to reach one star soon and then I will be able to go to the front lines!”

Deng Jianan was a bit confused at first. Then he soon became keenly aware of the information point.

He knew that warriors could use martial arts while spiritualists could manipulate elements to release skills. This was the class information currently released on the game’s official website.

He just didn’t know that martial arts could change a person like this!

Due to the influence of the first closed beta players, most of the new players who entered the game chose the wind and water systems and most of them were spiritualists.

Now he saw that the profession of warrior was also very interesting!

For example, could a wind warrior become wind? What about water, fire or even thunder?

[Is it really possible to become thin like a bolt of lightning?]

[Why stop at lightning? Turning into light can also be done.]

In addition to the martial arts…

“Seal? What seal?” Deng Jianan asked curiously.

The mercenary uncle opened his mouth and was just about to tell him, when the bartender interrupted loudly. “It is nothing. He drank too much.”

“Guests, you haven’t said what you are drinking yet.”

The mercenary uncle was reminded of this and stopped talking. He picked up the beer glass and started drinking it again.

Deng Jianan didn’t keep bothering him after seeing that the question couldn’t be asked. He just smiled and said, “Two beers please.”


The bartender quickly brought them two beers. Deng Jianan took a glass and took a sip. Then his eyes lit up.

He switched his voice to the live broadcast room to avoid being heard by the NPCs and said in a low voice, “This beer tastes good! The taste of the beer isn’t very strong so the degree of alcohol shouldn’t be high, but it is very refreshing.”

“It is so unexpected that I can taste this in the game!”

Deng Jianan’s live broadcast room was very popular. In this period of time, only his live broadcast was exploratory. This looked more interesting so other viewers poured in and heard the streamer’s comment immediately.

[So is this a food live broadcast?]

[Wow, where are you in Imperial City? I also want to visit this tavern. It seems to have a good atmosphere!]

[Streamer, quickly give the address.]

Deng Jianan glanced at the barrage and immediately switched back to his normal voice. He told the bartender with a smile, “You guys are going to be hot soon.”

The bartender was a bit confused.

Hot? Was there a fire?

Deng Jianan didn’t explain. He glanced at the barrage and saw that someone was filling the screen, so he helped to ask. “Brothers, do you know how to meet the emperor?”

“On the television.”

The bartender gave him a strange look before correcting him. “You should respectfully address him as His Majesty.”

Deng Jianan paused and smiled. Then he saw the system notification.

[Ding~ Pete’s favorability toward you -10.]

Oh my god!

He was stunned for a moment. Then he quickly controlled his expression and said seriously, “You are right. His Majesty is so wise and mighty. I was too disrespectful to him just now!”

It was the bartender’s turn to be stunned. He looked over suspiciously and asked, “How is His Majesty wise and mighty?”

Deng Jianan froze. Wasn’t this NPC too intelligent? Coming back with a question?

The audience saw him being embarrassed and there was a burst of ridicule in the barrage.

Yin Xing, who was quietly drinking next to him, also couldn’t help smiling slightly before quickly covering it up with the glass.

Of course, Deng Jianan wasn’t stumped. He had done his homework.

“His Majesty trusted us and sent us braves to escape N…”

He was stuck for a moment before quickly changing his words. “Escort the instructors to Orchid Moon City. Not only was the task completed but the instructors and soldiers weren’t damaged. Isn’t this wise and mighty?”

The bartender nodded after hearing this, as if agreeing with his statement.

[Ding~ Pete’s favorability toward you +10.]

Deng Jianan was secretly relieved. He switched the audio channel and complained to the audience. “Everyone, remember this. There is a tavern in Doha Town. The bartender here is His Majesty the Emperor’s fanboy. If you praise the emperor then you can increase favorability with him.”

After half explaining and half complaining, he switched the voice back again.

“By the way, are there any other stories about His Majesty’s deeds? I didn’t come last time and just heard what my companion told me.”

The bartender snorted. “His Majesty has many deeds!”

He spoke while wiping a wine glass. “His Majesty has only been on the throne for half a year. Everyone wasn’t very optimistic about him at first, but through a series of reforms, he has made the empire better and better.”

Deng Jianan’s eyes lit up. Was this the background information of the leader of the Roland Empire faction? He really came to the right place to explore!

“What type of reforms? Can you tell me?”

He leaned forward and asked with great interest.

“Do you know how long it took to build this Doha Town?” The bartender didn’t answer immediately and instead asked a question.

Deng Jianan shook his head. How could he know this?

Doha Town… wasn’t it a new map added by the game team?

“Less than three months!”

The bartender wiped his glass and looked up, eyes shiny. “In less than three months, such a small town that can accommodate 100,000 people was built. Who would dare to think about this type of thing before? It is nothing short of miraculous!”

“Do you know who lives in this town?”

Deng Jianan shook his head again and waited for this person to continue.

“Apart from the 500 villagers who originally lived in Doha Village, everyone else moved from elsewhere.”

The bartender continued, “Almost all of them came from the slums on the outskirts of the inner city.”

Deng Jianan was stunned as he listened to the bartender say, “We originally had no food, clothing or warmth. We lived in dilapidated thatched houses. In winters like this one, people would’ve frozen to death in previous years.”

“Yet this year, each of us moved into a new house, got enough food to eat and a job to earn money to support ourselves and our families.”

“Now the town is still expanding. Once the expansion is over and a new batch of people like us move in, more and more people will live lives that were completely unimaginable in the past.”

“You say, isn’t His Majesty who made this decision a wise and powerful person?”

Deng Jianan saw the expression on the bartender’s face and couldn’t help nodding. At the same time, there were doubts in his heart. Could it be that this town wasn’t built directly? It needed to be built by NPCs?

“By the way, how was it built so quickly?”

“This brings us to another reform of His Majesty’s.” The bartender smiled and looked at the mercenary uncle. “This elementalist might have more experience with this.”

“Don’t bury me!”

The mercenary uncle rolled his eyes. Then he saw Deng Jianan’s curious expression and smiled. “Okay, it is right to ask me about this.”

“Just four or five months ago, I was still in the local army. If it wasn’t for His Majesty’s reforms, I wouldn’t have come over to become a mercenary, let alone have the life that I do now.”

He sighed. “The days might not be as stable as before but the local army indeed wore down on people’s fighting spirit too much. It should’ve been changed a long time ago.”

Deng Jianan listened in a confused manner and hurriedly asked more questions.

The mercenary uncle was a straightforward person and didn’t hide it. He told them about the emperor’s reform of the local army’s elementalists and the mercenary system.

“In the past, the elementalists in the local army really just took money and didn’t do anything. We would be scolded for being parasites.”

The mercenary uncle looked embarrassed. Then he saw Deng Jianan and smiled. “You braves must also become mercenaries. I seem to have seen your leaderboard on the mercenary platform.”

“Hurry up and change to an elementalist. We might have a chance to cooperate on missions in the future.”

He raised his hand and energetically patted Deng Jianan’s shoulder. “I’m optimistic about you!”

Deng Jianan’s face turned pale all of a sudden because—




Three in a row!

Bright red damage values appeared above his head. This uncle hit him three times and he lost a third of his health at once!

He saw that his uncle still wanted to pat him and quickly retreated, avoiding this ‘unbearable encouragement.’

[Hahahahaha, what must come can’t be escaped.]

[Streamer, you are so fragile.]

There was crazy laughter in the barrage.

Deng Jianan rolled his eyes and waved his hands as the mercenary uncle looked apologetic. However, this uncle was really hearty and helped pay for their drinks due to the mistake just now.

“It is a mere trifle!”

The uncle said, “Once you become an elementalist, come to me. I will take you to the Mercenary Association to register and you might as well come to my squad.”

[Ding~ The mercenary Li Lei has felt familiar with you at first sight. After you change to become an elementalist, he will introduce you to become a mercenary and you can join his squad (you can be exempt from the mercenary novice mission). Do you agree?]

F*k, was there such a good thing?

Deng Jianan was instantly happy and naturally agreed. He asked for Li Lei’s contact information and wanted to chat a few more times. However, this uncle received a message and left in advance.

He had to send the mercenary uncle to the door while feeling a bit unfulfilled.

As for Yin Xing, he was quite happy but his attention was focused on other aspects.

He sent a message to his sister Yin Hong.

“Sister, I want to open a bar in Starry Sky Age… what do you think?”

Then not long after he sent the message, he received a system notification.

[Ding~ Congratulations on triggering the elite mission – life class (weapons master). Mission content: Weapons master Abel is preparing to recruit a group of apprentices. Please go to the Elementalist Academy to transfer. Once the transfer is successful, you can go to Mercenary Town to find Abel.]

This task was naturally created by Xu Sili.

It was better to rely on people rather than to rely on himself. The weapons of the Interstellar Alliance were cheap and good, but they couldn’t always be purchased.

From the history books, Escher Star’s native equipment was no worse than the alien planets, but there was a lack of people to study it.

Players were assisted by the system. Wouldn’t it be much easier to let them study first and then teach NPCs in turn?

This was also the inspiration he got from Su Mo’s magic circle mage.

At this time, he had learned about the beginning and end of the matter from the little robot and knew that Si Sheng also had a game cabin.

Moreover, Si Sheng and Xiao Wu had been in cahoots for a long time!

In the virtual room, Xiao Wu lay on the sofa in a slightly stunned manner.

Wu wu, why did I have to board Si Sheng’s thief boat in the first place… now that Brother knows, will he not like me in the future?

The little robot thought of this and turned over sadly and angrily.

Hmph, if you want me to tip you off then no way!

He wouldn’t tell the bad guy that his brother already knew!

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