VCRMM: Chapter 125

Who was on top and who was on the bottom?

What was this question?

Xu Sili was stunned for a moment. Then he saw his second brother’s serious expression and had to stammer, “Of… of course, I am on top. Why do you need to ask?”

Xu Yuheng was silent after hearing this. His eyes were still fixed on Xu Sili, making him feel guilty.

“Well… occasionally on the bottom…” He faltered.

Xu Yuheng gritted his teeth and secretly cursed in his heart. ‘Da*n, I was cheated. I didn’t expect for that bast*ard Si Sheng to really sleep with my family’s Xiao Li!’

How long had the two of them known each other?

He hadn’t even met the parents yet. This was too outrageous!

Xu Sili quickly felt it. His face became redder and he couldn’t help pulling up the pillow beside him and burying his face in it. His voice came out muffled.

“Second Brother, why are you like this…”

“Hmph, do you think I don’t know what virtues you have?” Xu Yuheng reached out to rub his brother’s head but there was a coffee table in the middle and his arm wasn’t long enough. He had to take it back and pick up the pine nuts on the table to peel them.

“What virtues do I have?” Xu Sili raised his head. There was still a slight blush on his cheeks.

Xu Yuheng glanced at him coolly. Based on his brother’s laziness, he could sit but never stand, lie down but never sit. Could he take the initiative to be the 1?

He piled the peeled pine nuts on a crystal plate and moved them in front of him. Xu Sili naturally grabbed them and ate them.

Seeing him pick up the pine nuts and throwing them into his mouth one by one, Xu Yuheng seemed to go back to over 10 years ago. Xiao Li hadn’t entered the entertainment industry while he hadn’t taken over the company’s affairs.

As a child, his parents were busy. He always took his younger brother to play and was used to taking care of his brother.

His eyes were slightly hot and he finally really had the feeling that Xiao Li was truly alive.

Then he recalled what Xiao Li said just now and felt pierced again. He was a little sour for a while so he had to continue to diligently peel the pine nuts to hide his uncomfortable emotions.

Once he was almost calm, he told Xu Sili about Old Wang’s answer. “Now Old Wang refuses to reveal it to me. I have no way of knowing the plot after the open beta.”

“Just in case, you should do the preparations and don’t worry about the game progressing too quickly.”

Xu Yuheng told him about the two Yin families.

“You should have an impression of Yin Hong, right?”

This Yin family had dealings with the Xu family before. Yin Hong and Xu Sili were classmates while her younger brother Yin Xing was only 14 years old in the year Xu Sili’s plane crashed. Xu Sili didn’t know him.

“She has entered the game as well,” Xu Yuheng stated. “She is very interested in Starry Sky Age, even if I refuse to cooperate with her.”’

He finally had a small smile on his face. “In addition, our older brother has the support of the other Yin family. He should be able to clean up those old foxes in a short time.”

“Once he is done with this, I’ll kidnap him into the game!”

Xu Sili nodded but his heart was somewhat heavy.

If it wasn’t for him investing in Starry Sky Age, the Xu family wouldn’t have needed to sell their shares and wouldn’t have led the wolves into the house.

He pursed his lips. “Second Brother, can you hold on?”

“Nonsense!” Xu Yuheng finally couldn’t hold back. He leaned over and rubbed the top of Xu Sili’s head. “Don’t think too much. The foundation of Starry Sky Age is too good. So what if the game progresses faster?”

“I also want Roland to become rich as soon as possible so that I can start a tourism business.”

In fact, he thought that the research center and his older brother’s thinking was too rigid. It was such an epoch-making game that it could completely be operated as the second world of human beings!

It was now in the closed beta stage and each game cabin had to be bound to an individual. However, the cheaper and non-binding game helmets were also under development.

Once the game helmet was released, did he still have to worry that the game wouldn’t be popular?

It didn’t make sense when considering it from a traditional perspective because this game had one server from beginning to end. This meant that the players who entered the game first had an advantage.

If they were worried about the game progressing too quickly and players abandoning the game, why have only one server which was unfriendly to the later players?

In any case, Xu Yuheng wasn’t worried but his current strength wasn’t enough. The situation of the Xu family really wasn’t good right now so he had tried to find foreign aid.

Now he has found two reliable partners. It meant giving up some benefits in the future but being able to cooperate with them was a win-win situation and would save the Xu family a lot of trouble.

After all, the holographic game was such a big piece of cake. His family alone might not be able to eat it all.

Xu Sili was comforted by Xu Yuheng and felt this was indeed the case.

He had seen the future forum and knew the grandeur of the future Starry Sky Age. The game’s ability to attract a steady stream of fresh blood proved its vitality.

“Yes, I understand.” Xu Sili nodded.

Xu Yuheng saw that he understood and stroked his head again. “Okay, you can just be a good emperor in the game and do whatever you want. I will help you bear any big troubles.”

He clapped his hands and stood up. “I’m going to do my missions now.”

By the way, he needed to manage the mercenary group well. This way, if something really happened in the game then he had people who could help Xiao Li.

Then Xu Sili grabbed him.

He still had many things to discuss with his brother, such as the players’ residences. For example, he planned to open a commercial street near the players’ residences and rent all the stores to the players.

This way, he would receive both taxes and rent and would improve the player experience. It was also a gimmick to attract new players so it was killing three birds with one stone.

Xu Yuheng also felt it was feasible after listening to it.

Besides food, traditional stores could be opened such as an auction house, weapons store, pharmacy, etc. Finally, he thought of clothing stores.

Starry Sky Age was linked with Game of the Gods and it was Xu Sili who made it popular in the early stages. Based on the data of the second closed beta game cabin bookings, the number of female players was more than male players. It accounted for nearly two-thirds of them.

Most female players weren’t interested in fighting and killing, not to mention that this was still a holographic game.

In addition to the novelty, those who could spend 50,000 in the early stages probably wanted to see their virtual husband. After all, the whales in otome games were crazy.

What was a game cabin of 50,000?

Loving beauty was in a woman’s nature. Every character in the holographic game was based on their original body type but they could adjust their beauty upward.

People who originally weren’t in good shape in reality now had good conditions. Won’t they think of wearing beautiful and immortal clothes and having a good time?

Even if it was just to meet a virtual husband, why wear simple novice clothes?

A rich woman who could spend 50,000 to buy a game cabin probably had the same taste in reality. In short— saving face.

The more he thought about it, the more Xu Yuheng felt that this provided a new way of thinking for the development of Starry Sky Age.

Who said that holographic games required fighting and killing? Who said it needed to be an interstellar power struggle?

Wasn’t it fragrant to grasp both? Some people liked to fight and go on adventures while others liked to manage life. As a groundbreaking game, Starry Sky Age didn’t need to be limited by a box at the beginning.

He was a man of action so he immediately called his assistant. He could use the game cabin to directly call people in reality.

He asked his assistant to contact several famous designers to design several series of fashions specifically for Starry Sky Age.

Originally, there were several sets of costumes prepared but Xu Yuheng felt this wasn’t enough at the moment. It was basically set according to the clothing of the NPCs of the Roland Empire.

As a brave from another world, how could they not be different? In addition, didn’t Old Wang say it? Game data wasn’t easy to modify but things could be added.

Wasn’t the opening animation of the second closed beta a new addition?

Or perhaps the costumes from Game of the Gods could be used? It could be considered an alternative linkage. Game of the Gods had long been acquired by the Xu family so the materials from it could be used at will.

They could even add a dress-up gameplay.

After all, they could buy clothes and dress up a virtual character beautifully. How about buying it and wearing it themselves to look beautiful?

Of course, there was no need to sell all of them. He could come up with activities or missions and use the clothing as a reward. This not only increased the fun but also prevented the clothes bought with money from being too common.

In addition, some people had a collection obsession. It was estimated that after buying the costumes, they wouldn’t mind doing the missions one by one in order to collect all the clothes.

Yes, they could open a costume room with a booklet in it and record all the clothes, except that the clothing patterns weren’t lit.

Players could try it on in the costume room but once they left, they would need to light up the outfit in order to wear it outside.

Xu Sili had just mentioned a few things. He didn’t expect that his second brother would arrange it for him clearly. His brother even told him not to act in a hurry. His brother would make a plan for him later.

He was simply amazed. At the same time, he felt—

It was great to have his second brother here! He could finally make money without having to use his own brain.

In the end, he also introduced Wen Jishan to Xu Yuheng. He felt that they must have a common topic!

Xu Yuheng was skeptical after hearing that Wen Jishan was very business-minded. After all, in his mind, this was still a game and everyone was an NPC.

Still, he also knew that it was time for that perception to change.

Xu Yuheng added Wen Jishan’s communicator number. At Xu Sili’s advice, Xu Yuheng promised to discuss the plan with Wen Jishan first and give it to him after it was finalized.

Xu Sili was completely relieved about them.

Xu Yuheng left and he continued to think about the development of the Roland Empire.

After all, his second brother was busy with practical things. He could find his brother for the business side but he had to do the rest himself.

Just then, Xiao Wu sent him a message. “Brother, there is a message from the Interstellar Alliance.”


Xu Yuheng walked out of the emperor’s residence and found Si Sheng still standing in the corridor. He snorted coldly and walked straight in the direction of the palace gates.

Si Sheng stood in place.

Then he saw Xu Yuheng take two steps before turning back and glaring viciously, signaling for him to follow with his eyes.

Si Sheng hesitated. He looked at the bedroom and saw that Xu Sili was still thinking about things, so he withdrew his spiritual power and followed Xu Yuheng.

The guards and maids outside the bedroom all looked at each other. Even Li Zhecheng and Janice were shocked and dazed.

What was the origin of this brave man? How could the marshal treat him so carefully?

The two of them walked into the garden and Xu Yuheng looked around.

Si Sheng saw this and told him, “The guards won’t notice us.”

He had already turned on the passerby halo.

Just then, a team of guards passed by and really ignored them.

Xu Yuheng pouted. In fact, he also saw his special state in the upper right corner so he cautiously tested it.

Then his eyes narrowed and he said coldly, “Xiao Li told me.”

Si Sheng nodded and watched him quietly, waiting for him to continue.

“To be honest, I have a bad impression of you.” Xu Yuheng directly inserted the knife.

Si Sheng shook slightly and his light gold eyelashes lowered.

He was still silent but in front of Xu Yuheng, he lost all his ruthlessness and domineering air. He was well-behaved and docile like a real junior. He even showed a bit of a pitiful energy.

Xu Yuheng hadn’t expected him to have such a side. Perhaps Xiao Li was deceived by him like this, right?


Second Young Master Xu had been in the business world for a long time and didn’t waver so quickly. He continued to ruthlessly insert the knife. “My parents probably won’t like you. You slept with my brother before even meeting the parents? You are very capable!”

Si Sheng lowered his head even more.

However, his hands were clenched into fists. He could feel that Ah Li really cared about his family.

He didn’t want Ah Li to be sad again but gaining their approval…

Xu Yuheng noticed that Si Sheng was trembling and his fists were clenched by his side.

The favorability hadn’t changed but the scene of Si Sheng slaughtering tens of thousands of interstellar beasts in one go that day was too shocking. He still remembered it vividly.

His instinct for survival made him take a step back cautiously, even if he felt that Si Sheng had no reason to attack him at this juncture. Right?

He saw that Si Sheng also retreated and was on guard. Then to his surprise, Si Sheng just withdrew one leg and knelt in front of him on one knee.

The blond-haired man with a powerful aura knelt on one knee and looked up at him.

“Second Brother, please hand over Ah Li to me.”

Si Sheng stared at him, right hand clenched into a fist on his chest. “I am willing to swear on my life. I will always protect him. He is my belief and an indispensable part of my life…”

“I am willing to do anything as long as you accept it.”

Xu Yuheng was directly stunned. He hadn’t expected Si Sheng to be able to do this for Xiao Li!

Seeing his sincere and respectful eyes, Xu Yuheng really couldn’t treat him as an NPC any longer. Not to mention…

Hey, Xiao Li said that the two of them had slept together. Could he still break them apart?

“Get up.” Xu Yuheng stepped to the side and spoke with a dark face. “Do you want me to lose my life? We aren’t interested in that.”

Si Sheng froze.

Regardless of whether it was the last world or the Roland Empire, this was the highest courtesy. He didn’t expect it to cause disgust…

He stood up in a slightly frustrated manner but he heard Xu Yuheng say, “In fact, you don’t have to be like this. No matter whether I accept it or not, Xiao Li wants to be with you. That stubborn child won’t listen to me.”

The last sentence obviously contained a bit of sadness.

Si Sheng raised his eyes, his gray-blue eyes serious. “You are Ah Li’s brother and a relative he cares about very much. Your blessing is very important to us. I… don’t want him to be sad.”

Xu Yuheng gave him a deep look before the corners of his mouth twitched. “Okay, go and accompany him more.”

“As for your future, whether you can get my parents to agree on your marriage or not depends on your own ability.”

Xu Yuheng originally intended to intimidate him but he saw the man’s expression become slightly stunned. Then Si Sheng carefully asked him, “I… can I marry Ah Li?”


Xu Yuheng was so angry that he hit this person’s head on the spot. As a result, he saw the ‘miss’ above Si Sheng’s head, which stunned him.

Da*n, so irritating!

He couldn’t even break this guy’s defense!

“Don’t you want to be responsible?” Xu Yuheng was furious.

“I do!”

He thought about it but he didn’t dare to say it. After all, they just entered a proper relationship not long ago.

Xu Yuheng’s eyes were about to roll into the sky. He obviously mentioned this topic to intimidate Si Sheng. Why did it make him enlightened instead?

“I don’t care about your business. Get lost!”

Si Sheng didn’t get lost. Xu Yuheng was about to turn to leave when he asked, “Second Brother, why can’t Ah Li go back to his original world? Before… what really happened to him?”

Xu Yuheng froze.

He wasn’t surprised by Si Sheng’s question. He just thought Xu Sili had already told him this.

He turned to look at the man waiting behind him and pursed his lips slightly. Perhaps if he didn’t say it, Si Sheng would never know the answer. Xiao Li probably wouldn’t tell him.

He lowered his head, his voice very soft. It was as if it would be blown away by the wind at any moment.

“Because he is dead.”

“It has been… almost 10 years since he died.”


“A message from the Interstellar Alliance?”

In the bedroom, Xu Sili blinked and clicked on the communicator. The projection of the little robot appeared in front of him.

“What is the message?”

The messages from the Interstellar Alliance were usually sent to the account of His Majesty Roland. Ever since he decided to restrain himself and concentrate on Escher’s development, he had rarely gone to the game cabin.

In any case, there was the artificial intelligence Xiao Wu and there was no need to worry about missing any messages, although he rarely received messages.

“It is asking about Dr Ding Mingyu,” Xiao Wu replied in a childish voice.

“What? Dr Ding Mingyu? Who is that?”

Xu Sili was a bit confused. He had no impression of this person at all.

“Brother, have you forgotten? A Mr Mu contacted you before and said he wanted to bring his family member to Escher. Due to Escher’s special environment, he needed to apply for access permission to the safe passage with the Interstellar Alliance. He also sent a message over.”

“Mr Mu’s real name is Ding Mingyu.”

Xiao Wu patiently explained and posted a photo.

There was an old man with a beard and wearing the traditional white coat of the research institute. The words ‘Ding Mingyu’ were written below.

Xu Sili couldn’t help being stunned.

If Xiao Wu hadn’t said anything, he would’ve forgotten there was even such a person.

He seemed to have said he was coming before the first closed beta started, right? Now it was the second closed beta and his figure hadn’t been seen yet.

Space travel wasn’t that fast, Escher was in a remote location and it wasn’t known how many light years the powerful Flanders Interstellar Federation was from this planet, but it wasn’t possible to lose contact after departure, right?

Moreover, Xu Sili hadn’t expected this person to be an old gentleman.

He thought about how this person generously rewarded him in order to come all this way, only for him to forget about this wealthy backer…

Xu Sili felt a bit guilty and quickly asked, “Why is the Interstellar Alliance asking about him? Where is he now? How long will it take for him to arrive?”

“I don’t know. The Interstellar Alliance is also looking for him,” Xiao Wu replied obediently.

Xu Sili frowned. “Tell me, what is going on?”

“He seems to have disappeared. Flanders’ First Federal Research Institute suspects that his visit to Escher was just a pretense and he actually absconded with the latest research results.”

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