VCRMM: Chapter 124 Part 2

In his bedroom, Xu Sili had just sat down on the sofa.

He knew that Si Sheng’s speed was very fast. Now they hadn’t returned for nearly 10 minutes, so this made him a bit restless.

At this time, he heard the movement outside and was overjoyed. Then he saw his second brother walk in behind Janice with a gloomy and ugly expression and couldn’t help pausing.

He sat quietly on the sofa and waited for Janice to exit. Then he casually set up a soundproof barrier and poured a cup of tea for Xu Yuheng.

“Second Brother, drink tea first.”

He didn’t mention Si Sheng but entertained his brother first.

Seeing his attentive appearance, Xu Yuheng snorted coldly. Family knew their own family affairs. His younger brother had been spoiled since he was a child. Since when did he know how to take care of people?

That was what happened when he did something wrong or was asking for something!

Xu Sili could probably guess that Si Sheng might’ve messed things up.

He tended his spiritual power outside the palace. Sure enough, he saw the man standing in the corridor, head hanging low. There was no expression on his face, but his frustration and distress could be felt.

He felt a bit amused and didn’t sympathize very much.

It was deserved! Let’s see if Si Sheng dared to hide anything from him in the future.

It wasn’t just the matter of his second brother. If they hadn’t gone to the trial world, he might not have known that Si Sheng still retained memories of the previous world.

Of course, now he had to handle his second brother’s side first.

“Second Brother, you’ve met Si Sheng?”

Xu Sili asked.

Xu Yuheng sneered. “Yes.”

He seemed to have a big opinion of Si Sheng. Xu Sili had a headache but after thinking about it, he still looked up and stared seriously at his brother sitting on the opposite side of the sofa.

Among his peers, his second brother was the person closest to him.

Of course, his oldest brother also loved him, but relatively speaking, his oldest brother had been trained as an heir. He was required to be cautious with his words and deeds since he was a child, so he rarely had time to play with Xu Sili.

Just like now, his second brother could find time to come to him in the game while his oldest brother was still busy with a heavy burden on his shoulders.

He could joke and play tricks in front of his second brother, but he didn’t dare to face his oldest brother at all.

Therefore, no matter whether emotionally or strategically, he had to win the approval of his second brother first.

“Second Brother, I have something I want to tell you,” Xu Sili said seriously. “I’m in love.”

Xu Yuheng froze.

He hadn’t expected Xiao Li to be so straightforward.

“With that Si Sheng?” He had a cold face.

Xu Sili paused slightly. He wasn’t too afraid of his brother so he nodded. “Yes, I am with him.”

His calm attitude made Xu Yuheng frown. His thinking wasn’t so rigid. After all, same sex marriage had been legalized for more than 10 years but…

He said disapprovingly, “Xiao Li, he is an NPC.”

Xu Sili stared at him.

A long time passed before he calmly said, “Second Brother, I am also an NPC now.”

Xu Yuheng was slightly stunned. Yes, Xiao Li was also an NPC now…

“This is different…” He frowned deeply.

“What is different?” Xu Sili lowered his eyes. “Brother, I can’t go back.”

Xu Yuheng felt a pain in his chest when he heard this.

He suddenly realized that the recent reunion with his brother made him forget that Xiao Li was dead in reality.

Apart from him, in the eyes of everyone, Xiao Li no longer existed… even his oldest brother refused to believe him that Xiao Li was still alive in the game.

His eyes were slightly red. He thought about it before saying, “There will be a way. Science and technology are becoming more and more developed.”

“Second Brother, I’ve been gone for 10 years.”

Xu Sili held the teacup and looked at the floating leaves in the tea. In his consciousness, only half a year had passed.

He whispered, “There is no place for me over there.”

Xu Yuheng clenched his fists. He tried to control the surging grief and pain in his chest but in the end, he could only cover his eyes with his palms and say in a hoarse voice, “It is all my fault…”

“As I said, it isn’t your fault.” Xu Sili frowned. “I was originally going to leave. I don’t want you to blame yourself for this.”

“In addition, without you and our older brother, there would be no follow-up to Starry Sky Age, let alone the current me.”

Xu Yuheng took a deep breath. He calmed down his pained emotions and nodded slightly. However, only he knew whether he was still blaming himself in his heart or not.

Xu Sili sighed and handed him the teacup again. He waited until his brother drank the tea and calmed down before saying, “I like Si Sheng and I want to be with him.”

“Second Brother, I hope you can bless us.”

Seeing what Xu Yuheng wanted to say, Xu Sili raised his hand to stop him. “For me, this world is real and the people in the world have super high intelligence and complex emotions. They aren’t so-called NPCs.”

“Did you know? Si Sheng noticed it the first day I entered this body.”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help being stunned.

He guessed that Si Sheng might already know the difference with Xiao Li, or else Xiao Li wouldn’t have really accepted him, but unexpectedly, Si Sheng guessed it himself?

Si Sheng was really a bug!

“Many things happened later,” Xu Sili added. “He has been protecting me and saving me many times. If it wasn’t for him, I might’ve died early when crossing to this world.”

Of course, he didn’t dare to say that Si Sheng almost killed him in the first place.

Xu Yuheng’s expression gradually focused.

“Si Sheng has always supported me. My popular support rate was very low before and there was even a rebellion incident before the closed beta test started.”

“It was Si Sheng who suppressed the rebellion in one fell swoop and wiped out the traitors in Imperial City. Due to him, the series of reform measures I issued could proceed smoothly.”

“Of course, it wasn’t entirely because he saved me and supported me that I developed feelings for him.”

Xu Sili told him, “He was originally my ideal type.”

Xu Yuheng, “……?”

Xu Sili’s face was a bit hot. He held his cheeks and said, “You know, I asked the game developer to bring him to Starry Sky Age…”

He didn’t finish speaking but Xu Yuheng already understood.

Game of the Gods was linked with Starry Sky Age using the data from Xiao Li’s account. He knew this but he never expected the truth of the matter to be like this.

He didn’t know what to say.

There were many people who regarded 2D characters as their husbands. However, from ancient times to the present, his younger brother was probably the first one to directly turn a 2D character into his husband.

Xu Sili coughed and got back to the topic.

“Second Brother, I like Si Sheng. I love him and I need him.”

He stared into Xu Yuheng’s eyes. “He has become my support now. Without him, I don’t know how to survive in this world alone.”

Xu Yuheng’s heart dripped blood when he heard these words.

Still, he clearly knew this was the truth and it was also Xiao Li’s wish.

Xiao Li was now different from them.

He came from reality but he already belonged to the game. He could never go back and he could only live in this world all the time, or as another person.

It was completely different, even if this person was created based on him.

How lonely and scared must he have been in the beginning? Xu Yuheng’s heart was cut like a knife as he thought of the young man with red eyes at the lakeside of Orchid Moon City who cried that he wasn’t data.

In this world, Si Sheng was the only person who knew Xiao Li’s identity but still showed kindness to him.

Even if he was unhappy, Xu Yuheng had to admit that Si Sheng was indeed a very attractive person. He still remembered the scene when Si Sheng was in the sky outside of Orchid Moon City, creating thunder and lightning to slaughter tens of thousands of interstellar beasts.

In this game world, a man as powerful as a god was willing to bend his spine for Xiao Li and bow his head to a weak person like Xiao Li…

Xu Yuheng sighed.

If he stopped them again, would he become a big villain?

Xu Sili saw the change in his second brother’s expression and couldn’t hide the curve of his mouth as he drank tea.

He didn’t notice that the blue pendant around his neck was flashing with a red light.

Si Sheng, who was outside the bedroom, gently opened his eyes but the look in his eyes was a bit stunned.

Today, Ah Li still had the sound barrier up.

As his strength grew and his understanding of the sound elements became more thorough, Si Sheng could no longer penetrate the barrier without attracting his attention like last time.

However, the blue crystal necklace given to Ah Li last time contained his blood essence mixed in it.

As long as Ah Li wore that necklace, he could sense the location and at a critical moment, even if Ah Li didn’t have time to summon him, he could use the blood essence to condense a clone to help block a blow for him.

This blood essence naturally had other uses…

Si Sheng lowered his eyes. He hadn’t expected Ah Li to say these words to his brother…

No matter whether he was Ah Li’s ideal type or his support in the world… there were countless sweet tastes spreading in his heart.

Why wouldn’t he be able to return?

Then the joy soon faded and he frowned slightly.

Ah Li couldn’t go back to the world of the braves. There was no place for him there…

What did this mean?

He was glad that Ah Li could stay in this world forever and stay with him, but this didn’t prevent him from wondering about it.

What happened to Ah Li?

Why did he have to leave in the first place? Did this have anything to do with abandoning Si Sheng?

Si Sheng was confused but didn’t continue to eavesdrop.

He could probably ask in person rather than using these shady means.

In the bedroom, the conversation between the brothers continued.

“Si Sheng, he had some misunderstandings about you before.” Xu Sili was a bit amused. “He saw us hugging that day and thought you were my ex-boyfriend.”

Xu Yuheng was speechless.

This Si Sheng wasn’t only smart but also had a great imagination? But…

“He didn’t deal with me well even before then.” He spoke about how his favorability was inexplicably lowered on the shuttle and his tone was still a bit indignant.

Xu Sili really didn’t know about this so he didn’t know how to explain it for Si Sheng.

“Okay, don’t talk about this.”

Xu Yuheng waved his hand before crossing his arms again. “When did you get together?”

Xu Sili paused before answering without changing his expression, “It was just over two months ago when the server was closed.”

He really didn’t lie. They officially confirmed their relationship after the trial was over.

Xu Yuheng’s eyes narrowed. “Wasn’t it during the first closed beta?”

Xu Sili’s heart jumped slightly. He saw his second brother’s ‘you had better tell the truth’ look and couldn’t bear it. He had to say, “Okay, just… I went to Orchid Moon City to find you and the time after I came back…”

“You didn’t believe me and I couldn’t prove myself. I felt like I could only live as Snow Roland in the future and no one would know about the existence of Xu Sili… I was in a particularly bad mood…”

“Then Si Sheng…”

Xu Sili’s voice weakened as he saw Xu Yuheng’s expression getting darker and darker, as if he was about to vomit up blood.

How could Xu Yuheng have expected that he personally pushed his baby brother to Si Sheng?

This f*ing…

He took another deep breath and thought for a moment. “Last question! You guys… who is top and who is bottom?”

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