VCRMM: Chapter 123

Xu Sili carefully observed Si Sheng’s expression.

The man’s face was stunned in a rarely seen manner. It was as if he couldn’t digest the information just given and his brain was a bit down.

Xu Sili pursed his lips slightly, lowered his eyes and opened his mouth.

“Si Sheng, I know it is hard for you to accept for a while but… I’m not really a god.”

“I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I just didn’t know how to explain it to you… Besides, there are some things I’m still confused about…”

The more Xu Sili spoke, the lower his head dropped.

He had already let go of Si Sheng’s face and put his hands on the man’s shoulders. He grabbed Si Sheng’s collar slightly, forehead against his chest. The metal buttons of the man’s military uniform were slightly cool, just like his mood at the moment.

“If…” He bit his lip. “If you don’t like me any longer and want to break up with me…”

The young man’s voice was low and depressed, his tone full of grievances.

Si Sheng’s mind finally returned.

He grabbed the young man’s hands. “What are you talking about? What breakup?”

Xu Sili blinked and looked up at him. “Don’t you mind? I’m not the god you think I am.”

Si Sheng frowned.

He was just about to speak when he lowered his eyes and glimpsed the young man’s naked body. He couldn’t help pausing. Then he raised his hand and made a grabbing motion. The dressing gown hanging on the hanger flew over.

He reached out and stroked the young man’s hair. All the water droplets on Xu Sili’s body disappeared. Then he wrapped Xu Sili in the dressing gown and tied the belt.

Xu Sili kept staring at him, purple eyes glowing with a soft light. Once Si Sheng tied the belt and looked up, he couldn’t help leaning over to peck the beautiful lips.

Si Sheng looked at the young man and reached out to touch his cheek. “My mind is in a bit of a mess right now…”

He wondered, “If you aren’t a god, how do you explain what you have given me and the ability to transfer me to this world?”

Xu Sili bit his lip. This was what he couldn’t explain.

Should he tell Si Sheng… that he was just data created by humans and this world was also created by humans?

Or in a certain sense, human beings were gods to Si Sheng.

“If you can’t tell me, there is no need to force it,” Si Sheng said.

“I just need to make sure of one thing.”

“What is it?”

“You were the one who rescued me from the slave owner, right?”

Xu Sili nodded.

Si Sheng actually knew the answer a long time ago. He couldn’t guess wrong. In the trial world, the young man had rescued him from the underground slave market so quickly and accurately. He could no longer have any doubts.

“Why?” He was a bit curious.

Xu Sili hadn’t expected Si Sheng to ask this. He tilted his head slightly and recalled the original game plot.

At that time, he had just drawn Si Sheng’s card. According to the settings, there were two options after completing the card story. He could let Si Sheng go and draw another card, or take him away.

Si Sheng’s initial situation was really bad and the junk attributes in the early stage meant almost no one cared for his card.

Then he… why did he choose Si Sheng?

The dirty little slave appeared in his mind. He was very dirty and his eyes were so gray that they seemed to have lost all color. However, when Xu Sili saw him, he thought, ‘It is him.’

Xu Sili shook his head. “I don’t know. I just liked you.”

Si Sheng couldn’t help smiling. He reached out and took the young man into his arms, rubbing his chin against the top of the soft hair.

“I’ve been worried about you,” he said softly. “I thought you were injured in order to become so weak…”

Xu Sili pouted. “Then I’m really sorry. I was already very weak.”

Si Sheng gave a low laugh. “I didn’t mean that. I just want to say that I can finally feel at ease.”

Xu Sili hummed. “I’ll catch up with you soon.”

Si Sheng didn’t doubt this.

After all, in just five months, he had gone from being weak to the level of two and a half stars.

This was something that was difficult for others to do in their entire lives.

Xu Sili leaned against his arms and slowly laughed. He thought that Si Sheng cared about his identity as a god but it turned out that he was the only one worrying.

After finally talking about this, he felt that the stone pressing on his heart was finally gone.

However, his joy and ease didn’t affect Si Sheng. He hugged the young man and his expression gradually became solemn.

“You just said…”

“That brave man is your brother?”

“Yes.” Xu Sili didn’t notice Si Sheng’s abnormality and was still arching into his arms, looking for a warmer and more comfortable position.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and spoke to himself.

“Brother by blood?”

“Yes, my soul somehow came here and I became Snow Roland. After knowing that my second brother was coming, I went to Orchid Moon City to find him but he actually didn’t believe me…”

Xu Sili explained what happened to him. Si Sheng listened carefully but his expression always seemed a bit distracted.

Ah, Ah Li’s brother…

He recalled his attitude toward the other person and didn’t know what to feel for a while.

Then he remembered that in the pavilion just now, he grabbed Xu Yuheng’s hand fiercely and almost killed this person.


Ah Li’s brother would forgive him, right?


“You want to weaken Si Sheng’s attributes?” On the other end of the phone, Old Wang asked with surprise.

“That’s right!”

Xu Yuheng remembered how Si Sheng inexplicably reduced his favorability to -10,000, causing him to almost be attacked by NPCs at any time, and his heart was aggrieved.

The fire that had just subsided suddenly soared again.

“Old Wang, don’t you think that this NPC is too strong?” Xu Yuheng said. “I remember it was mentioned in the report from the research center. You should know his parameters better than me, right?”

“I naturally know this.”

Old Wang nodded. He just felt that Si Sheng was less harmful than Snow Roland, especially Snow Roland who had some information.

It was still the second closed beta. Judging from the feedback from players, the rapid development of the game motivated the current players and even promoted the rapid rise of the star forum.

Listening to the people in the group, the Xu family’s side had received several good advertisements and were ready to take a look.

However, they needed to take a long-term view.

Judging from past game experience, the game process couldn’t develop too fast. At the very least, it couldn’t be like before where NPCs were doing what players should do. This was too outrageous.

Old Wang fully agreed with this point of view, even if he wasn’t from the planning department.

“Then Old Wang, for the balance of the game, shouldn’t his attributes be appropriately reduced?” Xu Yuheng suggested.

Old Wang laughed.

“Mr Xu, didn’t you and your brother repeatedly veto the previous plans?”

“Deleting the file and reloading definitely won’t work…”

“Forcibly intervening will cause the game world to collapse.”

Hearing Xu Yuheng’s silence, Old Wang sighed and explained, “You might still be complaining about me, thinking that I deliberately didn’t help you transfer from Orchid Moon City to Imperial City.”

“Mr Xu, as analyzed in the report, we can’t predict the consequences once these forcible intervention methods are issued.”

“We can add some things now and can fix bugs after the main brain detects them, but there are limits to our actions.”

“The planet Roland is the most complete map. It is a precision machine and every part has its role.”

“Removing one part and ensuring the whole machine continues running well requires rigorous calculations. In addition, even the most accurate calculations can have accidents…”

Xu Yuheng patiently listened to Old Wang’s words and finally came to a conclusion. Si Sheng couldn’t be cut. If he needed to be cut then it was better to delete the file and start over.

Old Wang was really a thief!

He shook his head. He knew that he couldn’t achieve his purpose of revenge from the outside so he had to give up on the path of the research center.

After hanging up the phone, Xu Yuheng stood up and went to have a late night snack.

He had just taken two steps when he thought of something. He quickly turned back, imported the photos taken in the game from his game cabin to his phone and sent them to his mother. Then he opened the door and left the room.

It was already 11 o’clock by the time he finished chatting with Old Wang. He thought that his mother was sleeping but he had just taken a pack of instant noodles from the cabinet when he heard his phone ringing.

The sender was Mother Xu but the messages weren’t addressed to him alone. They were sent to the family’s group.

In this small group, there were his grandparents, Xu Fengqing’s son and daughter, Father Xu and Mother Xu and their two brothers.

Of course, there was one more member who would never appear again.

Mother: [Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture].

Mother: [Come and see. These are photos of Ah Heng and Xiao Li. Ah Heng just sent them to me~]

Mother: [Oh, my family’s Xiao Li is still so good-looking.]

Grandma: [Voice message] [Why does Xiao Li have white hair? His eyes are also purple.]

Mother: [Ah, it’s so late. Mom, you haven’t rested yet?]

Grandma: [Voice message] [I got up to drink water and looked at my phone. Then I saw what you sent in the group.]

Mother: [Ahh, Ah Heng saw Xiao Li. When will we be able to enter the game to meet him? Hey, I don’t know if Xiao Li is lonely in the game? Will he be bullied?]

Grandma: [Voice message] [There is Ah Heng. Whoever wants to bully my little baby, Ah Heng will beat him up!]

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help laughing at these two elders chatting in the group without sleeping in the middle of the night.

He quickly appeared and said yes to them. He coaxed them to sleep before making the instant noodles and eating them.

After filling his stomach, he went back to lie on the bed. He stared at the ceiling and thought about how to deal with Si Sheng.

If external measures didn’t work then he could only do it from within.

What were Si Sheng’s weaknesses?

His level was very high but it didn’t make sense to have no weaknesses, right?

Xu Yuheng thought about these things and gradually fell asleep. At night, he had a dream that he rose to level 100 and beat Si Sheng to the ground. He felt a lot more relieved.

He woke up and contacted the Yin family in a refreshed manner.

After a day of adjustment, Elder Yin had calmed down and had a much better attitude toward Xu Yuheng, who finally reunited him with his daughter.

He generously agreed to what he promised before and sent someone to draw up a contract. He would contact Xu Fengqing today.

Xu Yuheng was naturally full of gratitude. Such a result was expected but he was relieved it could be done so smoothly.

There was the help of the Yin family and his older brother should be able to relax a bit.

There was no way to say the details on the phone. Xu Yuheng quickly hung up and sent a message to remind Xu Fengqing.

Immediately afterwards, Yin Hong called him before he could make the call.

This strong woman obviously saw the potential of Starry Sky Age. It wasn’t just because of her brother, but that she was also optimistic about this project. Therefore, she changed her attitude.

Both of them were talented people so the phone call was a pleasant one. Yin Hong was mainly interested in games and Starry Sky Age currently needed such cooperation.

After all, the Xu family really had no money for publicity.

The day’s work only ended in the afternoon and Xu Yuheng finally had time to enter the game.

He thought about it for a day and a night and finally thought of a method. There was a saying that more people were more powerful. He had to raise the Yusiqing mercenary group up.

If he couldn’t fight one-on-one in the future then he could still bring people over!

He was just thinking about how to manage the mercenary group and deal with Si Sheng later when he heard the familiar system notification as soon as he went online.

[Ding~ Si Sheng’s favorability toward you is +20,000. The favorability level has increased to ‘respect.’]

[Warm reminder. Si Sheng is known as the patron saint of the Roland Empire. Due to his respect for you, it will make it easier for you to gain the favor of the Roland people.]

Xu Yuheng, “……?”

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