VCRMM: Chapter 122

Xu Sili was a bit confused at suddenly being pulled back. Then he felt the man’s hot breath close to his ear as the man whispered, “Your Majesty.”

The voice was soft and full of intimacy.

This action and this tone was naturally nothing in normal times.

The problem was…

His second brother was standing in front of them now! Why did Si Sheng suddenly appear?

Xu Sili felt as embarrassed as when he stole candy as a child and was caught by his second brother. This sudden meeting of the family made him feel very worried in his heart.

According to this plan, he should first brush up Si Sheng’s sense of existence in front of his second brother and increase the favorability. Then he would let them meet to establish a good impression and finally reveal that they were in love.

But now…

His second brother was so perceptive. Could he guess it?

He secretly observed his second brother. He saw his brother’s suddenly cold eyes and his heart slightly tensed. He hurriedly retreated from Si Sheng’s arms.

Si Sheng felt his retreat.

His heart suddenly tightened and pain flashed in his eyes. He pursed his lips and when he looked at Xu Yuheng again, the hostility that was originally restrained had turned into a fierce and cold killing intent.

If it wasn’t for Xu Sili’s presence, he might’ve shot directly.

Xu Yuheng felt numb for a moment.

It was a sense of crisis where his hairs stood on end because he was targeted by a cold-blooded animal. Then he soon returned to normal. He was now a player and he was immortal!

He stared back at Si Sheng without showing weakness.

He had long been unhappy with this NPC who always inexplicably lowered his favorability!

The two of them didn’t speak but it seemed like sword lights and shadows flickered between them. Si Sheng’s expression couldn’t be seen due to the angle but Xu Sili still felt the not very good atmosphere between the two of them.

This could already be seen from his second brother’s expression.

What was going on?

Could it be that his second brother had already met Si Sheng and something unpleasant happened?

Xu Sili looked confused and suddenly found that his initial plan probably wouldn’t work.

Si Sheng never thought that after confirming the relationship with him, Lord God would still meet with this brave man alone! Even avoiding closeness with him in front of the brave…


Could it be that Lord God was still thinking about the person in front of him? Such a thought flashed in his mind and made him feel like his heart had been pierced by a dull knife.

However, seeing the young man’s confused expression, Si Sheng clenched his fists and finally lowered his eyelashes to hide the jealousy that made him want to go crazy.

He knew he couldn’t do this. He knew very well that if he really took action against the brave man in front of him or even killed the brave man, the end result would just be disappointing Lord God.

This was unbearable for him. He would never let his god have a second chance to abandon him.

However, he also couldn’t bear the picture of these two standing together!

The fists hanging by his side clenched and a blue light seemed to flicker between his fingers under his gloves.


Xu Sili was just about to say something to ease the tense atmosphere between the two of them when he felt the surrounding temperature suddenly drop.

Immediately afterward, the heavy snow that stopped yesterday started to fall again.

Xu Sili felt the snowflakes rushing from outside the pavilion to hit his face and was so frozen that he forgot everything. He wrapped his coat tightly around himself but still felt a bone-chilling cold hit. It was so cold that his teeth trembled.

“Your Majesty…”

“Xiao Li…”

Two male voices were heard at the same time.

Si Sheng’s pupils suddenly contracted and he stared at Xu Yuheng incredulously. Unexpectedly… this brave knew Lord God’s real name? He also called him so intimately!

Xu Yuheng noticed Si Sheng’s eyes and quickly realized he had made a mistake.

Xiao Li was now Snow Roland, an NPC in the game. Based on the intelligence level of the NPCs in this game, it couldn’t be predicted what would happen when he revealed a mistake.

Da*n, blame this unsightly fellow Si Sheng. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make such a low-level mistake!

However, Xu Yuheng had experienced strong storms and soon changed his words very naturally. “Your Majesty Snow, you should quickly go back to your room to rest. Don’t catch a cold.”

He saw his brother shivering from the cold. He knew that his brother was most afraid of the cold so Xu Yuheng felt pity in his heart. He was about to reach out to touch the top of Xu Sili’s head when a big hand grabbed his wrist.


A blood-red damage value emerged on top of Xu Yuheng’s head.

Oh my god!

What was Si Sheng doing?

Xu Sili was completely dumbfounded when he saw the bright red number. His already frozen white face lost more blood.

Xu Yuheng looked at his grasped hand and frowned. He had lowered his sense of realism so he didn’t feel pain. However, he was currently level 16 and he had 9,500 health.

Meanwhile, Si Sheng just pinched his wrist and actually caused him over 800 damage?

Weren’t the parameters of this NPC too buggy? Xu Yuheng felt a bit skeptical. Could he really get revenge when he was level 100?

“Si Sheng, what are you doing?”

Xu Sili recovered from the thought of ‘it’s over’ and hurriedly removed Si Sheng’s hand, freeing his second brother’s hand from the restraint.

“Are you okay?”

He glanced at Xu Yuheng’s hand with concern and said anxiously, “Si Sheng didn’t mean it. You know that he is very strong and he didn’t control his strength for a while…”

Behind him, Si Sheng looked at the back of his hand that was patted away. He saw the young man’s appearance of caring for others and the corners of his mouth pulled tight.

Xu Sili couldn’t care about him now. He just wanted to hurriedly restore Si Sheng’s impression. He pulled out health medicine from his space capsule and wanted to give it to his second brother.

“No, keep the medicine for yourself.”

Xu Yuheng withdrew his hand and gently adjusted his glasses. “I remembered something. Let’s stop here first… go back for now. Don’t blow in the wind here. Be careful of getting sick.”

Xu Sili observed his gloomy expression and his heart was in his throat. However, some words weren’t suitable to say in front of Si Sheng…

He was just about to speak when Xu Yuheng suddenly clapped his hands. “By the way, I have to take a few photos.”

He grabbed Xu Sili’s shoulder and clicked to take photos. Then he waved at his younger brother, glanced at Si Sheng with an unclear meaning and went offline.

Si Sheng didn’t move and kept watching them like this.

The night wind mixed with the ice and snow blew down his bangs, casting a shadow over his eyes and making it difficult to see his eyes in the darkness.

Xu Sili also didn’t have time to deal with him.

Ah, it was too difficult…

He let out a groundhog-like scream in his heart. How could Si Sheng hurt his second brother? It wasn’t very harmful but it was extremely dangerous!

How could his second brother have a good impression of Si Sheng now?

In his family, his second brother and his mother were the easiest to talk to. If Si Sheng couldn’t win over his second brother then forget his oldest brother and father!

Xu Sili had a big headache and he felt the cold of the winter night even more.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He couldn’t help looking sideways and giving Si Sheng a stern look. However, Si Sheng still had his eyes lowered and his entire body was enveloped by a low air pressure.

Xu Sili’s anger couldn’t help stagnating.

He couldn’t help reflecting.

In fact, if he had told Si Sheng about the identity of his second brother in advance, perhaps the embarrassing incident just now wouldn’t have happened. Then here was the question— how could he explain it?

Si Sheng thought he was god and faced him almost with the attitude of a believer.

He didn’t want to see Si Sheng’s humbleness but he was also afraid in his heart. If Si Sheng knew the truth and knew he was just an ordinary person, would Si Sheng still love him as he did now?

The heavier Si Sheng weighed on his heart, the more Xu Sili worried about the gains and losses.

However, his sense of reason told him it was time to confess.

He looked at Si Sheng and gently approached him.

Si Sheng still had lowered eyes and his body was tense, as if suppressing something.

Xu Sili reached out to hold him and buried his face in Si Sheng’s arms.

Even in the wind and snow at night, Si Sheng’s body was like a fireplace, making him feel less cold.

Si Sheng let the young man hold him, looking down at the top of his head with dark eyes.

So what now?

“Si Sheng, I…” The moment Xu Sili spoke, he felt his teeth chattering. He paused and changed his words. “Let’s go to the bath. I want to take a bath.”

Si Sheng pursed his lips slightly but finally reached out to hug the young man. They disappeared in place with a flash.


In reality.

The moment Xu Yuheng got offline, he directly called the research center to contact Old Wang.

At this time, it was already past 10 o’clock in the evening but the second closed beta had just opened. Old Wang was still busy at the research center.

He saw the call and had a headache, but he had to answer it. He answered it after the phone rang persistently a second time.

“Mr Xu, why are you calling so late?” Old Wang’s tired voice was heard on the other end of the phone.

Xu Yuheng paused and his angry brain calmed down a lot.

In any case, Xiao Li’s safety was the most important thing.

He thought for a moment before saying, “Old Wang, I just went offline.”


Old Wang nodded. “Miss Yin’s personal condition is stable and there are relevant personnel staying there to observe. Once there is an emergency, measures will be taken immediately.”

Xu Yuheng hadn’t expected the doctor to talk about the Yin family first.

He hadn’t found this person outside the summoning hall today for a long time and thought the experiment regarding connecting a vegetative person’s mind to the game had failed.

As a result, just as he was disappointed and about to leave, he saw the kid from the Yin family leading a girl outside the main hall.

It was only then that he knew the experiment hadn’t failed.

It was just that Miss Yin was in a coma so she hadn’t known about this experiment. She was frightened after entering the game and delayed the pre-game operations for a long time. Then it took her a lot of time to recognize the nephew she hadn’t seen in 20 years.

It wasn’t until Yin Zhaoyang asked Elder Yin to call her game cabin that the father and daughter finally spoke again after 20 years.

Xu Yuheng didn’t continue to bother them at this time. He just confirmed that the experiment was feasible and left.

“It is hard work for you.”

He told Old Wang, “This experiment is very important. Please make sure that there aren’t any mistakes.”

If they could really connect the consciousness of a vegetative person to the game and ensure that their health wasn’t affected then the meaning of Starry Sky Age would rise to another level.

The success of Yin Xing also proved the market of the game in other special fields.

It wasn’t just physically handicapped people. Even short-sighted people could stop wearing glasses in the game. This was a good gimmick and selling point.

Xu Yuheng exchanged a few more words with Old Wang before bringing up his original purpose.

“Old Wang, I want to see the game information after the open beta. Please let people send it to my email.”

He had to check if there would really be a beast wave or not!

Old Wang used to check the game setting information for him and answered his every request, but he failed to get his wish this time.

“Mr Xu, these are still confidential at present and I’m afraid it isn’t suitable to send them to you.”

Xu Yuheng frowned. “Even I can’t see it?”

Old Wang wanted to say, ‘It is you we are defending against.’ However, this was one of his wealthy backers and it wasn’t good to say things too directly.

“You can ask President Xu about it. This is what he means.”

He directly brought out Xu Fengqing, which was also the result of their discussion after the deletion plan was rejected.

Xu Yuheng had no way to maintain his status as an outsider. He not only set up a mercenary group with his foresight but he also told his ‘younger brother’ many things that shouldn’t be known. This violated the interests and principles of the game team.

They could proudly claim that there were no cheat programs in Starry Sky Age but then reality slapped them in the face.

Wasn’t Xu Yuheng the biggest cheat?

In any case, this Mr Xu had already been blacklisted by the game team. Apart from some information that could be made public, he shouldn’t expect to know the hidden settings of the game team.

Xu Yuheng was speechless.

Hearing this, how could he not understand what Old Wang meant? But…

He really couldn’t explain it clearly!

Even if he said it, who would believe him? He also wondered how his brother was so clever as to discover these well-designed settings in such a short time.

In the face of the suspicions of his older brother and Old Wang, he could only silently carry the blame.

Hey, he really endured too much for this family!

Old Wang’s attitude was too firm and he had no way to do it for the time being. He had to talk about other things.

He thought of that overly strong brat and Xu Yuheng narrowed his eyes. “Old Wang, let’s talk about Si Sheng…”


The palace was dimly lit. The fog off the water created a hazy veil.

Hot air was constantly steaming from the pool water.

Xu Sili lay on the edge of the bath. He felt the cold all over his body dissipating and couldn’t help letting out a satisfied sigh.

He raised his eyes and looked at the man still standing on the shore.

“Si Sheng.”

Xu Sili looked at him and supported his chin with one hand. He originally wanted to make it clear to Si Sheng but seeing the man like this, he suddenly remembered something.

“Are you hiding something from me?”

Si Sheng ignored him and only focused on controlling the magic circle under the bathtub to provide enough warmth to the room.

The sound of water was heard, followed by the small sound of bare feet stepping on the tiles. A pair of slender but beautiful arms hugged his waist from behind.

“You must be hiding something from me.” Xu Sili leaned against his shoulder, cheeks bulging slightly. “I felt that something was wrong with you before.”

“Your Majesty says that this servant is hiding something from you, but what about Your Majesty?”

Si Sheng’s lips slightly twitched. “Aren’t you hiding something from this servant?”

Xu Sili frowned when he heard the distant tone. As for the accusation, he directly admitted to it.

“Yes, it is true there is something I haven’t told you…”

In any case, he was ready to be honest with Si Sheng. He was still worried in his heart but he leaned against the man’s shoulder and his fingertips slightly picked at the marshal’s epaulets.

“However, I asked you first so you have to answer first.”

Si Sheng remained silent.

He didn’t want to tear apart this layer, nor did he want to know the unforgettable past the young man had with that person. He didn’t want to know… in the young man’s heart, he couldn’t compare to that person at all.

Si Sheng didn’t speak and Xu Sili sighed.

After thinking about it, he let go of the man’s waist and directly moved in front of the man. Si Sheng probably wasn’t expecting his sudden move and couldn’t avoid it. Xu Sili accidentally saw his red eyes.

Xu Sili was stunned.

He held Si Sheng’s face and gently rubbed at the slightly cool water vapor condensed on the skin. He saw the man’s pitiful eyes and his heart softened.

“Si Sheng, what’s wrong with you?”

He pressed their foreheads together and gently pecked Si Sheng’s lips. “If I did something wrong, tell me, okay? I haven’t been in a relationship before and I really don’t understand…”

The man, who had softened at his comfort, was stimulated by something.

“Is there really none?”

His eyes were red. “Before me, there was really no one else?”

Xu Sili was confused. He guessed that Si Sheng might be jealous due to his second brother but he didn’t have any intimate actions with his second brother. He hadn’t wronged Si Sheng yet so why was he talking about the past?

“I saw you hugging each other.”

This time, he heard Si Sheng say this.

What? Xu Sili’s eyes widened.

“I saw you hugging that brave man on the day we returned from Orchid Moon City.”

Si Sheng gritted his teeth. “In addition, you went to Orchid Moon City to see him, right? It was the day I was fighting the nine star beast and you summoned me back.”

Xu Sili was completely confused.

What the, Si Sheng actually knew it the entire time? When did he find out?

Many things seemed to connect at once. He saw Si Sheng’s angry and sad look and felt a bit guilty. He didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

It turned out that Si Sheng kept stressing to him that there could be only one person because of this?

“I don’t have that type of relationship that you think with him.” Xu Sili said. “This is actually something I didn’t tell you and I want to make it clear to you.”

“Si Sheng, listen up, I’m not a god.”

Xu Sili pursed his lips, his eyes worried but firm.

“I come from the same world as the braves. The brave man that you misunderstood, his real name is Xu Yuheng. He is…”

“My own brother.”

Si Sheng stared at him blankly and opened his mouth slightly, “What?”

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