VCRMM: Chapter 121 Part 2

Huh? Su Mo? Why was this name so familiar?

After being stunned for two seconds, Xu Sili quickly reacted. Wasn’t this the bigshot player who would build the teleportation circle with Chi Yu in the future?

But he was a player…

Xu Sili compared it and quickly found that in the two columns for weapons master and elemental pharmacist, the two NPCs with the highest professional level had the modifier ‘life occupation mentor’ behind them. Meanwhile, Su Mo didn’t have it behind him!

Ah, this…

Xu Sili was a bit confused.

Did it mean that magic circle theory couldn’t be taught right now? Was it because the life occupation mentor hadn’t appeared yet?

Then how did Su Mo change professions?

He was a bit confused about this design of Starry Sky Age but he didn’t let it bother him.

Something as useful as magic circles must be learned! Naturally, the more talents in this area, the better!

Xu Sili opened the mission panel and started editing it.

He directly consumed 1,000 mana to send Su Mo a legendary mission. As long as Su Mo could teach an NPC to become a magic circle mage, he would not only gain money and experience but he would also directly receive a piece of land.

As for how to build on it, he was a master builder so he could naturally build it himself.

Xu Sili ignored Su Mo’s surprise at the sudden gift and continued to look at the other icons on the talent pool panel.

The rest were grayed out but there was one icon that was different from the others. It showed text but wasn’t lit up.

[Elemental Chef: Imperial City Lv 3 unlocked. The current number is 0.]

Xu Sili frowned. Elemental chef… wasn’t this a chef? What was the difference?

Then he quickly realized the problem.

Elemental pharmacists could make potions with different buffs. Then what about elemental chefs?

Xu Sili immediately became interested.

How to train elemental chefs? He didn’t think about it on his own and instead clicked on the future forum.

Hehe, the current timeline might be different from the one on the future forum but the basic settings were still the same.

He rummaged through the old posts.

In the original timeline, Imperial City had been upgraded by Su Mo and the others one year after the public beta started. Therefore, he directly locked onto the posts of this period. He didn’t find the origin of the elemental chef but was attracted by other information.

[Ahhh, if you had unlocked the level limit earlier, I wouldn’t have died dozens of times during the beast wave! Angry! Heartache!]

It seemed like a very common complaint post but… beast tide? What was this?

Xu Sili was a bit stunned. At the same time, his heart was beating wildly and he had a bad premonition.

It wouldn’t be what he thought, right?

He took a deep breath and put down the slightly trembling milk tea cup in his hand. He entered the words ‘beast wave’ in the search bar and a full page of posts popped up. The number of pages were as many as a dozen.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and read it post by post. By the time he finished reading a few pages, he roughly understood what happened.

Around seven months into the game’s public beta, Escher Star once again had a massive beast wave.

Countless interstellar beasts poured from the other side of the distant continent and it lasted for half a month before subsiding.

Twilight Frost City bore the brunt of it. In an unprepared situation, the guardian barrier was continuously attacked for a half a month. It was when the guardian barrier was crumbling that the riot of the interstellar beasts finally subsided.

Even Twilight Frost City was like this, let alone Orchid Moon City whose guardian barrier was full of holes.

The protective barrier of Orchid Moon City only lasted a week. Fortunately, it was relatively far from the starting point of the beast wave and the administrator had prepared protective measures in advance. He moved most of the people underground.

Even so, the underground wasn’t completely safe. There were beasts like the mountain drill beast that specialized in moving underground.

It could be said that the players of Orchid Moon City played a vital role in this disaster.

It was also due to their performance in this battle that the players’ image, which had been corrupted due to the attack on the city, finally recovered a lot.

In the beast wave, Orchid Moon City suffered heavy losses.

The players who resisted the beast wave also felt suffocated, which could be seen from the number of complaint posts. Therefore, once the main mission of guarding the main cities and clearing the interstellar beasts was finally triggered, the players gladly accepted.

It was also due to this half a month of resisting the beast wave that the players and NPCs really mingled together and the players had a sense of belonging to the Roland Empire.

This monster attack on the city should be very successful in the eyes of the planner but Xu Sili felt cold when he saw it. He even felt that the underground fire magic circle was less warm.

He calculated the time with his fingers.

The second closed beta was two months. Then it was closed for a month. According to the 6:1 time flow rate, half a month would pass in the game. Then the public beta would be launched.

Based on these calculations, he only had one year and three months to prepare.

This beast wave didn’t completely destroy all the guardian barriers of the main cities and the holes had been blocked after the upgrade of Orchid Moon City, but Xu Sili didn’t feel relaxed.

His goal was to recover the territory of the empire, connect the five major cities and continue to push the nation’s borders outward by at least thousands of kilometers to… the burial place of Silin and Xenos.

This was something he had to do.

Now this goal might have to be postponed indefinitely due to the beast wave. The next beast wave was less than five years away from the one three years ago?

Could it be that every five years, he could only shrink back in the guardian barrier that the former emperor opened using his life until the power of the guardian barrier was exhausted?

He was unwilling!

Xu Sili’s eyes were red.

He looked at the beast wave related posts all over the screen and gritted his teeth, his eyes full of determination.

There was still more than a year to go. He could do it.

As long as they were strong enough, what was the beast wave? Then it would be just to gain experience points and materials!

Xu Sili quickly calmed his emotions and continued to stare at the future forum. He had to read all the posts again so as to not miss any details.

Time passed imperceptibly. It wasn’t until it was dinner in the evening that Xu Sili received a message from Xu Yuheng, hoping that Xu Sili would send someone to pick him up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to enter the palace.

It was a bit strange since he clearly gave a token last time, but Xu Sili didn’t think much of it and sent Li Zhecheng directly.

Ever since Xu Sili and Si Sheng had personally gone to the Asmo Mountains to rescue his brother, Li Lai, Li Zhecheng was even more loyal to Xu Sili. The favorability level had directly risen to ‘worship.’

If Xu Sili told him to go east then he definitely wouldn’t go west, let alone a simple task like picking someone up.

It was just that when he reached the gate of the palace and saw Xu Yuheng, he found that his mood had subtly changed.

He had seen this brave before. It seemed that he was the head of the brave’s mercenary group and Li Zhecheng had a good impression of him. Now when seeing him today…

Why did he find this brave’s face so disgusting? He even felt his fists become itchy.

Li Zhecheng took a deep breath and silently calmed himself. This was His Majesty’s distinguished guest and he couldn’t be rude to others.

In the end, the current second strongest person on Escher Star forced out a smile and politely invited Xu Yuheng to enter the palace.


Xu Yuheng saw the twisted facial features and wanted to tell this person to stop smiling.

However, to prevent this unfathomable NPC from violently bursting out and hurting him, he chose to stay silent and quickened his pace.

Xu Yuheng sighed with relief after seeing his brother and seeing all NPCs retreat.

Xu Sili was worried about the beast wave and didn’t notice anything unusual about his brother. He took his brother for a walk in the garden. Perhaps the cold wind could clear his mind after the day he had.

He asked, “Is everything okay at home?”

Xu Yuheng heard him ask this and suddenly complained, “Everyone is good. I am the only one who isn’t good.”


Xu Sili looked at him doubtfully.

Xu Yuheng didn’t say anything about Si Sheng. He just told Xu Sili that due to the game progressing too fast, it was almost deleted and restarted.

“If I hadn’t stopped it, you would’ve been in danger, stinky boy!”

Then he muttered, “I didn’t tell you how to upgrade the main city. How did you know?”

Xu Sili hadn’t expected this at all. He blinked and wanted to say that he could see the future forum, but he couldn’t help hesitating.

He couldn’t explain why the future timeline was different from the present. In that timeline, he wasn’t resurrected…

Forget it, let’s not talk about it.

Xu Sili didn’t answer the question. He was silent for a moment before apologizing to Xu Yuheng.

“Second Brother, you might have to continue working hard later.”

He whispered, “I might… accelerate the rate of development again.”

Xu Yuheng, “……”

Listen, were these human words?

Xu Sili knew that this would be a bit cruel to his second brother so he had to explain. “Some NPCs have observed that a large-scale beast wave will occur again in the Roland Empire.”

“Second Brother, you should know Roland’s game background, right?”

Xu Yuheng’s sad expression changed and became serious.

One year later? A beast wave?

Why didn’t he know about this setting?

“I’ll go back and ask the game team. If this is true, then there is no way. Your safety is the most important thing.”

Xu Sili was moved by this and was about to hug his brother when he felt a chill go down his spine.

He shivered and gathered his coat more tightly around him.

“Are you cold?”

Xu Yuheng asked with concern. He had just raised a hand. Before it could touch his brother’s shoulder, a man’s palm pressed down on Xu Sili’s shoulder and pulled the young man back a step, avoiding the hand.

Xu Yuheng was slightly startled. He looked up and found that Si Sheng had appeared behind his brother at an unknown time. He held his brother in the posture of a guardian and the gray-blue eyes looked at him with slight hostility.


Da*m, it was that Si Sheng!

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