VCRMM: Chapter 121 Part 1

In front of the hall built around the summoning circle, Xu Yuheng looked at the other person while the guard’s eyes gradually became fierce. Then he decisively turned around and left.

He remembered the notification from the system just now.

His favorability with Si Sheng was ‘deadly enemy’ so Si Sheng’s fanatical supporters would probably attack him!

He had a higher level than the NPC in front of him and the other person was an ordinary person. But if there was a conflict, could he really kill the guard?

After all, this was his brother’s person. He had no reason to do such a thing. Nevertheless, he made a note for Si Sheng in the small book in his heart.

It was true that his level wasn’t high now but this wouldn’t be the case in the future. As a player, being able to resurrect was his greatest support. Sooner or later, he would pay back this anger!

Baifeng looked at him and then the summoning hall with a confused expression. ‘Huh? He isn’t going in?’

“Xiao Feng, do and do your daily missions first. I have something to do.”

Xu Yuheng remembered the other person. Based on his current bad luck, Baifeng probably wouldn’t get a good deal following him. He added, “By the way, shoot some scenery that is okay for a promotional video.”

Baifeng thought about it before nodding. “Okay. I’ll find something delicious along the way as well.”

Food was a selling point that they had previously discussed.

Xu Yuheng nodded. He saw Baifeng leaving and was just about to go offline when he saw a friend request pop up.

[Hong Ying has requested to add you as a friend.]

Xu Yuheng was just about to refuse when he suddenly realized.

Huh? Wasn’t Hong Ying just Yin Hong in reverse? He hurriedly added the person. The moment it was successful, the other person made a voice call.

“Xu Yuheng, what did you do? How come I was born in Glass Sea City? You told me you would let me play with Ah Xing? How can we play together like this?” The moment he answered, Yin Hong’s complaining voice entered his ears.

Xu Yuheng hadn’t expected such a mistake. He clearly told the game team about this. Could it be that the other two Yin people also ran to the other main cities?

He seriously communicated with Yin Hong.

Just then, a figure ran out of the summoning hall in a hurry and almost collided with him.

“Sorry, sorry!”

Su Mo repeated twice before running away without looking back.

He started to run wildly while wishing to have wings on his back.

Da*m, he had obviously been waiting for the server to open but he actually overslept today!

He thought of Chi Yu, whom he hadn’t seen for half a month, and ran even faster. He was too lazy to even add the friend who was lucky enough to qualify to purchase a game cabin.

He rushed to Chi Yu’s house, only to be told that Chi Yu had gone to the Elementalist Academy.

Mother Chi warmly invited him to wait at home but Su Mo eagerly wanted to see the other person. He left the Chi house with a shy face and rushed to the Elementalist Academy.

He had come here to change class last time so he was considered half a student of the academy. This statute meant the guards didn’t stop him.

The moment he stepped into the academy, Su Mo heard a childish and clear beautiful voice singing. At the same time, he found that he had an additional buff in the upper right corner of the game interface.

[Singer: Cultivation speed +100%.]

Su Mo, “???”

His footsteps paused. There wasn’t this buff last time!

Su Mo withdrew from the academy and found that this buff had really disappeared. Then he entered the academy and the effect came out again.


Did it have to do with this song?”

“Aren’t you going in?” The guard looked at him with a suspicious expression.

Su Mo hurriedly smiled.

“I’m entering!”

Then regardless of the buff, he headed all the way to the academy’s library as Mother Chi had said.

As a result, he had just walked in when he found that the buffs on the game interface changed from one to two.

[Singer: Cultivation speed +100%.]

[Elemental attraction: Cultivation speed +100%, magic recovery +100%, elemental skill effect +20%.]

Oh my god!

Su Mo’s eyes widened. He was now moving bricks for love and had the tendency to become a life player, but he originally played a lot of games. He naturally understood the meaning of these buffs.

Just doubling the training speed was already awesome. There was even a magic recovery and skill effect bonus? What was this fairy buff?

He got closer to the library and could hear the childish and clean singing voice more clearly. It was obvious that the source of the voice was inside.

Su Mo was a player after all. He suddenly understood that he might’ve discovered something good and his eyes became more excited.

He walked lightly into the academy’s library.

The Elementalist Academy had a very rich collection of books. Walking into it was like entering a sea of books. There were more than dozens of rows of large bookshelves and the books inlaid in the surrounding walls were shocking.

Su Mo felt a type of quaint solemnity and the expression on his face became a lot more solemn.

The Elementalist Academy wasn’t closed. The collection of books was precious but it was open to all elementalists. Of course, they needed to go through certain procedures if they wanted to borrow one.

It was currently winter and a rare day off, so there were only a few people in the library.

Su Mo followed the singing and saw two children, one big and one small. They were leaning together, lying on a desk and writing and drawing. The song seemed to be sung by the blue-haired child.

However, his eyes didn’t stay on them and instead moved to two figures at the same table as the children, diagonally opposite them.

One was the thin and tall Chi Yu he had been thinking about. He was spreading out a book and huddling with the black-haired boy next to him, discussing something in a low voice.

The two of them were so close that their bodies were almost next to each other.

Su Mo somehow felt sour.

He pursed his lips and walked over angrily. He didn’t say a word. He just folded his arms and looked down at the two of them condescendingly, with an expression like he was catching a cheater.

As a result, he stood there for a long time and the two people didn’t notice him?

Su Mo looked embarrassed but it wasn’t his style to walk away silently. He had to cough lightly.

His voice wasn’t loud. It was just that in the empty library, it was more than enough to catch attention. It wasn’t just Chi Yu and Su Lin. The two children next to them also looked over curiously.

Chi Yu was a bit confused at first. Then he saw the appearance of the person in front of him and was pleasantly surprised.

“Su Mo? Why are you here?”

Su Mo’s mood improved when he saw that the joy on Chi Yu’s face didn’t seem fake. He hummed and replied, “Auntie told me that you were here.”

Chi Yu’s lips curved slightly. “Has the passage for the braves opened again? How long can you stay this time?”

Su Mo paused. He thought about how the second closed beta was only for two months and had a headache. In addition, it seemed that reality and the game had different time flow rates?

“Two months,” he answered unhappily. “How long have I been gone?”

Chi Yu calculated it with his fingers. “It has been three months.”

Su Mo saw the way he counted and felt it was extremely cute. Then he heard that three months had passed in the game and couldn’t help gasping.

Only half a month had passed in reality!

No wonder why Chi Yu looked much thinner. He couldn’t help sitting down and saying, “You’ve lost weight. I’ll go back tonight and cook something delicious for you. Why did you run here to read books?”

Wasn’t Chi Yu an ordinary person? Why come to the Elementalist Academy? Su Mo looked at the black-haired boy again.

Su Lin, Lv 15.

It was one level lower than him so he could see a bit of information about the teenager. Of course, they might have similar levels but he also knew that the teenager had a lot higher health than him.

Chi Yu finally remembered it at this time and quickly introduced them. After knowing that Su Mo was a brave, Su Lin’s gaze changed. It became restrained and there was a bit of curiosity.

Su Mo knew that he couldn’t care about a child and his attitude toward Su Lin was quite friendly.

Then Chi Yu talked about his role in the construction of the teleportation circle.

He was currently studying the magic circle method with Su Lin. There were some results recently so he couldn’t help sharing it with Su Mo.

After studying it for a month, Chi Yu had gained a lot when it came to magic circles and he became more and more fascinated by this wonderful discipline. His fascination was no weaker than that of architecture.

Su Mo saw him smiling and felt his heart pounding again. Then he thought about how Chi Yu had been with Su Lin every day this month and couldn’t help being jealous again.

The first closed beta was only a month and he also went to participate in the escort mission later. The time he spent with Chi Yu was less than three weeks!

In order to not let Chi Yu notice his distorted expression, Su Mo couldn’t help covertly flipping through the book in his hand.

As a result, he had just flipped through it when he accidentally saw some words and became fascinated. Once he finished reading the thin basic primer, he saw a system notification pop up.

[Ding~ Congratulations on the success of self-learning ‘Introduction to Basic Magic Circles’. The magic circle mage interface is opened. Experience +500, intelligence +1.]

[Ding~ Successfully unlocked the identity of ‘Magic Circle Mage Apprentice’. Roland Empire faction reputation +1,000, spirit +5.]

Su Mo thought, ‘Oh! No need to move bricks!’


In the bedroom.

Xu Sili was sitting on the sofa and drinking hot milk tea comfortably while browsing the future forum.

It was freezing cold outside and he really didn’t want to move. It was an important day as the opening of the second closed beta but it wasn’t important enough for him to go out.

5,000 novice players had come online one after another and there were the original 1,000 old players. 6,000 players wasn’t a small force.

However, it wasn’t very conspicuous when scattered across five main cities. In addition, most of them were level 0 accounts. At the very least, they wouldn’t be able to play a big role until they reached level 5 and became elementalists.

He just didn’t know when the teleportation circle would be built…

[Ding~ The Roland Empire has opened three life occupations: weapons master, elemental pharmacist, magic circle mage. The talent pool panel is unlocked and can be viewed in the territory panel.]


Xu Sili couldn’t help being startled when seeing this notification.

What was this situation? Did something happen when he didn’t know about it?

Magic circle mage? Could it be that Chi Yu succeeded?

He hurriedly opened the territory panel. Sure enough, he saw an extra column called ‘talent pool’ at the very end. He clicked to view the details and a new page appeared in front of him.

There were many unlocked professions on the page and three lit icons at the top.

Weapons Master: Imperial City Lv 2 unlocked…

Elemental Pharmacist: Imperial City Lv 3 unlocked…

Magic Circle Mage: Imperial City Lv 3 unlocked…

In addition to the unlocking conditions, there was also the current number of people who had become one. If he clicked on the details, he could see the profiles by class level as well as the regional distribution map.

For example, the total number of weapons masters was currently around 100. Imperial City had the largest proportion. The only master-level weapons master was also in Imperial City and lived in Mercenary Town.

As for elemental pharmacists, the inheritance had just been obtained and the number was only seven or eight. The highest level was junior level and the others were apprentices.

Xu Sili knew these two professions well. The one that really surprised him was the magic circle mage.

There was only one person but he still couldn’t wait to open the magic circle mage column. Then he saw…

Magic Circle Mage Apprentice: Su Mo.

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