VCRMM: Chapter 120 Part 2

In his bedroom, Xu Sili was looking at the panel for releasing missions.

Over 2,000 players had already accepted the daily and weekly missions. As long as the quest was accepted, he could view the information of these players.

However, the newcomers who just entered were basically new accounts and there was nothing to see.

In addition to the daily and weekly missions, he added a new guide task to remind these newbies to go to the construction sites where they could earn money and experience.

He felt that the game team would definitely set up a guidance task but after hesitating, he still decided to grab this job.

Wouldn’t it add to the chaos if the route designed by the game team ran counter to his construction plan? He didn’t want the power of the players to go out of control.

The daily missions of respecting the elderly and caring for the young had to be done. Where else did the so-called feelings come from? Wasn’t it from the time invested and the people and things they experienced when doing missions in the game?

He had Xiao Wu spread the last video of the players guarding Orchid Moon City. Now the NPCs in several main cities had a much greater perception of the braves.

Having such a good first impression would at least guarantee friendliness between the two sides when first dealing with each other.

Xu Sili had just set the guidance task when his communicator vibrated a few times.

Xu’er: [Yes, I’m online.]

Xu’er: [I’m busy. I’ll find you later. I have something to tell you.]

Xu Sili cocked his head at the message sent by his second brother. There was something to tell him? Did something happen in reality?

He was worried but seeing that his brother was busy, Xu Sili didn’t bother him. He continued to do his own business.

It was easy to play with these things. The problem was the epic mission he sent before.

[Elementalist Branch (Epic)]

[Description: ……]

[Mission content: Please help the elementalist teachers establish elementalist branches in the main cities.]

In addition to this, he sent branch missions for Orchid Moon City and Glass Sea City previously. However, these two missions were completed before the end of the first closed beta.

All players who participated in the mission got a resident order fragment. They just needed to collect 50 pieces and they could exchange it for a piece of land to use as a base for a mercenary group.

No one had successfully exchanged it yet. After all, only his second brother had established a mercenary group.

The thing that gave Xu Sili a headache was this epic mission.

Previously when he and Si Sheng sent elementalists to the three main cities, he also sent elementalist teachers to Seizing Star and Twilight Frost so that no NPCs would be damaged escorting them.

Now the elementalist branches of these two main cities had been built and they had started screening the five year old children.

In other words, the remaining half of this mission didn’t require the players to complete it.

Xu Sili thought about it and tried to modify the mission.

If this failed then it might cause a bad game experience for the players.

However, it absolutely wasn’t advisable to let them complete the mission without doing anything. Players couldn’t develop the habit of getting something for nothing.

Qing Yan was leading people to Mercenary Town.

She had already learned about the strategy from Xu Yuheng and was planning to take people to the Mercenary Association to register as a mercenary group.

She had also collected 50 pieces of the resident orders. As long as she established the mercenary group, she would have the first player base.

The only ones who could snatch it from her were probably Wang Yang and Lin Mu, who escorted people to Glass Sea City.

She had to grab this base before them, so that the prestige of her team would be pushed to the top.

Just then, a system notification popped up.

[Ding~ The content of the epic mission ‘Elementalist Branch’ has been changed. Please pay attention and check it.]

Qing Yan couldn’t help being stunned. The mission content had changed? Would the game’s missions change?

The epic mission had too many benefits involved. She hurriedly opened the mission panel.

She saw this epic mission with a gold color. There was an extra line in the content column.

[Mission content: Please help the elementalist teachers establish elementalist branches in the main cities.

Since the elementalist branches of Seizing Star City and Twilight Frost City have been completed during the braves’ departure, the task is adjusted to: Go to the major elementalist branches to check in (1/4).]


F*k, during the time the server was closed, the NPCs sent people over by themselves?

Many old players received this notification and complained in various small groups and the forums.

Due to this epic mission, only the 162 people of Imperial City who received the task at the beginning and the players of Orchid Moon and Glass Sea who did the elite mission could gain the resident fragment.

Meanwhile, the players of Seizing Star and Twilight Frost got nothing! It was no wonder why they complained.

However, this complaint didn’t last long because the players of these two main cities soon received an elite mission.

They just had to complete the transfer to an elementalist at their respective elementalist branch and they could gain basic experience and a resident order fragment!

This made them very happy. They couldn’t eat the meat but they could get a piece of the pie. Moreover, the transfer to an elementalist was originally something they had to do. This was simply getting the resident order fragment for nothing!

In this way, there were still some complaints but they were a lot less.

Xu Sili hesitated after releasing the mission but didn’t do anything else.

Previously, he was focused on infrastructure and development and didn’t think about the balance of players at all. It was only after chatting with his second brother and knowing the current difficulties of the Xu family that he paid attention to this problem.

However, it was difficult to make things equal.

After all, the development of each main city was different and it was subject to traffic restrictions. He could only try to satisfy most players.

There were many resident orders issued but he had a lot of land. Building a base for players was both fun and cultivated their sense of belonging to the game.

As a Chinese person, who didn’t want to own their own house?

Now the players hadn’t grown up yet. He had to pay attention to their gaming experience and not squeeze them too hard. Then… let them work hard to build a house.

In any case, he could still get experience if the players built it. It wasn’t a loss at all.

“Brothers and sisters, I hope you had a good weekend!”

On the other side, Deng Jianan had also entered the game.

He opened the live broadcast room as soon as he went online. Due to his actions in the previous two days, there were already many fans waiting even though he just opened the live broadcast room.

“I am in the game now. Let me show you my face customization technique. Isn’t it incredibly handsome?”

The barrage responded with casual dislike.

Deng Jianan didn’t pay attention to them because once he focused on the game, he was so shocked by the 99% realism that he forgot to manage his expression.

“Let me tell you, this game is awesome! It is amazing, my god! Don’t tell me that I actually traveled to another world?”

[Hahaha, Brother An, you are too restless!]

[Many streamers have reacted like this before. Can’t you make it fresh?]

Deng Jianan pouted. “How am I not calm? There is a buddy next to me who is worse than me!”

He quietly aimed his camera at the person next to him.

It was a young man who was around the same height as him, with black hair and black eyes. He didn’t choose blond hair and golden eyes like Deng Jianan.

The young man stood not far from him, looking down at his hands and then his legs. His eyes were full of incredulity and were even faintly filled with tears.

He lifted his feet and took two tentative steps forward.

Just these two steps actually made him hide his face and weep. He crouched down on the ground and started crying.

“Did you see it?”

Deng Jianan had long set his voice to the live channel so he wasn’t afraid of being heard.

“He is a lot less calm than me!”

[I think this little brother has a story?]

[He is crying so pitifully. I pity him.]

[Am I the only one curious… this game can even simulate tears?]

[Streamer, quickly go over and comfort the little brother. I will send you a rocket launcher.]

Deng Jianan pouted but he still walked over with a big smile. He crouched down in front of the young man and asked, “Hey, are you okay?”

Yin Xing, who was immersed in his emotions, suddenly heard a voice closer to him. It was only then that he realized he was crying in public.

He raised his head and saw a player with blond hair and golden eyes squatting down in front of him. He seemed to be in his early 20s.

“Thank you, I’m fine.”

Yin Xing calmly wiped away his tears, as if he wasn’t the one who had been crying out of control just now.

Of course, seeing his red eyes at close range still evoked a burst of pity from the barrage.

Deng Jianan didn’t continue asking. He looked left and right and wondered, “Are you alone?”

In fact, those who could enter the second closed beta were basically…

“No, I’m with my sister.”

Deng Jianan was stunned when he heard Yin Xing’s answer. “F*k, you siblings were both drawn? So lucky!”


[What type of luck is this?]

Yin Xing paused but didn’t deny it. Then he heard Deng Jianan ask, “What about your sister?”

In fact, Yin Xing was also thinking about this problem.

Then he soon got an answer. He received a friend application and realized that his sister was born in Glass Sea City.

He frowned slightly. Deng Jianan saw this and asked again, “What’s wrong?”

“My sister went to Glass Sea City.”

Deng Jianan smiled. “It is normal. The birth place is random. In that case, do you want to play with me?”

Yin Xing hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Deng Jianan was happy to have made a friend so quickly. This game should be played with people.

“Okay, let’s go. I just received the daily and weekly missions. We should complete the missions first.”

He stood up and pulled Yin Xing. As a result, Yin Xing staggered and almost fell.

“Ah, I’m sorry!”

Deng Jianan was apologizing when he heard Yin Xing say, “It isn’t your fault. It is me… I haven’t walked in a long time…”

Deng Jianan blinked and instinctively asked, “Are you hurt… in reality?”

Yin Xing sighed and didn’t say much. He just lowered his head, slowly felt his legs and abdomen that regained sensation again and took careful steps.

His appearance led to a discussion on the barrage.

[This little brother isn’t disabled, right?]

[F*k, in this way, is it possible that disabled people will be healthy when playing Starry Sky Age?]

[Wow, if this is true then Starry Sky Age is indeed awesome!]

Xu Yuheng didn’t know about what happened in the summoning hall. He waited outside for a long time but didn’t see the Yin family siblings, let alone Miss Yin. Finally, he couldn’t help raising his feet in order to enter.

As a result, he was stopped by the guard NPC.

“Who are you? What do you want to do?”

The guard stared at him fiercely. For some reason, he saw the man in front of him and there was a nameless fire in his heart. He especially wanted to hit this man.

Xu Yuheng who saw the guard’s dangerous eyes, “……”

The author has something to say:

Brother: F*k, Si Sheng, I will remember you

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