VCRMM: Chapter 120 Part 1

Xu Yuheng was stunned.

What was going on with this Si Sheng? Forget about the matter on the flying shuttle before. Now he just went online and hadn’t even provoked the other person but his favorability dropped too outrageously! -10,000!

This f*king…

Xu Yuheng stared at it until someone next to him patted him on the shoulder.

“Brother Yu, what’s wrong with you? Why are you ignoring me?”

Baifeng looked at him with a strange expression.

The two of them had gone offline together. Now that the game server was opened, they naturally appeared in the same place.

Xu Yuheng regained his senses and pushed up his glasses that had slipped down. Then he saw the system notification again and still felt speechless.

Forget it, now wasn’t the time to think about this.

He remembered the situation of his two collaborators and quickly closed the system notification. “Let’s go to the summoning circle.”

Xu Yuheng directly performed the flying technique. Then he applied the Light Body technique to Baifeng and jumped off the tower.

Baifeng didn’t know the reason but followed him obediently.

“Brother Yu, wait for me!”

They moved quickly through the inner city. Many people who stopped when they saw the light from the summoning circle also spotted them.

“Look, it is an elementalist!”

“Is that a brave?”

“Are the braves here again? I saw a pillar of light from the other side of the magic circle.”

Even after three months, the people of the Roland Empire had a deep impression of this group of braves who behaved strangely.

Baifeng moved between buildings. He saw that people were watching him from below and waved while continuing to jump. He was agile like a cheetah and his movements were simply a combination of force and beauty. It was like a scene from a movie.

Xu Yuheng noticed this and turned on the video recorder.

He didn’t forget about shooting a promotional video for the public beta. This looked good and could be used for the promotional video.

The two of them rushed toward the summoning magic circle.

There were novice players who had completed the original settings and came out of the magic circle one after another.

“Haha, I was born in Imperial City!”

A new player with rainbow colored hair came out of the summoning hall.

He saw the crowd watching and the words ‘Welcome to Imperial City’ in the system notification and couldn’t help laughing.

According to the evaluations of various bigshots during the first closed beta, they won at the starting line as long as they were born in Imperial City! All types of dazzling tasks could be received.

He remembered that after being born, there should be a mission to ‘meet His Majesty the Emperor.’ He scanned through the materials downloaded from the forum and found that this was indeed the case.

“What about Li Zhecheng? Didn’t they say he would come to pick us up to go to the palace?”

“Yes, I want to see His Majesty!” Someone next to him agreed. “In addition, Si Sheng! His video was simply too handsome. I want to call him ‘husband’ directly. He should be in the palace, right?”

Many new players were affected by the live broadcasts of the first closed beta and were waiting for Li Zhecheng to greet them before taking them to the palace for a visit, allowing them to get a few hundred experience points.

However, apart from the guards and a few unfamiliar NPCs, no members of the imperial guards were seen.

They wanted to check the information of the unfamiliar NPCs, but found that the strength was unfathomable and they couldn’t see anything.

“Lord Braves, the floating bus is ready. If you want to go to Doha Town or Mercenary Town, please go this way.”

At this time, the leading NPC cleared his throat.

They were the officials sent by Wen Jishan to wait for the new braves and facilitate their passage to the other urban areas.

“Where is Li Zhecheng? We want to go to the palace.”

“Yes, isn’t there a mission to meet His Majesty? Why didn’t I receive it?”

The person in charge of receiving them was obviously stunned. “His Majesty didn’t say that he would summon you. As for Chief Guard Li, he should be on duty at the palace.”

The new players looked at the NPCs in front of them. They hadn’t expected the intelligence of the NPCs to be so high.

Looking at this reaction and this answer, it was just like a real person! They had been amazed by the realism of the environment but now it felt even more novel.

“What is your name?”

“Do you have a mission for us?”

“Yes, are you the guide NPC?”


The group of people gathered around the NPCs and started asking questions, confusing several officials.

They didn’t understand it very well but they answered the questions one by one with a good temper. After all, these braves might be strange but their contribution to the empire was undeniable.

This was until the cute newbies were no longer satisfied with the questions and started to manipulate them and pull at their clothes.

The faces of several NPCs turned dark.

Soon, these players were notified of a drop in favorability. In particular, the player with the rainbow hair lost the most and directly received -1,000 favorability.


This favorability dropped too much!

Most people had seen Yishihuan’s newbie strategy guide and knew to be polite to NPCs. Nevertheless, some people wanted to try it. Now they really tried it and died.

If more than three NPCs had a negative favorability toward them, they wouldn’t be able to exchange things from the faction warehouse!

Thus, they started paying attention to it.

The officials soon discovered that the somewhat arrogant braves suddenly changed their attitudes and were polite. They spoke a lot better and there was even some indescribable flattery.

They couldn’t help looking at each other.

The officials had heard about the strangeness of the braves in the morning but it was only when actually getting into contact with them… what a bunch of strange people!

The people who lost favorability were busy trying to regain it while the others discussed the task on the side.

“I saw the analysis on the forum. Perhaps the mission to meet the emperor was only available for the first closed beta.”

“Huh? How can that be…? I wanted to see His Majesty. I wanted to see Xu Sili, wu wu…”

Due to Xu Sili’s hot search and the live broadcast video recorded by players, many of his old fans booked a spot for the game cabin. They had missed him for ten years and their main reason for playing the game was to remember their idol.

“This game seems to have a lot of unique missions. The epic mission of building the elementalist branches can’t be accepted.”

“Wow, that mission reward was a resident fragment, right? Ahhh, why didn’t I participate in the first closed beta?”

“Hey, I have a friend who played in the first closed beta. He told me that I must level up as soon as possible and to not be lazy. Only higher levels can trigger tasks with rich rewards. Let’s hurry and do the daily missions.”

There were players who had done their homework.

“But I want to kill monsters. Is there any bigshot who is willing to take me to level up? The price is negotiable!”

Obviously, this was a person who didn’t pay much attention to the game strategy. He thought that Starry Sky Age was the same as past games.

“Dude, do the missions obediently. The interstellar beasts are outside the city and you have to take the shuttle for a day. You also don’t have a token to go out.”

“Hey, is it so troublesome?”

At this time, several guide NPCs looked sullen.

“Please assemble as soon as possible. We are about to leave. This is the only time. If you want to go there in the future, you will have to figure out your own way!”

There were suddenly fewer people who chose to stay. They were ready to do the missions to level up first.

Of course, there were also players who had long studied their own strategies and made plans. They headed straight to their destinations the moment they left the summoning hall.

There were relatively few NPCs suitable for the daily tasks in the inner city but they could still be found. The inner city was more prosperous than Mercenary Town and it might be possible to trigger hidden missions.

The players were just about to leave with the NPCs when they saw two people flying down from the sky.

“It is God Yushu Linfeng!”

“Yes, there is also the wood type Baifeng. It is them!”

“Ahhh, I chose the wind type. So cool. When will I be able to fly in the sky?”

“Great god, great god, does Yusiqing still accept people? I want to join your guild!”

“A group photo. God Yu, look here!”

The moment Xu Yuheng and Baifeng arrived, they were surrounded by hundreds of cute newbies.

After the first closed beta ended, not many people went offline near the summoning magic circle. The two of them were the first among the old players to come here.

Xu Yuheng didn’t have any intention of developing a guild. He looked around at the people surrounding him for the Yin family siblings.

He didn’t speak. Baifeng understood what he meant and rejected the players who wanted to join with a smile. At the same time, he pointed to Qing Yan and the others who belatedly arrived.

Didn’t the players from these clubs enter the game first to seize the advantage? Taking newbies was definitely a way to grow their power in the game.

Since Yusiqing didn’t want to accept anyone, the newbies didn’t force it. After all, those who could spend 50,000 for a game cabin were basically game enthusiasts. Some were famous in other games and couldn’t be regarded as real newbies.

So their people turned to find Qing Yan and the others.

Qing Yan previously led a team in the escort mission and had super popularity, so she attracted the attention of countless people as soon as she arrived.

Compared to Yushu Linfeng, who became famous through Starry Sky Age, an old god like Qing Yan was more trustworthy.

At present, Xu Yuheng was the only one who had established a mercenary group in the game, which was like a player’s guild. However, based on the energy of the professional club behind the pro players, they would probably establish it soon as long as there were people.

Xu Yuheng didn’t pay attention to these newbies and continued to look at the door of the summoning hall.

One after another, players came out.

Many people immediately entered the game but others would definitely take a lot of time thinking about the name, customizing the appearance, choosing the elemental talent and other pre-operations.

Xu Yuheng waited patiently.

His face was the same as in reality, it was just a bit younger. Yin Hong and the others would definitely be able to see him as soon as they came out.

Just then, his communicator vibrated.

Xu Yuheng opened it and took a look.

Xiao Li: [Second brother, are you online?]

Xu Yuheng smiled slightly when he saw his brother’s message. Then he thought of the inexplicable Si Sheng and frowned again.

Xu Yuheng suppressed his depression and edited a reply. Then he continued to wait outside the summoning hall.

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2 months ago

Hope second brother is smart enough to not create misunderstandings and avoid angering si sheng. All the best to him!

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You just should work while you playing. I mean, it is his work, but it’s make me kinda sad, because I think he wants to spending his time with his brother in this game
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Probably, only giving the greenlight for their relationship can lessen Si Sheng’s hatred 😂 😂
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