VCRMM: Chapter 12

His level attributes improved and his body changed. Xu Sili’s mind returned and he carefully felt the energy pouring into his body. At this moment, he clearly felt that…

His physical fitness had improved in just a few seconds! It wasn’t just a simple data change. it was a real one that gave him a sense of strength.

The young man clenched his fists. This type of increase was very small. After all, he had only gained one level. If previously he was unable to lift a bucket of water, he could now barely lift it. The progress wasn’t very great but the significance it represented made Xu Sili excited. The increase of intelligence made him feel that his head and thinking was clearer. This feeling was too cool!

Xu Sili continued to view the rewards obtained by leveling. In addition to all attributes +1, there were 10 free points? Was it available at every level?

After looking at his own attributes, Xu Sili hesitated before finally adding these 10 points to physique and intelligence. He should be taking the path of a spiritual elementalist and the corresponding attributes were intelligence and spirit. Spirit increased the elemental damage but he currently didn’t have any attack skills. It was a bit wasteful. He would increase his health and magic first.

He finished adding the points and once again glanced at his attributes panel.

[Snow Roland]

[Identity: NPC faction leader

Faction: Roland Empire

Age: 18 years old

Personal level: Lv 3

Distance to level up: 267/400

Health: 9000/9000

Magic: 500/950

Attributes: Physique (9), Intelligence (19), Strength (4), Spirit (13), Agility (3), Defense (3)

Elemental Affinity: Sound]


Xu Sili saw the improvement in each value and couldn’t help smiling. He hadn’t expected that singing could also give him experience! This was his own job so it was a wonderful setting.

Roland’s Good Night Song…

Xu Sili looked at the skills column. In addition to the Singing skill, there was a lavender icon with a small sleeping baby drawn on it.

[Roland’s Good Night Song]

[Type: Escher Star Ballad

Affiliation: Sound skill

Level: Lv 1

Role: A ranged skill that can make the audience feel a type of peace and tranquility, just like when they are back in their infancy and being held by their mother, recalling their warmest memories.

Combat effect: It is possible to make the target hallucinate and fall asleep. The lower the mental value, the more easily affected the target.

Magic consumed: 100

Current proficiency: 1/100]

It was a control type skill. Very good. Even if he couldn’t fight, he could stun the other side and buy himself time to run away. Just, imagining himself singing while fighting the enemy at the same time? Xu Sili frowned and finally decided…

Forget it, he would think about it later.

The others in the flying shuttle could obviously feel the change in the young man’s mood. Li Zhecheng frowned slightly. He exchanged looks with Janice and both saw the surprise in the other person’s eyes.

Both of them were strong and could naturally understand what state His Majesty had just been in. Was this an epiphany? They got a positive answer from each other’s eyes. How could His Majesty have such a gift? Looking at this, it seemed to be the sound system? His Majesty might be 18 years old and was a late starter among elementalists but every elementalist was a precious resource, regardless of age.

Unlike Janice’s surprise, Li Zhecheng quickly regained his composure. It was good to have a bit more strength but probably…

There weren’t many chances to have such an epiphany. After all, His Majesty missed the best training age and he also had the rare sound talent. It was difficult for him to grow quickly and he would encounter many obstacles in the future. He thought so but didn’t care. He continued to pay attention to the outside in case of an assassination.

Xu Sili didn’t care about what others thought. He found the right way to upgrade and his entire body relaxed. His nerves weren’t so tense and he was looking forward to the trip to the beast fighting arena.

Just then, a small sound interrupted Xu Sili’s contemplation He looked sideways and found that the woman Ali was leaning back in the chair and sleeping. The baby in her arms also had his eyes closed and was sleeping sweetly with his mother. It should be the skill effect or perhaps the mother and son were too tired.

It could be seen from this that his skill had a good effect on ordinary people. However, if he really wanted to influence strong people like Janice and Li Zhecheng then he would have to rise to a senior level.

On one side, Janice frowned and wanted to wake up Ali so she wouldn’t disturb His Majesty. Then she saw the young man silently wave to her. She calmed down and her gaze toward Xu Sili became softer.

Hey, His Majesty was too kind! She had to guard His Majesty in the future and prevent him from being hurt in the slightest.

Xu Sili felt her gaze and was a bit speechless. He glanced at the label above her head and noticed that the color seemed to have darkened a bit. It was strange…

He stopped paying attention and continued to look outside. The dirt road extended forward. On both sides of the road were grasslands, forests and barren land. Occasionally, large animals could be seen running in the grasslands. It was a herd of horses, a species that originally belonged to Escher Star. It was estimated that they were raised by people.

Xu Sili felt that the driver had probably realized he was interested in these things so he took them on a detour to slowly watch the natural landscape of the Imperial City. Along the way, Xu Sili could feel that the land utilization rate of the Roland Empire was really low! It was called the Imperial City but in fact, it was only as big as a provincial capital. It was bigger than most provincial capitals in reality but such a large place had a lot of wasteland and the population was crowded in very small villages and towns.

Xu Sili shook his head. Even so, the speed of the shuttle was very fast. In just half an hour, they arrived at the mercenary town where the fighting arena was located. That’s right, this place was originally a mercenary town. As the name suggested, it was a place where mercenary groups were stationed, making it convenient for mercenaries to travel between the inner and outer city barriers.

Outside the outer city barrier was the territory of interstellar beasts. There weren’t so many interstellar beasts in the past. Then the beast wave three years ago overwhelmed the front line defenses of the Roland Empire. Now the remaining five cities were all surrounded by interstellar beasts. Communication wasn’t completely cut off but the only way to go to the other four cities was with the army or mercenary groups.

In Snow Roland’s memory, it seemed that the army stationed at the outer city barrier had been working hard to clean up the interstellar beasts and strived to recover the lost ground as soon as possible. However, these things were too far away from Snow so the memories were vague. Xu Sili didn’t care either.

In the future, he would use his feet to walk around every corner of the Roland Empire, expelling the ferocious interstellar beasts from humanity’s home. He would do it. First, let’s start with the mercenary town.

The shuttle stopped on the ground. Li Zhecheng jumped down first. He confirmed there were no problems and nodded to Janice. She called out softly, “Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili nodded and got up slowly, walking off the shuttle to the ground. The mercenary town was very lively. Even before getting into the town, he could hear the noise. There were carriages parked outside and interstellar beasts were arranged to be placed in a fixed place.

“Come and see. Fresh long-eared beast meat as well as all types of beast skins, guaranteed to be of high quality and low price!”

“Don’t miss it when passing by. There is a big sale of weapons and leather armor. How can you not have a good weapon when going out? In addition, this leather armor is absolutely well made…”

“Level one star cores available for practice. The price is fair and you won’t be deceived!”


The streets outside the town gate were full of stalls. It was cluttered but full of life. Xu Sili walked among them and wasn’t too surprised. He heard that a new batch of interstellar beasts was to be transported back today. Many people from the inner city had rushed to join in the fun. Xu Sili had seen it on the way just now. He walked and stopped but didn’t buy anything. He didn’t use these things. If he really needed them, there were better ones at the palace.

Ali was still carrying her child and following them. She also wanted to go to the beast fighting arena and happened to be taking the same path as Xu Sili’s group. Thus, she continued to follow with no shame. After all, she was a lone woman and it wasn’t safe in this mercenary town.

Xu Sili didn’t mind taking her. He walked slowly while looking around with his beautiful purple eyes. He had made some changes that were a bit different from the image of Snow Roland who took the throne, so he wasn’t afraid of being recognized by others.

However, he didn’t know that his appearance was still quite eye-catching among the group of people who came from the inner city. This walk attracted a lot of peeping eyes. The Roland Empire was full of soldiers and people were tough, not to mention that these were mercenaries who licked blood from the edge of a blade. Of course, after seeing the guards beside the young man, especially Li Zhecheng, the people who were eager to move suppressed all types of thoughts. They couldn’t afford to provoke this group.

Xu Sili walked into the town peacefully and there were no unsightly interruptions along the way. The small town was undoubtedly better than the dilapidated area outside. There were many wooden houses but they were all very old.

Li Zhecheng led him in the direction of the beast fighting arena. Just then, a loud voice was heard from behind.

“It is the Fire Mercenary Corps!”

“I heard they brought back a three star interstellar beast this time. Hurry and go to look!”

Xu Sili stood there and didn’t move. He just turned around and glanced back in the direction everyone’s eyes were gazing in. Soon, the crowd that had originally swarmed moved back, consciously separating to two sides to form a passage in the middle.

The sound of wheels against the ground gradually became louder. It was just that when listening, this sound was a bit weak and very forced. Soon, a car appeared in view but it was easily overlooked compared to the behemoth behind it.

It was a behemoth that was three or four meters high, tightly bound by iron locks. Underneath it was a huge iron plate. The rollers underneath were spinning, allowing the car to tow it. It could be seen that the car was moving quite reluctantly.

Finally, in the eyes of the public, it couldn’t withstand the pressure. There was a muffled bang and the car stopped on the road, unable to work any longer.

“Yad, what’s going on?”

A lot of people from the mercenary group were following behind the giant beast. The car suddenly stopped and some of them couldn’t avoid crashing into it, making them curse.

“It broke down. Can’t you see it?”

The driver called Yad jumped down and cursed. Then he took out tools and started repairing the car.

“Is this a three star beast? It is so big!”

“Is it alive or dead?”

“It should be dead? Can it be like this if it were alive?”

“It is hard to say. Why didn’t they dissect the dead body and bring it back?”

There was a lot of discussion in the crowd before someone suddenly said, “Hey, don’t you know? This was ordered by the boss of the beast fighting arena! It is to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the beast fighting arena was established. A three star beast was specifically booked. It will enter the arena tomorrow for a spectacular performance!”

“Really? A three star beast? This is too exciting!”

“Why would I lie to you? Look, isn’t there a TV station reporter over there reporting?”

Xu Sili looked over and saw that there was indeed a woman dressed as a reporter standing in front of the camera. Her back was to the giant beast and she was speaking excitedly. He glanced at her before retracting his gaze with no interest.

The young man suddenly frowned when his eyes fell on the giant beast. Under his gaze, he saw the closed eyes of the giant beast suddenly open. The brown-yellow vertical eyes were full of violence.

Not good! Xu Sili’s expression changed as the giant beast that was originally sleeping suddenly struggled hard. One by one, the chains binding it broke.

TL Note: For those wondering, one star is 10 levels. So three stars is a level 30 beast.

Proofreader: Purichan

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