VCRMM: Chapter 119 Part 2

Xu Sili didn’t hear his strangeness.

“Yes, in two more days.” Previously when he upgraded Imperial City, he looked at the summoning circle as well and recorded the opening time of the second closed beta.

Si Sheng hummed lightly but the image of the young man embracing the brave man flashed in his mind again. He couldn’t help his eyes darkening a bit.

“Ah Li,” he suddenly called out.


Xu Sili responded by getting up and pouncing on him. Si Sheng took two steps back. Then he detected Xu Sili’s intention and simply hugged him, sitting down on the sofa in the next second.

Xu Sili sat on top of him with a smile, holding his cheeks and pecking him on the lips. Then he tightly wrapped an arm around Si Sheng’s waist, his cheek pressed against the man’s neck. He squinted as he absorbed the man’s warmth.

His second brother should accept Si Sheng, right?

Xu Sili thought silently.

In fact, he was most worried about his oldest brother and his father. He hoped that once the time came, it could be peaceful and there would be no bloody incidents.

“Your Majesty…”

Si Sheng tried to continue the topic just now. He had finally made up his mind but the person arching into his arms obviously didn’t think so.

“Yes, say it.”

Xu Sili concentrated on unbuttoning his clothes. He especially liked to see Si Sheng’s appearance change from meticulous to disheveled.

Si Sheng lowered his eyes and looked down at the young man. The young man’s cheeks were red and his complexion was very good. The change was obvious as long as he was slightly excited.

At this moment, his eyes were shining and his red lips were seductive, making Si Sheng’s throat slightly tight.

“You are like this, I can’t speak,” he said with some difficulty.

Xu Sili had already unbuttoned the man’s jacket. Based on the way Si Sheng used honorifics again, he knew this person wanted to say something serious so he had to stop and sit there obediently.

“Then you can speak now.”

Si Sheng looked at his gentle appearance. It was hard to imagine that he could be so dignified and indifferent in front of outsiders.

This was a god that belonged only to him…

—His Ah Li.

He wanted to ask but he suddenly couldn’t ask.

Perhaps this was good now. There was no need to dig to the bottom of things and break the state that had been so hard to achieve.

Thinking like this, Si Sheng didn’t ask again. He leaned over and kissed the young man’s red lips, spinning him around to press him against the sofa.

Xu Sili blinked and vaguely felt something.

However, he soon had no spare energy to think about things. After all, he might’ve taken the initiative but control was no longer in his hands.

The time for the second closed beta approached and a lot of the work of the game team was arranged as planned.

For example, the 5,000 game cabins that were reserved were announced five days before the start of the closed beta. All of them were distributed to the players who paid the deposit within two days.

The 5,000 game cabins were basically drawn at random and were no longer directly provided to professional players like in the first closed beta. The composition this time was more complicated and was basically players from all walks of life.

The number of players who booked a place for the second closed beta exceeded 100,000 and the winning rate was 5%. This made many lucky people post photos and videos on the Internet after receiving the game cabin.

Deng Jianan was one of them.

He was a relatively well-known streamer in the game circle. He had been paying attention to Starry Sky Age since the first closed beta. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a place in the first closed beta so he could only humbly hide on the forum to peek at it.

Now, as an unlucky person, he finally had a burst of luck and won the purchase qualification of the second closed beta. How could he not broadcast live?

“Hello audience friends, do you see the staff members behind me? They are helping me set up the game cabin!”

“That’s right. It is the game cabin of Starry Sky Age! Please call me lucky from now on!”

There was a wave of envy, jealousy and hatred on the barrage. Of course, there were also sarcastic, strange words.

[This is the holographic game cabin that is sold for 50,000? It looks normal.]

[50,000 yuan, this streamer is really rich.]

[You call yourself lucky just for getting into the closed beta. This is called a sucker.]

Deng Jianan rolled his eyes. “It is hard to buy even with riches! I love it! In addition, haven’t you investigated it yet? Do you know how much yuan an Escher coin is worth?”

“Hehe, 10 yuan!”

“So I only need to gain 5,000 Escher coins in the second closed beta to get my money back, do you understand?”

Deng Jianan’s family was considered wealthy and he became a streamer out of interest. So in the face of these sarcastic words, he didn’t care at all and directly confronted them.

Those who followed him knew his temper. They weren’t disgusted and just filled the barrage with ‘good.’ Some people analyzed that this was the price for the first closed beta and it should be reduced for the second closed beta.

“It is hard to say.”

Deng Jianan spoke while sending the installation staff away, “The second test shouldn’t open a recharge channel. As long as this recharge channel isn’t open then the price of the game currency won’t be reduced.”

“In addition, think about it. Do you think a rich person who can spend 50,000 in one go will waste time brushing up the game currency?”

[The spending money is starting again.]

[Tsk tsk, do you see these two round coins in my hand? Now they are gone!]

[Wu wu wu, if I was drawn, I would definitely brush it. I convinced my mother to enter the draw but she didn’t get it. My heart hurts!]

Deng Jianan laughed and said he would send some red envelopes on Weibo to celebrate. Then the barrage let him go.

After that, he showed the audience the game cabin worth 50,000 yuan in all aspects. He also sent the link to the live broadcast room opened on the forum as a warm up for when the second closed beta officially opened.

Like him, there were many people who were looking forward to the opening of Starry Sky Age, including Xu Yuheng.

However, he didn’t want to play this time. After some emergency testing from the research center, it had been concluded that Miss Yin’s physical condition could fully withstand the load of the holographic game.

Due to her special vegetative state, the game cabin was specially modified to ensure her nutrition during the game.

He just had to wait for the second closed beta to officially start and he would know whether her consciousness could be revived in the holographic game or not.

It wasn’t just the Yin family. Even Xu Yuheng attached great importance to it.

If he could get the support of the Yin family then the tricks set up by Lin Hua and those old foxes could be resolved smoothly. This would win enough time for the development of Starry Sky Age!

Of course, he also attached great importance to the Yin Xing line.

If this poor Miss Yin couldn’t connect to the game then Yin Xing’s family would play a great role.

Yin Hong was a bro con. As long as Yin Xing really liked Starry Sky Age then she definitely wouldn’t sit idly by and watch this project be destroyed.

At 10 a.m. on September 22nd.

In the midst of much anticipation, the second closed beta of Starry Sky Age finally started. At the same time, around 6,000 people were already lying in the game cabin and waiting.

The senior VIP ward of a private hospital.

In a spacious and comfortable room, there were two game cabins that were around two meters long. The woman who lay on a hospital bed all year round was immediately transferred to the game cabin. Her weak and thin face could be seen through the transparent hatch.

Yin Changping, his wife, the doctors and the workers from the game team surrounded the game cabin. Meanwhile, their grandson Yin Zhaoyang was lying in the other game cabin.

He would take their place to guide his aunt in the game—of course, this was if it succeeded.

Yin Xing was also lying in the game cabin.

His sister wasn’t by his side but she would also enter the game. They made an appointment to meet in the game.

[Welcome to Starry Sky Age]

There was this mechanical female voice and countless people, filled with their own hopes and expectations, consciously connected to this epoch-making holographic game.

It was also from this day that Starry Sky Age officially started its legendary journey, although many people didn’t realize it at this moment.

Xu Yuheng also lay down in the game cabin. There was a familiar sense of dizziness. Then he opened his eyes again and found that he had come to a virtual space.

In front of him, the cosmic starry sky started to evolve. Countless planets flashed away and finally converged into a brilliant galaxy.

Being here made people feel infinitely small. They couldn’t help immersing themselves in the beautiful starry sky. Then the picture suddenly changed.

A planet with a primitive aura expanded in front of them. Along with shocking sound effects, a small line of words appeared above the planet:

[Novice Planet: Escher Star]

Xu Yuheng was slightly stunned. To be honest, he was also shocked by this evolved starry sky. Then he realized that it was a newly added cutscene.

He selected Escher Star and his body started to sink uncontrollably. He became a meteor that fell toward this fascinating planet.

He had already experienced it during the first closed beta but Xu Yuheng still felt his heart beating faster.

His vision immediately darkened.

Once he opened his eyes again, he had come to the place where he went offline when the first closed beta ended— on top of a tower in the inner city of Imperial City.

He looked ahead and could see all of the inner city.

In reality, it was still early autumn with a bit of warmth but it was already winter in the game. He saw silver snow and countless pedestrians walking through the street.

It seemed to be the same as before he went offline but something also seemed different.

Of course, it was different. Imperial City had been upgraded to level 3!

Xu Yuheng had a headache when he thought of the problems that his younger brother created for him. The two sets of plans had been rejected by his older brother but the research center still mentioned them a few times.

Xu Yuheng saw the unfinished teleportation circle and sighed with relief.

It was fortunate!

However, he wasn’t happy for too long when a game notification popped up in front of him.

[Please note, ‘Si Sheng’s’ favorability value is -10,000 and it has reached the ‘deadly enemy’ level. The NPC might kill you at any time.]

[Warm reminder, ‘Si Sheng’ is known as the patron saint of the Roland Empire. Your relationship as his deadly enemy will likely lead to you being attacked by his fanatical supporters. It is recommended that you repair your relationship with him as soon as possible.]

Xu Yuheng, “???”

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