VCRMM: Chapter 119 Part 1

Snowflakes fell little by little.

The shadow leopard crouched on a tree and watched the hugging figures in the snow from a distance. After a while, he silently jumped from the trunk of the tree to the ground.

The moment he turned into a black-haired youth, a tall figure appeared beside him, holding a three or four year old child in one hand and a meat skewer in the other hand.

“Little September, do you want to eat?”’

The man with short silver-gray hair handed the skewer to him and asked with a smile.

The black-haired young man looked at him with a stinky face and didn’t take the skewer away. Chamo still held it up and the two of them were at a stalemate until—

“Eat… eat…”

The child in his arms flapped his arms, ocean blue eyes shining. Maybe he didn’t understand the meaning but he kept babbling it.

The black-haired youth pursed his lips as his eyes fell on the child’s smiling face. Then he couldn’t hold back and reached out to pinch the soft cheeks.

It was soft like dough, with the tenderness of egg whites. It felt very good.

The little child wasn’t very happy.

His mouth pursed slightly and his blue eyes were wet, but he didn’t struggle away. This made people want to bully him even more.

September smiled wickedly. He was just about to withdraw his hand when he saw the warmth on Chamo’s face had faded and he retreated slightly.

He paused before snorting softly.

He took the skewer from the man and crouched on the ground. He ate the meat while looking at the two increasingly blurred figures in the distance.

That person stood beside him silently. Just as he thought that Chamo had left, he heard Chamo ask, “Why did you make a contract with him?”

September rolled his eyes.

At this time, the man put the child down. The moment he touched the ground, the little merman came to his side and looked at him curiously.

September moved to the side but the little merman didn’t follow. He just put his finger in his mouth, stood in place and stared at September.

At this time, a snowflake fell onto his nose. The clear and beautiful blue eyes suddenly became cross eyed.

September, “……”

He looked at the little child helplessly and reached out to help wipe the snowflake off the tip of the nose. He thought for a moment before dragging the meat to the top of the skewer and bringing it to the child’s mouth.

“Do you want to eat?”

Little Sea Song looked at him and then at the roast meat that exuded a tempting fragrance. He opened his mouth and bit down. Once he ate it, his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Chamo looked down at them and smiled gently. “Twilight Frost City’s barbecue sauce is still so flavorful. We can bring some when we go back.”

September snorted. He looked at the little merman holding the kebab and eating sweetly and couldn’t help pausing. “Heidi… is she really gone?”

“I don’t know.”

Chamo shook his head. “This little guy is probably Heidi’s child. He has the royal blood of the sea elves. The fact that he was hunted down and almost killed by the sea beasts means the situation of the sea elves isn’t optimistic.”

September pursed his lips. He looked at the ignorant little merman and reached out to rub the soft blue hair. He whispered, “What are you going to do? Take this little child to Imperial City and then go find them?”

Chamo didn’t speak.

“You are still the same.” September sneered. “So nosy… is your injury okay?”

Chamo was silent for a moment. Then he laughed and looked down at the young man squatting on the ground. “Is little September worried about me?”

He thought September’s hackles would be raised immediately. Unexpectedly, the black-haired youth just quietly raised his head and stared at the dark night sky.

“The sea is very dangerous.”

September stood up, picked up little Sea Song and gave him back to Chamo. “Don’t think I’ll take care of him. You picked him up so you should raise him yourself!”

Chamo was forced to take back the little merman. His intentions were seen through but apart from some helplessness, there wasn’t much embarrassment.


“Don’t get close to me. I said I haven’t forgiven you. Your life or death has nothing to do with me!”

Then the young man turned into a black panther and blended into the shadow under the tree, disappearing.

Chamo stood in place and shook his head with a smile.


Little Sea Song waved his small hand, as if surprised by September’s sudden disappearance.

Seeing his innocent and simple appearance, Chamo had a headache. A pure-blooded sea elf was royalty. He was different from a half elf like Asheng.

The most intuitive way to tell was that even if he gained legs, the pointed ears couldn’t be hidden.

Should he really give little Sea Song to Roland’s little emperor?

He could tell that this man had no intentions toward the sea elf, but even so, the emperor wasn’t a good candidate to entrust Sea Song to.

After all, he couldn’t take care of children all the time and it was difficult to guarantee what the people under him would do…

Under Chamo’s gaze, the little merman spat out bubbles in a bored manner. It was just that on land, his bubbles weren’t spat out successfully. This made him puff out his cheeks in an unhappy manner.

Chamo sighed again. He turned around and walked into a spatial crack with the little merman, disappearing in place.


In the early morning, sunlight shone through the glass windows and reflected the frost condensed on the glass crystal.

Xu Sili sat by the window with a cup of hot milk, looking at the ice and snow outside. He was lazy and had no thoughts of going out at all.

It had been more than a month since he returned from Twilight Frost City.

Yesterday, it snowed heavily in Imperial City and the weather became as cold as Twilight Frost City. He had long put on a fur coat and nestled in the palace all day, surviving on the not very warm floor heating.

The floor heating of his bedroom relied on the magic circles carved below, which were similar to the ones in the bath. He didn’t know if it was because they were old or because the area of the bedroom was much larger, but the underground fire magic circles weren’t very powerful.

Still, the bedroom was already a place with good heating equipment. It was much better than the side courtyard where he lived in the trial world.

In such a winter, he didn’t know how many people would freeze to death…

Xu Sili was a bit worried.

Of course, there were probably very few people who were afraid of the cold like him. Based on the attributes panel, the food and clothing rate of Imperial City hadn’t decreased much. Perhaps it was because a large number of elementalists had been put to production so many people could eat. This meant their ability to resist the cold had also improved a lot.

The continuous production of the wood elementalists before winter meant the granaries newly built on the side of Imperial City were full. This was transported to various villages and towns through the elementalist mercenaries.

The problem of food and clothing was much better than before.

As for the other four main cities, there was no need to worry about Seizing Star City and Twilight Frost City for the time being. The problems of Orchid Moon City and Glass Sea City were more prominent.

However, after sending the elementalist engineering team over, Xu Sili had ordered them to stop any war and to let the garrison stay in the city. Then he ordered the elementalists to go into production.

Orchid Moon City was the place where the conditions were most difficult. Nevertheless, Si Sheng’s big blow and Xu Sili’s upgrade of it to level 2 before returning meant the problem of guarding the hole in the barrier had been resolved and manpower could be freed up.

In this month, the production capacity of the elementalists wasn’t bad. The addition of many one and two star elementalists had improved the efficiency a lot.

Meanwhile Glass Sea City was close to the sea and the temperature was rarely below zero even in winter. It was now the warmest of the five cities and the elementalists were stepping up production.

In addition, the second closed beta would begin in a few days so Xu Sili wasn’t so worried.

After all, there were players so it was convenient and fast to transport food as long as the granaries in Imperial City were full.

Speaking of transporting food, Xu Sili thought of the teleportation circle.

It had been almost two months and there was no progress in the construction of the teleportation circle at present. It was understandable since the relevant inheritance of the magic circles had been broken a long time ago.

Chi Yu had a special talent in construction but it wasn’t certain if the magic circle method was considered construction or not. In short, it was impossible to build it before the second closed beta.

In any case, he had already met his second brother. Xu Sili wasn’t in a hurry and he could take his time.

The next focus was the three areas of Imperial City to make level 3, as well as Glass Sea City and Twilight Frost City. He had read the guide and it was only by raising all four main cities to level 2 that he could continue to upgrade Imperial City.

The several main cities were in a state of mutual restraint. If he hadn’t read the strategy on the future forum in advance then he really would’ve needed to take a lot of detours.

Xu Sili thought slowly. He felt that after it became winter, his thinking had become much slower. He always felt as if he had forgotten something but he couldn’t remember it.

It wasn’t until Si Sheng came in through the door and walked to his side that he came to his senses.

“Your Majesty.” Si Sheng called out to him in a low voice.

Xu Sili nodded with a smile. He waved Janice and the maid back before taking Si Sheng’s hand. Finally, he hugged Si Sheng in a dissatisfied manner, burying himself in the man’s waist and abdomen and rubbing against him.

“So warm~”

He couldn’t help sighing.

Si Sheng didn’t mind being his heater. His big hand gently stroked Xu Sili’s long hair and he enjoyed the intimate time that belonged to only the two of them. Then he asked, “What were you thinking just now?”

“I was thinking that the braves will be coming again soon…”

Perhaps he could let Si Sheng and his second brother meet… Xu Sili thought in his heart.

Meanwhile, Si Sheng was visibly stunned as he stroked Xu Sili’s long hair.

“The braves… are coming again?” He asked softly, his tone somewhat unclear.

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i already forgot what the family’s initial reactionof snow roland being dead in the other timeline but it would be reasonable if they want to pull out their investment or delete si sheng’s character but why didn’t they do that? as far as i know si sheng is still in the future timeline

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