VCRMM: Chapter 118 Part 2

He took out the flute again. His attributes were doubled and his spiritual power detection range skyrocketed again.

He recalled the essentials that the former emperor taught him and looked at the frozen beasts under his feet. His eyes became fierce and the originally peaceful sound elements around him suddenly turned violent.

The frozen beasts below seemingly felt a crisis and started to retreat. Si Sheng lowered his eyes to look at them and slowly lowered his palm.

The lifted ice field slowly sank and the frozen beasts seemed to be held down by an invisible hand. No matter how hard they moved their limbs, they could only run on the spot and couldn’t advance a single step.

Xu Sili didn’t stop Si Sheng. He lifted the flute and played it gently.

A high pitched sound was suddenly heard.

The frozen beast closest to them screamed. Its moving limbs stopped and it fell to the ground with blood gushing from its ears.

[Ding~ Congratulations on comprehending the new skill ‘Sonic Boom.’ Intelligence +1, experience +500.]

Xu Sili was stunned. He hadn’t expected his attempt to be successful!

[Sonic Boom]

[Type: Self-created skill

Affiliation: Sound skill

Level: Lv 1

Combat effect: Can cause up to 10,000 elemental damage.

Magic consumed: 100

Current proficiency: 1/1,000]

Xu Sili was overjoyed when seeing the skill introduction.

This was his first attack skill!

It didn’t have a shocking effect in one blow like the former emperor’s skill, but he believed that as long as he practiced, it would definitely be a very powerful skill.

In addition…

This skill could attack a single target or a ranged area. It completely relied on his spiritual power to control it and was highly maneuverable.

Xu Sili was pleasantly surprised in his heart. Just like getting a new toy, he kept experimenting with the frozen beasts below.

There was a burst of high-pitched sounds and the screams of the frozen beasts came one after another. They weren’t killed with one blow but the rupture of their eardrums was enough to damage them.

In addition, as Xu Sili’s control became more and more precise, he could even control the high-pitched sound to explode the brains of the frozen beasts.

Bang bang bang!

There were more and more frozen beasts with exploding heads and their blood stained the ice field red. The people of Twilight Frost City saw this scene from a distance and were all confused and dazed. Some people saw the increasing number of frozen beast corpses and couldn’t help swallowing their saliva.

The number of people watching this scene increased and Si Sheng’s passerby halo finally failed. Someone noticed them floating in mid-air.

“Who is that? He is awesome!”

“Wow, he is so handsome and powerful!”

“I know. It must be Marshal Si Sheng! He sent the elementalists over today. I saw their shuttle!”

At this time, the gray dark clouds in the sky drifted a bit and sunlight shone through the clouds, shining on Si Sheng’s light gold hair.

“Blond hair… it really is the patron saint!”

“Have you noticed that Marshal Si Sheng seems to be holding a person?”

“I saw it. But is that a person? Why does it look like a ball?”

“Haha, maybe that person is wearing too much…”

Xu Sili didn’t hear what people were saying about him and Si Sheng at all. He only stopped his ‘new game’ when his magic ran out.

Judging from the final experimental results, he could currently only attack five interstellar beasts at the same time. After the attack was dispersed, it became 2,000 per hit.

If he concentrated on one target, the elemental damage ranged from 8,000 to 10,000.

In addition, these hundreds of frozen beasts provided him with a lot of experience points. It directly allowed him to gain one and a half levels. He wasn’t far from level 24.

Xu Sili’s heart was excited as he felt the power surging in his body.

At this time, a strong wind blew over.

Xu Sili didn’t care much until—

His hat was blown away and the long silver hair wrapped in it flew out.

He couldn’t help being stunned before he shivered from the cold. Then he heard the noise coming from behind him and realized that many people had noticed him and Si Sheng.


It was bad!

He didn’t dare to stay any longer and quickly asked Si Sheng to take him back to the city.

He only hoped that those who saw him didn’t guess his identity!

The onlookers saw them disappear and looked at each other. The marshal was gone? Then…

Did he still want these frozen beasts?

If not, could they recycle them?

There was so much, enough for them to eat for a long time!

The hundreds of frozen beasts had long alarmed the administrator of Twilight Frost City, but by the time he rushed over, Si Sheng and the ‘ball’ he was holding were nowhere to be seen.

The administrator’s eyes were green when he saw the frozen beasts lying dead thousands of meters away. Like him, there were more soldiers and civilians who rushed over.

It had to be known that they hunted too hard so it was already hard to see interstellar beasts within range of Twilight Frost City. It was rare to catch one and they had to pay a big price.

Now there were mountains of meat lying here!

But facing the patron saint…

In the end, the administrator summoned the courage to go to Si Sheng. But before he could leave, he was pleasantly surprised to receive Si Sheng’s order to drag the frozen beasts back to the city.

The news soon spread all throughout the border. People were so happy that they didn’t need to be organized at all. They rushed out of Twilight Frost City and the guardian barrier to drag these frozen beasts back to the city.

Twilight Frost City was freezing cold and there was no need to worry about the beast flesh rotting at all. There were hundreds of frozen beasts and it was enough for them to eat for half a year!

No one expected such a surprise.

That night, Twilight Frost City held a party to celebrate the harvest and the administrator invited Si Sheng to attend.

Of course, Si Sheng refused. but at night, he took Xu Sili to slip off the shuttle and wander around the city.

A fiery scent pervaded Twilight Frost City.

People gathered around bonfires, setting up racks and iron plates. They laid charcoal underneath and brushed these iron plates with a layer of fat from the frozen beasts.

There was a sizzling sound as the processed fresh meats were cut into thin slices and expertly cooked on the iron plates. Finally, they were drizzled with a special sauce and sprinkled with flavorful spices.

Just smelling it made people drool.

In addition to the rather elaborate iron plate grilled frozen beast meat, many soup pots were set up at the bonfires. Pieces of clean ice and seasonings were put into the pot to melt into liquid. Then the marinated frozen beast meat and various ingredients were added.

It was stirred and boiled and the aroma of the broth spread and could be smelled from a distance.

In addition to the grilled meat slices and soup, skewers were naturally indispensable. The grilling method was quite exquisite and it could be eaten at first glance.

Xu Sili walked among them and never imagined that he would see such a scene in the Roland Empire. His taste buds were greatly satisfied.

He held a lot of meat skewers in his hand and walked around while nibbling on them to see if there were other new ways to eat.

The cold of Twilight Frost City was unbearable for him but the people here really knew how to eat. This made him both love and hate it.

Xu Sili had already decided that once the teleportation circles of Imperial City and Orchid Moon City were completed then Twilight Frost City would be the second one!

He had some expectations. If more and richer fresh ingredients were delivered to Twilight Frost City then what surprises would these foodies bring him?

Or perhaps he could take one or two cooks back to try it?

“Ah— it was really cool!”

By the bonfire, someone sighed while drinking the hot broth and eating the grilled meat.

“Marshal Si Sheng is awesome! The patron saint is awesome!”

They couldn’t come up with a better adjective other than awesome.

Xu Sili was feeding the unfinished meat to Si Sheng. Then he heard them say this and couldn’t help nodding in agreement.

His boyfriend was awesome!

At this time, he vaguely heard them discussing the ball Si Sheng was holding and couldn’t help frowning.

Ball? What ball?

“Be careful when you speak. Didn’t you see the beautiful long silver hair after the man’s hat was blown off? In the entire empire, who do you think has special silver hair and can be held by Marshal Si Sheng?”

The moment these words came out, the scene suddenly became much quieter.

Everyone looked at each other. After exchanging glances, they all sucked in a breath.

“But how could that person…”

“Don’t say it. Be careful not to be heard!”

The person who first spoke opened his mouth and said with a dry smile, “Why are you so nervous? We are just talking about it privately. In any case, it is impossible for him to hear it…”

Xu Sili thought, ‘Haha, I heard it!’

He looked down at himself, who was tightly wrapped. Compared to Si Sheng, he was indeed… like a ball!

Suddenly, he felt that the cooked meat in his hand wasn’t fragrant…

Si Sheng saw the young man suddenly turn around angrily and walk in the direction of the flying shuttle. He glanced at the person on the other side of the bonfire, thought about it but didn’t make a move. Instead, he just chased after the young man.

They gradually got out of the range of the bonfires.

Snowflakes fell from the sky. The icy temperature reminded Si Sheng inexplicably of the past and the memories that had been forgotten but were revived in the trial world.

He pursed his lips, wanting to speed up his pace to catch up with the young man and leave with him.

Before he could catch up, the young man suddenly turned around and ran toward him, plunging into his arms.

“Ahhhhh, so cold, so cold, so cold >_<”

Si Sheng hugged him. He looked at the young man in his arms seeking warmth and the dark memories seemed gone again, leaving only bright colors.

His lips slightly curved as he reached out to hold Xu Sili’s cheek. He lowered his head and kissed him as the young man looked stunned…

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