VCRMM: Chapter 118 Part 1

It was late afternoon. It was sunny and the wind was blowing a bit strong.

Xu Sili could be described as fully armed. His long hair was tied up and tucked into a furry hat. He wore goggles and the lower half of his face was covered in a scarf. He was dressed tightly.

However, he still felt cold.

He listened to a few whispers of the soldiers on the city wall and didn’t stay any longer. Then he walked forward, trying to make his body warm by walking.

“The people of this Twilight Frost City are quite special.”

He mobilized the sound element and sent the words directly to Si Sheng’s ear. It was a bit like sound transmission. Even if his voice wasn’t loud, he could ensure that Si Sheng could hear his words.

“I just don’t know how their craft is?”

Si Sheng nodded but his gaze was always on Xu Sili.

The young man was dressed like a rice dumpling. SI Sheng recalled how he became a child in the trial world and smiled slightly.

So cute.

Seeing that he was really cold, Si Sheng pulled Xu Sili’s hand out of his pocket. Through his furry gloves, he seemed to feel that there wasn’t much warmth in his palm.

His hand was suddenly pulled out and Xu Sili looked at him suspiciously.

Then he felt warmth seep into his glove and spread to his palm. The warmth was so comfortable that he couldn’t help shivering.

“Wow, how can you be so warm?”

Xu Sili couldn’t help holding out his other hand to grab Si Sheng’s hand for warmth.

Si Sheng looked down at him with a shallow smile in his eyes. “Do you like it?”

“I love it so much!”

Xu Sili replied cheerfully. He was just about to say something else when he heard the faint sound of battle outside the city wall.

“Listening to this movement, it should be the people of the hunting team, right?”

“That’s right. This roar… it seems to be a frozen beast? Did they mess with a frozen beast?”

“I heard it too. I don’t know if they can do it…”

It was just that this worry didn’t last long.

“Wow, I like to eat the tendon meat of the frozen beasts the most! There was a brave man who cooked it very deliciously. It is fragrant, smooth and chewy. Wow, it is wonderful!”

“Are you talking about that first chef? I’ve eaten his grilled meat too! The craftsmanship was super delicious. My saliva is flowing just thinking about it…”

“Oh, I’m hungry due to your words!”

Xu Sili listened to them talking. It changed from worrying about the hunting team to how to make the frozen beast delicious. Then he couldn’t help falling silent.

Was this really okay?

Although he did want to taste what a frozen beast barbecue tasted like…

After thinking about it, Xu Sili looked at Si Sheng. “Brother Sheng, let’s go out and take a look?”

Si Sheng naturally wouldn’t refuse.

He held Xu Sili in his arms and came to the sky outside the city wall in a flash. They could see a team of dozens of people besieging a lone frozen beast on the vast ice field outside the protective barrier.

Looking at the team’s clothing, they should be soldiers of Twilight Frost City. Two or three elementalists could be seen among them. They stood at the back of the team and remotely controlled the frozen beast.

The frozen beast was only level 18. It was less than two stars but it was very large. It was four or five meters long and over three meters high. It was like a hill.

If it was really knocked down, it could support the rations of dozens of people for half a month.

It was just that it wasn’t easy to beat it. Plus…

The roar of giant creatures running came from the ice field. Apparently other frozen beasts heard the movement and were rushing over.

The distance between the two sides was getting smaller. The strength of the besieged frozen beast had weakened a lot but they probably wouldn’t be able to defeat it before the other beasts arrived.

The place where the battle took place was still thousands of meters away from the protective barrier. If the hunting team didn’t withdraw then they would encounter the beasts head-on.

Out of the elementalists standing at the back of the team, one was obviously the captain. He secretly calculated the time and situation and could only grit his teeth. “Don’t fight, withdraw!”

“Captain, there is just a bit to go!”

The team members obviously weren’t reconciled but they were reprimanded by their captain. “Don’t talk nonsense! If you don’t want to die, quickly retreat. We won’t be able to leave once the rest of the beasts arrive!”

This frozen beast was lured there by them.

It should’ve been a bit closer to the protective barrier to be safe. Unfortunately, once they arrived there, the frozen breast suddenly became vigilant and turned around to run. They had to start fighting.

If there was something to blame… they could only blame themselves for beating the interstellar beasts too hard before. Now the beasts didn’t dare approach the protective barrier. Hey, food was really getting harder to obtain!

Obviously, they were unwilling to give up like this.

As most of the team members stopped attacking and ran, Xu Sili saw with his own eyes that before several of them left, they used the short blade of their daggers to peel a large piece of meat from the wound of the frozen beast.

Amidst the pained roars of the frozen beast, they ran wildly while putting the piece of meat away. They carried it on their backs as they ran and turned back reluctantly.

“Come on, see if you have the ability to chase me!”

They were obviously trying to lure the angry frozen beast to run closer to the protective barrier.

Xu Sili, “……”


The frozen beast roared angrily and chased forward two steps. However, it finally stopped halfway through. It hadn’t completely lost its mind.

The sound of beasts running became louder and huge figures running in the distance could vaguely be seen.

Xu Sili looked at the frozen beast lying on the ground and resting. If he waited for the beasts to approach, this frozen beast would probably be taken away.

It had suffered a lot of injuries. If it didn’t die, it would be too cheap for the people of Twilight Frost City.

He thought about it before looking sideways at Si Sheng and whispering a few words in his ear.

Finally, he asked, “Can it be done?”

Si Sheng didn’t give him an answer and only said, “Try it.”

He immediately raised a hand in the direction of the beasts.

Xu Sili looked over nervously. Using his spiritual power, he could feel that the water elements had become active.

There was a small sound that slowly became louder and louder.

The hunting team that was running back slowed down. “What is happening? What is this sound?”

A more daring person couldn’t help looking back.

Then he swung his arms and ran on the spot, shouting, “Captain, Captain, take a look!”

The elementalist running in the middle didn’t want to pay any attention to it. However, as more people stopped and looked back, causing him to run to the front of the team, he had to stop and look back.

They had only run around 500 meters so they could clearly see what was happening.

Not far from the injured frozen beast, the ice field actually started to lift up little by little.

If one was looking down at it from the sky, they would see that the uplifted ice sheet had formed a slide. The speed of the beasts originally running toward this slide hadn’t changed but little by little… they were sliding back?

This strange scene stunned the people of the hunting team.

Still, it was obvious that the leader of the hunting team was very clever. He quickly came to his senses and shouted, “Go back and beat that frozen beast!”

Fullness for the bold, famine for the timid, this was half a month’s rations!

Then he took the lead in running back.

Seeing this, the already unwilling members of the hunting team also ran back happily.

It was a frozen beast that was less than two stars. Without the interference from other interstellar beasts, a hunting team of dozens of people would have no problem winning against it without damage.

In addition, the frozen beast was frightened by the ice field that suddenly lifted. It was killed by the hunting team in less than three minutes. Then it was tied with a rope and dozens of people worked together to drag it back.

The soldiers from the city discovered the situation and drove a worn out floating car to help pull it together.

By the time they dragged the body of the frozen beast into the guardian barrier, the beast group had reached the highest point of the ice slide and looked at the bottom of the ‘cliff’ that had suddenly risen seven or eight meters high in a daze.

“Haha, this is so much fun!”

Xu Sili hadn’t expected Si Sheng to be so powerful that he would actually raise the ice field by seven or eight meters.

Given the size of the frozen beasts, it was enough to fall down even if they didn’t die, right? Based on their bulky limbs, it was estimated that they probably wouldn’t be able to climb up.

More and more people from Twilight Frost City left the city to watch this miraculous scene from a distance. Their eyes were full of surprise as they discussed it.

”What is going on? Which big shot did this?”

”F*k, this isn’t something humans can do. It is a miracle!”

In midair.

”Do you want to knock them down?” Si Sheng suddenly asked.

His tone was understated, as if knocking down these hundreds of frozen beasts was as simple as drinking water.

Xu Sili touched his chin. “No, let me try it.

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