VCRMM: Chapter 117 Part 2

The distant B City.

Yin Xing looked at the chat records on the computer and pursed his lips.

Ever since he was pulled into the group by his friends, he occasionally got messages from the group and he also learned about Starry Sky Age from this group.

However, he didn’t have any interest in the game at that time. In other words, he hadn’t been interested in anything other than a few simulated world console games.

Until yesterday…

Yin Xing dragged the mouse again and clicked on the video that had just been sent by Su Xiaomo to watch it again.

The camera was shot from a long distance and was firmly fixed on the young man’s body. The camera followed him as he moved and jumped among the trees.

Looking at his sturdy figure, Yin Xing’s heart surged again.

After a long time, he lowered his eyes and reached out to stroke his legs. There was no sensation. From the waist down, there wasn’t any sensation.

It had been a year. He had been paralyzed in bed for a year and he might spend the rest of his life like this.


Yin Xing’s eyes fell on the computer again.

If what Su Xiaomo said was true and he could really walk or even run in the game again…

Even if it lacked a bit of realism…

Yin Xing clenched his fist. No, he should just try it!

He relaxed his fists and took a deep breath. After controlling his out of control emotions, he picked up his phone and called the first number in his call log.

The phone rang twice before it was answered.

“Sister, I… I want to try it.”

The moment Yin Xing finished speaking with some difficulty, he heard the female voice on the other side reply in a choked up manner.

His eyes were slightly red but he controlled himself and just whispered, “Sister, thank you…”

On the opposite side, Yin Hong heard her brother’s voice that finally stopped being gloomy. She thought back to the nightmarish past year and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes with a smile.

“Don’t be silly and wait for your sister.”

She hung up and called a number. The other person replied quickly.

“Xu’er, my brother agreed.”

She spoke seriously. “If it is really like you said and this game will allow my brother to stand up again and live like a normal person, you can talk about any conditions.”

In the office, Xu Yuheng leaned back against the chair and his eyes behind his glasses slightly curved.

He loosened his tie and replied.

“It is fine in the game but I can’t do anything about reality. After all, we make games and don’t do medicine.”

It was only then that Ying Hong found that there was ambiguity in her words. She frowned and directly said, “In any case, this is my meaning. I want three quotas for the second closed beta.”

Xu Yuheng was stunned for a moment before saying with a smile, “Three is too much.”

“Isn’t it just 150,000? Can my Yin family be lacking this much?” Yin Hong raised an eyebrow.

“It isn’t that. Right now, there are only so many game cabins. This means there is no market price,” Xu Yuheng explained. “I can give you two at most so you can play with your brother.”

In the end, Yin Hong agreed.

The moment Xu Yuheng hung up the phone, he received another call. The moment he saw the caller ID, he paused and clicked to answer with some solemnity. He was much more respectful than when facing Yin Hong.

“Hello, I am Xu Yuheng.”

“Hello, Mr Xu. We talked yesterday. I discussed it with Elder Yin and he said he wanted to talk to you.”

“Yes, there are no problems.”

The opposite side was quiet for a moment. Then a slightly old voice was heard. “Hello, I am Yin Changping. You were looking for me yesterday?”

“Elder Yin, hello. I am Xu Yuheng of the Xu Group…”

Before Xu Yuheng could finish speaking, the old man interrupted him. “I won’t talk nonsense. I just want to ask you. Can you really reunite me with my daughter in the game?”

“You should’ve known beforehand about my daughter’s situation, right?”

“That is right.” Xu Yuheng nodded.

This old Yin Changping was a legend in the Chinese business circle.

He and his wife were very close to each other and the love they had for a lifetime was talked about by acquaintances. Some people even adapted their story into a TV series.

It was just a pity that their youngest daughter fell into a coma in a car accident and it lasted for nearly 20 years. She relied on various expensive drugs and instruments to maintain her life but she hadn’t woken up after so many years.

After comparing hearts, Xu Yuheng felt that he could understand the feelings of the Yin family so he contacted people of the Yin family yesterday with the mentality of trying it.

He just hadn’t expected to directly alarm this bigshot.

“This project has been tested and it can theoretically connect the consciousness of coma patients into the game. It just hasn’t been tested on humans so far.”

Xu Yuheng didn’t hide it and spoke bluntly.

“So you mean—you want my daughter to be the experiment?” The old man obviously sounded a bit angry.

Xu Yuheng fell silent.

It did sound a bit like this and he knew it was a bit hard to accept, but…

“Elder Yin, your precious daughter fell into a coma at the best age and it has been 20 years. Now there is such a good opportunity. Don’t you want to try it?”

The old man was silent for a moment before saying, “You send one over first and I’ll try it myself.”

“I’m afraid that isn’t possible at the moment.”

Xu Yuheng explained, “The game cabin has only been tested for healthy people under the age of 40 for the time being. There is currently no spare capacity for those over 40 years old so it might take a while.”

“Healthy people? Then what about my daughter’s body…” The old man was anxious again.

“So we also need your daughter’s health report. We can give you a detailed answer after doing a specific analysis.” Xu Yuheng had to bite the bullet and say.

“Why can’t you do this and that? It isn’t certain…” The old man muttered and Xu Yuheng could only laugh awkwardly.

The other side was quiet for a while but didn’t hang up. Xu Yuheng didn’t urge him and waited patiently.

He also knew how unreliable his promotion was but based on the Xu Group’s situation, he could only try everything possible.

“Your name is Xu… Xu… I’ll just call you Xiao Xu.” The old man’s voice was heard again.

Xu Yuheng naturally nodded and agreed.

He heard the old man continue, “I read the report you sent to my son. Your project is really interesting and I know the difficulties you are currently encountering.”

“In this way, I can’t enter the game for the time being.”

Elder Yin said, “If you can really let my daughter’s consciousness enter this Starry Sky Age and let her play and live in it, I will let my son fully support your Xu family.”

“As for Lin Hua, don’t worry about this. Your Xu family won’t have an accident as long as this project is still in place.”

Xu Yuheng hadn’t expected this old gentleman to make such a promise and was a bit shocked. Then he heard the old man say, “Actually, according to the usual practice, I should buy your project.”

“This type of breakthrough achievement is so important to my daughter. It naturally must be under my control for me to feel at ease.”

Xu Yuheng’s heart was cold but he pretended to be calm. “Then why are you…”


Elder Yin laughed. “I have learned about the past of this project and I also know why your Xu family is so attached to this project, as well as the effort and cost invested.”

“I can understand your feelings and I also admire them a bit. You two brothers are really to my liking. Therefore, I won’t take advantage of others and I am willing to choose another way of cooperation.”

Xu Yuheng listened with slightly complicated feelings and didn’t know what to say for a while.

“Well, I’m not doing charity either. I’ll have people contact you and send over the results as soon as possible. I’ll be waiting for your good news.”

Xu Yuheng hung up and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

An ordinary man almost got into trouble due to a cherished item. If almost recruited a more powerful person coveting Starry Sky Age. If this old gentleman really made a move then they might not be able to hold onto it.


Xu Yuheng controlled his emotions and glanced at the list of people he hadn’t contacted. He hesitated before closing the folder and throwing it into a drawer.

At present, it was enough to have this Yin and Yin. If he was greedy and took on too much, it was easy to be overturned.

He thought about what would happen next. Then he soon received a call from the Yin family and started to be busy again.

In fact, he wasn’t sure if a vegetative person could successfully access the game but… he would give it a try!

Inside the game.

Xu Sili had no idea about what his second brother was doing. He witnessed the upgrade of Seizing Star City and went to Twilight Frost City with a bit of expectation.

Just like its name, Twilight Frost City was a city covered in snow all year round.

The ultra-low temperature here was like torture for Xu Sili. He hid in the room of the shuttle and didn’t want to take a step out of the room at all.

In the end, he was supported by a strong conviction and accompanied Si Sheng to stroll around Twilight Frost City.

Interstellar beasts could still survive in such a geographical environment and the number wasn’t less than those around Seizing Star City.

They couldn’t plant anything so Twilight Frost City basically survived through hunting. Therefore, fighting with interstellar beasts was inevitable.

The residents of Twilight Frost City fed on the interstellar beasts and felt fiercer than those who lived in other cities.

The soldiers and civilians of other cities were full of hatred and fear when seeing interstellar beasts. Meanwhile, the soldiers and civilians of Twilight Frost City saw the interstellar beasts and their eyes… shone?

He listened to them standing on the city wall and whispering about where and how the interstellar beasts were delicious, and how to make them delicious, Xu Sili felt… this was something he never expected!

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