VCRMM: Chapter 117 Part 1

“Mom, I’m back.”

Around 7 o’clock in the evening, Chi Yu walked into the house and spoke loudly while taking off his shoes.

He had just finished his work today.

Ever since he was assigned to the construction of the two way teleportation circle, he moved back from Doha Town to his home. He ran to the construction site every day and rarely returned as early as he did today.

“Xiao Yu, you came back so early today.” Mother Chi greeted him. “Have you eaten yet? I’ll go get you a hot meal.”

“Don’t bother. I ate something on the way back.”

Chi Yu was carrying a somewhat heavy backpack as he walked into the living room of the house. He was about to go upstairs when he saw a news report playing on the TV.

“I just received the news. 10 days after the lifting of the seal of Imperial City under the personal lead of His Majesty, today the seal of Seizing Star City was also unlocked. Let’s take a look at the video materials transmitted back by Seizing Star City.”

The host finished the announcement and a video appeared on the TV screen.

A thin and good-looking man appeared in the video. It was Gao Yang, the administrator of Seizing Star City.

He explained the situation with a red face.

Chi Yu listened to it for a while and had a general idea. The marshal sent the elementalist engineers to Seizing Star City today and found that the development of Seizing Star City was good.

So after the marshal reported it to His Majesty, the emperor decided to let the administrator try to hold the ceremony to lift the seal around Seizing Star City.

At this time, he realized that the five main cities of the Roland Empire were all affected by the seal and that His Majesty had only unlocked the seal of Imperial City that day.

This also explained why His Majesty wanted to send the elementalist engineers to the other main cities. It was in order to develop the other main cities and let them unlock the seal as soon as possible.

“Hey, it seems that the administrator ran Seizing Star City very well. The marshal went to Glass Sea City and I didn’t hear about the seal of Glass Sea City being lifted.”

Mother Chi poured a glass of water and handed it to her son. Then she couldn’t help sighing when she saw the report.

Chi Yu took the water and nodded. Then he heard her say, “He must’ve learned well from the chief administrator. Wen Jishan is a really good leader.”


Chi Yu remembered the fruit basket that he brought to Administrator Wen Jishan when he went to Mercenary Town before and chose not to participate in this topic.

“I’m going upstairs.”

He walked back to his room with the glass of water and put the heavy backpack on the table. Then once he came out of the shower, he took out the thick books that were inside.

[Basics of Elemental Circles]

[180 Models of Basic Magic Circles]

[Detailed Explanation of the Basic Elements that Make Up Circles]


Chi Yu took a sip of the boiling water that had become cold. He put down the water cup, put the books aside and picked up the one about the basic elements.

He read the explanation of the elements while his ears rang with the gossip he occasionally heard these days.

“Chi Yu is very powerful in architecture but this is a teleportation circle. He is an ordinary person. Can he understand the concept of these elements? I really don’t know what His Majesty is thinking…”

“The study of the magic circle method was broken 60 years ago and it hasn’t been studied in the past 60 years. So far… has anyone else in the Elementalist Academy successfully achieved an effective magic circle?”

“Just let him try. The teleportation circle is such a complex, large circle and it is estimated that he will fail in the end but at least we can give His Majesty a better explanation. In any case, it isn’t us who are responsible…”

Chi Yu closed his eyes, looked at the books he had just borrowed from the Elementalist Academy and slowly exhaled.

He had been under a lot of pressure these days.

It was indeed as those elementalists said. He was an ordinary person who couldn’t even sense the elements. It was indeed a bit wishful to want to build such a large magic circle.

He had tried to draw a small teleportation magic circle by relying on the blueprint, but even if the lines were the same, the magic circle was unsuccessful.

This was different from what he originally learned. He was an architect, not a magic circle magician.


Chi Yu remembered His Majesty’s trusting eyes when appointing him this task and he didn’t want to give up.

He didn’t want to betray His Majesty’s trust in him and… looking at the teleportation circle replica drawings posted on the wall, his eyes filled with fighting spirit.

He wanted to overcome this difficulty and to build this magic circle. Today, he finally understood how important this magic circle was to the empire.

If the thing that was recorded in the blueprint could really communicate between several main cities and it took only three minutes for a single teleportation, how much manpower and material resources would be saved?

In addition, materials and personnel could flow between main cities so that the problem of food and clothing for countless people could be solved.

Chi Yu thought of this scene and was inexplicably excited.

Today, he finally realized that the meal had to be eaten bite by bite. He wasn’t ready to start blindly anymore. It would be after he completely sorted out the concepts and principles of the magic circles.

Therefore, he stopped construction and borrowed these books from the Elementalist Academy. He would wait for the basic concepts to be thoroughly studied before he would go to browse the research results of the academy on magic circles over the years.

He cheered himself up again and threw himself into these magic circle books. He mercilessly absorbed these books that were new and full of wonderful knowledge for him.

It was late at night before he knew it.

It was only when Mother Chi came to call him to sleep for the second time that Chi Yu finally closed his book reluctantly.

After glancing at the notes that consisted of several pages, Chi Yu nodded with satisfaction and decided to take it to the Elementalist Academy tomorrow to discuss it with Su Lin.

Su Lin was a new friend he had made at the Elementalist Academy today. He was an elementalist but he was more humble and gracious than any elementalist Chi Yu had met before.

He could feel that this teenager, who was seven or eight years younger than him, had a scholar’s desire for knowledge and exploration.

The moment Chi Yu mentioned the elemental magic circle to him, the young man’s black eyes suddenly lit up with a dazzling light. It was as if he finally found a good match.

The books he brought back were recommended by Su Lin and gave him great help.

He shouldn’t mind Chi Yu asking him questions, right?

It was only when he heard more urging from Mother Chi that Chi Yu closed his notebook and got up to wash. However, he lay down on the bed and couldn’t fall asleep for the first time.

He thought of Su Lin’s dark eyes and inevitably remembered another person.

Su Mo had been gone for over a month.

He still remembered when Su Mo went to carry out the escort mission to Orchid Moon City. During that time, Chi Yu was worried about him every day. Unexpectedly, Su Mo not only successfully completed the task but also took the shuttle of Lord Si Sheng back and gave him gifts.

Chi Yu remembered his joyful, silly look at that time and couldn’t help laughing.

Speaking of which, he missed Su Mo’s cooking a bit.

His mother had learned a dish or two from Su Mo but the taste was different…

If Su Mo went to open a restaurant then business would definitely be very good.

Chi Yu thought in a daze. Then he gradually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the person he remembered before going to bed wasn’t in such a good mood at the moment.

In reality, it was still daytime.

Su Mo woke up from a hangover and looked at the warm sunlight outside the window. Then he saw the time displayed on the phone and once again irritably pulled the quilt over his head. He made a pig-like grumbling sound.

“F*k, how come there is still a week left?”

Su Mo tossed and turned on the bed. Finally, he couldn’t go to sleep so he got up, grabbed the remote control and turned on the projector.

A screen appeared on the immaculate wall of his room and a picture was reflected on the screen. The young man with red hair and red eyes was looking down at a blueprint.

It turned out to be a photo of Chi Yu.

Su Mo looked at these photos one by one and the irritability on his face gradually disappeared. It was slowly replaced by obsession and longing.

Hey, he didn’t know how Chi Yu was doing now.

He had been away for so long. Did Chi Yu miss him? Was he eating well? Would he be excluded and bullied again?

The more Su Mo thought about it, the more annoyed he became. He never thought that he would be forced into a ‘long-distance relationship’ one day and it was also in this manner!

Of course, he didn’t dare to tell anyone for the time being that he liked an NPC in the game and was feeling lovesick.

Su Mo watched the photos a second time before finally throwing away the remote control. He lay down on the big bed, arms and legs akimbo, and felt that life without Chi Yu was simply boring.

Of course, he quickly got out of bed to wash up. Then he sat down at his desk and honestly started revising his knowledge of architecture.

At the very least, he should make Chi Yu slightly shocked once the server opened again! Then he wouldn’t find it so incomprehensible when chatting with Chi Yu.

He finished reading the book and opened the social media software to look at the new messages in the group.

The few bigshots who played city building games were pulled into a group by him and poisoned by him every day. Finally, two of them were moved by him and were ready to play the game together once the second closed beta started.

Of course, they had to be lucky at the time.

Feitian Xiaozhu: [Is the list of players who made it into the second closed beta of Starry Sky Age out? I’ve been waiting to thank the master with flowers.]

Horse Wants to Graze: [No, I’ve been waiting at the official Weibo and forums every day. There is no news at all. I am ready with the remaining 40,000. Just give me a chance to spend money!]

The game cabin for the second closed beta cost 50,000 yuan. This was a huge amount for many people but it wasn’t much for these big spender bigshots in the group.

Horse Wants to Graze: [@Su Xiaomo, why are you so lucky? You actually got selected for a free test!]

Su Mo smiled while looking smug.

He had always been very lucky. Otherwise, how could he meet Chi Yu on the first day of the game?

He just wanted to reply when he saw a bigshot, who rarely spoke in the group, suddenly send a message.

Qingquan Shishang: [Is this game really that fun?]

Su Mo was slightly startled.

This Qingquan Shishang was a real bigshot. He heard that this person was a famous architect in reality and was pulled into the group by other friends. Apart from the greeting at the beginning, Su Mo hadn’t seen him speak later.

Chi Yu would probably be very happy if he could fool this person into the game, right? There would be someone to help and he wouldn’t have to be so tired.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly started to introduce the fun of the game.

Su Xiaomo: [Of course! This game doesn’t feel like a game. It is like traveling to another world! In addition to constructing buildings, you can also fly in the sky!]

Su Xiaomo: [Video]

Su Xiaomo: [This is the way I ran in the forest after using the Light Body skill. Don’t you think it is handsome?]

Feitian Xiaozhu: [Handsome! I’m going to learn this!]

Horse Wants to Graze: [Ahhh please let me be drawn. I am willing to pay 100,000. F*k, this is a holographic game. I want to play too much [cry]]

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