VCRMM: Chapter 116 Part 1

Xu Fengqing didn’t expect that he would receive such a report one week after the game was closed.

Old Wang was well aware of Xu Fengqing’s style of doing things so he explained the matter in detail in the report. He listed the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions and the possible consequences if left unchecked.

He even sent an electronic file with videos and pictures attached.

Xu Fengqing read through the report page by page. Then he opened his inbox and looked at the attachment sent by Old Wang.

The video played on his computer.

The young man with silver hair and purple eyes had extremely familiar facial features, just like his memory. However, they were slightly more mature than in his memory and his temperament was much calmer.

It was a video that was only one minute long so it played quickly.

Xu Fengqing was quiet for a while. His eyes fell on the mouse again but he quickly moved them away. He didn’t play the video a second time.

He read the report again and finally closed it. He pinched between his forehead, easing his tired nerves.

Looking up, his eyes fell on a picture frame on the desk.

There was an old photo in the frame that was taken a long time ago. He saw a childish young man standing behind the sofa, holding his two brothers on the left and right. His head leaned slightly toward his second brother and he was smiling brightly.

Xu Fengqing exhaled slowly. He looked at the final frozen image on the computer screen and the faces of the young man and the teenager almost overlapped.

He was in a bit of a trance. Then the corners of his mouth twitched in a mocking manner.

“How can you cause so much trouble?” He muttered. Then there was a knock on the door and the secretary came in to remind him that the foreign guests had arrived and the meeting could begin.

Xu Fengqing nodded. Then after the secretary left, he closed the report and put it on the table. He thought about it and forwarded the email from Old Wang to Xu Yuheng. After that, he got up and left the office.

Once he walked out of the office, the tiredness and sleepiness that had just been on his face disappeared. He became the shrewd and strong-willed leader of the Xu family.

In the week after the closed beta ended, Xu Yuheng was busier than ever. He had adjusted his schedule and rested thanks to the reminder of his assistant late in the closed beta but there was still a backlog of work.

According to the plan of the game team, the second beta would be opened half a month after the server was closed. He hoped to try and get most of his work done during this time so that once the second closed beta was opened, he could spend more time in Starry Sky Age.

The old foxes such as Lin Hua hadn’t slowed down their persecution. Under the insistence of his older brother Xu Fengqing, the Xu Group didn’t have any major problems for the time being, but if they wanted to reverse the situation, they still had to count on the holographic game.

Xu Yuheng was busy these days while thinking of countermeasures.

He had played Starry Sky Age so he knew how much potential the game had. No matter whether it was for the Xu family or for Xiao Li, they had to tap into the potential of the game as soon as possible.

He just never expected that he would receive such a report from his older brother today.

The game was moving too fast?

Forcible intervention?

What a joke! Didn’t they say they could no longer interfere with the game process after it started? Old Wang dared to lie to him!

Xu Yuheng’s teeth were itching with anger as he thought about how he wasted a month to go to Imperial City. Then he saw the possible consequences of the forced intervention and calmed down again.

Then there was the second set of solutions strongly recommended by the research center— delete the file once the public beta started and start over?

Xu Yuheng felt his heart stop for a moment. If the file was deleted and they started over… what about Xiao Li?

He would have an accident!

They absolutely couldn’t delete the file and start over!

The next moment, Xu Yuheng picked up his phone and called Xu Fengqing’s number. Xu Fengqing didn’t answer after calling it twice.

Xu Yuheng called his office again.

“President Xu is in a meeting. Once he finishes the meeting, should I ask him to call you?” The voice of his female secretary rang on the other side of the phone.

In desperation, Xu Yuheng had to hang up the phone and wait in agony.

He was no longer interested in working after reading the report.

He didn’t know Xiao Li’s current situation but Xiao Li existed in the form of an NPC. If the NPC’s data was deleted then would Xiao Li disappear?

Xu Yuheng didn’t dare think about it at all. He tried to smoke a cigarette to calm down, but he found that his hand was shaking so much he couldn’t hold the lighter steadily. Finally, he could only give up.

He knew how stubborn his older brother was. Once he decided things, he would hardly change his mind. If he really agreed with the proposal in this report then he would follow through.

In addition, based on his personality, he was likely to choose to delete the file and start over.

It was because this plan had the least risk. At this juncture, the Xu Group couldn’t afford too many risks.

What to do…

Xu Yuheng’s heart was full of powerlessness.

He had tried to convince his older brother that Snow Roland in the game was their own brother Xu Sili, but the result could be imagined.

After his older brother really hired a psychologist for him, Xu Yuheng obediently shut up. In any case, this time was busy. There was always a way to abduct him into the game after this time ended.

His brother would understand as long as he came into contact with Xiao Li.

Now… what was this?

The game was moving too fast? For such a broken reason, they wanted to delete the file and start over?

Intellectually, Xu Yuheng also understood the seriousness of the problem but emotionally, he couldn’t accept it.

He also had no way to blame his brother.

After all, based on Xiao Li’s current situation, he had to become strong quickly and grow up enough to protect himself.

Xiao Li’s level was limited so upgrading to the main city was obviously imperative.

Yet based on the current situation of the Xu family, they couldn’t arbitrarily ignore the players’ game experience.

How many good games had been ruined by the planning?

For such a project that countless people had been devoted to for over 10 years, everyone hoped that it would succeed. Xu Yuheng was no exception.

He clenched his fists desperately.

In any case, it was absolutely impossible to delete the file and start over!

Once Xu Fengqing finally finished the meeting and called him, he categorically refused.

“Absolutely not, I don’t agree!”

“Big brother, I won’t let you do this. It is murder! I won’t allow you to hurt Xiao Li!”

Xu Fengqing sighed. “Xu Yuheng, calm down.”

“How can I calm down?”

“I warned you before.” Xu Fengqing’s tone was a bit more serious. “The game progress is a bit fast and you should pay attention to controlling it. However, you still fooled around like this?”

Xu Yuheng was stunned before reacting quickly, “Do you think I did this?”

“Didn’t you?”


Xu Yuheng opened his mouth but found he couldn’t argue. It was because he had read the internal information in advance. He was probably the only player with a detailed grasp of the game settings.

It was unreasonable to think that such a complex setting like the upgrade of the main city was actually cracked by an NPC.

In addition, this NPC was Xiao Li, who he kept insisting crossed into the game…

It seemed reasonable for his older brother to suspect that he had revealed the trick to ‘Xiao Li’ so that Xiao Li could lift the level restriction in such a short time.

In addition, he had taken the blame for Xiao Li before and admitted that he had interfered with the game process.

If he wasn’t the person involved then he might’ve been suspicious.

Xu Yuheng felt bitter and struggled for a while. Then he simply didn’t bother with this matter any longer and said softly, “Big brother, no matter what, this plan can’t be allowed.”

“No matter whether it is the intervention or file deletion… it really can’t…”

His voice became lower and lower. Finally, he took off his glasses and covered his eyes with his hands. “He is going to die… I don’t know how to convince you… but, please…”

Xu Yuheng felt deeply powerless and wronged. How could he make his older brother understand that it was really Xiao Li. This report was really murder!

He finally reunited with Xiao Li and saw Xiao Li come back to life. He had been waiting for this day for almost 10 years!

They must not be allowed to hurt Xiao Li…

Xu Yuheng took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

Maybe he should get his older brother into the game as soon as possible. In any case, the time of the report was the public beta. Not much would change in the second closed beta that would start soon.

Xu Yuheng thought of countermeasures in his heart. Just as he thought this conversation would end unhappily, he heard a long sigh and the word, “Okay.”

Xu Yuheng was stunned. Did he just hallucinate? Otherwise, how could he hear his brother say this word?

“You… you agree?”

After a long time, Xu Yuheng found his voice. “Do you really want to reject these two plans and keep the game as it is?”

“Isn’t that what you want?”

Xu Fengqing’s tone was a bit strange.

Xu Yuheng put on his glasses again and couldn’t wait to pinch his thighs. However, this behavior was a bit silly so he didn’t choose to do it in the end.

“Why would you agree? I thought you would choose to delete the file and start over. This is the least risky way for now, right?”

“That is true but…”

On the other side of the phone, Xu Fengqing paused before saying, “You are also my brother.”

For no reason, Xu Yuheng’s eyes turned red.

“I still don’t agree about you putting so much emotion on a virtual character but… if you feel so happy then so be it.”

Listening to his words, Xu Yuheng pursed his lips. In the end, his brother still didn’t believe him. However, he still felt that his nose was a bit sore.

“Are you crying?” At this time, Xu Fengqing suddenly said.

“Who is crying?!” Xu Yuheng immediately wiped his eyes. “Whoever cries is a dog.”


Xu Yuheng, “……”

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