VCRMM: Chapter 115 Part 2

It had always been said that after the game started, the game team had no way to intervene in the game process. This was their unified tone against the Xu family. However, how could they really leave no backdoor?

It was just that doing so would take huge risks. It had been shown in many previous experiments that the result of a forced intervention had a high probability of causing the collapse of the entire game world.

The game team didn’t really want to do this unless it was a last resort.

It was because after the crash, the reconstruction of the game world would cost a lot of manpower and material resources. Even after reconstruction, it might not achieve the previous effect. After all, there were too many uncertainties in the evolution of the world.

Now, no matter whether it was time or money, the game team could no longer do what they wanted.

Of course, there was a more direct way.

After all, it was still the internal testing stage and it hadn’t been publicly said that internal files wouldn’t be deleted. So in fact, they could delete the file before the public beta and start over, pulling all players back to the same starting line.

The deletion of files was controllable, although it still required a certain amount of manpower and material resources. In general, it was less harmful than the collapse caused by forced intervention.

Everyone present listening to Old Wang’s analysis fell into deep thought, but not many people spoke.

In the end, the chief planner said, “Old Wang, I think… perhaps we need to ask President Xu for advice.”

The Xu family was the largest shareholder in Starry Sky Age after all and had the actual decision making power. The opinions of the game team were just for reference.

In addition, the most difficult problem appeared this time in a special NPC like Snow Roland.

No matter whether it was forcibly interfering or deleting the file and starting over, no matter whether it was legal or reasonable, this required the Xu family to make a decision.

Old Wang nodded and took a deep breath. “I know this. That is why I gathered today in the hopes of discussing two sets of specific and feasible plans first.”

“You should know President Xu’s temper and style of acting. If I go to him before the plan comes out, I will probably be scolded by him.”

Due to old Wang’s ridiculing words, the stern atmosphere of the meeting room became a bit lighter. Then everyone entered the working state again, striving to discuss a set of plans before the start of the second beta.

In the game, Xu Sili didn’t know that it wasn’t just Xu Yuheng. He even attracted the attention of the game team.

At this moment, he had just finished breakfast and was ready to continue taking the shuttle to go to the next stop with the elementalist engineering team—Seizing Star City.

Before the shuttle could set off, the screams and sirens from outside caught his attention.

At the same time, a figure flashed and Si Sheng appeared beside him.

Xu Sili calmed down and asked, “Ah Sheng, what happened?”

Hearing him being called so intimately again, Si Sheng’s heart moved slightly but his face was calm as he said, “Something happened by the sea.”

Xu Sili stood by the window and looked out. He couldn’t see the situation on the other side of the sea and with his current spiritual power detection range of over 300 meters, it wasn’t enough to see such a distant place.

He looked at Si Sheng unwillingly.

Si Sheng had already seen through his thoughts. He ordered the pilot to wait in place, stepped forward to grab him and took him away from the shuttle.

The place where the shuttle docked wasn’t far from the sea. Therefore, Si Sheng didn’t summon the shadow leopard but directly took Xu Sili to fly to the coast where the battle had broken out.

He saw that the place where they had grilled fish last night was now covered with ugly looking interstellar beasts.

They had the body of a fish but amphibian limbs. Right now, the defenders on the coast were constantly shooting with bows and arrows, covering the escape of the civilians on the beach.

They couldn’t go into the sea but every time the tide receded, there were many civilians who went to the seaside to collect shellfish. Occasionally, they could pick up small fish and sea beasts, which was one of the channels of food.

There were around a thousand civilians scattered on the beach now. They dropped their things and ran away as soon as they found the interstellar beasts ashore.

However, the speed of this four-legged fish was extremely fast and the bite force was amazing. The civilians who were already attacked couldn’t run away at all. There was basically no power after being bitten.

By the time Xu Sili and Si Sheng arrived, civilians had already been dragged into the sea alive and the blood gushing out of the bites turned the sea red.

Seeing the scene below, Xu Sili couldn’t help gritting his teeth. He felt that the breakfast in his belly was about to be vomited out.

He endured the strong feeling of nausea and took out the flute that Si Sheng had previously given him from the space capsule. This was the first time he had used it in battle after getting it.

[Flute of the God of Music]

[Description: According to legend, it was forged by the companion of the god of music. After the fall of the god of music, it was exiled to the world.

Quality: Legendary

Equipment Effect: Double all attributes.


1. Enhancement: Passive skill. When equipping this flute, the effect of sound skills will be increased by 10 times.

2.Dash: Active skill. It can increase the effect of the sound system skill by 100 times in a short period of time. It lasts for 10 minutes and the cooldown is 1 hour.

3. Guardian: When using this flute to play a sound skill, a protective shield is formed around the body that can absorb 99% of elemental damage.

Locked: Unknown.]

Once equipped, his spiritual attribute, which was already high at 235, directly doubled to 470. In an instant, he felt that his mind was clearer than ever.

The exploration range of the spiritual power wasn’t simply doubled. It increased from the original maximum of over 300 meters to over 1,000 meters.

For this fight, it was quite adequate.

Xu Sili started playing the flute without saying a word.

He was a superstar and had composed many songs of his own. He mastered a few instruments and a flute wasn’t difficult for him.

As he played, the quiet and gentle melody with a light texture unique to the flute, sounded leisurely through the battlefield.

Roland’s Good Night Song, launch!

The Good Night Song was upgraded to level 2 and it achieved a terrifying effect thanks to the passive bonus of the flute increasing it by tenfold.

The moment the soft melody played, the originally fierce and cruel battlefield fell into a dead silence.

No matter whether it was the four legged fish on the beach that had reached three stars, the soldiers shooting by the guardian barrier or the civilians running with all their might, everyone fell silent.

They didn’t fall unconscious but were controlled by some type of illusion. A smile appeared on the faces of many people and they showed a peaceful expression on the bloody battlefield. This looked really strange.

It was the first time he used the flute to deal with such a large scene so Xu Sili didn’t use spiritual power control in the beginning. It caused a situation where allies were inseparable from enemies.

Even so, the tragedy of preventing more civilians from being dragged into the sea was prevented.

He played the flute calmly while seeing what happened below. Then he slowly let out a sigh of relief.

These four legged fish might not seem to have any hearing but the domineering sound elements directly acted on their brain nerves, so they were still controlled.

Immediately after, Xu Sili released his spiritual power and started to control the diffusion of sound elements.

The archers, who were covering the shore from a long range, regained their senses first. Then they clearly saw what was happening on the beach and became confused again.

Due to Xu Sili’s control, they could no longer hear the flute while those who heard the flute were still hypnotized. Therefore, no one could understand what was happening for a while.

Afterward, more and more people came to their senses.

The soldiers naturally reacted quickly and dragged the civilians away while the other ordinary people who survived the disaster ran frantically to the shore.

Xu Sili gradually shrunk the range of the flute sound to the four legged fish. Then as the contraction range reached the middle of the battlefield, i.e. the most serious part where civilians and interstellar beasts were mixed together, he felt the difficulty.

However, he also felt a familiar light golden spiritual power.

He paused slightly before continuing to focus on playing the flute. Then with Si Sheng’s help and guidance, he felt much more relaxed. He gained a somewhat new understanding of how to control spiritual power.

Moreover, as the level of his spiritual power increased significantly, he felt the specialness more and more as their spiritual powers were intertwined.

It seemed like their souls were closely attached to each other. They could easily perceive each other’s emotions and some faint thoughts.

All in all, it was an amazing experience.

Xu Sili tried to ignore the strangeness and focused on controlling the sound skill.

After this battle, he also clearly realized that no amount of practice could be comparable to actual combat.

He used to think that as long as his spiritual power covered them, he could control everything. Yet the reality was that his control was still insufficient when many people were mixed together.

This was still a small battle with less than 1,000 people and the mixed situation wasn’t very serious. If he entered a real melee then he probably wouldn’t be able to completely control the health increase effect on his own people.

Therefore, even if his Sprouting skill was upgraded to the level of going against the sky and could fill up people’s health in seconds, he couldn’t use it at will.

Otherwise, it would be bad if it was used on the enemy.

It seemed that it wasn’t so easy to be a healer… Xu Sili thought a bit sadly.

The civilians below quickly ran into the protective barrier. The soldiers saw that the four legged beasts were all dizzy and were courageous. They ran over and slashed indiscriminately with their weapons. There were also elementalists who rushed over to join this one-sided massacre.

The level of the four legged fish was generally two or three stars but who told them to be controlled to death by Xu Sili?

Soon, more and more soldiers joined them.

The speed at which the four legged fish were cleaned up also started to quicken. In less than half a day, the defenders slaughtered nearly 100 four legged fish. Then they dragged them back to the protective barrier.

It wasn’t until the barrier was closed again and no one was left on the shore that Xu Sili stopped playing.

In around an hour, he had played the song almost 40 times. Fortunately, the kyanite necklace that Si Sheng gave him raised his maximum magic or he wouldn’t have enough to consume.

He felt that his mouth was numb and he didn’t want to play this music again in the future.

The people below cheered around the piles of interstellar beast corpses. The families of several people who lost their lives wept together.

Xu Sili saw this scene and his mood wasn’t relaxed.

He felt that he still wasn’t doing enough. If Roland could become stronger quickly then these people wouldn’t have to die at all. The people of Glass Sea City wouldn’t have to retreat to the city and be helpless against the interstellar beasts in the sea.

“Go back,” he told Si Sheng.

Seeing that he was in a low mood, Si Sheng didn’t say anything and just kissed his forehead. Then he took Xu Sili back to the flying shuttle, ready to leave Glass Sea City.

After all, in addition to Glass Sea City, the other cities of Seizing Star City and Twilight Frost City were probably not much better.

They wanted to send the elementalist engineering team over as soon as possible.

Neither of them paid any attention to the small battle where they just protected Glass Sea City.

For them, it wasn’t a huge achievement.

However, the people who were protected obviously didn’t think so. Soon, someone thought of Si Sheng, who had escorted the elementalists over.

After inquiring, they did find that the shuttle stopped halfway when it should’ve left.

So after brainstorming, the people gave all the credit to Si Sheng and thought that the patron saint was secretly protecting them.

Xiao Wu was angry about this matter and complained to Xu Sili, causing Xu Sili to laugh a bit.

He had originally sneaked out of the palace so it was good that they placed it on Si Sheng. This way, the credit wouldn’t be taken by others. In any case, Si Sheng didn’t care about this type of thing.

Finally, under the warm farewell of the people, their shuttle left Glass Sea City and continued to the next stop.

In reality, after some discussion and agreement, the game team finally sorted out the problems and solutions they found into a report and handed it to Xu Fengqing’s desk.

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