VCRMM: Chapter 114

Chamo had been preparing to meet old friends when he came to Glass Sea City.

After he was injured, his main consciousness fell into a coma. By the time he woke up, he found that more than a hundred years had passed in the blink of an eye and felt that everything had changed.

Glass Sea City was once a famous big city over a hundred years ago and he had settled here for a period of time.

Unexpectedly, he came here again. The appearance of this place had changed since the first time he had been here. The only thing that was still a bit familiar was probably the brightly colored buildings.

This was why he liked this city.

He had never been able to resist bright and beautiful things.

Now apart from these buildings, there seemed to be nothing reminiscent of the past.

He walked around Glass Sea City before coming to the seaside.

The originally blue and clear sea was stained a dark blue color and was no longer clear. If viewed from a distance, it revealed a depressing, low and dangerous atmosphere.

Interstellar beasts weren’t original creatures from this planet and Chamo had no way of knowing where they came from.

It was because when the natural disaster happened a hundred years ago, his main consciousness had fallen into a deep sleep and he had no memory of that natural disaster.

In fact, for the past one hundred years, he had awakened several times but each time didn’t last long. One time he woke up and there was already a little Asheng beside him.

The half-blooded elf with half the blood of the forest elves was an ignorant and obedient little cutie.

He originally wanted to find a suitable person to entrust her to but he fell into a coma not long after. He could only try to teach her some basic survival skills during the time he was awake so she could live independently.

Every time he woke up, nothing had happened to her. He thought that his subconscious probably protected her.

Later, his injuries became more and more serious and he didn’t wake up for a long time. Perhaps he would one day die of his injuries. He just hadn’t expected to meet the current ruler of Roland…

Chamo thought of the guardian of the monarch and shook his head.

He had lived for so long and seen many strong people, but he had never seen a more powerful existence.

The human named Si Sheng must’ve touched the top of the sky, right? It was terrible.

Looking at the turbulent and dangerous sea in front of him, Chamo didn’t jump down. Instead, he reached out to cut through the space and took out a conch from his opened storage space.

The light blue conch was delicate and unique and was only the size of half a fist. There was a faint light flowing from the surface.

Chamo stared at this conch and a trace of sadness appeared in his eyes.

It had been so many years. According to the current situation of the seabed, his old friend was probably no longer there…

He thought so but he still held onto a bit of hope and gently blew the conch.

The conch didn’t make a sound, but if a sound elementalist was here, they would feel the vibration of the sound elements that continued to spread into the distance.

However, Chamo didn’t get a response after a long time.

He put down the conch and sighed in a deep and somewhat solemn manner.

There was no response. He was afraid that the sea elves’ clan land was also destroyed by the interstellar beasts…

They might be a long-lived ancient clan but long lives were always faced with parting. It was just that such a parting was too cruel…

Just then, a dark figure silently fell beside him.

Chamo’s heart moved slightly. He looked sideways and saw a black-haired young man with his hands in his pants pockets, staring at the sea with a grim face.

“Are you looking for Heidi?” He whispered.

Chamo’s lips curved slightly and all the sadness in his eyes subsided. He said with a smile, “September, are you jealous?”

The black-haired youth snorted softly, his face full of disdain.

“Then what are you doing here?” Chamo raised an eyebrow. “Or what do you want to do with me?”

September snorted coldly again. “I don’t deal with sick ghosts. You are too weak right now.”

Chamo shrugged. His short silver-gray hair with excellent quality was blown to one side by the sea breeze. The coral-red earrings were even attached to his cheeks, but this didn’t affect his beauty. It added a bit of unique charm.

He showed a sad expression. “Who met me again after a long absence and greeted me with a shadow blade as soon as we met?”

The black-haired youth paused before rolling his eyes. “You didn’t hold back when fighting back.”

“Ouch, little September. Do you really want to do this?”

Chamo was still smiling and his brown eyes looked particularly gentle. “It has been so long ago… Besides, I didn’t mean to.”

“Don’t mention that to me!”

The black-haired young man stared at him with a bit of anger in his grim expression. Obviously, he hadn’t gotten over the past events.

“I just came here to let you know that just because I pleaded for you on the shuttle doesn’t mean I forgive you!”

“Don’t provoke my master. He isn’t someone you can provoke. Don’t lose your life when playing with him. I won’t help you any longer.”

Then the black-haired young man stepped back. He turned into a shadow leopard again, released his shadow wings and flew away.

Chamo looked at his departing back. The smile on his face disappeared and he frowned slightly. A trace of distress appeared in his cold eyes.

“Hey, he is still as cute as when he was a child.”

He was obviously a small jelly bean as a cub… could it be that there was something wrong with Chamo’s way of education.

He thought to himself and was ready to put away the conch. Just then, the blue light of the conch, which hadn’t reacted, suddenly darkened.

Chamo noticed this and paused slightly.

Such a sight would only appear when someone of the same race was nearby.

He extended his spiritual power. Finally, his gaze once again turned to the deep sea.

Through the image sent back by his spiritual power, he clearly saw that in the sea around thousands of meters away from him, a small figure was being chased by sea beasts, constantly trying to approach him.

However, there were too many sea beasts around the little one.

They had huge fangs. The smallest one was one or two meters long. Their speed was amazing and their attacks were fast.

The small figure wasn’t their opponent at all. He was just about to be engulfed by a vicious sea beast when the space around him was cut open.

A pair of human hands stretched out and the white and beautiful palms hugged the little merman, carrying his frightened self inside.

The sea beast closed its mouth but found that it had bitten nothing.

It thought that its prey was snatched by a companion and suddenly tore and bit at the sea beast that had just attacked the little merman with it.

The smell of blood attracted more interstellar beasts and a vicious fight quietly unfolded on the seabed.

The crisis of the little merman was successfully resolved.

At this moment, he raised his head blankly.

The little merman looked as big as a three or four year old human child. He had delicate and immature facial features and beautiful and clear sea blue eyes.

His blue curly hair was still dripping with water and he was soaking wet. The conch hanging around his chest exuded a faint light, echoing the one in Chamo’s hand. It was obviously originally a pair.

The little merman’s eyes widened. His heart that was beating fast from distress still hadn’t calmed down.

The man holding him was pale and there was no blood in his lips.

He looked down at the little merman for a while and his brown eyes curved slightly. He said a bit happily, “It is another cute little cub.”


“So you brought him back?”

A room in the shuttle.

Xu Sili looked at the little child cowering behind Chamo, carefully sticking out his head to look at them, and Xu Sili’s mood was a bit complicated.

He had seen the full information of the child.

[Sea Song]

[Identity: Special talent NPC.

Bloodline: Sea elves, also known as merfolk.

Level: Lv 3

Health: 3,000/10,000.

Magic: 100/1,200

Elemental Affinity: Water, sound.

Special Talent: Singer (when singing, the listener’s elemental absorption rate is 100%, of which the absorption rate of the water element is 150%).

Status: Weak, hungry.]

Another special talent!

He had searched for so long and could count the special talents he found on one hand. Meanwhile, Chamo went out for a walk and picked one up like this?

It was also such a rare race like the merfolk?

“Yes,” Chamo replied. “The little one doesn’t seem to speak the language of the mainland so I can’t communicate with him for the time being. I thought I should bring him here first.”

He paused before asking, “Your Majesty, can I take him with me?”

“In his situation, it will be dangerous for him to return to the sea. In Glass Sea City… I’m afraid he won’t survive either.”

The little guy looked like his friend’s child. Even if it wasn’t her child, he was from his friend’s clan.

He had a responsibility to protect this little one.

A silver wolf didn’t stand by and watch a friend get into trouble.

Xu Sili nodded. Chamo was right. This kid and Asheng were simply a perfect match. The two of them together could create a holy place for training.

He cocked his head and thought about it. Then he crouched down in front of the little merman.

Xu Sili stared into the little merman’s beautiful blue eyes. In order to avoid frightening the child, he didn’t make any other moves but gently sang Sprouting.

The little merman should be injured. It wasn’t obvious on the outside but he could see his health.

It was more than half gone and was similar to when he first met Asheng.

Under the control of his mental power, the health restoration effect of Sprouting only acted on the little merman and this increased the critical hit rate a lot.

As he sang, the originally ignorant little merman slowly widened his eyes and looked surprised.

He had the special skill of ‘Singer’ and was very sensitive to music. Xu Sili saw his cute little appearance and couldn’t help reaching out a hand to touch his head.

The little guy didn’t hide away and instead ran out from behind Chamo. He stretched out his little hand and pulled Xu Sili’s sleeve.

As Xu Sili sang the chorus part, he actually babbled and sang along in a babyish manner. His round blue eyes were full of smiles and he looked very happy.

Who didn’t like such a cute little thing?

Xu Sili took his little hand, went to the sofa and sat down with the child in his arms.

Sprouting was Lv 2. Without using an artifact, it could restore 20 health per second which was 1,200 per minute.

He sang it twice and finished refilling the little merman’s health. As the little merman sang with him, he also experienced the benefits of doubling the elemental absorption rate.

The song Sprouting itself could stimulate the improvement of elemental affinity so Xu Sili was actually training when he sang.

Spiritual elementalists usually absorbed elements through meditation to promote the improvement of magic power. So once the second song was finished, Xu Sili found that his magic power maximum amount had increased by 1 point?

It was an absolute bonus.

It had to be known that magic was very precious. Just 1 point of intelligence could increase his magic by 50 points. 1 point of magic might seem small but it could accumulate to a large number!

The more he looked at the little merman, the more Xu Sili liked him.

However, he didn’t rush to agree to take the little merman. Xu Sili would’ve taken him if he was an adult but the little merman was still a small child around three or four years old. What if he couldn’t survive after leaving the sea?

Chamo heard Xu Sili’s concern and explained, “There is no need to worry about this.”

Sea elves were originally a branch of the elves and originally lived on the mainland. They just gradually adapted to life in the sea after years of changes and took the form of fish.

However, sea elves hadn’t lost their ability to live on land. They would automatically gain legs when they were out of the water for a while.

This was the case with the little merman. After he gained his legs, Chamo dressed him in Asheng’s clothes, which were a bit big for him. He looked funny and cute.

Xu Sili still hesitated. “But his parents…?”

“I’m afraid they’re no longer here.”

Chamo said in a low voice. “The sea elves live in the deep sea and cubs like him are forbidden to go out. It is only when they enter the growth period that they can leave the clan land while accompanied by their parents.”

“The only explanation for a sea elf cub wandering around outside is that the guardian barrier of the sea elf clan has been breached.”

“Even if his parents are still alive, they probably can’t take care of him now.”

Chamo continued, “Asheng still needs me and I can’t stay here to take care of him all the time. So… I can only bring him back with me.”

“I hope Your Majesty will allow it. Once I recover from my injuries, I will take him back to find his parents.”

Xu Sili listened to this explanation and nodded. If this was the case, there was no other way.

He looked down at the little guy in his arms. After the health was restored, his face was obviously a bit more ruddy and he looked cute.

“What is his name?” Xu Sili asked knowingly.

Chamo felt stuck. He hadn’t communicated with the little guy yet. He couldn’t get the little guy’s trust just from saving him.

This didn’t stump him for long. “Your Majesty, why don’t you give him one?”

Xu Sili hesitated for a moment before saying, “Then call him Sea Song. He is a sea elf who likes to sing.”

Little Sea Song cocked his head.

It was his name but it was pronounced differently. He couldn’t tell that they were calling him.

Nevertheless, he obviously liked Xu Sili very much.

The moment Xu Sili called out Sea Song again, he grinned and showed a soft smile. He started babbling but it wasn’t known what he was saying.

Xu Sili was a voice-con. The little merman child had a childish and cute voice. Xu Sili might not understand him but he liked it very much.

The two of them talked without understanding each other for a while.

Little Sea Song suddenly became happy. He clapped his little hands and inexplicably looked excited. Then he came to Xu Sili as if he wanted to kiss him on the cheek. This was until…

A hand grabbed the back of his collar and lifted him up.

Little Sea Song’s face was blank. Then he saw Si Sheng’s cold eyes and was so frightened that he directly… hiccuped.

Seeing the hiccuping little merman, Si Sheng frowned slightly and casually gave him to Chamo.

Chamo didn’t dare to provoke this bigshot and hurried away with the little merman in his arms.

Xu Sili turned to look at Si Sheng. This man was still pursing his lips in an unhappy manner. Xu Sili didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Okay, it was getting late. It was time to go to bed.


In reality.

The game developers of Starry Sky Age, especially the planners, were currently still working overtime. They were in distress as they looked at the data fed back by the main brain.

The speed at which this game developed… seemed a bit too fast!

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